I Rebuilt Mister Dos' Suspension // DIY MR2 Strut Rebuild


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    Your obsession with everything being super clean would drive you insane where I live. Dust on everything just five minutes after you cleaned it.Downright disgusting after rain a storm even if you did not even move the car.

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    PS , ex boyfriend,, what's a matter with him...

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    2020 rewatch. I'm waiting on the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a>.

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    You’re a trooper

  6. Car Dude

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    You make me laugh, thank you

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    Keep doing what your doing you always look good and i do think your funny alot of the time

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    Peter Griffin approves this video

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    Perfect mix of smart/sexy/funny and fearlessness!! Something like a unicorn 🦄💯💯

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    You pulled the shaft and it jizzed on your leg!

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    I love you😘😘

  12. New Image Remodeling and Paint

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    A car jack under the control arm with some pressure you can remove the retaining nut while it's still on the car. I find it safer than any other way. to remove the springs.

  13. New Image Remodeling and Paint

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    Have you been told that you are adorable? You are funny. On wet sanding, if you have a DA, that a air Sander you can wet sand the car. Also using dishwashing liquid make so much easier.

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    Sarah I love watching your video because I learn a lot from watching your videos.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> seconds in and I can already confirm youre the type of channel that shows off your chest and makes sexual jokes. Buy a turtle neck and I might think about watch your videos.

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    Just use a press drill to increase the diameter of the bore on the threaded shock nut.

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    That's cool you can stay friends with your ex. So many people can't.

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    oh my god she is hot, but titties like my ex girlfriend thanks for the video

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> - Best line of the video, trust me ;) The smirk at the end is priceless.

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    Good luck with the sponsor solicitation. With 140K subs, they should be lining up to support your builds.

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    Loved this one ☝️ You really do put in a huge effort but it’s all appreciated and worth it What did I do before, must have wasted a lot of time x

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    Beautiful Dos’as

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    :D :D :D You are so crazy! (in a positive way :) )

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    Oooo. I got it on me?

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    Bust a nut? Proper Sarah being verbally inappropriate? No!

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    Inappropriate? Not proper Sarah.

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    If you use 3m Trizact on your Da sander you will save so much time they come in all grits . I use with Da sander with soap water they are expensive but you can buy on eBay for a lot less please try I use when I am done a wooly pad on my polisher with 3M polish compound it will look like glass when done I love your Videos keep up the great work!

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    “I’m a girl. These are my boobs!”

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    Sarah you are awesome!

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    Gone are the days where things are constructed for you to dismantle and just change the actual broken part. Now days, manufacturers seal the components and make them permanently attached to other parts so you MUST replace and replace as a Unit. That way you end up buying more than what you really need and they get more profits. Forget the environment and forget your savings.

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    But again, you are soooo funny! Sarah! make sure you always wear gloves when touching the strut, incase it leaks lol

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    I have a 91 Mr2 and I really like /need the information. Congratulations we've been taking making money from men's smaller brain forever 🙂. You know the old joke, why men think women have no brains? We don't have a... to keep them in. I just can't sort through all the silliness. I look forward to the day when you can get sponsorship without having to lower yourself to this level. Im, sure it's aggravating & I wish I knew all the answers. ✌out.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> "These bushings look brand new and this thing is nearly 30 years old" = back when manufacturers were more honest and not shortchanging us with obsolescence. Soon thoughts of things lasting so many years will be replaced from living memory. Replaced with new memories and expectations of things being OK to be replaced after 4 to 5 years with manufacturers conditioning consumers 4 to 5 years is very long.

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    So proud of you. Marry me

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    Love those MR2s.. check out my crx video. cheers Rob

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    That was way better foreign us to cherish the Japanese cars is proud as a very Japanese.

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    Sarah you are so cute and beautiful. You shouldn’t be doing what you are doing. You should have a boyfriend who will help you with it.

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    Great work as always. Your persistence is genuinely inspiring. Two little points of advice: 1) add a little oil to the housing, drop the cartridge in, and top off. It helps with heat transfer and makes it easy to take apart the next time. 2) Also, you might mention that you didn't use spring compressors because those springs are shorter than stock, so not preloaded at full extension. In most cases, removing the top nut with the strut out of the car with stock springs results in a nut and wrench shaped projectile. Not funny. Ok, it was a little funny the one time I did it on purpose, but it shot my impact gun straight up into a fireproofed plaster/lathe ceiling. Dented ceiling. Activate brown pants. If you don't have spring compressors, undo the top nut with weight still on tires, then jack up to unload springs - might be a tight squeeze getting them out, in which case, spring compressor.

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    So much funny! What a great host!

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    I know she is not the one who really did the work but I am still watching it

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:01</a> to bist the nut hehehe

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    Awesome channel 👍🏻

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    your realy good editing i like your vids there awsome

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    Sarah you look very nice in this video to be working on Mr. Dos lol and those innuendos too 😂😏



    My gosh. !😍

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    Boobs are looking awesome in this vid 👍🏻

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    1st video for me... since u said my ex, so u r free now.... I'm single too

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    And staying that way

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    So much easier to just replace the entire assembly

  52. ramblingrebel68

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    Why disassemble the stut

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    Great video keep up the good work

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    Did she say busted the nut off?!

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    Fun and educational.....how much do I owe you?

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    Just found this channel yesterday and it's excellent and funny. That MR2 looks like a lot of fun.

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    So, on the brake lines, just use tin snips and cut through the tab on the strut and bend at the cut.. Viola. Strut out without taking apart the brake line. When reassembling, just bend back. The metal is quite thick there so it loses nothing and works just like new. Done that for decades on my Toyotas. Also, put a little oil in the tubes when you put the inserts in. The oil will transfer the heat from the insert to the outside tube making them work more consistently and last longer. Haven't checked in for a while. Have you been upping the sexy game on the clothes, makeup and double entendres? Gets more views I'm sure, but doesn't look that practical for wrenching lol. Did my first Daddy/Daughter junkyard run yesterday - I should have her watch your vids. Well, off to the garage to work on my Lexus race car.

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    Inappropriate stroking.... hahahaha.

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    LOL... well done Sarah

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    ...by that I mean I got my power tool fix on for the day, thank you. I miss my 1964 Plymouth Valiant station wagon...

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    Thank God those springs aren't loaded. Having done many strut and shock replacements, I cringed when you took the top nut off. I know. It's was a knee-jerk response. I do enjoy your sense of humor.

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    Wow ! Love her!

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    I must say, the dry humor is pretty entertaining

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    You can use my lathe anytime lol

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    I could make love to you for days straight just saying gosh is that so bad?

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    I could only dream of meeting a woman like this!!! And she says, dream on!!

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    FWIW -- I'm pretty sure that the term "Ewww!!!" is not in the mechanics approved lexicon...;-) I guess we can make an exception in this case tho...

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    This is my first time... watching one of your videos. You are a hoot! Love the video!

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    Is painting what you enjoy doing most?

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    Sarah -n- Tuned... well that’s a genuine answer 🤘

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    No, making people smile is. And yes, I know how corny that sounds.

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    Benutz lieber Federspanner.

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    Fair play to you following your dreams and just getting it done !

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    Сиськи зачетные, приезжай ко мне я тебе помогу с ремонтом этого корчика:)

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    You’re pretty good girl I like your videos ! Cool 😎 keep it up 👍😘👩

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> Something large to bust that nut off... And later... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> Ewww, I got it all on me. It is all over my legs.... X_X I am truly and utterly very sorry, I am just a simple man and cannot help myself to die laughing at some of those situations. Wait, scratch that. You know what... no, I am not sorry. You are beautiful and create a very interesting and entertaining videos. Kudos to you. Showing off to people that working on your car could not only be not that difficult but also a very satisfying experience. Love to see more. (Greetings from an owner of Audi A3 8L (2000 post lift), 1,8T 180HP from stock 150 - programmed new soft into ECU myself using an MPPS programmer. Cheers from Poland!)

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    I hate dealing with struts. It's really the spring compression that is the worst. It can be dangerous and if the compression tools slip to one side as you tighten them it becomes a real pain. I now have 2 sets of compressor tool sets in case I need a third on a spring.

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    can i be your bf?

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    All that I can see are tecnhical......

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    Wonderful girl

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    Now I have to order my engine lift so I can swap out my 4.6 to coyote motor

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    You are not PC and i love it great job I ordered my quick jack after seeing you use your new one