I Recreated My Mom's Modeling Photos | Dixie D'Amelio


  1. dAnIeLa lopez

    dAnIeLa lopez6 時間 前

    que cute cuando charli va saltando de 2 en 2 las escaleras re ame

  2. Charli D'amelio

    Charli D'amelio6 時間 前

    That is my amazing sister dixie

  3. cloudy marceline

    cloudy marceline8 時間 前

    Nobody: Really nobody: Charli in backround: ⛹🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️

  4. Eshan Sehreem

    Eshan Sehreem9 時間 前

    Oh nice when i was watching this video and ad popped up and a boywas singing be happy omgggggg UR SO FAMOUS DIXIE

  5. Nazli avani TikTok

    Nazli avani TikTok15 時間 前

    Avani TikTok Love a pepe iojioñjk.oj.jksi jioñrnibiglorevui kjrwe,ouftvei.ubi.uhgriufr ly7gul78

  6. Nazli avani TikTok

    Nazli avani TikTok15 時間 前

    TikTok Love a pepe jeans jdki9edo9i9kxeo9kcirdkpfr9sv

  7. Doll Lies

    Doll Lies16 時間 前

    IM FLIRTYEAN.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO+++++++++++++++++++++×++++++@@@@@@++++++++××++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.

  8. Olivia Roscoe

    Olivia Roscoe17 時間 前

    You are so pretty Dixie

  9. Kenniah Mathieu

    Kenniah Mathieu19 時間 前

    i feel like they look alike from the body but she have her daddy eyes /face

  10. Hazel Productions

    Hazel Productions20 時間 前

    dixie normous

  11. Charlie d'emeilio_ isqueen

    Charlie d'emeilio_ isqueen21 時間 前

    Charlildameilo in the back omg she like my way my way it the high way

  12. madison pearl

    madison pearl22 時間 前

    oh griffin.......🙄

  13. autumie24

    autumie24日 前

    Dixie reminds me of Violet from The Incredibles

  14. Cassandra LuLu

    Cassandra LuLu日 前

    god i wish i was beautiful

  15. Tyra Lemons

    Tyra Lemons日 前

    I still can’t get over Dixie’s laugh🥺

  16. Eva Florez

    Eva Florez日 前

    me: sees charil (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) in the back round, oh hey Charli

  17. Squirrely Birrely 999

    Squirrely Birrely 999日 前


  18. Cassidy Sheehy

    Cassidy Sheehy日 前

    You are the best in the world I follow you on tic tok and if you have merchandise I will tots bye it sooo much

  19. Anais Bhullar

    Anais Bhullar日 前

    I love dixies and griffins laugh

  20. walker fleming

    walker fleming日 前

    Dixie looks so much like her dad it’s crazy, and Charlie looks like her mom.

  21. billie rae

    billie rae日 前

    heidi looks like 90s courtney cox

  22. Afsara Zaman

    Afsara Zaman日 前

    1:32 what is that statue called?? I am interested

  23. Zoe O

    Zoe O日 前

    2:48 who is that girl behind them?

  24. Avery Da god

    Avery Da god日 前

    OMG Dixie is turning into Mr. beast honey-

  25. KungFuBeast

    KungFuBeast日 前

    there becoming the new kardashians

  26. Vivien Kamps

    Vivien Kamps日 前

    Can you please do a house tour!

  27. Rei 03

    Rei 03日 前

    The carpet same like my carpet

  28. Georgia Eleftheriou

    Georgia Eleftheriou日 前

    Is it just me that thinks her mum looks a bit like Monica from friends 🤨

  29. star 7484

    star 7484日 前

    Aww she’s so pretty I’m jealous 🥺💕

  30. may vana

    may vana日 前

    She looks SO MUCH like young Brooke Shields 9:04 and 4:48 Her mom looks like her sister

  31. may vana

    may vana日 前

    No one: Me: So today I’m gonnna be recreating my 70 yeared-old grandma’s OLD pictures 70 yeared-old grandma: 👁👄👁 OLD? [SORRY FOR THE GRAMMAR]

  32. SlenderFN

    SlenderFN日 前

    Dixie ily you did a good job again i just rewatched keep it up

  33. Imelda Filaj

    Imelda Filaj日 前

    Charli is the dancer and Dixie is the singer - is that an insult or a compliment??????- I can't telll lol

  34. Lindsey Trapp

    Lindsey Trapp2 日 前

    dipped out when I saw Bryant lol

  35. Michelle Lyons

    Michelle Lyons2 日 前

    i feel like Dixie is more masculine in her mannerisms ..... and this was out her comfort level... you're so beautiful Dixie..i cant wait til you come into your own with age..... i feel like it will be the opposite of this....

  36. Moein YoLan

    Moein YoLan2 日 前

    charli is actually like a kid on youtube and more mature like on tiktok imo...

  37. mimi x

    mimi x2 日 前


  38. Sophia Ward

    Sophia Ward2 日 前

    Who's here after Dixie and Griffin broke up

  39. Catherine yanthan

    Catherine yanthan15 時間 前




    Mehh🙋‍♀️. Griffin is a psycho.

  41. Bailey

    Bailey2 日 前

    Dixie is literally model material omg 😘❤️

  42. Artimis #

    Artimis #2 日 前


  43. mimi x

    mimi x2 日 前

    Rightt heree i even have a fanpage hehe

  44. Aliki Litina

    Aliki Litina2 日 前

    This is your home????????

  45. mimi x

    mimi x2 日 前


  46. CATHERINE Lazeta sugihyanto

    CATHERINE Lazeta sugihyanto2 日 前

    Sometime i don't want to be happy

  47. Aitch

    Aitch2 日 前

    That one dead pixel is pissing me off

  48. you-know-who

    you-know-who2 日 前

    Wasn't that Touchdalight's intro i the beginning ?

  49. Cody Dilnot-Reid

    Cody Dilnot-Reid2 日 前

    Her mom has talent she has none

  50. mimi x

    mimi x2 日 前

    No she doesnt ur so stupid

  51. IG: Cambriee___ :

    IG: Cambriee___ :2 日 前

    i like how charli just plugs her socials 😭

  52. charli damelio fan

    charli damelio fan2 日 前

    Yep griffens hat says it all cause he send them all right

  53. Noor Nassar

    Noor Nassar2 日 前

    Hi Dixie you and Charlie are so beautiful 😍 and I love ❤️ you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕

  54. Khloe Mccash

    Khloe Mccash2 日 前

    ever since iv watched dixie, she would always mess up on her intro. that's not bad, its really funny

  55. Camila Cortes

    Camila Cortes2 日 前

    Her mom: aRe YoU mOcKiNg Me? Dixie: ...that’s the whole point of this video

  56. Holly Martin

    Holly Martin3 日 前

    why does your mom in the thumbnail look like James' brother Ian? 😂

  57. Gary Diltz

    Gary Diltz3 日 前

    Oh my gosh hi dixie i love your TikToks

  58. Mmesoma Nwoke

    Mmesoma Nwoke3 日 前

    Am I the only one who thought this was gonna be like she does her makeup herself and uses clothes she has in her closet? She’s literally getting her makeup professionally done lol 😂😂

  59. Stormey Hock

    Stormey Hock日 前

    no lol

  60. Zuume

    Zuume3 日 前

    I feel like it’s me vs the world but Dixie is not that pretty

  61. meow_0997

    meow_0997日 前

    at least add a 'no hate' before your statement

  62. Rayson H

    Rayson H2 日 前

    Are you blind ?

  63. It's Me XxFallenAngel11

    It's Me XxFallenAngel113 日 前

    Me watching and noticing that at 2:49 i see a little girl Me: OMG WHO IS THAT!? Someone please tell me REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  64. Wolf

    Wolf3 日 前

    Dixie in my celeb crush

  65. Annas's Toca Boca Channel

    Annas's Toca Boca Channel3 日 前


  66. Riddhi Patel

    Riddhi Patel3 日 前

    Dixie is so pretty

  67. ajisefini odole

    ajisefini odole3 日 前

    Whatttttttttttt my mind is blowed lol meh

  68. Iswaria Moorthi

    Iswaria Moorthi3 日 前

    She looks like indian actress Akshara haasan

  69. Eddjinaya Francique_08

    Eddjinaya Francique_083 日 前

    U look more like ur mom Dixie