I Said YES To EVERYTHING My Ex Girlfriend Said for 24 HOURS... (She crossed the line)


  1. RawdogROCK

    RawdogROCK3 時間 前

    his current is basic

  2. RawdogROCK

    RawdogROCK3 時間 前

    the ex is alot better looking

  3. TanuRaj Gowda

    TanuRaj Gowda5 時間 前

    Y do you always shout like old black granny

  4. Marauder

    Marauder7 時間 前

    The ex kinda thick

  5. Logan Santos

    Logan Santos12 時間 前

    i know he killed that bro what!!!

  6. Papi Chulo

    Papi Chulo13 時間 前

    Well ain‘t go lie that ass jiggling tho 👀

  7. A2O_RYaN

    A2O_RYaN日 前

    To be honest I like her better than jasmine

  8. Woofy_ivonee-.- #montero

    Woofy_ivonee-.- #montero日 前

    That’s rude did u see ur girl friend she was so sad and mad that u were hug in out with ur ex and that u guys were doing this vid and look at ur face ur so happy that ur doing this🙄😡😒 and why are u always be with girls and not squint time with ur kid and ur girlfriend😡

  9. Tez Esquire

    Tez Esquire日 前

    No woman would be ok with her man being friends with an ex that looks like her. Come on bra. Especially since a blind man can see that she may not be a step up from the ex

  10. EZ Claps

    EZ Claps日 前

    Liz is bad idc

  11. darian

    darian2 日 前

    She says good boy I thought he was a man

  12. Joshua Reyes

    Joshua Reyes2 日 前

    She got a fat ass

  13. Cinthia Garcia

    Cinthia Garcia3 日 前

    That's your house

  14. CallMeShawn

    CallMeShawn3 日 前

    3 thing she asked was can you transfer 10k to my account gold digger much



    Damn ain't gonna lie his ex hella thick 😍💯

  16. Carfanatic

    Carfanatic3 日 前

    His ex a baddie

  17. Victor Ngu

    Victor Ngu3 日 前

    Look at maliks face from 3:05

  18. Stay Solid

    Stay Solid3 日 前

    The Ex is bad as fuck.... Keep em both and live happily ever after. Im jus sayin

  19. Christopher King

    Christopher King3 日 前

    Jasmine pissed

  20. Angel Marez

    Angel Marez3 日 前

    bro his ex is bad stupid thicccccc

  21. Yvng Vlone Drip

    Yvng Vlone Drip4 日 前

    Well since the situation happened.... I would have beat his ex after the video

  22. RecktYew

    RecktYew4 日 前

    I don’t get it, what was so funny about her loving trains?😕🤔

  23. No Stiff

    No Stiff4 日 前


  24. Lucy Carrasco

    Lucy Carrasco4 日 前

    What’s her @

  25. David Murillo

    David Murillo4 日 前

    Nobody now the instagram of she?

  26. Rashawn Skipwith

    Rashawn Skipwith5 日 前

    She finer to me lol

  27. Andrew Velazquez

    Andrew Velazquez5 日 前

    Shorty type bad

  28. MoonHalo

    MoonHalo5 日 前

    I mean dude could just get a tattoo removal 😂

  29. Bob the Virgin

    Bob the Virgin5 日 前

    Your ex is a gold digger for sure

  30. Dwain Wilson

    Dwain Wilson6 日 前

    Yo why da fuck he break up with her??? She bad as FUCK!!!

  31. Rubey J G

    Rubey J G6 日 前

    Spiteful Ex's

  32. YSK Alijah

    YSK Alijah6 日 前

    She gotta ass no cap, aye rip to da goat juice wrld. LLJW🖤🕊💕

  33. mts frmda6ix

    mts frmda6ix6 日 前

    His ex thick thick🤩👌🏾

  34. IGxated 2

    IGxated 27 日 前

    Some where else to live that fredo house 😹😹😹😹😹

  35. M Mengu

    M Mengu7 日 前

    Do it,to,her, back

  36. richard suddoth

    richard suddoth8 日 前

    no 0 more videos left

  37. Atianna plays roblox Alexander

    Atianna plays roblox Alexander9 日 前

    He rlly said that

  38. not nice

    not nice9 日 前

    LMAO LMAO "Fuck yourself

  39. Terry Arts

    Terry Arts11 日 前

    This girl still likes Fredo.

  40. Fallout Phobia

    Fallout Phobia9 日 前

    Terry Arts if you think about it she’s making him do stuff wit her together to make it seem like they are dating

  41. Alan Galvez

    Alan Galvez11 日 前

    Fr though that fucked up he got a whole family and she probably jealous asf tbh