I lived on the streets of LA for 48 hours


  1. Akash Sharan

    Akash Sharan10 時間 前

    it doesn't matter what you use to cover yourself. It is about what is under you. You need a decent floor.

  2. Whalix

    Whalix12 時間 前

    alright men, i have decided to stop eating and drinking for months

  3. raul r

    raul r16 時間 前

    First min in he’s in the floor looking in trash haha pathetic

  4. Jo Khambo

    Jo Khambo日 前

    Tryin hardcore drugs will help u settle in to the streets

  5. Mr. Wolff

    Mr. Wolff日 前

    Try this for 48 months then you'll have some respect. 48 hours isn't shit.

  6. Mr fruppe

    Mr fruppe日 前

    Have Nice cloths, haircut and sleept in the airport feels like cheating

  7. Mr fruppe

    Mr fruppe日 前

    WTF! Santa monica Beach?The venice area is not safe at all.(night time)

  8. Mad 1952

    Mad 1952日 前

    Just rob a bank and move to another state and change your name and identity

  9. D T

    D T日 前

    You dudes are pussies. I lived in a car in LA for months. Man up. Mofos.

  10. XXI Century Renaissance

    XXI Century Renaissance日 前

    THIS happens to people... statistically mostly men. Get sick, no job = no insurance = no rent money = homeless

  11. yosser hughes

    yosser hughes日 前

    lookd too clean, people will treat you ok till you get a bit dirty then the novelty wears off and now you are a bum. then start recording. pathetic.

  12. yosser hughes

    yosser hughes日 前

    watch life stinks the film.,

  13. amir hasan

    amir hasan日 前

    fucking boring

  14. Quits Goat

    Quits Goat日 前

    I think I know that place from gta 5

  15. R E

    R E日 前

    Oh noo :( Made me so sad to see Ammar as a muslim munching on Haram chicken! :(



    Much respect

  17. thisisnotatestx x

    thisisnotatestx x日 前

    Nah. Dislike. You have no idea the true feelings and experiences of true homelessness. It changes you. For better AND for worse. You dont take shit for granted, BUT sometimes you just don't give a fuck anymore. Aka losing hope and faith in god and humanity. Becoming one with nothing. :)

  18. Arcane iconoclast

    Arcane iconoclast日 前

    I lived in LA alone for 2 years with no help. Now i live alone in Colorado . started from the bottom .

  19. webx

    webx2 日 前

    I am glad you're experienced it I myself know where I came from so I appreciate everything I have built from the bottom up.

  20. Joe Bob

    Joe Bob2 日 前

    At 0:52 they should have said $O TODAY

  21. Zach Felker

    Zach Felker2 日 前

    His voice is trembly in the beginning, genuine fear

  22. VaNiX

    VaNiX2 日 前

    the starting part well said

  23. Leon Anderson

    Leon Anderson2 日 前

    He definitely was not alone for all them camera shots - trust no one.

  24. Maria k

    Maria k2 日 前

    Makes me so upset they’re way too many homeless people

  25. Cory Griffith

    Cory Griffith3 日 前

    weak...shouldve have went to Skid Row...turd

  26. NKPlayz

    NKPlayz3 日 前

    Your Muslim, you are saying albumdullilah for eating non halal chicken

  27. Beata

    Beata3 日 前

    i would go try to find idk a job... to earn couple buck to buy food..



    15:39 he actually went across of the highway to leave his camera recording him walking on the other side lo



    Can’t believe that I actually thought that mr beast was the only JPreporterr that went on fun adventures



    I can just imagine him climbing on top of the lifeguard shed, placing the camera, then climbing down to climb right back up

  31. beastydude123

    beastydude1233 日 前

    My question is how do you fly the drone so far away for those sick sky shots and then keep your eye on it when it is in the air. I can't imagine being focused enough to control it that easily.

  32. Ashton Towner

    Ashton Towner3 日 前

    :28 That’s a scene from Venom.

  33. Caesar

    Caesar3 日 前

    "wow it's cold (sucks for tonight), and it's almost night time, im going to go to the beach" what a moron. Lack of common sense and homelessness is asking to die.

  34. Shane Hunt

    Shane Hunt2 日 前

    Caesar that’s why he could only manage 2 days...

  35. FIdellitt

    FIdellitt3 日 前

    yall gotta appreciate what yall have🙏🏼

  36. Sara González

    Sara González3 日 前

    I think you should do no money in Medellín, Colombia, break the stereotype that this is a dangerous city and show people the cultural side, people here are always helping out the homeless, there are shelters everywhere where you can go sleep, have breakfast and dinner if you don’t have a place and I think it’d be a pretty eye opening experience that’ll break a shit ton of stereotypes people have on Medellín

  37. Sabastian Meyer

    Sabastian Meyer4 日 前

    you are cold in LA in may? wow you are a wuss

  38. Tyco Vai

    Tyco Vai4 日 前

    48 hours. LA. Piece of fucking cake. Especially in clean clothes.

  39. Jan Valledor

    Jan Valledor4 日 前

    if you fear getting mugged means you didn't lose everything. try being homeless for 2 years and you will feel that time breaks you down. been there. it's not that easy as this guy's "adventure" right here.

  40. Funk It

    Funk It4 日 前

    when he said alhamdulillah it was so emotional

  41. Chris Monty

    Chris Monty4 日 前

    What a fuckin goof.Enjoy yr comfy bed when u come home

  42. Sid Michael Fajardo

    Sid Michael Fajardo4 日 前

    Is it a Dslr or smartphone?

  43. Sid Michael Fajardo

    Sid Michael Fajardo4 日 前

    You should have it planned

  44. praxis veritatis

    praxis veritatis4 日 前

    Always walk on the side of the road with cars coming AT you so you can tell if you're going to get hit or not and can react with more of an idea of whats happening and all that.

  45. Mathias Von Wulf

    Mathias Von Wulf4 日 前

    The really interesting thing about humans is even though we rely so much on technology, when push comes to shove we're able to adapt and survive.

  46. Xynober

    Xynober5 日 前

    This guy goes homeless for 2 days and thinks his bear grills

  47. greatingsfromoneofthesmallest butrichestcountries

    greatingsfromoneofthesmallest butrichestcountries5 日 前

    What was in his backpack? :)

  48. Andreas Naimicavo

    Andreas Naimicavo5 日 前

    fake easy bullshits...

  49. crispjon

    crispjon5 日 前

    This has got to be the dumbest crap I have seen in a long time

  50. Youngan Thuggin

    Youngan Thuggin5 日 前

    6:23 how gta be 😂

  51. Hunter Roberts

    Hunter Roberts6 日 前

    first thing homeboy does is lay down on a rat poison box 😂 3:17

  52. Yeetus da Fetus

    Yeetus da Fetus6 日 前

    moral of the story: always throw away food

  53. Alois Mitchel

    Alois Mitchel7 日 前

    2 days???? 1 month, that is impressive !!!

  54. Mauro Zuniga

    Mauro Zuniga7 日 前

    You should have tried asking one of the homeless people for an extra blanket and maybe another pair of pants/sweat pants a lot of them aren't greedy with their things they will help you out and most times not ask for anything in return

  55. TheMastaPlan

    TheMastaPlan7 日 前

    why not a doing a city that has cold temperatures....see the difference

  56. John Peterson

    John Peterson7 日 前

    Where did you relieve yourself? You should've done 30 days to really understand. I don't think you would have made it. Jus sayin.

  57. X Y

    X Y7 日 前

    havn't talked to people for more than hour? WTH....you soft

  58. King Awesome

    King Awesome7 日 前

    2:35 niggas did some GTA V shit

  59. Zach Brendahl

    Zach Brendahl7 日 前

    you should have become a drug addict for 48 hours. then it would be more realistic bro. two thumbs waaaaay down on this vid.

  60. Alexander Guess

    Alexander Guess8 日 前

    Dude! That's my spot! Of course I stashed a huge comfy bedroll to kick out under the lifeguard tower but you didn't know how to roll! 😅

  61. Liz Ruiz

    Liz Ruiz8 日 前

    I was wondering why he didn't talk to any homeless people myself, like right away for help. Personally I feel pride blocks you from seeking help. Granted he isn't really homeless I feel that's partially why I would not approach other homeless people ,knowing that I have fresh food and a bed to sleep in back home😅