I sold 3 of my trucks to buy something lol


  1. arthur chickering

    arthur chickering2 日 前

    Not Wright in the head

  2. D-LionDK

    D-LionDK2 日 前

    You’re telling me, the 12V C30 is gone!? :(

  3. Shark01

    Shark015 日 前

    He’s like spongebob “I don’t need it, I definitely don’t need it” ........ “I NEED IT!!!”

  4. Jefry gonzalez

    Jefry gonzalez6 日 前

    Hi Whistlin, I am a follower of yours and I like your videos. I'm from Paterson NJ and I have a Ford excursion 7.3 and I want to add more hp. I was curious, what do you think I can do to have more power? Thank you. If you can, I'm looking forward to your advice.

  5. Jose Chavez

    Jose Chavez6 日 前

    Buy the tesla truck and destroy it

  6. Miguel Haro

    Miguel Haro7 日 前

    What about Carl? What happened to that truck?

  7. NorthCoastT

    NorthCoastT7 日 前

    Where do you post the trucks when you sell them? I am definitely interested in buying one.

  8. jonathan sanger

    jonathan sanger9 日 前

    im not selling frank he’s going stay here a while unless i sell him lmao!

  9. J.R. In WV

    J.R. In WV9 日 前

    Frank’s a sweet rig, stretch the frame and put a wet line on him, it’ll make a hell of a tractor to pull an end dump around.

  10. jc jc

    jc jc9 日 前

    Diesel jeep would be a good video

  11. Josh Gibson

    Josh Gibson9 日 前

    Want buy one of your destroyed trucks

  12. Ryan Hass

    Ryan Hass11 日 前

    I love it! Run them dmaxs till there ready to blow!

  13. Daniel Tomlin

    Daniel Tomlin11 日 前

    I need the duros wheels lol cause I'm sure the tires are not usable

  14. Edgar 713

    Edgar 71312 日 前

    Why don't you make your own go kart

  15. Rt8618

    Rt861812 日 前


  16. Gilbert Valenciano

    Gilbert Valenciano14 日 前

    This is so cool

  17. Monroe

    Monroe14 日 前

    Thankfully he sold that old Chevy, glad it's away from this idiot. I hope the new owner runs far away with it and never sells it back.

  18. Eddie Garcia

    Eddie Garcia16 日 前

    Wow that is a beautiful truck Dually black .

  19. Johan Fehr

    Johan Fehr16 日 前

    I dare you to wreck that black dodge

  20. Kendrick James

    Kendrick James17 日 前

    Turn Max's are better than stupid powerstrokes

  21. YJ RioGrande

    YJ RioGrande18 日 前

    I wish I could destroy my vehicles. It honestly looks really fun

  22. Legologan 08

    Legologan 0818 日 前

    Kinda glad he sold the square body that’s the nicest truck I’ve seen on here

  23. raul Zamora vargas

    raul Zamora vargas19 日 前


  24. Apple Boi

    Apple Boi19 日 前

    Took you long enough to figure out that Chevy is junk

  25. DoctorWhoRoblox1935

    DoctorWhoRoblox193519 日 前


  26. slmmdgg

    slmmdgg19 日 前

    hooded millennial

  27. Joe Medley

    Joe Medley20 日 前

    Where did you buy the truck from?

  28. nate higgers

    nate higgers20 日 前

    Can you make a Derby truck.



    3 months ago: a truck to keep very nice Now:

  30. Ethan Marshall

    Ethan Marshall20 日 前

    who else thought he was gonna hit the dog at 2:46

  31. Dennis Neuenfeldt

    Dennis Neuenfeldt20 日 前

    Fords suck

  32. LilTay Frmthaave

    LilTay Frmthaave20 日 前

    I just realized bro is a savage at heart. He said I want it back. Yeah let’s go get it back , get the rifles 😂😂😂😂😈 Thought you was gonna say call him back 🤪

  33. 4wheelers._ Ben

    4wheelers._ Ben21 日 前

    What happened to Carl

  34. Chris Melton

    Chris Melton21 日 前

    Were did the wrap duramax truck go?i dont follow instagram.

  35. bente pacaa

    bente pacaa21 日 前

    I don't even have Instagram

  36. Ethan2K20

    Ethan2K2022 日 前

    SendItSteve def bought the red truck I think

  37. marius pieterse

    marius pieterse22 日 前

    Neck beard gang

  38. Scag1391

    Scag139122 日 前

    Would you sell the dully cummins you got?

  39. Wyatt Douthat

    Wyatt Douthat22 日 前

    Your cool

  40. Slim

    Slim22 日 前

    Some people dont know how truly idiotic they are.

  41. Tyler Wickline

    Tyler Wickline22 日 前

    Duramax better than fuckin fords and cummins

  42. Turtle YT

    Turtle YT22 日 前

    Don't sell ur dads truck

  43. Austin James

    Austin James23 日 前

    I mean the duramax allison is the best transmission and duramax is second to Cummins.







  46. matt smith

    matt smith23 日 前

    Dont you have farming to do Dickless? Oh wait maybe your in Foreclosure hence no equipment is moving on your farm.

  47. Dylan Reeder

    Dylan Reeder23 日 前

    Chevy arent the best

  48. the loshman

    the loshman23 日 前

    Dude almost ran over his dog at 2:48 smh

  49. WiNgNuT's

    WiNgNuT's24 日 前

    SendIt Steve bought the truck!!!!

  50. brisket12

    brisket1224 日 前

    Unsubbed. Didn’t do burnout long enough

  51. Gary Code

    Gary Code24 日 前

    way to keep it "country"

  52. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon Johnson24 日 前

    I want it back....go get the rifles 😂😂😂

  53. Joshua Parton

    Joshua Parton24 日 前

    I'm glad the square body is gone.. It's been saved.

  54. Terrell Spivey

    Terrell Spivey24 日 前

    I couldn't do nothing but laugh after having seen what happened to the burgundy truck in the last video and this one starts with him still driving it! Lol sweet ending tho! You said a mouthful! Lol

  55. Trev j

    Trev j24 日 前


  56. Emily Hutton

    Emily Hutton24 日 前

    Is it never hot weather there

  57. Brock Jameson

    Brock Jameson24 日 前

    Typical broke ass farmers boy......

  58. Refuge Inc.

    Refuge Inc.24 日 前

    You shouldn't have sold the toothbrush, you definitely need it.

  59. austin kenny

    austin kenny24 日 前

    so glad he said that about streetspeed717 haha i thought i was the only one who noticed that his content has been repetitive asf lately #GOODCONTENTGANG

  60. Sparky02Stang

    Sparky02Stang24 日 前

    What about the dent side?