1. Ed Kavanaugh

    Ed Kavanaugh52 分 前


  2. Ed Kavanaugh

    Ed Kavanaugh59 分 前

    😍 honey cruella

  3. Harrianto budiman

    Harrianto budiman時間 前

    I thought he was vegan sorry vegetarian

  4. Baki Pro Gaming

    Baki Pro Gaming時間 前

    Not again? 7:06

  5. Naomi Clarke

    Naomi Clarke11 時間 前

    My food dream is to eat everything from burger king,in n out Wendy's,McDonald's and kfc but it won't happen

  6. Clark X

    Clark X13 時間 前

    A box of cearl for myself 😔

  7. Hiroshi Kimura

    Hiroshi Kimura日 前

    my dream as a kid was to eat and go in a pool of speghetii

  8. Ronelson Dulay

    Ronelson Dulay日 前

    You are so un lucky

  9. Skate Edits

    Skate Edits日 前

    The coffee was a squar idk why it disappeared

  10. AGRugRat

    AGRugRat日 前

    squares can be rectangle, did you go to 2nd grade

  11. Gerardo Grijalva

    Gerardo Grijalva日 前

    For The Rings I would have got curly fries

  12. Angel Morales

    Angel Morales日 前

    A ring shape is like a donut

  13. Toast XOX

    Toast XOX2 日 前

    Dude silencer is Pringles lol

  14. gamerboi88

    gamerboi882 日 前

    It's also the shape of the thumbs down.

  15. Cool Zmajevi

    Cool Zmajevi2 日 前

    RIP coffe Dareks most loved drink

  16. Man Hin Lok

    Man Hin Lok3 日 前

    My dream drink and food to eat is cookie dough monster energy cheese pizza and a beef taco

  17. Hit_ The_Asian YT

    Hit_ The_Asian YT3 日 前

    If Derek is smart enough a rectangle is a square

  18. Hartley Ferrin

    Hartley Ferrin3 日 前

    Instead of onion rings haow about funions

  19. Honk

    Honk3 日 前

    Why didnt he get bread with the square pattys?

  20. Hartley Ferrin

    Hartley Ferrin3 日 前

    Cause that was a burger and bread isn't as good with burger meat.

  21. lowkey depressed

    lowkey depressed3 日 前

    Lol i eat ramen noodles like that everyday xd

  22. Random Tube

    Random Tube3 日 前

    Whenever I’m not patient enough for the noodles to cook I just eat the noodles raw I still do it

  23. Cz M3rkz

    Cz M3rkz3 日 前

    Actaully a square is classified as a rectangle so who ever said that id dumb

  24. FearWolfGaming Aka. Content Deleted

    FearWolfGaming Aka. Content Deleted4 日 前

    A square is a rectangle.. Dont believe me? Search It up on google mathcentral.uregina.ca/QQ/database/QQ.09.07/h/odette1.html

  25. Anthony Ambro

    Anthony Ambro4 日 前

    Where is the 17 more episodes huh LMAO

  26. Indy Majer Willson

    Indy Majer Willson4 日 前

    Rip coffee 2020-2020

  27. Indy Majer Willson

    Indy Majer Willson4 日 前

    I should have not sent you the shape verifier

  28. master ugly

    master ugly4 日 前

    You are asking for salmonella to infect you personally

  29. GamerBlock YT

    GamerBlock YT4 日 前


  30. James Gallo

    James Gallo5 日 前

    In and out

  31. Eshaal Chishty

    Eshaal Chishty5 日 前

    Did anyone notice the book they said dairy of a farting creeper like ……………

  32. Light of Entertainment

    Light of Entertainment5 日 前

    A burger is also a cylinder and at dinner everything you ate was a sphere

  33. marchoural

    marchoural5 日 前

    diary of a farting creeper ok.

  34. Chuck Tod

    Chuck Tod5 日 前

    Reeeeeeee Taarrrrrr Deeeeeeead

  35. Collin Lyons

    Collin Lyons5 日 前

    “These taste like a Japanese foot” eats it 😂😂

  36. Cain Stephenson

    Cain Stephenson5 日 前


  37. Cain Stephenson

    Cain Stephenson5 日 前

    Less pineapple head more hur

  38. Chauncey Hampton

    Chauncey Hampton5 日 前

    Bathtub ice Cream

  39. Space God

    Space God6 日 前

    Did you notice diary of a farting creeper at 8:03

  40. Antonio Paniagua

    Antonio Paniagua6 日 前

    Derek: this is how my socks smell after i just went to the gym Nobody: Me: Derek goes to the gym?!?!

  41. Mr. Banana

    Mr. Banana6 日 前

    Who else is scrolling through the comments while watching?

  42. Jack Hawkinsj

    Jack Hawkinsj6 日 前

    Your videos are entertaining until you start faking it in every video now you have said there's a chance I can get coffee and then boom a big surprise you get the coffee then whatttttttt the coffees gone oh no it's so fake man just stop

  43. Lucius Chan

    Lucius Chan6 日 前

    0:45 that happen to me before I fell and I bumped my face on the wall and my braces were ruined and my tooth was loose that was the loudest thud my mom ever heard :l

  44. Gaming Anass

    Gaming Anass6 日 前

    14.47 u see his coffee disappeared in his little hox

  45. Max Headrum

    Max Headrum7 日 前

    13:43 his legs where trembling!

  46. reazonz

    reazonz7 日 前

    Technically you cant eat a drink

  47. aidin schaub

    aidin schaub7 日 前

    um so does he know that he shouldn't eat cookie dough raw

  48. dark 本

    dark 本5 日 前

    aidin schaub ikr lol

  49. Izdeuk Izdeuk

    Izdeuk Izdeuk7 日 前

    Pizza is circular

  50. jaleel Smith

    jaleel Smith7 日 前

    wtf why u eat RAW cookie dough

  51. Alfie Budd

    Alfie Budd7 日 前

    Less pineapple head, more herc

  52. Ariel 1234

    Ariel 12347 日 前

    Brownie Batter

  53. Psalm Mitchell

    Psalm Mitchell7 日 前

    You have to bake the cookies doe

  54. I was almost named Ryan

    I was almost named Ryan7 日 前

    Eating 100 happy meals

  55. Tan Yue Jac

    Tan Yue Jac8 日 前

    you should get pizza

  56. Explosive Gamers

    Explosive Gamers8 日 前

    🥩 🥩 steaks 🥩

  57. David Colon

    David Colon8 日 前

    There is a thing called ice

  58. David Colon

    David Colon8 日 前


  59. Genevieve Miller

    Genevieve Miller8 日 前

    Do you know if you eat a whole entire thing of cookie dough you can get salmonella because of the raw egg in there

  60. zsolt agocs

    zsolt agocs8 日 前

    U cant eat raw cookiedough

  61. TheGamingAnkylo

    TheGamingAnkylo8 日 前

    Cylinder of cookie dough (peanut butter chocolate chip)

  62. Meme central

    Meme central8 日 前

    When he fell I lost it 🤣