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    ZHC6 ヶ月 前

    Subscribe and I'll take you shopping :3 Buy merch to help! Just buy it. www.shopzhc.com/ The sponsor decided not to pay last minute so I had to pay all $50,000 myself I need your help to fund my videos otherwise I can't keep doing these videos The amazing artists featured in this video: Artuniverse6 Villarrte Artofidan studio_odin gawx_art Dibujantenocturno chr.pearson bella_rachlin cicizhong911205 jackson_caspersz Vexx Shrimpy YT Bunchofbeans keshrt Dixxy Art Simon Putz First Comment: Cam The Ravenclaw

  2. Kieth Michael Alo

    Kieth Michael Alo8 日 前

    ZHC Hi sir can I draw for you, I’m really not good but I can try for you. I love your channel and by receiving anything from you or any merch. I love you so much And I will keep on subscribing and watching your videos till the end love you and michelle so much

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    Buy merch to help! Just buy it. no just monika

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    ZHC what’s my Adress then

  5. wolfiegamer 300

    wolfiegamer 300ヶ月 前

    I'm a bad drawer in my head

  6. wolfiegamer 300

    wolfiegamer 300ヶ月 前

    And the other people's art to

  7. Daisy Robertson

    Daisy Robertson22 時間 前

    Can I get an half done drawing ✍️

  8. Angie Restrepo

    Angie Restrepo日 前

    I think she's a gold digger✌

  9. Chris Patino

    Chris Patino日 前

    I want money 😭

  10. Hattman & Becker Productions

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    I never got a giveaway item so I well love 2 get one

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    Jcch S日 前

    12:22 rap fur elise

  16. vechel degoro

    vechel degoro2 日 前

    Can you play fortnite

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  18. Victor Moreno

    Victor Moreno2 日 前

    Which drawing did the animation pick

  19. bryan

    bryan2 日 前

    I'm sorry ZHC that you couldn't get your sponsor, so I just watched all the ads to the end. It aint much but it's honest work

  20. SleepyLateGamer YT

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    gold digger

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    Gold diger

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    Durkey why you why you bully me? And you BOOM HEADSHOT! And me noice Noice ZHC!

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    Just wonder if she doesn't give the Money back 😂😂

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    Vexx is an artist!!!

  25. COZMIC Pain

    COZMIC Pain3 日 前

    Draw maruto and kakashi

  26. COZMIC Pain

    COZMIC Pain3 日 前

    Drw naruto and kakashi

  27. COZMIC Pain

    COZMIC Pain3 日 前

    Dtaw naruto and kakashi

  28. Natalia Quinn

    Natalia Quinn3 日 前

    16k dollars!!!! Oh gosh that made me angry

  29. Taylor Gachagamer

    Taylor Gachagamer3 日 前

    I feel like it would of better if he didn’t know them so he wouldn’t now what to exspect

  30. dark pró inscritos

    dark pró inscritos3 日 前

    ZHC give me iphone 11 pro max pls =( my house to brasil

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    Poor guy. getting beaten up by animations

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    Gold digger

  33. Alex Marc Govier

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    theres a giant turkey turkey:*flex* zhc:*grabs shot gun* shot gun: BANG BANG BANG

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    can you choose me next time?

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    Sub to me please:)

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    Dude times the amount by x10 next time to if they ask for 10k x10 =100k$ hahahahaha hahahahaha did do it

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    shopzhc didnt work for me

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    My leg is broken and I am a huge fan 😁😁😁😁

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    If I had money i wud donate :) and i am a rookie drawer i need to learn

  41. Madi B

    Madi B4 日 前

    She turky

  42. Go Dak Prescott

    Go Dak Prescott4 日 前

    Does anyone else want to see Vexx and Gawx have a draw off, or is it just me?

  43. Shjdoje Larez

    Shjdoje Larez5 日 前

    But I'm only 10 And Drooling good

  44. Lucky Lemon

    Lucky Lemon5 日 前

    I Found Six Bob Ross's

  45. Glitter Flickan

    Glitter Flickan5 日 前

    I’m gonna try to be an artist cuz I decided that some years ago and now I’m only ten... 1 like = hope for me...

  46. YOU FOOL

    YOU FOOL5 日 前

    I'm gonna start drawing 🤩❤no joke

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    1 like=justice for turkey

  48. Finn Mc

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    7:34 i thought you were gonna punch Michelle

  49. Anaya Zeeshan

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    6:57 I did not notice him punching turkey !!!!!!!

  50. TCPGaming

    TCPGaming6 日 前

    All the artist plus Zack should get together and make one big thing together and it might get into the museum

  51. Blake’s Art s

    Blake’s Art s7 日 前

    Michelle pisses me off

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    gold digger

  53. ・Rat God・

    ・Rat God・7 日 前

    Atleast The Title dosent Im painting R o b b o s s Painting

  54. Krishnan Govindan Potti

    Krishnan Govindan Potti7 日 前

    ZHC: I LoVe tHe CoLoUr My friend : rAsiSt

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    snoopy poopy sunday7 日 前

    i want a turkey....... :(

  56. Ninjas Cracked Teams

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    Does chichisong have a Snapchat would love to follow it

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  58. Josiah Gordon

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    ZHC stands for Zach hates coloring ahhahaha

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    Is turkey a merch

  60. Joel Kwon

    Joel Kwon8 日 前

    I watch this soooo much, looking at the amazing drawings. Lol 😂

  61. Christina Briggs

    Christina Briggs8 日 前

    This is the best

  62. EggToons HD

    EggToons HD8 日 前

    What about hungry homeless people

  63. {I}ris {D}iscord

    {I}ris {D}iscord8 日 前

    Who else who is an ibisPaint addict was low-key proud 😂

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    **sniff** Why are y'all so talented?! T---T