I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)


  1. Aaron Hardy

    Aaron Hardyヶ月 前


  2. dennis soh

    dennis soh10 日 前

    WOW the Lost Pyramid documentary was simply amazing.

  3. AliMaxHD

    AliMaxHDヶ月 前

    The countdown isn't only for the documentary it was also for my bday less goo

  4. SphinxTechGT

    SphinxTechGTヶ月 前

    Comment posted 1 week ago :0 WHERE IS IT I GOTTA FIND IT

  5. Y G

    Y Gヶ月 前

    Aaron Hardy Today

  6. Salman Merchant

    Salman Merchantヶ月 前

    @HyperFinchy happy Birthday bro

  7. Amer Darwich

    Amer Darwich4 時間 前

    after he spoke with directions , now he is fucked up lol

  8. PalmerZan

    PalmerZan8 時間 前

    Yaaaaah that’s hot

  9. YF Calibre

    YF Calibre12 時間 前

    He is known as cake boy for the movie in IMD

  10. Paxton B

    Paxton B18 時間 前

    The russian accent is hilarious maaaan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Dyan Villastiqui

    Dyan Villastiqui18 時間 前

    I like the director. Who is he again? Let me watch his previous films.

  12. JaiThirteen

    JaiThirteen21 時間 前


  13. Mateo Montilla

    Mateo Montilla22 時間 前

    3:10 , so many fucked up.. xD

  14. Corey Sebastian

    Corey Sebastian23 時間 前

    Am I the only one who caught that he was wearing almost the same exact shirt already?...

  15. Kekqzy

    Kekqzy23 時間 前

    If you fuck up, then the whole scene is fucked up, and if the whole scene is fucked up, then the whole sequence is fucked up, and if the whole sequence is fucked up then the whole movie is fucked up. His face:😐

  16. ROTCNate

    ROTCNate日 前

    Now I’m gunna be distracted the whole time watching for this scene

  17. Johannes

    Johannes日 前

    Will Smith is too nice

  18. DukBurd

    DukBurd日 前

    This better be in the movie and not cut somehow

  19. Bubble Bass

    Bubble Bass6 時間 前

    I highly doubt it would be cut, they'd have to record the scene again or record a different scene due to the lead actor not only being in the same scene but the same exact shot, which is what sets up the scene :)

  20. CasualTryhard

    CasualTryhard日 前

    Yes theory boys: We are in a will smith film. Also yes theory boys: YAHAHA its film time.

  21. Salahuddin Mansour

    Salahuddin Mansour日 前


  22. Mr Lorax

    Mr Lorax日 前

    I think Will Smith felt nervous meeting Thomas

  23. Ray Plays V2

    Ray Plays V2日 前

    “Maybe I’ll be Ironman in the next movie” ummm yeah about that..

  24. James Oscar

    James Oscar日 前

    what song is at the end before the promotion bit

  25. Hayden V

    Hayden V日 前

    Watch from 8:35 with subtitles, you won’t be disappointed.

  26. Flair Playz

    Flair Playz日 前

    EVEN SQUEEZED A LINE IN!!! My baby boy is growing up :(

  27. Mr Timeline

    Mr Timeline2 日 前

    yaaaaaaaa its filming time

  28. gabe80million

    gabe80million2 日 前

    that's dope bro that would be so cool if that happened to me, but it wouldn't because I have bad anxiety issues

  29. Logan Donham

    Logan Donham2 日 前

    Why was will smith wearing a bra?

  30. Alejandro Valseca Trader Forex

    Alejandro Valseca Trader Forex2 日 前

    Cake man, iceman, thomas is the multicharacterman

  31. Dr Sprinkle

    Dr Sprinkle2 日 前

    Anything else you only had 1 plate full of cake and you sayd anything else

  32. Macedonian Girl

    Macedonian Girl2 日 前

    Thomas reminds me of Ryan Gosling a bit.

  33. Polar Australia

    Polar Australia2 日 前

    “Yaw, it’s rewind time”

  34. Shaik mohammed Abdullah

    Shaik mohammed Abdullah3 日 前

    What a cross over

  35. Jerom Verschoote

    Jerom Verschoote3 日 前

    Ait patsergedrag

  36. Latettaja

    Latettaja3 日 前

    2:29 YUUUUUH

  37. Red King

    Red King3 日 前

    The directors seem amazing and I was literally crying with laughter at 8:42 and 11:51

  38. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen3 日 前

    These people at set are so nice..

  39. Red Saman

    Red Saman3 日 前

    He is the cake!

  40. Ricardo Jose

    Ricardo Jose3 日 前

    looking forward to this scene.

  41. A B

    A B3 日 前

    Man, so much respect for Will Smith for doing this and being so chill. (Love him, one of my favorite actors. So down to earth and we all see it) also mad props to the directors for being so chill and cool. Love it. I don’t watch too many movies in the actual theatre, but I’ll be going out and watching this one because of this video.. also, Will Smith 😍 so it has to be a banger. Also, loved the advice Will gave, just can’t get over how down to earth he is. Doesn’t even act like he’s famous. So chill, so much mad respect for him. #fangirling

  42. apflp

    apflp3 日 前

    He is THE CAKE

  43. you know already

    you know already4 日 前

    The directors are really funny

  44. you know already

    you know already4 日 前

    The directors are funny

  45. The Real Bleach

    The Real Bleach4 日 前

    Yeah just casually talks to WILL SMITH

  46. Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly4 日 前

    Aah it’s rewind time

  47. Fauzi Senyo

    Fauzi Senyo4 日 前

    Dame.. Cake delivery..

  48. Qualava

    Qualava4 日 前

    Next on the bucketlist is getting inside a history book

  49. Glass Gaming

    Glass Gaming5 日 前

    14:56 little did he know, he would release the movie to it 1 month after they were done with editing.

  50. Team 974

    Team 9745 日 前

    I am now a big fan of these directors.

  51. Quaxol

    Quaxol5 日 前

    You guys are wearing the same headphones as me lol

  52. Quaxol

    Quaxol5 日 前

    AAAAAAA HHHAAAAHHHAAAAAA Thats hot, thats hot

  53. Matt

    Matt5 日 前

    Lmao he is in IMDB as Jeffery - cake boy

  54. Timboo352

    Timboo3525 日 前

    Ahh that‘s hot, that‘s hot

  55. Nguyễn Gia Hoàng Anh

    Nguyễn Gia Hoàng Anh6 日 前

    6:24 find somebody who looks at you the way Matt looks at Will Smith.

  56. Lachey

    Lachey6 日 前


  57. Witness X

    Witness X6 日 前


  58. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma6 日 前

    Great new techniques for movie Promotion 😮👌

  59. Han Yolo

    Han Yolo6 日 前

    If you make it into the movie then i'll watch it, buy a copy and some merch.

  60. KazGhost

    KazGhost6 日 前

    That's one way to promote a upcoming movie.

  61. K H

    K H6 日 前

    "he is delivering the shit out of that cake" FJKHFEWHL

  62. Arnav Joshi

    Arnav Joshi7 日 前

    HE IS THE CAKE _mah boi Thomas_

  63. TinTin

    TinTin7 日 前

    Need anything else? *N O*

  64. josh Clitn

    josh Clitn7 日 前

    "U f**k up you F**KED UP THE WHOLE SH**" 😂

  65. dean rice

    dean rice8 日 前

    You guys ain’t playing.

  66. Jacsky

    Jacsky8 日 前

    LMAO proud to be the one who got shot in a movie.