I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours


  1. M. univerz

    M. univerz8 時間 前

    Solo camping more approachable method to get that appreciation factor +++

  2. Jose Ayala

    Jose Ayala日 前

    U all have no idea what is to live without home until u lose it. Is this a joke,please don't do this kind of shit.

  3. Aziz Hussain

    Aziz Hussain日 前

    Those 1.1K people Who disliked don't have a HEART.

  4. Muhammad Rama

    Muhammad Rama3 日 前

    Masha Allah, this was really unbelievable, very good video mr Ammar

  5. Hasan Mohsin

    Hasan Mohsin4 日 前

    He has alhudulila but eats most Likely haram food

  6. shyla a

    shyla a4 日 前

    i dont know... least u could have avoided the drone shots and leaving ur camera to shoot to walking away from it.. i mean, u say its unsafe, u r scared...

  7. Liquid Flames

    Liquid Flames4 日 前

    I *have* lost everything. My loved ones, my things, my job, friends, health, and desire to do anything.

  8. Nadim Hossen

    Nadim Hossen4 日 前

    Are you Muslim...?

  9. dennis soh

    dennis soh5 日 前

    you are crazy Ammar.

  10. Clipster Gaming

    Clipster Gaming6 日 前

    Option 1 earn money for food Option 2 sleep and do nothing Takes option 2

  11. Kriss

    Kriss6 日 前

    I feel like I’m taking oxygen for granted time to live in water

  12. Nabil Granada

    Nabil Granada7 日 前

    where did u do the shalat?

  13. Alabaster Soliloquy

    Alabaster Soliloquy9 日 前

    No internet for a week



    Why is Ammar always doing the really hard stuff? Jumping out of a helicopter...etc. The man is my new hero.😀

  15. KHUSH

    KHUSH10 日 前

    Good things never get Views Anmar u should ve said" all the money made will be spent on the whyskies". ..... Cruel World


    AMAZIGH10 日 前

    Al Hamdu Li *Allah* = *1 Like* 😊😍

  17. Cameron Kerlin

    Cameron Kerlin10 日 前

    I can relate my PC broke I’m very depressed

  18. Macwebb msk

    Macwebb msk11 日 前

    You tried so hard thing, but you made it. It is so beautiful thing I ever watched on your channel.

  19. Vaibhav Pal Singh

    Vaibhav Pal Singh11 日 前

    Emmar. ❤

  20. I love Jesus

    I love Jesus11 日 前

    There is alot pf homeless people out there and its tough for them. How do u expect to survive if they can't.

  21. pranjal thakur

    pranjal thakur12 日 前

    There should be a seek discomfort App, where each day a new discomfort will be present and you need to perform it, it would just keep record of all the challenges you completed, and can link you up with the people who completed similar kind of challenges.

  22. Rachele Pedores

    Rachele Pedores12 日 前

    Hi Yes Theory . Im Your fan in the philippines 😊

  23. Yanchai Chen

    Yanchai Chen12 日 前


  24. Kinjal Desai

    Kinjal Desai14 日 前

    Bear Grylls has thought us to be grateful too

  25. Megan Mays

    Megan Mays15 日 前

    Come to Dayton Ohio.

  26. Megan Mays

    Megan Mays15 日 前

    We just suffered a tornado and a mass shooting.

  27. KratingDeng

    KratingDeng17 日 前

    LA is cold? What?

  28. Yasser Bouda

    Yasser Bouda18 日 前

    YOU AER muslime !!!! wow thaw awsome .. me too by the way

  29. sarah boddie

    sarah boddie18 日 前

    Lol I wanna see how awkward it is walking back to get the camera 😂

  30. jamriver

    jamriver20 日 前

    Big RESPECT BRO✌️❤️

  31. Taiko Krchy

    Taiko Krchy21 日 前

    Lol, The amount of times you had to film yourself walking then edit the video to where your not running back for the camera...worth the transition though

  32. Mike doyle

    Mike doyle22 日 前

    There are so many resources. Contact city resources or hospital. The police will help you get to a food place and shelter.

  33. SajayR

    SajayR22 日 前

    9:03 Turn on the subtitles "I cant even ask a *girl* for help" JPreporter got their own priorities.

  34. Babs

    Babs23 日 前

    I’m kinda living that situation now and have been since May when my apartment bundling got sold and couldn’t find something more affordable. So I’ve been sleeping in my car since. Definitely a humbling experience

  35. Babs

    Babs23 日 前

    And the sleep thing, that’s how I feel..am I gonna get woken up by the sheriff, is someone gonna break into my car etc. makes it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep

  36. Rayan Thanveer

    Rayan Thanveer23 日 前

    Hats off... Always YES

  37. Eshban Fernandes

    Eshban Fernandes23 日 前

    oh shit i have the exact same chair!!

  38. emmi bossie

    emmi bossie23 日 前

    hey anmar, just wanted to let you know that you are supposed to walk against traffic, not with!

  39. Stacey Smith

    Stacey Smith20 日 前

    Cops tell u u have to walk with traffic. I never do. I walk against cuz I have to see what's coming. Too many bad drivers

  40. Leptonaut

    Leptonaut25 日 前

    Yeah. I've only done iterations of this in multiple countries, in multiple conditions, all fucking alone for decades. So, fuck this guy who can't even figure out how to while away a mere 48 hours alone. For real then? How hard is this? Park your ass on a bench, snooze during the day, keep alert at night. This is done by many and with much less histrionics. The real challenge is the hours of midnight to sunrise. So, this is really a twelve hour challenge. The rest of the time, you can just hang out in parks, libraries, coffee shops, doughnut shops. There are so many places. And it's fucking LA, so temperate. Try doing this challenge in Chicago in January for a week. Ask me about solo hikes in the desert or mountains. Ask me about rough sleeping under a tarp in a driving rain, sleet, and snow in December. Shit. These kids are amateurs.

  41. Axel TRX Official

    Axel TRX Official25 日 前

    The place where Iive would be somewhat rather easy to live homeless cuz they have free food for the homeless

  42. prod. STICKZ

    prod. STICKZ28 日 前

    Getting bored in Gta V... jus walking around LA

  43. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil Kumar28 日 前

    Welcome to man vs city By yes theory hope yo enjoy

  44. Noshi

    Noshi29 日 前

    Amazing video, as always. Also, btw, those moments of solitude per day where you can detach yourself from the world is exactly what Salah/Namaz is for - to express your gratitude and genuinely appreciate everything that you’ve been blessed with. Love over fear ❤️

  45. Jónnelle S.

    Jónnelle S.29 日 前

    Anyone else think it’s funny how the FIRST thing he does is walk towards and under the yellow tape that says CAUTION.Oh Ammar😂

  46. Dusky pro

    Dusky pro29 日 前

    This is a good experience but i don't know why i can't believe that there was someone else or more than one with you all the time Maybe because of the way it was filmed cause that's very hard for one guy to film it that way

  47. BestStockStrategy

    BestStockStrategy29 日 前

    You don't need to eat for 48 hours. It's healthy to fast.

  48. Big Chungus

    Big Chungusヶ月 前

    6:22 just realized that this looks like GTA 5 when you change character

  49. メロンパン

    メロンパンヶ月 前

    How do you get lonely for not talking to people for a few hours, I've gone years without feeling that.

  50. RX 580

    RX 580ヶ月 前

    As a guy with 2 friends last i talked with them was 6 months ago when it was my birthday

  51. Yalda Yazarlou

    Yalda Yazarlouヶ月 前

    Ammar you are so inspirational i absolutely love you! This was SO brave of you!!!! big respect

  52. Tanner Anderson

    Tanner Andersonヶ月 前

    How many times did u have to go back and get ur camera and then replace it again and again a million times??

  53. Othman Al S

    Othman Al Sヶ月 前

    salam i wish if faith is takin granted i hate how faith could go up and dow اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت" قلبي على دينك'.

  54. Flight Jaydin

    Flight Jaydinヶ月 前

    How come everytime anmar is in a vid there is a speech at the start that makes u tgink abt life

  55. RafisM

    RafisMヶ月 前

    wow im surprised to know that you are muslim

  56. Čremë Nivea

    Čremë Niveaヶ月 前

    This was an 18 min video, i thought it was just a 10 minute one. Lol. Great content

  57. vikingbags

    vikingbagsヶ月 前

    Anmar: "Never, ever take anything for granted." Agreed 👍

  58. Azad Azeus

    Azad Azeusヶ月 前

    this man wore white vans, not a smart move

  59. Lord Wolfguard

    Lord Wolfguardヶ月 前

    this guy looks like a friend of mine from work Harout Karazian, Syrian Immigrant and best friend.

  60. Joe Sheen

    Joe Sheenヶ月 前

    Just happened to have got the water cut in my building for 24 hours. You don't actually realize how water is precious until you can't drink it on will, can't shower, can't flush the toilets, can't wash the dishes neither cook. My wife is pregnant and I had to go buy water bottles to the store, but still, I never realized before how important water is. Water is life. And water is getting rarer and rarer on Earth. Many places (South Africa already) will get hit hard by water reserves depletion. Thanks for reading, You guys are doing a great job, just discovered your channel, love it, keep it up, you rock.

  61. Not so Big Aaron

    Not so Big Aaronヶ月 前

    Im homeless atm in a tent but im still trying to hold down a full time job and be positive... First months pay i.m renting a room

  62. Omar Gadal

    Omar Gadalヶ月 前

    God bless you

  63. Orkhan Mammad

    Orkhan Mammadヶ月 前

    Going to be homeless with Lyft xxx

  64. Rosen Lovis

    Rosen Lovisヶ月 前

    i think it was only possible for him to sleep in the airport, is because he doesnt look like a homeless person.