I Let YouTubers Decide What I Eat For 24 HOURS!! **bad idea**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug5 ヶ月 前


  2. Sayarika Drew Adhikari

    Sayarika Drew Adhikari日 前

    When are you doing it Brian?

  3. Alejandro Hernandez

    Alejandro Hernandez2 日 前

    I got a video idea how about you let you tubers to you go some where with you

  4. Gabby's Generation

    Gabby's Generation3 日 前

    You just hit 204,000 likes

  5. L N

    L N9 日 前

    You said you would do it with fans once you got over 200k likes...

  6. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love10 日 前


  7. Genesis Medina

    Genesis Medina時間 前

    7:27 the girl in the back:👁👄👁

  8. James ballantyne

    James ballantyne5 時間 前

    Logan Paul is an idiot

  9. Thor Börjesson Nylén

    Thor Börjesson Nylén6 時間 前

    These are fire Austraila 😒

  10. MBL Arko

    MBL Arko8 時間 前

    Sommer ray was the best one

  11. Max Gray

    Max Gray16 時間 前

    For the next video you should have a uber driver decided what JPreporterr picks your meal like or coment if you agree

  12. Mr XDEKF

    Mr XDEKF17 時間 前

    Bruh he blushing after Sommer says love you to him he definitely likes her

  13. Autum Laakkonen

    Autum Laakkonen21 時間 前


  14. Hector Perez

    Hector Perez日 前

    7:28 it’s lil tay in the background

  15. Aida Maca

    Aida Maca日 前

    Faze Rug:I don’t want to get my black interior dirty Also Faze Rug: eats on top of his WHITE car

  16. Kholoud M

    Kholoud M日 前

    ur arabic so y are u eating ham ur muslim

  17. ttv_V0rtex

    ttv_V0rtex日 前

    15:01 holy shit I have never seen a knee like that

  18. Rawan Jaber

    Rawan Jaber日 前


  19. Jolly Kids

    Jolly Kids2 日 前

    the colab can be faze rug does my makeup

  20. Aylen Padilla

    Aylen Padilla2 日 前


  21. STW Stacks

    STW Stacks2 日 前

    9:57 Spoiled Snapchat kids be like Ran out of plates so I’m using a Lamborghini 😕

  22. Arab Susej

    Arab Susej2 日 前

    Ew Jeffrey star 🤮🤮🤮

  23. LilyOnce Blink

    LilyOnce Blink2 日 前

    Omg I grew up in Arizona with in n out then I moved all the way across United States and I don’t have any in n out and this made me so sad watching you eat that

  24. craig m

    craig m2 日 前

    I was so hungry

  25. Karma Eller

    Karma Eller2 日 前

    Next you should ask derek gerard if ou go to cannada

  26. Ahlu Jannah

    Ahlu Jannah3 日 前

    This is how many times he said fire 👇🏽

  27. HaMm3RX

    HaMm3RX3 日 前

    U would be the richest person ever STUDY! TO ACTIVATE

  28. Moussa Karnib

    Moussa Karnib3 日 前

    good eating Rug I love you

  29. Blake Thompson

    Blake Thompson3 日 前

    who thinks he eats a lot

  30. Shaye Koha

    Shaye Koha3 日 前

    I just realised this vid was released on my birthday 😂


    YOLO BEAST3 日 前

    Yola is a slang for cocaine sooo

  32. Xx_gachablue moon_xx

    Xx_gachablue moon_xx3 日 前

    My question is why does he have a bay bottle did her buy it?

  33. a luzai

    a luzai3 日 前

    “Yo thanks man” Jefree: 😑

  34. Jair Ramirez Mendoza

    Jair Ramirez Mendoza3 日 前

    At 10:11 when bosie sees this video and noticed that he is not that dog on Brian’s phone

  35. Riad Gamez

    Riad Gamez4 日 前

    10:04 insert minecraft music

  36. Jason L Bryant Jr.

    Jason L Bryant Jr.4 日 前

    Wow 😮



    Rocking the mincraft music

  38. Super Unicorn Girl

    Super Unicorn Girl5 日 前

    Press this if you love your mom 👇🏾

  39. Emilis Playz

    Emilis Playz5 日 前

    You uploaded this no my b-day 18 august

  40. Sam Plays Roblox

    Sam Plays Roblox5 日 前

    He eats every two hours lol

  41. FEthel franklin

    FEthel franklin5 日 前

    Luv ur Lamborghini

  42. Nikki Bone

    Nikki Bone5 日 前

    I know it’s 2020 but really 3rd July is my bday

  43. Brianna_ plays_fortnite

    Brianna_ plays_fortnite5 日 前

    You should try susie’s cake It’s so delicious they sell cakes and Cupcakes Please make Faze Rug to see this

  44. let's get 1k subs please

    let's get 1k subs please5 日 前

    You should have chosen for your self because you are a youtuber your self

  45. let's get 1k subs please

    let's get 1k subs please5 日 前

    Fans decide what you eat for 24 hours

  46. Black Saiyan

    Black Saiyan5 日 前

    eat canes u will die if u eat it its so damn good

  47. Cannon Caswell

    Cannon Caswell5 日 前

    Imagine going to your local pizza place and someone with a pizza sandwich is calling Logan Paul

  48. Mattea Marquez

    Mattea Marquez6 日 前

    I wish I ad a in n ou

  49. Ultimate Bladers

    Ultimate Bladers7 日 前

    Come on Rug doesn’t deserve dislikes especially over 3.9 thousand dislikes

  50. Jacky & Marlene

    Jacky & Marlene7 日 前

    I do not live in siandiego

  51. Ghost Momar

    Ghost Momar7 日 前

    Can I have a shot out plz Oh my name is Rowan

  52. Ana Munoz

    Ana Munoz7 日 前

    Look at that girl behind rug in the pizza place

  53. Ahmed Zafar

    Ahmed Zafar8 日 前

    Its not in my country :(

  54. veronica torres

    veronica torres8 日 前

    faze: Talking Me: listening to the Minecraft music in de backround

  55. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode8 日 前

    Why Logan Paul look like lil dicky

  56. Ashby Serrano

    Ashby Serrano8 日 前

    U were blushing

  57. Eli Mora

    Eli Mora8 日 前


  58. Kelly Star

    Kelly Star8 日 前

    Do this video but with sssniperwolf please!!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  59. typical misfits

    typical misfits8 日 前

    I personally dont like red velvet

  60. Kayla Diaz

    Kayla Diaz9 日 前

    I was legit eating fries

  61. löklökampala löklökampala

    löklökampala löklökampala9 日 前

    Baby Food is nice

  62. Tactical Gamer

    Tactical Gamer9 日 前

    Love your videos

  63. imaan 723

    imaan 7239 日 前

    Rahees Mahmood love you imaan Mahmood

  64. Dragon YT

    Dragon YT9 日 前

    15:26 hahaha

  65. Marwan The king

    Marwan The king10 日 前

    You made me hungery