1. Gamer XYT

    Gamer XYT16 分 前

    I like the cookie dough

  2. Fariduddin Khan

    Fariduddin Khan3 時間 前

    Is Derek dum he could have gotten a pizza instead!🤣

  3. Goozy Niyah

    Goozy Niyah3 時間 前

    His dumbass dropped the coffee!

  4. Darias Slade

    Darias Slade5 時間 前

    How do u know what a Japan's foot tast like

  5. aka_rules07

    aka_rules079 時間 前

    Sugar cookie doe

  6. Summer Flower

    Summer Flower11 時間 前

    Noodles like u have ur’s so time cooked and some times not

  7. lazy onigiri

    lazy onigiri15 時間 前

    you missed those star shapped nuggets from hardeez

  8. Tarek Elkhattabi

    Tarek Elkhattabi15 時間 前

    Letting my dog decide what I eat for24 hours

  9. Unknown Snow

    Unknown Snow22 時間 前

    2:29 Im staring at diary of a farting creeper

  10. jackie thomas

    jackie thomas日 前

    My food dream is to eat a five patty burger🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. Furymexican 57

    Furymexican 57日 前

    Your vids are actually so ducking annoying

  12. DJ Blaxx

    DJ Blaxx日 前

    Diary or the farthing creeper🤣🤣🤣 who saw it

  13. bermann1234 beck

    bermann1234 beck日 前

    My dream food is 5 pizzas and to mcfrappe

  14. Ace-Lolo

    Ace-Lolo日 前

    Diary of a farting creeper

  15. Peter O'Sullivan

    Peter O'Sullivan日 前

    For cylinder you should have got some sushi

  16. Aw3some AleXX

    Aw3some AleXX日 前


  17. Rilee Aimutis

    Rilee Aimutis日 前

    VIDEO SUGGESTION: you should have a bucket filled with the letters of the alphabet and then whatever letter you pull out the food you eat has to start with that letter. You only get an hour to get it though

  18. ksm314

    ksm314日 前

    Jajajaja omg that was so epicccccc jajajajaa

  19. Grande Posts

    Grande Posts日 前

    why happened to being vegitarian i-

  20. That soap But the price

    That soap But the price日 前

    I was crying when Derek dropped his coffe

  21. Yes

    Yes2 日 前

    My dream food is big macs

  22. Ne He

    Ne He2 日 前

    I want the cookie dough but I want multiple of them. Edit: I would also like the grapes and a couple of cans of Dr. pepper

  23. Ne He

    Ne He2 日 前

    He finnally got his coffee!

  24. Allison O

    Allison O2 日 前

    I LOVE that the name of his dog is Hercules

  25. Haris Haqiqi

    Haris Haqiqi2 日 前

    First time seing you shopping

  26. Elizabeth MacDonald

    Elizabeth MacDonald2 日 前

    The thumbnail showed a cube thing

  27. haylie smithhh

    haylie smithhh2 日 前

    he should’ve eaten pizza for a circle

  28. Maribel Juarez

    Maribel Juarez2 日 前

    Rectangles is the same square

  29. lamin got battered

    lamin got battered2 日 前

    He could've got star panckakef

  30. Kamal LB

    Kamal LB2 日 前

    U r dumb😂

  31. Madilyn Smith

    Madilyn Smith2 日 前


  32. Mandy Ziegler

    Mandy Ziegler2 日 前

    U should eat and drink coffee ☕️ flavored things for 24 hours

  33. Ronald English

    Ronald English2 日 前

    DO A DRINKING COFFEE FOR 24hours 🤞🏼😏

  34. Giselle dehni

    Giselle dehni3 日 前

    u should do eating coffee flavored things for 24 hours

  35. Syd The Silly Kid

    Syd The Silly Kid3 日 前

    Coconut and grapes are actually spheres and the bread Custard thingy is a semi sphere, a circle is 2D while a sphere is 3D

  36. teenracer Tv

    teenracer Tv3 日 前

    16:19 diabetes had entered the building

  37. teenracer Tv

    teenracer Tv3 日 前

    If you would of put 4 Arizona tea packages together it would of made a giant square

  38. Anthony Martinez

    Anthony Martinez3 日 前

    But since it’s Derek it’s ok :D

  39. Saucy J

    Saucy J3 日 前

    cookie dough can give u salmonella witch has symptom OF DEATH

  40. Patrick Printup

    Patrick Printup3 日 前

    My mom wont let me have sushi everyday

  41. Jaylin and Jazlyn

    Jaylin and Jazlyn3 日 前

    A whole pound of oreos

  42. Hayden Savauge

    Hayden Savauge4 日 前

    I am a kid and I eat the noodles all the time

  43. Hayden Savauge

    Hayden Savauge4 日 前

    You could have at least gave credit to jacksepticeye clip

  44. zbeast 44

    zbeast 444 日 前

    Why doesn't he just cut the burger into a cube



    Octagon parallelagram

  46. Strainerheadboi owo

    Strainerheadboi owo4 日 前

    Good idea having a baby moniter by your puppy you are a good owner

  47. Lucky me Lucky you

    Lucky me Lucky you4 日 前

    Never heard anyone say a bagel that way 😂

  48. ServerMate S

    ServerMate S4 日 前

    Herc and derek made out

  49. BasicallyBen

    BasicallyBen4 日 前

    my dream is to be in a bath of cheesy bacon fries

  50. Abby's Awesome Times

    Abby's Awesome Times4 日 前

    My food dream is to have a junk food shopping spree next vid do letting vivers chose what you eat

  51. X_pvpmaster_X 10

    X_pvpmaster_X 104 日 前

    Hey Derek can you make a normal video for once that last time you did one was 5 months ago

  52. Caise Crowshaw

    Caise Crowshaw4 日 前

    What type of dog is hurc

  53. Paxton Bailey

    Paxton Bailey4 日 前

    Have you ever thought about if your viewers are eating



    I laugh so hard when you drop the coffee😂

  55. NSSBlacklight

    NSSBlacklight4 日 前

    my food dream is eating it never happened

  56. KiDs Corner

    KiDs Corner4 日 前

    Dereck why did you say begel its suppose to be beagel

  57. samantha Zhong

    samantha Zhong4 日 前

    My school literally sells dried instant noodles

  58. Neil Albert Burcer

    Neil Albert Burcer4 日 前

    Wait he did not buy the starbucks coffee he get that from the box in the back of him

  59. Phoung Luong

    Phoung Luong4 日 前

    Onion rings are soooooo gooood their my favorite

  60. Kyle K

    Kyle K4 日 前

    A square is a rectangle