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    Lexi :here yee here yee! It is time to announce the employee of the month! Paris: wait how many employees to we have? Lexi: *laughs while talking* Its Paris Paris: YEAH LETS GO! I do appreciate- I do appreciate employee of the month, but I am... Ya know *throws hat on the ground* I QUIT MAN GET ME OUTTA HERE!! *takes off shirt* Me: 😳😐

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    When ever I see you in a video, I always think to myself “ She looks likes and reminds me of Emma Roberts “

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    Where is the sanitizer or the gloves

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    I’m hungry now. Great.

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    This is the worst McDonald’s ever Lexi: no I am the McDonald’s manager Paris: I want to be the manager Lexi: our ice cream machine is broken Pearson‘s brother Logan: can I have some ice cream what

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    can you do it again but do it with starbucks or chick-fil-a

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    i thought when they ate the nugget there were going to get ice cream

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    Fun Fact: This was released on my birthday, Exactly a month ago. Fun Fact 2: I've been to McDonalds 1 time in my whole life LOL

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    I love jeremy

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    Lexi Hensler I love the McDonald's video because I like how Brent and Lexi changing hair to get more food and I love your video I love you Lexie

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    Lexi: I’m no longer the mcManager cause I’m mcHunger Me: I’m professor M.Mcgonald

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    Logan not wrong the ice cream machine is allways broken



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    Lexi shold wok ther

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    I love how they buy the actual MCDONALDS and then just make the price higher.

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    Am I the only one who though she was in a real mcdonald's for the intro 😂

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    Why andrew is so cute

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    Lexi is actually real crazy in this video

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    That looks like some work!

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    Lexi's voice. my favorite part 10:19

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    Can I please have 9,000 large burger and 53,120 chicken nuggets, I feel so hungry

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    It's not 2021 for me it is 2020.

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    Omg i love this I want lexi to send me food rn

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    He’s not lying that ice cream machine is actually always broken

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    I really can’t be bothered watching it but I want to cause it’s probably gonna be funny but I’m starving right now gotta go to 🏫

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    ماشين بالطريق الصحيح jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-P5T0Yv39mX0.html

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    Why did you throw the poor ketchup 🤣😹😹🤣🤣

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    Bet the next McDonald's impersonator house will actually only have Mcnuggests & McDonald's food. Haha Lexi called Andrew a CHUMBUCKET

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