I'm Switching To The Galaxy Note 10


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy5 ヶ月 前

    The Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold - jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-eyuN5SHV-js.html

  2. Speciali video con mattia

    Speciali video con mattia3 日 前

    Vi iscrivete al canale di 1000 iscritti e oltre

  3. Kemal Ahmedi

    Kemal Ahmedi2 ヶ月 前

    Unbox Therapy Woke up

  4. Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio

    Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio3 ヶ月 前


  5. Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio

    Rafael Pedroza-Ocasio3 ヶ月 前

    I um can I please have a phone I have a Motorola and I need a new phone plzzzz

  6. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez18 時間 前

    Your gay

  7. Mr. Forti Venatus

    Mr. Forti Venatus2 日 前

    The bad thing when you become someone like him: Will switch your phones everytime there are a new flagship killer Good thing: You can show off your phone collection infront of your friends

  8. Helios SSS

    Helios SSS3 日 前

    I don't give a f***

  9. Kauri Channel

    Kauri Channel3 日 前

    What if a phone that has a projected display instead of an oled display. This could reduce refelction to 0 percent. What do you think?

  10. Hyerin Preda

    Hyerin Preda4 日 前

    What a shill. No micro sd card no headphone jack. I hate it but I didnt know.

  11. Roblox & Stuff

    Roblox & Stuff5 日 前

    Stop looking soo disappointed because like it's still a good phone (the thumbnail)

  12. MD.Monzil Chowdhury

    MD.Monzil Chowdhury6 日 前

    I AM switching to the SAMSUNG S2😜

  13. Matthew Best

    Matthew Best6 日 前

    Why is this dude like 40 dressing/talking like every 16 year old fuck boy ever yikes

  14. Jackie C

    Jackie C7 日 前

    I just switched phone,, I'm watching on my note10! It feels lighter even though it has a bigger screen ,it looks nice !it has a sharp&clear pictures&videos! I like watching videos on it! It's not bulky either 😊

  15. HeSsA SONE

    HeSsA SONE7 日 前

    Oh seem the smartphones JPreporterrs..take note 10

  16. William Goring

    William Goring8 日 前

    I don't know what to buy I've watched so many of these reviews on all kinds of different phones I want the Asus Rog but you can't get it with Verizon and I've looked at the Galaxy 9 or S9 note the Galaxy 10 plus the Galaxy 10 note I just can't make up my mind I need to get up off this galaxy j7 it's a good phone but I need to upgrade

  17. chris barnett

    chris barnett8 日 前

    Well is there a follow up?

  18. Costas Georgiou

    Costas Georgiou8 日 前

    That Aura glow is the shit! The only preiter device is the green fold!

  19. Jerry Cruz

    Jerry Cruz9 日 前

    Humid/Damp Signal notification.. drives me crazy

  20. CamarPlayz And Vlogs

    CamarPlayz And Vlogs9 日 前

    I'm getting a galaxy note 10 for my birthday

  21. Destination HeynsLand

    Destination HeynsLand10 日 前

    Thanks for the video... Just purchased Note 10+ a week and I'm lovin' it 😍💕

  22. Kalarangini Uthayakumar

    Kalarangini Uthayakumar11 日 前

    Who even dislikes

  23. Rudy Rodriguez

    Rudy Rodriguez10 日 前

    apple fans

  24. T. Nguyen

    T. Nguyen11 日 前

    Fuck the Korean..I got the US manufactured..Apple for life!

  25. GD JellyBeen

    GD JellyBeen14 日 前

    another one:10

  26. NW3D

    NW3D14 日 前

    Meh headphone jacks are useless with Bluetooth headphones. And finger prints are moot with a case.

  27. Marvin Sargeant

    Marvin Sargeant14 日 前

    Can I have your old phone

  28. Pdawg Gaming

    Pdawg Gaming14 日 前

    the one plus looks like a baby by iPhone and samsung

  29. Shenal Dilmith

    Shenal Dilmith15 日 前

    Still no review?

  30. William Rojas

    William Rojas15 日 前

    Aww can I have it 😭

  31. iShieff

    iShieff16 日 前

    You are second ali a

  32. Ploitz

    Ploitz16 日 前

    I have and love this phone kids at school might say ahh you have a Samsung like bro my phone is literally better than yours you dont understand how good this is my phone can charge your little iphone 8

  33. supreme nick

    supreme nick17 日 前

    Why does everyone hate Samsung so much??

  34. Helen Saavedra

    Helen Saavedra17 日 前

    I'm a student, just graduated high school. I'm using note 8 and I've been using it for more than a year. I can say that 'The Pen' is very useful for me in terms of taking notes and documents. Also, it's a plus for me because I'm into drawing and calligraphy and it works very well. I don't know in your case, tho.

  35. MacHamish

    MacHamish17 日 前

    What's with the UK plug on the charger?

  36. Yossel Garcia

    Yossel Garcia17 日 前

    Please do asmr

  37. SomedayWe'llKnow

    SomedayWe'llKnow18 日 前

    This reactor is a big piece of lying shit!!

  38. Bryan Rivero

    Bryan Rivero21 日 前

    En mi teléfono

  39. Bryan Rivero

    Bryan Rivero21 日 前

    i need a needs MSU game 10b

  40. Patrick Carlson

    Patrick Carlson21 日 前

    Huawei P30 Pro or the note 10+ which one hands down?

  41. Deev Playz

    Deev Playz21 日 前

    Him: oh damn this camera is so dope Me: *OMG OMG THIS SAMSUNG A10 IS SOOOOOOO GOOD*

  42. Kristaps Smilga

    Kristaps Smilga18 日 前

    @Boy Pape The A50 definitely isn't.

  43. Deev Playz

    Deev Playz19 日 前

    @Boy Pape Um no. Its just for people who doesnt waste money and has a budget

  44. Boy Pape

    Boy Pape20 日 前

    The Samsung A series are trash

  45. Ying Liao

    Ying Liao22 日 前

    I also like kawhi

  46. Kira Johnson

    Kira Johnson22 日 前

    I got the Galaxy note10 on Christmas Eve and it was literally unbelievable and the camera quality is on point

  47. هيفاء بنت سعيد

    هيفاء بنت سعيد23 日 前

    SAMSUNG iloveyou 😍💕

  48. Nick

    Nick23 日 前

    So many people switching to the note 10 plus. Such a great phone. Futuristic design, fully featured and really good specs.

  49. Mike Greenawalt

    Mike Greenawalt23 日 前

    PLEASE HELP!!! Note 10 Plus or IPhone XS Max, which should I get.

  50. 男名前のない

    男名前のない18 日 前

    Samsung note 10 plus

  51. mdm mdm

    mdm mdm23 日 前

    Note 10 plus is a great great phone. Its worth it all. And makes such a great difference

  52. juan-k sporty

    juan-k sporty24 日 前

    Just got mine love it!

  53. J4m

    J4m24 日 前

    Mine didnt have a micro usb-type c adapter in it :(

  54. J0nDstr0y3r

    J0nDstr0y3r25 日 前

    I would switch but I’m too far into the Apple ecosystem, game pigeon.. App Store.. Apple Pay..... etc..

  55. ProMegaScizor

    ProMegaScizor25 日 前

    Is It Water Proof?

  56. Holdingrocket62

    Holdingrocket6225 日 前

    I decided to get the note 10+ because of your videos on it

  57. Sherman Holey

    Sherman Holey25 日 前

    I dont think your profile pic of this video gives a positive but more upsetting first look! I just switched and I am extremely happy with my switch, coming from an iphone X.

  58. Minerva Morgenstern

    Minerva Morgenstern25 日 前

    Even Unbox Therapy watches Flossy Carter.

  59. Antonio Popovski

    Antonio Popovski26 日 前

    0:47 i cant zoom that much when i am watchingvids like that what did u do to watch on full screen

  60. Atoms Molecules

    Atoms Molecules28 日 前

    I switched from Iphone to Samsung after a couple of years of using Iphone, and damn I missed Samsung and Android.

  61. Masum Liton

    Masum Liton28 日 前

    What kind of review do you do actually ?

  62. alexbrosmlg142

    alexbrosmlg14228 日 前

    Pelling plactic of :me ohhhhfff

  63. morison morison

    morison morison29 日 前

    3 monhts he going to iphone 11 bc bla bla bla

  64. Cow Boys

    Cow Boysヶ月 前

    Why is he getting so many dislikes on videos? Is it because of the later case thing???

  65. Android Robot

    Android Robot4 日 前

    It is probably because if the thumbnail. I personally think it is annoying and offensive. He uses it for almost every 'switching' video

  66. Andrea Mahia

    Andrea Mahiaヶ月 前

    Ooooh... he's doing it! LOL! :-D

  67. StarWarsMarvel

    StarWarsMarvelヶ月 前

    Christmas pressie!!!!!! /\

  68. Farhan Farooqui

    Farhan Farooquiヶ月 前

    What a dumb video! All this time to change a sim? What a waste!

  69. Titan Gaming

    Titan Gamingヶ月 前

    2:46 he looks like michael myers

  70. mohammed umbadda

    mohammed umbaddaヶ月 前

    It's time to CHANGE