I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)


  1. Aaron Hardy

    Aaron Hardy6 ヶ月 前


  2. Jakes Stuff 158

    Jakes Stuff 158ヶ月 前

    Wait actually

  3. JajarGaming

    JajarGaming3 ヶ月 前

    Aaron Hardy h

  4. andrew

    andrew4 ヶ月 前

    Is it on Netflix?

  5. dennis soh

    dennis soh5 ヶ月 前

    WOW the Lost Pyramid documentary was simply amazing.

  6. Arvin The Aardvark

    Arvin The Aardvark13 時間 前

    3:15 I need a f*cked up counter


    ZOOMPLAYZ15 時間 前

    literary a star in the making

  8. Vapezter OJ

    Vapezter OJ15 時間 前

    He isn’t in it sorry my guy

  9. Brandon_13

    Brandon_1316 時間 前

    If u want to cry like in the movies just think of being forgotten and ur died family member and that ur crush will never say she/he loves u/rejected/friend zone And good luck if u do cry

  10. Lucas

    Lucas20 時間 前

    i was watching this movie and i only remembered *AFTER* the scene to check if you were there can you guys lmk if he was in the movie?

  11. Vivek Gadhvi

    Vivek Gadhvi12 時間 前

    Unfortunately, the scene was removed. :(

  12. Ghost

    Ghost22 時間 前

    this dude made it into the imdb cast

  13. Eljo Kuka

    Eljo Kuka23 時間 前

    I fucking love Will....

  14. Siddharth Roy Medhi

    Siddharth Roy Medhi日 前

    They cut your scene bro :'(

  15. Sami Tapu

    Sami Tapu日 前

    Fucked up bluh bluh bluh fucked up bluh bluh bluh

  16. Aastha Chaurasia

    Aastha Chaurasia日 前

    Oscar for cake delivery 😂😂😂😂❤️

  17. Aastha Chaurasia

    Aastha Chaurasia日 前

    Thomos acting in front of the mirror is real! He should became an actual actor😂

  18. Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

    Can I get 1000 subs with no videos日 前

    Damn will smith really be painting those fingernails tho

  19. dodo g

    dodo g日 前

    Did those gay

  20. Green Room Gaming UK

    Green Room Gaming UK日 前

    8:35 that face is so good I nearly died 😂

  21. Alfred Brough

    Alfred Brough2 日 前

    PS: it didn't make it into the trailer.

  22. Matt Morgan

    Matt Morgan2 日 前

    6:15 got me lolxD I died I laughed so damn hard

  23. Austin

    Austin2 日 前

    "He is the cake"

  24. Denis Bronskii

    Denis Bronskii2 日 前

    HE IS THE CAKE- Will Smith

  25. irondasgr

    irondasgr2 日 前

    Well, some day they will regret having excluded him.

  26. Xx_BEAST_xX2121

    Xx_BEAST_xX21212 日 前

    He wasn’t in the movie

  27. Piomenta Mendoza

    Piomenta Mendoza2 日 前

    Did you tho?

  28. Death By Rainbow

    Death By Rainbow2 日 前


  29. Death By Rainbow

    Death By Rainbow2 日 前


  30. OG_ Deryck

    OG_ Deryck2 日 前

    3:51 rrey 3:54

  31. PhantomEXO

    PhantomEXO2 日 前

    I know I can't really chat because I've not been in a movie, but how petty and pathetic that your gassing yourself over a little scene

  32. Aidan Forrest

    Aidan Forrest3 日 前

    Get in the van

  33. Kraenkii ElLoco

    Kraenkii ElLoco3 日 前

    i get a virus warning following the link..^^

  34. OGkyle

    OGkyle3 日 前


  35. Bot Ronnie

    Bot Ronnie3 日 前

    hahah abdil is actually from belgium so am i i was suprised too see him in youre vid xd

  36. Mr. Watson ????

    Mr. Watson ????3 日 前

    All that practicing: “Bluh Up”

  37. Kaylah Waiti Ututaonga

    Kaylah Waiti Ututaonga3 日 前

    All that practice was for nothing balalalalaluup lol

  38. ben floyd

    ben floyd3 日 前

    I can confirm the back of his head apears at 23:30 for less than a second

  39. McTweety

    McTweety3 日 前

    surreal! yes!

  40. NovusTM

    NovusTM3 日 前

    Saw the movie and they cut him out :(

  41. AwesomeGirlsRule

    AwesomeGirlsRule3 日 前

    So nobody is going to mention he got to meet Will Smith?!?

  42. Candor

    Candor3 日 前

    Watched the film the other day

  43. Unknown Playurr

    Unknown Playurr3 日 前

    i think that the "need anything else" was a great addition and makes that scene better

  44. Cahp With a K

    Cahp With a K4 日 前

    Bruh I don't believe I missed him while whatchiny

  45. Sarv E

    Sarv E4 日 前

    No u did nt lol

  46. Genio

    Genio4 日 前

    Lmao the cut him out

  47. CGgreen

    CGgreen4 日 前

    wow the time is 4:20 and what do i see as an ad CORONA BEER bruh

  48. SLY ZANY

    SLY ZANY4 日 前

    Free advertisement from a big content creator. and cut him out

  49. SLY ZANY

    SLY ZANY4 日 前

    My name is Jeff..... Had me instantly giggling!

  50. Anonymous 504

    Anonymous 5044 日 前

    Never seen someone been proud to be a cakeman it's the proudest moments ever

  51. therealdeal76498 9

    therealdeal76498 94 日 前

    hi my names will smith and i dont age

  52. 10 11

    10 114 日 前

    an EXTRA

  53. Phen

    Phen5 日 前

    Can't believe he had the chance to meet such a talented actor... Will Smith is really lucky guy

  54. Phen

    Phen5 日 前

    Can't believe he had the chance to meet him... Will Smith is really lucky guy

  55. ginger gangsta198

    ginger gangsta1985 日 前

    I have seen the film I didnt recognise u

  56. Arnham

    Arnham5 日 前

    12:05 he is one with the cake

  57. V8 Lifestyle

    V8 Lifestyle5 日 前

    you are the cake

  58. Th3B1ackD0t

    Th3B1ackD0t5 日 前

    Will sniff

  59. josh williams

    josh williams5 日 前

    sadly got cut out, but good for him

  60. Cyber Netic

    Cyber Netic4 日 前

    you could see the back of his head

  61. Kereltje

    Kereltje6 日 前

    When 2 Belgians say "Just don't fuck up" ... DONT FUCK UP xD

  62. Kereltje

    Kereltje6 日 前

    Let's not ignore that "bad boys for life" was made by 2 Belgians :)

  63. 500 subs with 0 Videos Challenge

    500 subs with 0 Videos Challenge6 日 前

    Im honestly pissed off that he got cut out of the movie Like WTF are they doing he did a great job

  64. f9i

    f9i6 日 前

    wheres the "F*cked up" counter

  65. Mr G.O.A.T321

    Mr G.O.A.T3216 日 前

    are u gay

  66. x._soda_ pop_.x

    x._soda_ pop_.x6 日 前

    Wait they say " don't fuck up " but the seeing itself is fiuck up 😂

  67. Shaun Tree

    Shaun Tree7 日 前

    I only watched the film for the cake scene, absolutely outstanding performance, I didn’t watch the rest of it