I'm Coming Out.


  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials5 ヶ月 前

    *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

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  3. Aldijana Mesic

    Aldijana Mesic8 日 前

    I love you too 💚💚

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  5. Eva Tahsin

    Eva Tahsin9 日 前

    We all loveee you soooo much!!❤❤

  6. Nuray quliyeva

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    İ lavvvvv uuuuuuuuuuu Nikkieee❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  7. Savannah

    Savannah2 時間 前

    this made me cry tears of happiness..... wow I'm so sorry someone blackmailed you into coming out. that's fucked up. :( but people who genuinely like you for YOU, for Nikkie, will support you always. you're beautiful, girl!!! and so talented. 💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  8. smexy momma

    smexy momma4 時間 前

    Still beautiful and very talented!!

  9. Julie Ft

    Julie Ft4 時間 前

    Inspiring x

  10. Kenna Avyla

    Kenna Avyla5 時間 前

    Good on you I love you for coming out your who you want to be if you want to be a girl your a girl nothing else to say about it she is not a boy and girl this is 2020

  11. Cady Shaw

    Cady Shaw5 時間 前

    No hate, but I'm confused. She was a boy?

  12. cindy Halvorsen

    cindy Halvorsen5 時間 前

    Bless you you took the power away from your blackmailer and took back your control over your life. Love you.

  13. Kate H.

    Kate H.6 時間 前

    You are amazing and you should always love your self 😁

  14. Chlxox Xoxo

    Chlxox Xoxo9 時間 前

    Did Jeffrey star make you do this !?

  15. Taylor M

    Taylor M10 時間 前

    Okay WAIT. just a theory but with everything going on...What if Jeffree Star was the one blackmailing her.

  16. Harmony F

    Harmony F10 時間 前

    Nikkie is such a beautiful vrouw! We love you girl!!

  17. Alinés Medrano

    Alinés Medrano10 時間 前

    for me you'll always be the same girl who i've been watching all of this time

  18. Sofia Gonzalez

    Sofia Gonzalez12 時間 前

    I dont get why it makes a difference like "ok" I liked her before and I like her now like why would anyone blackmail her?????? She's being who she is

  19. Purple girl Gaming

    Purple girl Gaming13 時間 前

    Can I have a hight five. Only if you accept her as who she is... guess imma highlight five all of you 🙂 🖐=🦺=✊🏻 👖

  20. Logan Roof

    Logan Roof15 時間 前

    Transphobes rise up

  21. Chocolatetown Forever

    Chocolatetown Forever15 時間 前

    She should have came out as a linebacker instead.

  22. Rachel Ufferman

    Rachel Ufferman15 時間 前

    I don’t believe you’re trans... I think you’re just saying that honestly.

  23. tea

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  24. Keshly Lopez

    Keshly Lopez16 時間 前

    Omg girl, you are the best.

  25. Crystal Cain

    Crystal Cain17 時間 前

    Brave Lady 💖 I'm shook, but feel so happy for you!! I do wonder why you "had to" reveal??? With all the rumors of blackmail going around I hope that was not the case! I have been a fan of you, your heart, talent, and authenticity since the first video of yours I saw. Congratulations 🎉 God Bless 🙏 Much love XOXO 💜

  26. susu Ho

    susu Ho17 時間 前

    I need someone to explain to me what the LGBT is and what makes each group of it different than the other ... I mean how is a trans different than gay or bi ... thx

  27. tea

    tea7 時間 前

    Google it

  28. Abigail Noyes

    Abigail Noyes18 時間 前

    Who else thinks Jeffree Star was the one who blackmailed her into making this video?

  29. arch 24

    arch 2418 時間 前

    Hello Nikkie, How are you? I hope you don’t mind me asking, ahmmm have you done already SRS? Im from Philippines 🇵🇭. Take care love and support. Mwuah

  30. oOBubblegumPrincess

    oOBubblegumPrincess20 時間 前

    4:30 this sexism... I like Barbies so and long hair so I am a girl... wtf

  31. Fawn_Draws

    Fawn_Draws20 時間 前

    Honey, if Jeffree blackmailed you, please spill the tea. He wants to watch the world burn.. you’re a gorgeous woman, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re so sweet.. ;-;

  32. Taylor Trost

    Taylor Trost20 時間 前

    Was just thinking this!

  33. Its Aleks

    Its Aleks日 前

    So who wants to find the people who blackmailed her and bonk 🔨 their heads

  34. savanah brown

    savanah brown日 前

    I love you

  35. Cute_ couples

    Cute_ couples日 前

    When she said your hair color that really made my day I have red hair a I have always been bullied for my hair 😭

  36. Colleen the CatLady

    Colleen the CatLady日 前

    You are soooooo beautiful!!! Blessings!!!

  37. MariskaJayne

    MariskaJayne日 前

    💖 Proud of you Nikkie. Never change who you are and don't let anyone else define how you live your life. 🏳️‍🌈

  38. Mairwyn Curtis

    Mairwyn Curtis日 前

    I have to ask now...who was it that was going to blackmail you darlin....in light of current drama....you are the first one I thought of

  39. Mariahdoes Asmr

    Mariahdoes Asmr日 前

    Nobody should never ever judge anyone that is different although you are trans we still all love you

  40. Aurora Villalobos

    Aurora Villalobos日 前

    You are Nikkie. We will always love you, and we will always support you. 🥺❤🌈

  41. Jessie Combris

    Jessie Combris日 前

    You are beautiful!!!

  42. Luve Leigh

    Luve Leigh日 前

    Jeffree, if he blackmailed you, please come forward.

  43. Yelinee Garcia Garcia

    Yelinee Garcia Garcia日 前

    im ok be happy

  44. Stephany Reygadas

    Stephany Reygadas日 前

    the most amazing vrouw

  45. Stephany Reygadas

    Stephany Reygadas日 前

    Sooooo much respect girl

  46. bnitons

    bnitons日 前

    You take care of yourself first. Know you are admired and supported. Signed, a middle-aged cis-het white guy who just wants people to be true to themselves.

  47. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley6 時間 前

    Cis het ? What language do you morons speak ?

  48. Maribel Zapata

    Maribel Zapata日 前

    I love you Nikkie Tutorials so much and thank you 💜❤️💕

  49. Ana Jimena Estrada Tijero

    Ana Jimena Estrada Tijero日 前

    WE LOVE YOU NIKKI, And thats it, you are nikki, nothing else!!!!!

  50. Ryuji_Simp Haru_Simp

    Ryuji_Simp Haru_Simp日 前

    I'm not really a fan of makeup and stuff, I don't watch beauty tutorials, but I support her a lot and I know it takes a lot of courage to take this so go on Nikki!!!

  51. Susan Sam

    Susan Sam日 前

    Totally late in watching this video lol. She handled this situation beautifully....With grace and dignity ♥️.

  52. Marcus Galaviz

    Marcus Galaviz日 前

    Gained a fan supporter

  53. Marcus Galaviz

    Marcus Galaviz日 前

    Nikkie your amazing

  54. Devon Bolla

    Devon Bolla日 前

    Hi Nikki I’m 8 and I really wanna be a boy But my parents would say ur just wrapped up with ur sister But I’m really scared to tell me mom

  55. Myriel Pham

    Myriel Pham日 前

    You’re stunning and beyond brave. ❤️ There is so much respect for you even if some don’t want to admit it. You’re simply amazing.

  56. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley5 時間 前

    Brave! How?

  57. Hopexbae jk

    Hopexbae jk日 前

    I’m here for u mama no matter what u are I love you ❤️😘

  58. Bikinigirl05

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  59. Krystal Ice

    Krystal Ice日 前

    I accept you I am trans too❤

  60. Shayla-christie Dunne

    Shayla-christie Dunne日 前

    I’m so proud that nikkie was the person who taught me to be myself and how to do thing for myself 💘💘

  61. Ellie Rose

    Ellie Rose日 前

    Love the makeup look!❤️💕Love your story!💕🏅🩰📝

  62. Tigran-T

    Tigran-T日 前

    I disliked😁

  63. tea

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  64. Eclipse Arts

    Eclipse Arts11 時間 前

    Why did you even watch the video then?

  65. Tigran-T

    Tigran-T14 時間 前

    Mehlsuppe nah

  66. Mehlsuppe

    Mehlsuppe16 時間 前

    You must have a sad and empty life ❤

  67. Hood Rat

    Hood Rat23 時間 前

    Nobody asked 😁

  68. Ariel Davenport

    Ariel Davenport日 前

    I bet Jeffrey Star was the one blackmailing her!!! No one should ever be forced to come out. It is one of the scariest moments in someone’s life!!

  69. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley6 時間 前

    @The AniMATEy her 😂😂😂 It's a stone cold gay dude in drag. End of.

  70. The AniMATEy

    The AniMATEy日 前

    @Graham Buckley you are the snowflake. you can't accept someone for who they are and for some reason you're offended by *her* yes. *her*

  71. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley日 前

    Honestly. The scariest moment of someone's life is coming out. SNOWFLAKES 😔

  72. randi jolie

    randi jolie日 前

    Was jeffree the one who blackmailed you? 😳

  73. Grissom’s Mama

    Grissom’s Mama日 前

    I’m so sorry that you got your choice taken away, but I’m so proud of you the way you handled this. If I hadn’t known about the coercion, I would have thought, “oh, that’s good for her.” In a really happy way. I’m trying to keep my happiness in the forefront because I’m sooo angry that you were violated.

  74. a b

    a b日 前

    I ♡ you so much. You are such an inspiration. You're videos make me smile and bring my a few moments of joy during my hectic days. Btw girl, your makeup for this is such a gorgeous combination of fierce and vulnerability.. my favorite look of yours yet.

  75. Azora Rose

    Azora Rose日 前

    Trans women are real women 💗💜💙

  76. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley6 時間 前

    @Eclipse Arts yes they are still biological women with or without a uterus. Is Nikki a biological woman ?

  77. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley6 時間 前

    Can Nikki get a period? Can Nikki have a baby naturally? Will Nikki go trough the menopause? Does Nikkis breast give milk? Does Nikki have to worry about ovarian cancer? Does Nikki have a clitoris? Shall I keep going ......

  78. Eclipse Arts

    Eclipse Arts11 時間 前

    @Starmellow what about people having to remove their uteruses to save their bodies? Are they still woman? Yes

  79. Hood Rat

    Hood Rat23 時間 前

    @Starmellow what about cis woman who had to have a hysterectomy? Are they suddenly not woman because they no longer have a uterus?

  80. lifelesswhisper -

    lifelesswhisper -日 前

    @Starmellow hm, do you have a brain? It appears not, but we still accept you as a human :)

  81. Michaela Stefas

    Michaela Stefas日 前

    we will always love you who ever you are

  82. Patrícia Lopes

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  83. Mandii Jönsenn

    Mandii Jönsenn2 日 前

    Was jeffry starr the one who was black mailing her? He said he had a lot of dirt on other youtubers.

  84. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley15 時間 前

    Jeffrey Star & Nikki had set this up from the beginning. Get real. Look at the transcripts on darkweb .... Both have planned this since last August 2019.

  85. Cringey Potatoes

    Cringey Potatoes18 時間 前

    Mandii Jönsenn no he/she/they I’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community

  86. Catherine White

    Catherine White18 時間 前

    She promoted his eyeshadow pallets after this, so it's not likely.

  87. Fawn_Draws

    Fawn_Draws20 時間 前

    I wouldn’t doubt it. No doubt he wants to take his “competition” down.

  88. Lynelle Munoz

    Lynelle Munoz2 日 前

    I love you and all of your videos and you look so beautiful and I wish I no how to do makeup like you

  89. Farting Fetus

    Farting Fetus2 日 前

    I would not be surprised if it was j* trying to blackmail her...

  90. Farting Fetus

    Farting Fetus日 前

    Ash yes

  91. Ash

    Ash日 前


  92. Amber

    Amber2 日 前

    “All of me was girly” What does that mean though? No hate, just trying to understand what u believe...

  93. Starmellow

    Starmellow日 前

    Yah this is a whole man its weirdd

  94. Vijay Nandivada

    Vijay Nandivada2 日 前

    0:31. We still love you Nikkie

  95. Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden2 日 前

    I love how she put this

  96. Meg DeVita

    Meg DeVita2 日 前

    “and out came me hah 👋🏻hi”

  97. Meg DeVita

    Meg DeVita2 日 前

    “and out came me hah 👋🏻hi”

  98. * sophia *

    * sophia *2 日 前

    Imagine hating on someone for being brave enough to tell millions of people who they are. That’s disgusting. Sounds like some Kaitlyn Bennett stuff.

  99. * sophia *

    * sophia *日 前

    Starmellow she doesn’t have a uterus, but she does have everything else. I don’t know why you care so much. It’s kind of weird tbh. She identifies as a woman, so she’s a woman. It’s not her fault she was born trans. Many people commit suicide everyday because of people like you.

  100. Starmellow

    Starmellow日 前

    Imagine accepting that he puts on a wig and calls himself "girly" and now he is a girl? He doesn't have a uterus therefore it's a man PERIODT

  101. Mariama Tunkara

    Mariama Tunkara2 日 前

    Who is cutting onions 😭

  102. Paige Oh

    Paige Oh日 前

    Mariama Tunkara getting cut in my house too so weird

  103. Gemma Louise

    Gemma Louise2 日 前

    I love you so much and I support you always you are beautiful no matter what ❤ So Brave💛

  104. Fheer Puente

    Fheer Puente2 日 前

    Tell your truth? Are you kidding me ?! Your truth is you're a girl and you are, so what's the point?

  105. tea

    tea7 時間 前

    Starmellow shut up Nikkie is a beautiful strong woman , use the right pronouns

  106. Eclipse Arts

    Eclipse Arts11 時間 前

    @Starmellow stop saying the same argument

  107. Starmellow

    Starmellow日 前

    @Ash does he have a uterus then no its a man PERIODT END OF DISCUSSION

  108. Ash

    Ash日 前

    @Starmellow no, she's a 6'4'' woman.

  109. Starmellow

    Starmellow日 前

    A girl?? HE'S A 6"3 MAN

  110. Cat Chang

    Cat Chang2 日 前

    I bet it was jeffree that was blackmailing her!

  111. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley6 時間 前

    @Eclipse Arts oh but you do care.

  112. Eclipse Arts

    Eclipse Arts11 時間 前

    @Graham Buckley no one cares

  113. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley15 時間 前

    Did you know it was Nikki and Jeffrey caught on video discussing Nikkis coming out. It's all on tape. JPreporter won't show it

  114. Kailynn Romy Barnt

    Kailynn Romy Barnt2 日 前

    Just coming back here again to tell you I’m happy for you, and I appreciate you.

  115. Explore ChooseYourOwn

    Explore ChooseYourOwn2 日 前

    Rewatching this as a CeRtAiN sOmEoNe is being outed for blackmailing about half the "beauty community".....🤨🧐🕵️‍♀️ hrmmmmm.....

  116. Catapillargirl 20

    Catapillargirl 202 日 前

    It’s been insinuated in other videos that Jeffree star could’ve been behind this blackmail. You review his palettes so that seems far fetched unless you didn’t know who was blackmailing you?

  117. Anne Cote

    Anne Cote2 日 前

    Is this a joke ? Your a man ? So you lied all this time that you were a girl wtf does your boyfriend know that's wrong if you never told him

  118. tea

    tea7 時間 前

    No , Nikkie is a woman. and you make absolutely no sense

  119. lifelesswhisper -

    lifelesswhisper -日 前

    No, you panini head. Do some research.

  120. Patrícia Lopes

    Patrícia Lopes日 前

    *you're 😂😂😂😂 and she's a girl get over it

  121. Roses

    Roses2 日 前

    Conspiracy theory - jeffree blackmailed her...

  122. ZiniaNZoria

    ZiniaNZoria2 日 前

    Was it jeffree star..

  123. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley5 時間 前

    2 looters ↖️↖️↖️↖️↖️

  124. Krista Cates

    Krista Cates2 日 前

    Who all thinks it was Jeffree that blackmailed her? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m sorry you had to come out like this but I’m sooo glad to see all the love and support everybody is giving you ❤️❤️

  125. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley15 時間 前

    @The AniMATEy pure dude.

  126. The AniMATEy

    The AniMATEy日 前

    @Graham Buckley Nikki is a woman.

  127. Bridget Belmont

    Bridget Belmont日 前

    Exactly!!! Why isnt any commentary channels connecting the dots for the who dramageddon? Like what is this. Its evidence that Jeffrey star is a manipulative person

  128. Graham Buckley

    Graham Buckley日 前

    Blackmail bla bla bla bla the dude is a man. Nikki is a guy

  129. Rhianeth owen

    Rhianeth owen日 前

    It’s wouldn’t have been.

  130. Caitlin Consolver

    Caitlin Consolver2 日 前

    She is so beautiful