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    Hola escribiría en inglés pero solo quiero decir que extraño los videos de las batallas de comida de hace como 4 o 5 años lo recuerdas ? 🖤

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    En español o con subtítulos no entiendo nada :'3

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    Your channels actually pretty good at first I was like okay but it's actually good

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    I would really love if you could do a video about people who suffer from POTS. I suffer from it and I would love for the world to know a little bit more about such an unknown condition

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    No one: Me: mmm now I want a quesadilla

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    jan has a documentary on netflix about her kidnapping called “abducted in plain sight” it’s very very interesting and i highly recommend if you’re into that sorta stuff

  9. Devany Obin

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    jan actually has a documentary on netflix about her kidnapping it’s called “abducted in plain sight” i watch it about a month or two ago it’s rlly rlly good and interesting if you’re interested in that kinda stuff

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    I didn't get kidnap however I start getting stalk by a person my parents knew when I was younger. When I turn 18 he starts acting like a creep following me home at night and always texting me and calling me when I didn't want to speak to him. I caught him pulling up to my house when I went on a morning walk and it clicked. He was stalking me, I was so fed up with him I finally text him once and for all speak to me ever again, or show up at my house I'm calling the cops and filing a harassment report. He stopped, but when he sees me in public he constantly staring and refuses to stop staring. Sometimes I do wonder if he would try to kidnap or try to kill me because his behaviour is scary and not normal. He also put me on the spot and made me uncomfortable enough to give my cell phone number when I didn't want too. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CALL OUT THESE PEOPLE WHEN YOU FEEL THEY MANIPULATING YOU OR CROSS YOUR BOUNDARIES. I thank god every day I call him out because I feel his behaviour would escalate to criminal activity just saying. It grosses me out that he saw my mother and me again and he starts acting like this when I show no interest. No woman ever responsible for a man's behaviour he can control himself he chooses not too.

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    My cousin got kidnapped in Mexico and since we were visiting the kidnappers knew that our family is pretty rich and they kidnapped my cousin and they threatened us if we didn't give them a lot of money they would kill my cousin my mom had to pay I don't really know the rest but my cousin is fine now and she's studying to be a doctor

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    One of the reasons why i love staying at home 😁

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    Oh, I didn't see "with" in the title lol I was about to say.

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    bro these people went through Hell

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    These types of freaks are everywhere, and are sometimes closer than they appear. Be cautious and aware of everything. Please stay safe gals and guys ❤️

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    This should be a tv shiw

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    OMG it must be so horrible... oml

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    there's way too many adds...cant focus and listen to their stories properly cause they deserve it:/

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    I don’t want to come across as disrespectful, I’m just a little confused with the first story. She was kidnapped twice and in between got to go home, were her parents not aware of what was happening or were they complicit in it?

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    Cancel Netflix.

  21. Brynn Concannon • 10 years ago

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    I watched this and now just came back from watching “Abducted in Plain Sight.” Not only am I bewildered by the fact that this master manipulator could control these people like he did, the fact that he captured not just Jan, but SIX HELPLESS GIRLS, and also that somehow so many people survived childhood in the seventies. I hope nothing like this happens to anyone, it’s horrible and shouldn’t even be thought about though I am grateful that Jan and Alicia’s stories were able to enlighten me about their cases and cases like theirs. Thank you Anthony Padilla for bringing these women on your show.

  22. Akimana abigail

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    This is so traumatic I just wish law enforcement would put in the same energy in looking for indigenous and black missing women

  23. Alexis Harris

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    When Jan said “if it costs a lot relationships you get there so be it”..man I needed to hear that. I’ve beat myself up over losing relationships because of my mental health

  24. Anna V

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    The thought of that big fat slob attacking that sweet young girl makes me want to puke! I can tell you what- if that happened to me- my dad would make sure he paid his dues for what he did- at least make sure he wouldn't be able to do it to another young girl! Thank goodness there are good people out there who will go the extra step to help save another person!

  25. Rea wolf gamer

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    omg watching this makes me over think ALOT my anxiety is going through the roof

  26. Elicia LYR

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    I cant imagine going through everything they’ve went through. You don’t know what they’re going to do with you. Death could happen in seconds, people who joke about these kind of these are really just arrogant. It’s not funny no. Something so traumatic to someone isn’t something to joke about

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    please do child abuse and pedo survivors. The world needs to know.

  28. Mimi Alison

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    As a survivor myself these topics are still so hard for me to talk about.

  29. Michelle Ha

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    If you want to hear more about Jane's story search up "Abducted in Plain Sight" on Netflix. She has her own documentary.

  30. Jessica González

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    I remember I heard of her from Stephanie Soo’s video and I was so completely shocked

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    when i read the title i thought it said spending a day kidnapping suviors

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    omg i feel bad for her. being tortured is my worst fear

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    Yo solo vine para recordar el video de colaboración de este canal y germandia

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    I was sexually assaulted by my family friends son when i was around 6/7 i didn’t tell anyone till i was 19 because he made me think i was crazy and beat me after i escaped. Still healing now and I’m 22.

  36. Ashley ford

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    This is honestly heartbreaking the amount of missing persons cases have been going up and we need to tackle it. I think this would also be a good time to mention that there are over 5600 missing and murdered indigenous women’s cases and only around 100 actually get looked into due to neglect of native people. We need to speak up for those who can no longer do it themselves there are so many missing people in general it’s horrific that a lot get dismissed not only for indigenous people but in general because the justice system is fucked up and we need to tackle it.

  37. Rhia Probably

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    I got kidnapped by my dad when I was 9. There was no torture and he kept me comfortable, but my mom who at the time had full custody and had no idea where I was.

  38. Jessi Rhodes

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    me living close to there in virginia😳

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    Only OGs know from which yt channel Anthony came from

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    I hate how stuff like this doesn’t stick these things called ‘people’ in jail for life. Disgusting.

  41. Aaron Bundgard

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    In a Victim of kidnapping. I'm a survivor

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    Who the f disliked this?

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    this actually helped me come to a realization of my own situation, so Thank you.

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    I feel like Anthony Padilla could be a therapist. He’s so understanding and so kind...

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    love and peace to them.

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    Jan got da fresh cut doe

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    I feel like the people who say that 4 days isn’t that bad don’t really know what they’re doing, which makes it even more frustrating. In my experience, people who try and make you “look on the bright side” of your trauma believe that they’re trying to help you feel better by alleviating the seriousness of the situation. But more often than not, they’re really trying to make themself feel better because they’re uncomfortable with the information given to them. It’s completely natural to feel yucky when listening to a survivor’s story, it would be more alarming if you didn’t. But next time you feel that way, think about how awful it must’ve felt to live through it.

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    where are vigilantes when you need them?!

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    what happened between 10:20 and 10:23 ...... did you lose a 10min clip?

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    The fact that some people try to justify pedophilia by calling it a sexuality is disgusting

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    I make a lot of jokes but when it comes down to being serious rape isn't funny whatsoever

  52. Tori Hoyt

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    I had to stop watching this... The way that he just interrupts the survivors by acting so positively is disturbing.

  53. Fernanda Lumban

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    OMG JAN, I saw the documentary on Netflix... holy shit

  54. Ironhyde1

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    When Anthony asked how do we prevent this in future, she did give a very good answer "Dont censor kids, teach them basic safety etc...". I would go further, to try break the cycle in society that produces crazy ppl. & It all starts with fixing proper family values with proper gender roles & a society that centers around it. most broken ppl come from broken families , this society that forces women to work along side the man leaves the Household unattended, the kids lonely & when both husband & wife come home, thy r both over stressed & tired, there was no 1 to maintain the house , thy start to fight over who does what chore, thy cant stand more stress from the kids & that leads to fighting & divorce & crazy kids who grow up with mental issues & start fixing it with drugs, sexual deviancy, alcohol, self harm, obesity & ofc child molesting. A proper family with a husband that works & a wife that housekeeps , means the house is always attended & clean & stress free by some1 & kids r getting attention & care. which leaves the mother stress free cuz the house is well managed & her kids r happy so she is happy & when the father comes home , he returns to a warm calm house to relax to & a wife & kids happy so greet him instead of give him more headaches & time after work to spend with his kids cuz the housework is already done by the other parent without having competition between them. thus the kids grow up with a more stable balanced mind. Now ofc im talking general terms , ofc messed up stuff can happen to any family, but this is a start to reduce the problematic ppl that society brews. biggest factors bad parenting & alcohol.

  55. DonPeyote

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    Man 1970s was a crazy time

  56. Katalina Sizemore

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    Anyone that has something negative to say just don’t. These people are telling their story and putting it all out there

  57. Mini Minu

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    I have so incredibly much respect for these two women ❤️ i wish them all well

  58. Microwaved Icebox

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    “4 days is not that bad” why would you say that?

  59. Empty Melodies

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    Wow, it’s like ongoing nightmares after they’re rescued. They still have a lot to deal with even when “it’s over” (but really not)

  60. Emily Barry

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    I remember seeing Jans case before in a true crime video, it’s amazing seeing her talking about it

  61. Senselless

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    4 WHOLE DAYS, 72h being raped and tortured is fucking long. A few hours is already horrible long wtf

  62. Lewis Ariki

    Lewis Ariki6 時間 前

    I’m so grateful for the amazing honest truths? I’m so very grateful as a mum, as a woman and just a person! Thank you so very very much to ask the hard, complete and raw questions! Wishing you and all your guests the very best! X x x Australia


    FOUNDIT7 時間 前

    where are vigilantes when you need them?!

  64. DinoDerp

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    The line "I knew they were going to find me but I didn't think they were going to find me alive" Ouch.. that's all the hope she had at that point that at least they would find her body

  65. Rayza Chambi

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  66. Gracie owo

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    For the disgusting people here who kidnapped these women and all the pedos, kidnappers, the 1k+ people who disliked this video or any kind of criminal reading this: I just hope you know that 2,263,931+ people *truly* despise you and we think you have no right to live on this earth and surely won't have a place in heaven, but!- there's this "magical" and "amazing" place waiting for you in hell, please go there now! I realy don't care if your parents didn't care for you, abussed you, set you up for adoption, if someone rapped you, if you went through realy tough things, I realy don't care! Because you shoud've gotten help and not let people go to the same hell as you did. Or you're born to be a disgusting human, cause' the demons get bored torturing the same people so you were born specialy for them! Aww, aren't so "special"! Now screw off, even I don't desserve your disgusting eyes reading my own comment.❤

  67. Juliette Marquet

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    Thank you for your kindness. We definitely need more of people being empathic and kind on the internet

  68. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔhoney LEMONʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    sometimes i feel like he is being sarcastic and it makes me confused

  69. Cara Kemp

    Cara Kemp9 時間 前

    i have heard Jan’s story, on a netflix documentary... its heart breaking- all the detail and all those stories... why is our world like this.

  70. Zachisheree

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    No matter what these people may believe/say he will always respect

  71. HMRL

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    I can’t even imagine all the fear they had to go through

  72. Sonia S

    Sonia S11 時間 前

    The system is shit! 19 days really?!

  73. Hot Chili peppers

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    I was grandpa’s special one too I hope no one else in my family is or was

  74. Tabitha Crouse

    Tabitha Crouse11 時間 前

    I wish kindness and peace for all of these women

  75. Yolitza Cartagena Ramos

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    It would be interesting to see a I spent a day video with Ex- Jehovah witnesses :)

  76. T D

    T D11 時間 前

    I cried so much!! My love and prayers go out for those two and all kidnapping survivors.

  77. Dripszee

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    Yo I live in Pittsburgh

  78. Daniel Tan

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    Hey Anthony, how does a right-hand drive guy get his hands on an Acura he likes? Is market research necessary?

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    Pito el que sepa español

  80. Edgar Mendez Ortiz

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    En español no entiendo nada :c:

  81. EL FEMINISTA rios

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    Porque el titulo esta en español

  82. jacky caverly

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    I would really like one on Native American stereotypes! People seem to think of them as drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental illness. Canada is so unfair to them. Give them a voice to address these issues please!

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    Lmao at first I didn’t the with

  85. Marie Baird

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    Repeat offenders of sex crimes should spend life in prison.

  86. Yasmin .M

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    I found my new and improved Shane Dawson

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    Ew, no thanks.

  88. Sally E

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    It’s so impressive that they’re able to talk about their kidnappings like this

  89. Saturn Calypso

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    Wait isn’t Jan’s story famous? I think Stephanie soo talked about her?

  90. Yessica Fonseca

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    Yeah there was a documentary series on Netflix about her story

  91. SatrioSaz

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    Pedophiles deserve the death sentence change my mind

  92. Gregory Sands

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    I can't, its true.

  93. Jae Idrs

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    Even if it only one day, it already can create a million worse memories in your life. Imagine four days or more than that. All of this survivals are the greatest person ever! 🔥

  94. Redjelly Beanz

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    TW:r/pe I'm sorry, but holy shit why cant the jury system give punishment to those who deserve it, this is fucked up, I'm 13 and I realise this. It's shouldn't be 'oh you should've done this or that' it should be punishing those who do this and telling those people that it's not ok, and will never be ok. RAPE IS NOT OK. KIDNAPPING IS NOT OK. PEDOPHILIA IS NOT OK. HOW HARD IS IT???!!

  95. narjes tahar

    narjes tahar15 時間 前

    this is to everyone who has been in a sitution like this or something like this please dont gve up on life you are awsome and a surviver

  96. nat delira

    nat delira15 時間 前

    I got the privilege to have Alicia as my social worker in highschool. She told me her story after I mentioned a boy I met online might be stalking me. Definitely an inspiration and such a strong woman. Because of her, I’m always cautious online and my surroundings.

  97. viper plays gameZ

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    I kinda need help on what to think about this it really scared me! I was shopping at Walmart in the Halloween isle. I have a baby sister, 2 my brother,9 and my mum. My mum at the front of the isle my baby sister at the back looking me closest to my sister my brother closest to my mum. All of us were distracted and my mom glanced at my sister while a man was inching closer to her when my mum saw him and he disappeared. The rest of our shopping she was in the cart. Please help!!

  98. Lyla Howard

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    _Imagine telling someone: “oh it’s not that bad!” To a person who was raped, tortured, and almost murdered. What the fuck-_

  99. Telinka Voltaire

    Telinka Voltaire15 時間 前

    Liking this video was a difficult thing. I love that these women survived. And hate that you were able to make this video... Because someone was kidnapped. Thank you however for taking something as horrible as this seriously, and giving them another voice to talk about their trauma.

  100. xbg Samurai

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    All these sensitive Karen’s in the comments about dark humor.

  101. forgetingit

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    OH MY GOD what do dat mean

  102. Shelby Wilson

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    next spend a day with homicide victims

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    Alright shelby

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    I really don't want to be an asshole... please cool down with the sfx audio. hard to hear people talk with the loud sfx. sorry.

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    Smoch is not the same without you :(

  106. Crunchy Lasagna

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    God I couldn’t imagine being any of those people the young girl probably was thinking every minute what’s gonna happen next when will I die but I’m glad they are both okay

  107. Milena Perico.

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    Qué fuerte... I agree on this topics being spoken ♥

  108. Ellie Fresh!

    Ellie Fresh!16 時間 前

    So one of them was physically tortured for 4 days and the other was mentally tortured for 4 years?!

  109. Mason A

    Mason A16 時間 前

    i am a firm believer that all pedophiles should be eradicated off the earth. a drug dealer can stop dealing, a pedophile will never not want to take advantage of children.

  110. Electric surge

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    Imagine if they didn’t survive and got stuffed into animatronic suits

  111. lucas :v

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