I sent the SAME CAKE TIN to 1 vs. 5 star bakeries


  1. Aesthetic ally

    Aesthetic ally5 時間 前

    I bake cakes sooo if you wanna give it to meee😁👉👈 ?? I sell cakes aswelll

  2. TheLizard

    TheLizard日 前

    This video is cursed

  3. samridhi goyal

    samridhi goyal2 日 前

    I think the 1 star used the tin but also added an additional layer of regular cake at the bottom... Both were cute though 👍👍

  4. Schardinee

    Schardinee3 日 前

    on the one star I think they used the tin and added an extra layer. Like they baked a seperate round and shaped it.

  5. Athulya

    Athulya3 日 前

    What about audio

  6. Miranda Rae

    Miranda Rae4 日 前

    Every single comment is talking about the audio, but I wanna talk about the bug that crawled all over the cake?????

  7. Moupiya Sahoo

    Moupiya Sahoo5 日 前

    everything is perfect, no audio issues at all. what's everyone complaining about?

  8. Aesthetic ally

    Aesthetic ally5 時間 前

    There is an audio issue when you aren't using headphones :))

  9. Beth Connell

    Beth Connell5 日 前

    Personally think they put a lot of effort in the 1 start where as the 5 star looks like it’s took 30mins to do

  10. Super Mohamed

    Super Mohamed6 日 前


  11. Inês Rodrigues

    Inês Rodrigues8 日 前

    I don´t understand whiy they are giving you hate. Raphael is so cute and nice...

  12. Masoud Safari

    Masoud Safari8 日 前

    Loving the audio

  13. Simon Blake

    Simon Blake8 日 前

    Bro the audio

  14. Jackie Rodriguez

    Jackie Rodriguez8 日 前

    The audio😍

  15. Mike Mignano

    Mike Mignano10 日 前

    Wait I want the cake tin

  16. Isa

    Isa10 日 前

    Can anyone find the cake tin on amazon? I cant find it😭 i need it in my life

  17. Steamed1Veggies

    Steamed1Veggies10 日 前

    Yes. On Amazon, search Nordic Ware beehive cake pan gold.

  18. Milka’s Sweets

    Milka’s Sweets11 日 前

    Your cake batter was not well prepare that’s why the cake looked like that Those pans are great

  19. Rosalinda Javier

    Rosalinda Javier11 日 前

    Lol the sound was weird but in my opinion it's fine so don't attack him

  20. M G

    M G11 日 前

    Not five star standard the final details are awful there rushed uneven not straight .You need to go to a real five star bakery!!!You can see the cake isn't cooked evenly aswel .I'm not trying to offend just think your being ripped off hun x

  21. Siphesihle Ntanda

    Siphesihle Ntanda11 日 前

    Hello everyone 🙂 how are you? 🙃

  22. Siphesihle Ntanda

    Siphesihle Ntanda11 日 前

    Ms.sophia Great 😁

  23. Ms.sophia

    Ms.sophia11 日 前

    Siphesihle Ntanda good you?

  24. naturallyours32

    naturallyours3212 日 前

    Hair..loving it

  25. Sixtythree 0063

    Sixtythree 006313 日 前

    The audio was just fine either ur dramatic blaming ur bad speaker

  26. Ayami Lee

    Ayami Lee11 日 前

    It sounds like it was recorded on a microwave. People are attacking him, when they shouldn't, but the audio really is shit.

  27. Sixtythree 0063

    Sixtythree 006313 日 前

    I love your bazically.

  28. SATAN

    SATAN13 日 前

    For those complaining about the audio, I get there was a slight problem but no need to go hard on him!!! I was wearing the headphones the whole time wondering what was the issue when it sounded completely normal to me,then I removed it and heard the "shitty" audio, so just wear some headsets/headphones for better sound quality

  29. Mackenzie Downing

    Mackenzie Downing14 日 前

    I watch all of your cake videos!! Lol I love them

  30. Clarisse Low

    Clarisse Low14 日 前

    The 1 star cake looks like poop with flies

  31. Life with Ivy

    Life with Ivy14 日 前

    can i pleaseee have the cake tin. I’m begging 🥺 i really love baking but unfortunately i don’t have supplies

  32. quella615

    quella61514 日 前

    Not to be rude but why can't you just buy the supplies.

  33. Caroline Santos

    Caroline Santos14 日 前

    Are you still selling the Honey. Bee mould

  34. Elizabeth Ta

    Elizabeth Ta14 日 前

    Do you still have these cake tins?

  35. •ラーク•

    •ラーク•14 日 前

    Its a new phone, I was so scared the audio was messed up so soon

  36. Aesthetic ally

    Aesthetic ally4 時間 前

    Same bro😂

  37. SA TU RN

    SA TU RN9 日 前


  38. Safah's Life

    Safah's Life14 日 前

    me too

  39. ima kill myself

    ima kill myself14 日 前

    Vid audio suck why u post ivthought u broke my phone

  40. Aesthetic ally

    Aesthetic ally4 時間 前

    @SIMMI’S STUDIO there is an audio problem when you dont have headphones on. I thought my phone was broken too unless I wore my headphones

  41. Moupiya Sahoo

    Moupiya Sahoo5 日 前

    i heard nothing the whole video, what is everyone talking about?

  42. Safah's Life

    Safah's Life14 日 前

    SIMMI’S STUDIO it is actually the audio but Jumps gamer was mean


    SIMMI’S STUDIO14 日 前

    The audio is good it’s just your phone so before you come at him for no reason get you facts straight

  44. Lilith Magne

    Lilith Magne14 日 前

    Oooooh I would love one of those tins. I really wanna try this.

  45. Isaac Adams

    Isaac Adams15 日 前

    Bro once he got the 5 star cake it reminded of winney the poo

  46. Afsana R.

    Afsana R.15 日 前

    i thought there was something wrong with my ears LOL

  47. Brianna B

    Brianna B15 日 前

    I would love one of those cake tins to gift it to my oldest daughter for Christmas. She has been trying to expand her talents in decorating cakes.

  48. Abdul Aziz Tauhid

    Abdul Aziz Tauhid15 日 前

    I thought something happened to my phone's speakers

  49. Ruby Faith

    Ruby Faith15 日 前

    I like honey nest way better then hive 😂

  50. TiaOfJordan

    TiaOfJordan15 日 前

    I have a problem with the sound its almost mute

  51. Kelly Willaimson

    Kelly Willaimson16 日 前

    I love, the tin I wish I had one 😭

  52. Alexandra xx

    Alexandra xx16 日 前

    Why he couldnt eat?

  53. Vilma Lalalala

    Vilma Lalalala14 日 前

    @DOGGIE!! boi he said

  54. DOGGIE!!

    DOGGIE!!15 日 前

    @FT .Joystan. 2001.19 oooohhhh

  55. FT .Joystan. 2001.19

    FT .Joystan. 2001.1916 日 前

    Because he is sick he can't eat food like this

  56. Mete F

    Mete F17 日 前

    His vibe is so relatable, cute and so refreshing.

  57. BeyondTriheart

    BeyondTriheart18 日 前

    I never watched cooking channels until I discovered yours, now I watch a bunch of them ♡♡♡♡

  58. Joni Burman

    Joni Burman18 日 前

    Love you...your so cute and funny. You remind of some of my funniest students and my nephew. Your mom must love what your doing and your getting the last laugh on teachers who had no sense of humor.

  59. Beatrice Moore

    Beatrice Moore18 日 前

    What is ur accent??

  60. AOH_Tootee

    AOH_Tootee14 日 前

    Beatrice Moore he’s Portuguese

  61. Raider animator

    Raider animator19 日 前

    ill *cake* the other one

  62. Airale Willie

    Airale Willie19 日 前

    the perfect egg breaker would've been handy for this

  63. Hazy Moon

    Hazy Moon19 日 前

    I thought my speakers broke on my phone after dropping it earlier but it was just the video.

  64. Shall Hallyu

    Shall Hallyu12 日 前

    Same 😂

  65. ItzzYazzy

    ItzzYazzy16 日 前

    same omg ^

  66. Anthropomorphic Peanut

    Anthropomorphic Peanut18 日 前

    Thanks for this comment because I was worried too lol

  67. J A D E

    J A D E20 日 前

    wait I desperately want one of those cake tins

  68. Laura Ramírez

    Laura Ramírez20 日 前

    I discovered you channel yesterday and I’m literally obsessed with your cake videos. Really enjoy watching that kind of material. Best of lucks 💕

  69. Poseidon Rivers

    Poseidon Rivers20 日 前

    I want the ten please am a new baker and I love ur videos

  70. Kyle. Xo

    Kyle. Xo21 日 前

    Did he forget there was a bug on it....

  71. Lari55a _

    Lari55a _22 日 前

    I would love to have one of those cake tins! 🤞

  72. Drea’s Dream World

    Drea’s Dream World22 日 前

    It would’ve probably been better to make it like a cake pop then put it in the mold

  73. Timisara Reshmi

    Timisara Reshmi22 日 前

    Amazing video. But the only problem is the audio

  74. Jibbles

    Jibbles23 日 前

    The 1 star cake looks like poo lol

  75. Jin’s Windshield wiper laugh

    Jin’s Windshield wiper laugh13 日 前


  76. Elin C

    Elin C23 日 前

    I would love to have that cake tin. Where did you buy it? ( I'm from the UK) I am looking to bake a cake for my husband birthday in a couple of weeks

  77. *Rosie The rabbit tamer*

    *Rosie The rabbit tamer*21 日 前

    Type “cake tin bee hive “ on Amazon it came up for me

  78. Eva elizabeth Geraghty

    Eva elizabeth Geraghty22 日 前

    Elin C amazon

  79. Eli Duran

    Eli Duran23 日 前

    They defiantly used the cake tin. I can see the shape they just cut it to put frosting between the layers. It is weird that they covered it all up like that when the point was the tin but I assume they just couldn’t figure how to use frosting in or on the cake and maintain the look of the tin 😆

  80. Kitty Girl !

    Kitty Girl !23 日 前

    Sounds like fun I’d take one if you don’t want them

  81. Jaiden Bainey

    Jaiden Bainey23 日 前

    My audio worked good!

  82. Paulina Wardak

    Paulina Wardak21 日 前

    Mine didn't

  83. Jaiden Bainey

    Jaiden Bainey23 日 前

    I want it!

  84. chi ducks Channel

    chi ducks Channel23 日 前

    I’m ok wit dat :T he might’ve either forgotten to put the microphone on

  85. alba del rocio molina

    alba del rocio molina23 日 前

    Whats up with the sound?

  86. Angeliki Lymperopoulou

    Angeliki Lymperopoulou24 日 前

    The audio is 👎🏻 😢😢

  87. bitch is empty yeet

    bitch is empty yeet24 日 前

    Dudes are really stupid enough to use a spoon for a cake batter

  88. Charlize Sanders

    Charlize Sanders24 日 前

    A honey nest? 😂😂😂

  89. Celynn Victoria Salamat

    Celynn Victoria Salamat24 日 前

    fix the audio please

  90. SATAN

    SATAN13 日 前

    Wear headphones

  91. brook Lahoda

    brook Lahoda23 日 前

    Moriah Wunder audio shouldn’t be crap

  92. brook Lahoda

    brook Lahoda23 日 前

    Why? Listen like a normal person lol 😂

  93. Moriah Wunder

    Moriah Wunder23 日 前

    Use earphones

  94. Alberta hinksman

    Alberta hinksman24 日 前

    I would love to try making a beehive cake looks like it would be fun

  95. Manar Zaari

    Manar Zaari24 日 前

    I love how he sits down wile he's baking like are you that fucking lazy😂😂

  96. Katherine Finch

    Katherine Finch24 日 前

    But why are you trying to mix everything with a tablespoon? Lol 😂 invest in even a cheap hand mixer and it will change your life!

  97. Light summer Korea

    Light summer Korea24 日 前

    I want ittt

  98. Nichka Paws

    Nichka Paws24 日 前

    Bet I'm too late for cake tin but damn are they cute

  99. marie smith

    marie smith24 日 前

    I prefer the first cake to be honest, also I'm using headphones and the sound is fine. No problems

  100. Olivia Charles

    Olivia Charles24 日 前

    Did he even edit this

  101. Melanie G

    Melanie G25 日 前

    If you turn off mono audio in your phone settings it will sound normal

  102. Diana monte

    Diana monte25 日 前

    OMG!!! I NEED IT I LOVE BEES send me the link at least? :)

  103. M ɪ ʟ ᴋ ɪ ᴇ

    M ɪ ʟ ᴋ ɪ ᴇ25 日 前

    Can I have one if there not gone?

  104. Saniah LaShaÿ

    Saniah LaShaÿ25 日 前

    I thought something was wrong with my phone the whole time but your audio is just bad😐..

  105. Kaelie Ortega

    Kaelie Ortega25 日 前

    This audio sounds like i have a tiny speaker in the back of my left ear and I'm confused on how lmao

  106. Princess Mi’Yette

    Princess Mi’Yette25 日 前

    Me steadily trynna turn my phone up 🙄

  107. LuchsiasLife

    LuchsiasLife25 日 前

    If you eat that cake after a bug was there i think ill have to unsubscribe 😭

  108. LuchsiasLife

    LuchsiasLife25 日 前

    Badd audio

  109. April W

    April W25 日 前

    This audio gives me a headache

  110. Charlie C

    Charlie C25 日 前

    Wow these comments are 4K 📺

  111. Jaime Madrid

    Jaime Madrid26 日 前

    the audio I thought the volume of my speaker was on low but it is on high

  112. Wolff Games

    Wolff Games26 日 前

    Next time try to beat the eggs with the sugar so the cake batter dubbles in size. Also putting your oven at lower temp makes sure the center is cooked and the outside is not as brown

  113. Hannah Potter

    Hannah Potter26 日 前

    Omg that cake tin is so amazing. I would love it. I would totally use it for birthday cakes for my family

  114. Anjita Jessica Castelino

    Anjita Jessica Castelino26 日 前

    That literally made me feel whats wrong with my phone 😂😂😂

  115. Mark Helms

    Mark Helms26 日 前


  116. Lamis Oudjhani

    Lamis Oudjhani26 日 前

    I thought the headphones stopped working😂



    I literally connected to the speaker to hear you

  118. Sparkling Star Makeup

    Sparkling Star Makeup27 日 前

    Ummm i would love a cake tin

  119. Mandy

    Mandy27 日 前

    “They look like fleas”🤣

  120. Eliška Vaľková

    Eliška Vaľková27 日 前

    I thought I had water in my speaker🙃

  121. Sunny Destiny

    Sunny Destiny27 日 前

    The music in the video is so annoying, his audio is hard enough to hear and the music is making it harder

  122. Xpress

    Xpress26 日 前

    dude you need headphones

  123. G's Girl 1

    G's Girl 127 日 前

    Both cakes are great in their own way

  124. Shawna

    Shawna27 日 前

    Ummm that cake batter was way too thick. That will be one dry cake 🙄 Haha you didnt even do the toothpick tip. If I were you I'd give up.

  125. Laura Bardi

    Laura Bardi27 日 前

    I want it hahahaha

  126. Caro Line

    Caro Line27 日 前

    When a cake is burn on the outside and still wet on the inside, you have to set the degrees from the oven (next time) lower, and than let the cake also a little bit longer in it! ❤

  127. Kiki Blue

    Kiki Blue27 日 前

    i want one

  128. Hika Fujo

    Hika Fujo27 日 前

    Hi, just wanna ask, what happened with your audio ? It's weird in this video, every other video are totally fine

  129. Bee Black

    Bee Black28 日 前

    My name is bee!! You should send me the tin lol I love love love it or at least link it

  130. MoSlimmy

    MoSlimmy23 日 前

    Summer Tummer 10/10 bravo

  131. Summer Tummer

    Summer Tummer27 日 前

    Bee gone.

  132. Grey Wey

    Grey Wey27 日 前

    Yeah give her the tin she deserves it