I Spent 24 Hours in Korea with No Money


  1. AllThatJazz

    AllThatJazz2 日 前

    There really needs to be a Yes Theory video where the guys reconnect with a bunch of people like Hojun who helped them during a challenge, then fly them out to the U.S and return the favor by making one of their dreams come true. Smash the like button if you agree!

  2. Chae_Zzang

    Chae_Zzang2 日 前

    한국말ㄹㄹㄹ좀 배우어어엉ㅇ 바봄모멍청앙ㅇㅇㅇㅇ

  3. Gael Nagayos

    Gael Nagayos2 日 前

    When you only asked for a place to stay and yet he also offered you food. Thank you Lord for the goodness of people in this world

  4. Gael Nagayos

    Gael Nagayos2 日 前

    "I don't know why but I just want to help you" That's what you call kindness God bless you Hujon (idk the spelling but yeah)

  5. Caspex

    Caspex2 日 前

    What if that guy gave Thomas some drug while he was sleeping and sold his kidney or something. I mean this challenge is dangerous.

  6. MKU Urban

    MKU Urban15 時間 前

    Caspex dangerous for the guy helping too tho I mean a complete stranger being welcomed into your home

  7. YS Park

    YS Park2 日 前

    Get rid of that bus card

  8. Devesh Tayal

    Devesh Tayal2 日 前

    I love momos!!! watching him eat the dimsums was mouth watering!

  9. Jo Carvalho

    Jo Carvalho3 日 前

    This is the best channel ever.

  10. Brenda Bautista

    Brenda Bautista3 日 前

    Omg my heart is melting that guy that let him stay at his place is so kind😩😩🥺my future oppa🥺

  11. Prajyot Sharma

    Prajyot Sharma3 日 前

    This would be worst nightmare.

  12. Nam현준

    Nam현준4 日 前

    저런 것도 콘텐츠인건 이해하지만 그래도 영어를 못한다고 해서 무시하는 것은 한국에서 정말 무례한 일이에요. 조금만 이해해주셨으면 좋겠네요.

  13. STU

    STU4 日 前

    dude was 100% gay, he wanted some lol. mad respect to him though

  14. Amy Beard

    Amy Beard4 日 前

    Awww this one made me tear up. What a lovely guy. You should definitely try to reconnect with the people that helped each of you and take them on an adventure.

  15. 김우기

    김우기4 日 前

    핧줋앓늖겧 영엃밖엟 없엃섫 궇걸잏낳 핳냫 거짛샣낗

  16. Beautybeez

    Beautybeez4 日 前

    Omg the Korean guy 😭 . I love him!!!! What a sweetheart .... I literally want to reach out and hug him

  17. Beautybeez

    Beautybeez4 日 前

    Of course it was a Canadian that was so friendly and bought him food no problem. Canada 🇨🇦 proud ❤️

  18. Sima Merkininkaitė

    Sima Merkininkaitė4 日 前

    I want to visit Korea but fuuuck if they barely know any english I might actually die there by myself

  19. Farid Muhammed

    Farid Muhammed4 日 前


  20. Ana Chico

    Ana Chico5 日 前

    I only know 2 words in Korean informal hello and formal hello and bye also thank u/안녕가세요, 안녕 , 감습니다, hello and bye and thanks

  21. panic! pigs

    panic! pigs5 日 前

    That guy is who I aspire to be I looove him soooooooo much show him some love

  22. Reic Molly

    Reic Molly6 日 前

    Come to philippines

  23. Savvy Freeman

    Savvy Freeman6 日 前

    I understand the perspective of some Koreans being frustrated by the fact of feeling dismissed because Thomas did not pursue a conversation with his broken Korean. You are right to a degree. He should have tried maybe with google translate, and learned a little Korean (which would be harder for him compared to latin based languages) but discomfort is part of the channel. I also think he was not trying to come off arrogant and he is young and learning about Asia. He is not staying there for a longtime. Only a few days from the looks of the video. I believe he could have pursued more language learning and when you know better, you do better. He can do better and he probably will thanks to the feedback. To Korean viewers, I would say be patient, forgiving and make the comments more practical so he can learn Korean and return and use it when speaking. Let's give him another chance, yea? 😁

  24. megan

    megan6 日 前

    that guy is awesome

  25. Jung-kooks Dad

    Jung-kooks Dad6 日 前

    That guy who help you is handsome,funny,nice,talented I LOVE HIM 💜💜💜😍😍

  26. Fallen Manic

    Fallen Manic7 日 前

    Dude for me this is really cheating try not to say what you doing like the, challenge!

  27. Marshmallow Moo

    Marshmallow Moo7 日 前

    I hope God blesses that one guy who let you stay with him.

  28. mariam fathima

    mariam fathima7 日 前

    that guy is an angel

  29. Koyo Matsui

    Koyo Matsui7 日 前

    10:32 Thomas: Thankyou Hojun: Me too

  30. Swap YT

    Swap YT8 日 前

    I still want to eat her

  31. Kid N

    Kid N8 日 前

    Such amazingly kind people.

  32. Inazuma vickun

    Inazuma vickun8 日 前

    Omg I get so sad at their goodbyes after a person helped them that much

  33. 3z willie

    3z willie9 日 前

    What would be even better is to be ok to spend money on the people that help out after they help you out cause some of the people's that help aren't really in the position

  34. Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup9 日 前


  35. Kyle Cain

    Kyle Cain9 日 前

    That guy was freaking amazing, I don't know if any of it was staged, but his generosity is unmatcheable, big loves for that guy that opened his home, and provided, more need to be this way

  36. Iqra Is Frisky

    Iqra Is Frisky9 日 前

    I wonder if Lexi ever came to Switzerland aswell, Great video by the way! :D

  37. Mika Miyazaki

    Mika Miyazaki10 日 前

    That guy is a legend

  38. Shivenchi

    Shivenchi10 日 前

    I had the best respect for koreans but its going:(

  39. Henry Hughes

    Henry Hughes11 日 前

    Why does Thomas seem to get the most food on these type of videos

  40. Adrian Campbell

    Adrian Campbell11 日 前

    Canadians save the day again. :)))

  41. AviaEddie

    AviaEddie11 日 前

    did you return his money

  42. Marlin Peters

    Marlin Peters11 日 前


  43. Misteristir09

    Misteristir0912 日 前

    “Do you speak English.” Guy: no sorry dude I don’t.

  44. Eric Xie

    Eric Xie4 日 前

    Misteristir09 order 66


    TATAY NI DAVID12 日 前

    I hope someday you return also the favor for that awesome guy. God bless

  46. kyliee c.

    kyliee c.12 日 前

    9:58 I LOVE HIMM😂😍😍 Idk why but I was really happy when he showed up😂😂

  47. Anita De Boer

    Anita De Boer12 日 前

    my heart everytime that guy smiled or they hugged

  48. 지덥바라기

    지덥바라기12 日 前

    이 영상보고 현실에선 풀발 못하는놈들이 여기서 풀발하네 제발 한국인들아 그냥 챌린지 하는건데 차별 ㅇㅈㄹ ㅋㅋ

  49. Lean Mosso

    Lean Mosso13 日 前

    This dude is the luckiest on earth


    MARV STUDIO13 日 前

    U got a new sub

  51. Muhammad Ikmal

    Muhammad Ikmal13 日 前

    Come to malaysia.. try to survive there...

  52. Ajay Thakur

    Ajay Thakur13 日 前

    10:44 is he say hindi word namaste

  53. Hala Wala

    Hala Wala13 日 前

    Translation in ur mobile

  54. Jy VCK3023

    Jy VCK302313 日 前

    Being able to trust someone you’ve met on the sidewalk for 3 minutes into your own home is something that would turn a stranger to family.

  55. David Davidson

    David Davidson14 日 前

    I'm surprised by how awful and unlikeable the Koreans in the comment section are compared to the wonderful Koreans we see in the video.

  56. Chirpy n Sleepy

    Chirpy n Sleepy14 日 前

    These guys hey hospitality for free with total strangers in a foreign country. whereas I, living my normal life with money in one of my home cities, somehow managed to get approached regularly enough by cultists that I start to recognise people.

  57. Akdidjajejf Kejdbxbs

    Akdidjajejf Kejdbxbs15 日 前

    Spending 24 hours in Philippines with no money

  58. Akdidjajejf Kejdbxbs

    Akdidjajejf Kejdbxbs15 日 前

    Spending 24 hrs in Philippines without money

  59. gabriella

    gabriella15 日 前


  60. PeaceRich

    PeaceRich15 日 前

    The guy that helped you, help him to fly to US and treat him as well

  61. Snorlax Pie

    Snorlax Pie15 日 前

    this channel is a gem

  62. 쥬비두밥

    쥬비두밥15 日 前

    I'm Korean and I want to make a point why Koreans get so outrageous to this video. 1. BEG PACKING : is a huge 'social problem' here. Specifically, the amount of foreign beg packers is growing and they just disturb people on the road, drop the cleaness and safety of the city. People who even use childs to beg don't really seem good. I think Koreans are so worried about getting worse because this video showed somewhat a positivity of begpacking in Korea. That's why people shout harshly like 'STOP MAKING THIS KIND OF VIDEO'. 2. RUDENESS 1) Making fun of people : Most Koreans will see beg packing as rude pranks on the helping people. Some say "hey, you can say no at first", but it's dissapointing that I helped sincerely the person who seems to be in real bad situation but finally find out it was actually a fake. 2) Only using English in Korea is rude : I don't really agree, I think people went too far. He didn't ignore people and using Englsih isn't any matter. But I think the base of this claim is that some foreigners come to Korea, expect people to speak English and 'take it for granted'. This kind of attitude feels like ignoring Korean language and forcing English. That's why people comment like "Speak even a little bit of Korean in Korea", though some comments are too rough and not appropriate on this video. I think Koreans commented on the base of the general problems we are getting in. That's why Korean comments look over-reacting and over-interpreting. But every culture has different contexts and backgrounds. So it's natural to have different views on the same thing. So please don't fight and please understand each other. Hope you get my explains.

  63. 쥬비두밥

    쥬비두밥15 日 前

    To add more, in Korea foreigners' begging is illegal that can get a punishment. It's serious. Please don't overlook this problem and say "WHY ONLY KOREANS get mad with begpacking?".