I lived in a Luxury Airport for 4 days. Nobody noticed.


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory5 ヶ月 前

    Thank you for watching this wild yet strange adventure.. There's 48hrs left on www.seekdiscomfort.com/ to cop the Summer Edition. Much love!

  2. alexleanh

    alexleanh9 時間 前

    Singaporeans who respect their laws and hate foreigners who come to their country to purposely breaking the laws and act like stupid white privilege kids, even they are fully grown adults. Grow up and act your age!

  3. SniperTom04

    SniperTom043 日 前

    The link to the shop does not work

  4. Ulvis

    Ulvis4 日 前

    next time try live in airport 30 days... xD

  5. Julio Sanchez

    Julio Sanchez14 日 前

    This is what white privilege looks like

  6. Elizabeth Pompey

    Elizabeth Pompey15 日 前

    @Shrumz pPDP

  7. Koning Bolo

    Koning Bolo13 分 前

    I have been a few times at Singapore airport and used the pool every time... very nice and usually very quite as well...

  8. phlipatjasper

    phlipatjasper39 分 前

    Lets face it. Cause you're white.

  9. Charlie Dekadens

    Charlie Dekadens時間 前

    Easy just keep moving around every few hours and spend a lot of money

  10. Kevin T

    Kevin T2 時間 前

    Hmmm, kindly repeat the experiment with two black guys or non-whites. I am curious to see if this length of stay would be duplicated.

  11. Swati Mallick

    Swati Mallick5 時間 前

    You have captions in HINDI. Wow! That’s amazing. Thanks a lot guys (: Love from India🇮🇳 Also this is an interesting video. Keep it up!

  12. :Dr.Banana

    :Dr.Banana6 時間 前

    Nobody: *Singapore Airport Exist* Yes Theory:Let Stay for 4 Days!

  13. andrew cini

    andrew cini7 時間 前

    You just picked the most expensive place too eat and get entertained in Singas 🤣🤔

  14. Dylan Hansen

    Dylan Hansen8 時間 前

    @12:59 hide on bus

  15. Legends

    Legends8 時間 前

    u guys gonna get arrested...

  16. Something Special

    Something Special8 時間 前

    Couldn't you technically just miss your flight, get your money back, rebook your flight and then have infinite days in the airport?

  17. SmittyG

    SmittyG8 時間 前

    I've been to this airport on my travels from China to India.

  18. alexleanh

    alexleanh8 時間 前

    Yeah... all fun and game until the airport authority finds out about this video and ban you from ever entering the airport again. Freaking man-child fool! Grow up and act your age is the mantra of a decent human being, a responsible adult who lives a respectable life.

  19. Bill DeSmet

    Bill DeSmet10 時間 前

    And then they had butt sex...

  20. Don Geraçi

    Don Geraçi10 時間 前

    Depending on the country/airport, it's not hard at all. I lived in the Milan airport for 3 months while looking for work. There was actually a small community of "secret homeless".

  21. DEATHRIDE2316

    DEATHRIDE231611 時間 前

    Try being actually homeless.

  22. Grant Murphy

    Grant Murphy11 時間 前

    But you did get noticed....

  23. J Thompson

    J Thompson11 時間 前

    "Nobody noticed." - Man noticed and checked your paperwork. Fuck off, you scumbags.

  24. Ray S

    Ray S11 時間 前

    If you white then everything is alright. 🤣

  25. Sharon Creamer

    Sharon Creamer11 時間 前

    First, I found your video enjoyable. Second, it really irritates me that you people think that the world has to stop for you. Do you think that people don't have their own lives and that they are not going to bother to stop for you when you look like you don't need help? If it were me going through the airport and I saw you, I would just think that you were on a layover. Third, someone did notice. I guess next time you will feel better if someone stops and says to you -- I notice you. Do you feel better now? You didn't look like you were causing trouble and you look like you have an enjoyable time. I bet many people noticed you. They just didn't respond to you the way that you would have liked for them to respond. Which is???

  26. Sharon Creamer

    Sharon Creamer11 時間 前

    Also, please don't seek discomfort. It is not comfortable. Not only for you but for many people around you, also. Seek legality. That is comfortable. Discomfort is seeking illegality. You pushed, but, not too far, but, even you say, don't try this. What is it?

  27. Alemar J

    Alemar J11 時間 前

    Dude, it's faker at 8:20 lol

  28. Name Jeff

    Name Jeff12 時間 前

    Juice Wlrd couldn’t even survive one day in an airport

  29. Satiwa

    Satiwa12 時間 前

    we, not i

  30. God of Stream 1215

    God of Stream 121513 時間 前

    LOL, I've done it.

  31. Ecco Sabanovic

    Ecco Sabanovic13 時間 前

    ..im living/working in South East Asia past 17 years (Sg-KL-BKK-Tokyo)..Sg is not a place to do this sort of stunts..think of it as a 'hospitable jail'..

  32. MoiNokaOi

    MoiNokaOi13 時間 前

    Just waiting for you to actually use their motel to sleeeeep.

  33. Joseph Tomaino

    Joseph Tomaino14 時間 前

    You guys have obviously never experienced anything or hardships in your life. Thought this was gonna be good. Boo

  34. MH60CE

    MH60CE14 時間 前

    Ever heard of Delta SKYLounge?

  35. Carmen Hillier

    Carmen Hillier15 時間 前

    Such a great idea!

  36. Dream Wolf

    Dream Wolf15 時間 前

    Meanwhile i went a trip to Alaska this summer, and my family didnt even realize i was gone for 5 days...

  37. zyxwut321

    zyxwut32116 時間 前

    Yeah, you were noticed.

  38. Paul Ellis

    Paul Ellis16 時間 前

    You guys need to get a life.

  39. MM X

    MM X16 時間 前

    It's nothing special. I have a friend who has done more exaggerated thing. A few years ago, he traveled to Thailand and made a connecting flight in Malaysia. however, he unfortunately lost his backpack or someone stole his backpack. All of his money and the passport were in it, leaving only a credit card in his trouser pocket. Tried to ask the police for help, but the police couldn't track down any suspects at all. He had to try to contact the embassy, but it was Friday afternoon, the embassy was closed, and he didn't have any copies of his passport, so he spent the longest and happiest four days until next Tuesday that he successfully got a temporary passport, then bought a ticket home. During those four days, he had only one blanket and bought a bottle of gin, a cell phone and a charger. He spent a wonderful weekend sitting in a corner, playing with his cell phone and drinking.

  40. hawkdoes randomstuff

    hawkdoes randomstuff17 時間 前

    pretty nice airport like imagine having a flight at 11 pm you just stay the day at the airport and have fun and then you will be tired enough to sleep on the plane

  41. alexleanh

    alexleanh17 時間 前

    This is what a stupid child-man looks like, and this is one of such child-man stupid behavior.

  42. Uberfish

    Uberfish18 時間 前

    Do not attempt this. I had a similar situation where I wanted to stay in Changi airport while I was waiting for the morning just for about 12 hours. I went to the cinema in Terminal 2 and started watching a movie, about an hour in att about 3am, the lights were all turned on and 5 heavily armed police officers came in and asked to see my ticket. They all had weapons and body armor and it looks like a SWAT raid. They explained that I was not allowed to stay in the airport departure area without an immediate ticket to fly (my flight was in 2 days). Thankfully, they were friendly, and they explained they had to do this as people had been abusing the system and spending weeks staying in the airport without any intention to travel. Thanks a lot to the abusers. You messed it up for everyone!

  43. Felix

    Felix18 時間 前

    you guys brought more attention to yourselves not booking a hotel sooner. you're asking to get fucked with sleeping on the chairs everyday lmao

  44. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee18 時間 前

    people noticed. lol

  45. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee18 時間 前

    plus only 3 days, not 4 .

  46. Pixelchu

    Pixelchu18 時間 前

    This video is proof of them breaking the law in Singapore. lol Singapore doesn’t play around with the law. *You played yourself x2*

  47. Phillip Rhoades

    Phillip Rhoades19 時間 前

    Pick a drama movie and sleep in the theater?