I Let YouTubers Decide What I Eat For 24 HOURS!! **bad idea**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug27 日 前


  2. vlogs and more with myha

    vlogs and more with myha2 日 前

    FaZe i know the First girl form tiktok i love her VIDS AND YOURS

  3. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez7 日 前

    @Dominic Haben what the frick

  4. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez7 日 前

    No problem with him

  5. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez7 日 前

    One like to get him to 500,000 lick plis

  6. InspiredBlush

    InspiredBlush37 分 前

    I feel like every pizza place is gonna be putting a faze rug pizza 😂

  7. xxxtrigeredxxx Gacha

    xxxtrigeredxxx Gacha時間 前

    That does not look like Logan at all in my opinion

  8. Clout Wonders

    Clout Wonders8 時間 前

    Sommer a real one

  9. Janaya Parsons

    Janaya Parsons9 時間 前

    I follow summer too OMG

  10. Janaya Parsons

    Janaya Parsons9 時間 前

    Omg I have her TikTok lol

  11. Piraveena Ryan

    Piraveena Ryan9 時間 前

    PFF. WOW

  12. KWN WONG

    KWN WONG21 時間 前

    Jefree star is a girl or male? Shemale?

  13. Gary Tv

    Gary Tv23 時間 前

    Y didn’t eat the cheese pizza

  14. CUBSROCK236

    CUBSROCK236日 前

    Roman Atwood is 1 of me favs and Mike said it

  15. scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

    scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life日 前

    Damn it I need to go to in an out

  16. FaZe Sh4d0ws

    FaZe Sh4d0ws日 前

    2 years apart Rug 2015 his bro 2017 his parents 2019

  17. Soila Salgado

    Soila Salgado日 前

    my reaction to the cupcakes: 🥺😋 my reaction to the chulupa: 😫😱 my reaction to the baby food:🤭😬🤢 my reaction to in n out:🥺😞🤤🤤



    You should have called woody and kleiny if you know them

  19. DeiaStudios

    DeiaStudios日 前

    When I think of it, it’s kinda crazy we live in the same small town

  20. radikal movement

    radikal movement2 日 前

    You should collab with the ace fam !

  21. Daniel Guerrero

    Daniel Guerrero2 日 前

    If u called Shane Dawson he would of said “ get everything on the Taco Bell menu “ 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Cassidy Brooks

    Cassidy Brooks3 日 前

    “Milk without flavor”!! I’m fucking dead

  23. Sonia Benavides

    Sonia Benavides3 日 前

    Hi my kids love to watch you and we live in San Diego to . we hope to see you some day.

  24. TSB_ Edits

    TSB_ Edits3 日 前

    Go sub to me

  25. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez3 日 前

    Who else thinks the older plaques look better...

  26. mickey mouse

    mickey mouse3 日 前

    **I'm new to your channel, Im So glad I found you! Im Binge watching all of your videos. **You look like my past husband. He passed away the same year I had our little girl so the best year of my life turned out to be the saddest. Babygirl was born Jan 2012 & my husband passed Sept 2012**

  27. ツRIcky

    ツRIcky3 日 前

    10:15 Minecraft music🔥🔥

  28. NourrRefaei

    NourrRefaei3 日 前

    *scrolls down when i see the video in my recommended* *OH WAIT AUSTIN IS IN THE THUMBNAIL*

  29. hex 23

    hex 233 日 前

    can someone tell me what was that sound at 15:09

  30. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores4 日 前

    You eat a lot but your still that skinny how

  31. elizabeth

    elizabeth4 日 前

    like my comment cus why not 😗

  32. JumpyTV

    JumpyTV4 日 前

    LOVE the Minecraft MUSIC!

  33. Sylvia Leal

    Sylvia Leal4 日 前

    for food

  34. Sylvia Leal

    Sylvia Leal4 日 前

    jack dorthy

  35. jean beltran

    jean beltran4 日 前

    Sommer Ray Looks Divine❤️

  36. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez4 日 前

    Who else wanted that food too

  37. Mix Man

    Mix Man4 日 前

    Hey I am from India

  38. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia5 日 前

    There going out they said “love you bye” 👌🏽 I kidding

  39. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia5 日 前

    I was kidding

  40. Lil_ R10

    Lil_ R105 日 前

    The girl looks at the camare for a long time

  41. Slayjay Lololololololol

    Slayjay Lololololololol5 日 前

    For some reason, I could see an odd similarities between the faces of faze banks and logan

  42. Nishant Doshi

    Nishant Doshi5 日 前

    Who's here for sommer ray?

  43. Sloppy Fish

    Sloppy Fish6 日 前

    Set up asf piss off

  44. Lars Kupen

    Lars Kupen6 日 前

    It tastes like Milk without flavour Rug 2019

  45. A Lost YouTube Comment

    A Lost YouTube Comment6 日 前

    I want you to go to in and out and only get a water

  46. D.J. Vlogs Martinez

    D.J. Vlogs Martinez6 日 前

    Minecraft music background lol

  47. Wade Green

    Wade Green6 日 前

    It just taste like milk without flavors lmaoo

  48. Lilspaghetti05

    Lilspaghetti056 日 前

    July 23 is my b day

  49. Neirita Sanchez

    Neirita Sanchez6 日 前

    Omg baby food 😂😂😂😂😂 Lmfao! Solis would! 💀

  50. Mastoras NM

    Mastoras NM7 日 前

    I actually laughed so hard at the bib and blushing from Sommer😂😂😂😂

  51. Krissy MissBhaving

    Krissy MissBhaving7 日 前

    Is that sommer Ray

  52. Arissa Salinas

    Arissa Salinas7 日 前

    I hate in and out

  53. Amiyah Jordan

    Amiyah Jordan7 日 前

    When Austin hung up the phone 🤣🤣😭

  54. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy7 日 前


  55. CallMeRokaleta

    CallMeRokaleta7 日 前

    Jeffree is not gonna like “he” “man” 😂😂

  56. Lazykid

    Lazykid7 日 前

    if it wasn't rug's parents they would've been so cringey

  57. ale cool

    ale cool7 日 前

    10:15 he is playing backround minecraft music!

  58. Scott Turley

    Scott Turley7 日 前

    You're dog Lola is so cute 😲 OMG I love dogs +is bosley getting better with lola+ how old is Lola ❤💛🐶🔥

  59. Scott Turley

    Scott Turley7 日 前

    And I subscribe to you faze rug ✌❤😘💛

  60. iGhosty_ ss

    iGhosty_ ss8 日 前

    Why the hell is rug holding a basketball 1:32

  61. satan 666

    satan 6668 日 前

    Oooh Jarvis isn't gonna be happy 😂😂😂

  62. SQUISHSLIMEGIRL375 Maybe gacha

    SQUISHSLIMEGIRL375 Maybe gacha8 日 前


  63. ItsMineG

    ItsMineG8 日 前

    You eat a lot how do you stay skinny? Like wtf 😂

  64. Jeff Artman

    Jeff Artman8 日 前

    cant wait to eat my taco bell

  65. XxFaze LouisXx X

    XxFaze LouisXx X8 日 前

    But I’m bad at fortnite 😭