I lived in a Luxury Airport for 4 days. Nobody noticed.


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory2 ヶ月 前

    Thank you for watching this wild yet strange adventure.. There's 48hrs left on www.seekdiscomfort.com/ to cop the Summer Edition. Much love!

  2. Alex wolf girl

    Alex wolf girl3 日 前

    I've been in THAT EXACT airport!!!

  3. Tomasz S

    Tomasz S18 日 前

    OMG I slept on THE SAME couch next to LV shop in Terminal 3 Changi Airport! :D

  4. Sarah Kelly

    Sarah Kelly25 日 前

    It never includes shipping. Never. They use it for, well, shipping. :) Handling is the sketchy one. But yes, if you are looking at a gift with purchase, you have to buy that amount. Taxes and shipping get calculated at the end. Pretty much everything I own was bought on line, I'd better know what I'm talking about by now :)

  5. Franklin Richardson

    Franklin Richardson2 時間 前

    They have had to had made out at least once, right? I’m not the only one who gets that felling, right?

  6. iMacourey

    iMacourey3 時間 前

    I'm quite surprised that in this day and age you can check in for your flight and have no-one notice that, not only are you not on the flight, but that you're actually still inside the airport! Anyway, you guys should try doing the same thing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport - I guarantee you'll be begging to get kicked out after two hours!

  7. kaniphish

    kaniphish3 時間 前

    The better question is, how did they manage to get *footage of getting woken up* and questioned? *Jim, play the X-Files theme.*

  8. Feminigger

    Feminigger4 時間 前

    The JUUL

  9. Mohammed Ghaith

    Mohammed Ghaith5 時間 前

    This is by far my favorite video ever

  10. retaj mohammed

    retaj mohammed7 時間 前

    7:43 I thought it was a real person

  11. Thomas Tosh

    Thomas Tosh11 時間 前

    Jorje masvidal in the airport

  12. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone12 時間 前


  13. Keb

    Keb13 時間 前

    How much did you both spend combined at the airport over the 72hr period?

  14. Alice Jones

    Alice Jones13 時間 前

    Are you in Singapore

  15. awesome asitis

    awesome asitis16 時間 前

    did you guys get the free cocktails?

  16. I Carry the Night

    I Carry the Night17 時間 前

    9:15 actually checked

  17. Jitzi

    Jitzi21 時間 前

    nobody noticed us. fbi agent: am I a joke to you?

  18. Harris Avan

    Harris Avan22 時間 前


  19. Jamie MacDonald

    Jamie MacDonald日 前

    nice one, and yeah they probably spotted you the first night they sweep the airport regularly doing spot checks

  20. Andrew Flyer

    Andrew Flyer日 前

    In truth, these guys are just massive plane spotters :)

  21. Aleksej Rockatansky

    Aleksej Rockatansky日 前

    8:01 OMFG LOOOL You are crazy! :D :D:D

  22. Geneva Doll

    Geneva Doll日 前

    Are all the amenities free? Like, the massage and movie theater in particular.

  23. radha ramani vasam

    radha ramani vasam日 前

    Well you did have lady luck on your side smiling, in Singapore the laws are extremely strict. But you enjoyed, that is the whole point, forget that you had a guilty look on your faces all the time, :)

  24. NCbintang E Ahnaf

    NCbintang E Ahnaf日 前

    2 guys sleeping in a luxry airports for a week Him : try not to get crazy ( talking to his friend ) His friend talking to a fake people made out of cardboard His friend : sir can you tell us where is the sleep area???

  25. maia

    maia日 前

    THAT CRACKK! 😱 9:20

  26. Ahanu Coage

    Ahanu Coage日 前

    Set volume to BLOWOUT

  27. Andrew Virtue

    Andrew Virtue日 前

    5:02 heh heh... fool sleep on a beach with rocks for pillows for a week

  28. Carmel Maggie

    Carmel Maggie2 日 前

    Love this ❤️

  29. JohnandEve Foster

    JohnandEve Foster2 日 前

    about five minutes in , i thought, lets just fast forward this to the end.. yep good idea

  30. JJ's Life

    JJ's Life2 日 前

    It's pretty obvious and commonsense, Your flight is a connecting flight in strange country, They can't kick you out! Especially if missed the connecting flight and rebooked onto another however many days.

  31. Mayank Gupta

    Mayank Gupta2 日 前

    And they say that INDIANS are rule breakers😂😂

  32. Severtson02'

    Severtson02'2 日 前

    Technically you did get noticed so...

  33. Collin Watt

    Collin Watt2 日 前

    11:28 funniest part of the video.

  34. Sophia Harrison

    Sophia Harrison2 日 前

    Earlier this year, I ended up living at an airport in NYC when the Airbnb I had booked turned out to be a disaster and I couldn't get my money back. I finally decided that since there weren't any other Airbnb's available during the days that I needed, I would be better off just sleeping at the airport for 10 days. I knew it was a temporary situation and I was employed full-time, but had fairly recently moved back to the city. Fortunately, my work schedule at the time meant that I started work at 1PM and finished at 9PM so I would go to the airport at night, sleep and then go to the gym (not at the airport) and then head to work. I managed to avoid detection, although a couple of times security came by to ask if I was alright (i.e. they were trying to make sure that I wasn't a homeless person, haha FAIL). The airport I slept at is huge so I just rotated through different terminals, never sleeping sleeping at the same one more than twice. On the eleventh day, I just walked out of the airport and never came back.

  35. Poo Bum

    Poo Bum2 日 前

    I started watching Yes Theory when the uploaded this video. I have now watched every single video from the beginning.

  36. Mediocrity the Goal

    Mediocrity the Goal2 日 前

    They did get noticed by security.

  37. Tom Devine

    Tom Devine2 日 前

    3.16 his face, we could have a bed dude! Lil creppy

  38. K K

    K K2 日 前

    Next thing you know, the Singaporean Riot Police check your assholes with a machine gun at 3.44 AM.

  39. K K

    K K2 日 前

    What's the point of flying all the way to Singapore just to live in the airport? You mean you didn't go see Gardens by the Bay, or Orchard Road, or Marina Bay Sands, or Katong and Joo Chiat Heritage area, or the Zoo? Huh? What's your IQ level? You could have gotten lifelong FREE RENT in the Singapore prisons!!! Bravo!!!

  40. VI VA

    VI VA2 日 前

    9:13 Who's taking the video?

  41. Jules Maneki Neko

    Jules Maneki Neko2 日 前

    If you have airport business (i.e. a current plane ticket) you can stay at the airport for as long as you need, as long as you don't cause trouble and steal shit.

  42. Meera Grg

    Meera Grg2 日 前

    Too scared to try alone! Use of airport facilities n availability of an official ticket was taken as an excuse by those securities to let them go.They allowed 2crazy boys to have fun n feel proud ( thinking about their own childhood ,they were laughing privately, n took it as a way of advertisement 🙄)

  43. james billings

    james billings2 日 前

    why would they care you just spent like a thousand bucks in 4 days staying there

  44. Rose Budd

    Rose Budd2 日 前


  45. Eden Leave

    Eden Leave2 日 前

    I love how you plop down on a comfortable bed with a shirt that says seek discomfort.

  46. The Entertaining Obsidian

    The Entertaining Obsidian2 日 前

    Yo I went to that airport and to that cinematic view place!!

  47. Light

    Light2 日 前

    Maybe they did notice y'all but were prob like " Aight these dudes keep spending their money buying food, massages, and rooms n shieet, they can stay, until they stop giving us their money " 🤙

  48. Dashed 011

    Dashed 0112 日 前

    *So,this is video is all about breaking rules*

  49. David Stewart

    David Stewart3 日 前

    Strategically the carpet inside Changi is designed to drive you crazy within 4 hours ...taxi! ; )

  50. AgorisExHassia

    AgorisExHassia3 日 前

    i would sleep in the movie theatre - definitely comes closest to falling asleep at home

  51. Jane Langrová

    Jane Langrová3 日 前

    Seems so risky to let all those expensive stuff unattended and go to sleep on the couch! :D But I wish we also had so cool airports in my country!

  52. Skerdi R

    Skerdi R3 日 前

    I noticed Ammar wasnt in this video... in the airport... off.

  53. khalid ali

    khalid ali3 日 前

    try doing that while black

  54. Dang You Mad?

    Dang You Mad?3 日 前

    I bet people saying stupid white people ugh.. while passing by XD

  55. Rax Vanium Gaming

    Rax Vanium Gaming3 日 前


  56. Rax Vanium Gaming

    Rax Vanium Gaming3 日 前

    im a singaporean


    DUCK OF LIFE3 日 前

    It is Singapore of course your being watched. 😂😂

  58. Milo the Jack Russell

    Milo the Jack Russell4 日 前

    I personally hate airports so living in it on purpose is out of option but this video was so interesting to watch.

  59. Torbjørn Lund

    Torbjørn Lund4 日 前

    This was fun to watch. Spending 4 days on an airport seems like a horrible to tought me. Then thinking about this dude which spent almost 18 years on the lousy airport in Paris. 😩 .......... 😬

  60. Guzz

    Guzz4 日 前

    You could leave and immediately come back. Loophole

  61. Dumitru Suomynona

    Dumitru Suomynona4 日 前

    9:45 did all the video :))))))

  62. Debbie Ring

    Debbie Ring4 日 前

    Why couldn't you sleep on the pool lounge chairs?

  63. Fish Finn

    Fish Finn4 日 前

    my cousin Leroy lived in that airport for 3 weeks

  64. Fish Finn

    Fish Finn4 日 前

    when they caught him, he was canned for 72 hours straight

  65. Nico

    Nico4 日 前

    are these guys gay together?