I Interviewed a Warzone Hacker and He Told Me EVERYTHING...


  1. Expel

    Expel2 ヶ月 前

    What do you think about what he said? Let me know with a comment! Also, if you need a team, feel free to join my Discord ➤ discord.gg/AascDfp

  2. 0351marinemike

    0351marinemike14 日 前

    @Preston Collins money wouldn't even come into play, because there'd be no market for it, if people weren't willing to throw every ounce of the integrity into the trash for a win. This partially goes to the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality... We taught the youth that hard work and effort shouldn't be required to win or be as good as everyone else. This is like the steroid era of baseball, all of those guys achievements have an * next to them. Cheaters in warzone are even worse though, they have no skill without cheating.

  3. Preston Collins

    Preston Collins14 日 前

    @0351marinemike better question who can afford the 500 dollar a month hacks -_-.

  4. Preston Collins

    Preston Collins14 日 前

    It's a market, let's paint the last 8 years of this coupe. Since the subbing of TIER based hacks,circa 2012, the companies charge you by the tier and commitment, they make their bots just like the AI in campaign modes casual to realism :\ . He pays 65 bucks a month for a low tier hack some hacks cost thousands for lifetime memberships or half a grand for 10 days, once he proves he cant get ban or subs long enough depending on the site criteria, he may be invited to the private and more expensive hacks, these hacks obviously are coming from consumers pockets via streaming sub services these people have the only motive and income worthy of such a thing, there is a list of twitch banned FPS streamers who used hacks. A frequent comment I see is "what's the point of cheating?" the answer is money. If plebs can only afford 65 bucks a month there only as good as $65 dollars a month and the market (site) offers a 500 dollar bot and a plethora of options, bonuses after X months to the "SPECIAL" ones, who are those hacks for?. The money speaks for itself, Apex legends alone has over 3 million in APEX sells on the top hacking site so far this year. It's not illegal either if you pay taxes, jurisdiction prevents a lot of legal matters and falls in the grey area of morals and ethics ,furthermore South Korea has recently passed legislation on such a thing earlier this year. But having a tier based cheating systems throws off any anti cheat system. The problem is the community, its toxicity is based solely on the majority of gamers for wanting the edge to fill the skill gap the Tier system has artificially created.

  5. Wesley Zello

    Wesley Zello19 日 前

    @ryan elliott they need to change a couple of lines the aimbot code stays the same only need to find where to hook

  6. ryan elliott

    ryan elliott25 日 前

    Have to understand that the guys that right the code for whatever these hacks are, are usually extremely good at what they do. Every time there’s an update for the game they update the code. It’s been like this for a very long time. Now maybe if there was a way to install easy cheat software that might work.

  7. BobbyG

    BobbyG6 時間 前

    Content or not, this is promoting this shit.

  8. MakNoiTV

    MakNoiTV11 時間 前

    Because the devs are the ones making the hacks

  9. pcsnider

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  10. tommy2time 24

    tommy2time 24日 前

    More people need to see this video

  11. Aaron Aycock

    Aaron Aycock日 前

    Best vid EVER!!!

  12. Burt Rango

    Burt Rango日 前

    Your honesty is why I liked this video :)

  13. stevzor

    stevzor3 日 前

    Looks like console pad aim to me to be honest, hitbox/sticky aim (Focusing) does exactly the same which is what makes the video absolutely hilarious. The amount of times I see console pad players aimlock/sticky aim effect through tree's and tents because it locks on when you zoom with ARs/Snipers and they just shoot and you die, then watch the kill cam and the pad player doesn't actually see you at all and just zooms along waiting for the aimlock to kick in then tracks and kills you through objects. Good on the PC hacker, let the pad players know how it feels to have hitbox tracking for kills lol. Most console pad players can't aim forsht with aim assist off, tells you everything you need to know about how strong "Focusing" is aka the aimbot toggle.

  14. Paddy Peet

    Paddy Peet3 日 前

    ‘Wants 70k subs’, watches video 2 months after upload 120k subs 😂

  15. 6 inches is enough

    6 inches is enough3 日 前

    Just his gaming chair

  16. Billy Robertson

    Billy Robertson3 日 前

    2:50 activate squeaky voice!

  17. Amita Rathod

    Amita Rathod3 日 前

    19:45 i feel so weirded out rn lol

  18. Amita Rathod

    Amita Rathod3 日 前

    Make a gamemode for cheaters, perfect therapy for these rich depressingly stupid kids

  19. andrew keener

    andrew keener4 日 前

    Greedy you should check out rockstars game gta online!!!

  20. jabadahut wilson

    jabadahut wilson4 日 前

    Los is a pretty good indicator

  21. Bipolar Jigga110

    Bipolar Jigga1104 日 前

    If infinity war is smart they'd hire the people hacking their game

  22. MoPac Rail Fan

    MoPac Rail Fan5 日 前

    STOP calling these CHEATERS... HACKERS... That is INSULT to Real Developers... BTW the proper term is "CRACKERS".. NOT Hackers ;-(

  23. depress_the_clutch

    depress_the_clutch6 日 前

    Rey 120k ke enta overaction dengutuunave nuvvu aculite or stonemountain range lo vunte boomimeda agavemo lamdi ga

  24. RagingRazor

    RagingRazor7 日 前

    If you can't play fair, don't play at all. Cheaters ruin the game. Period.

  25. Bigman Iniyan

    Bigman Iniyan6 日 前


  26. MrHarrydogg1

    MrHarrydogg17 日 前

    The very reason I dont play this bullshit thanks gentlemen.

  27. MrHarrydogg1

    MrHarrydogg17 日 前

    Team i cant sub to someone that doesn't understand that it makes it shitty for the rest of us that isn't. Aim bot is no skill

  28. Premium Cheats

    Premium Cheats7 日 前

    Lol, this guy has no idea what he is talking about

  29. Deeter1910

    Deeter19107 日 前

    @expel I love you dude

  30. Jan Gates

    Jan Gates7 日 前

    65 bucks a month to hack!!!! That's crazy. But figures if ur rich you get out of jail free cards so letting people pay you to cheat not hard to believe!!!

  31. Natale Christmas

    Natale Christmas8 日 前

    It's a Huge Deal Bro ...I dont wanna play with Lame ass Cheaters! That's it that's All

  32. xxjo3_diffyxx

    xxjo3_diffyxx8 日 前

    Bro the way he was driving is that like a auto pilot hack or something and that was crazy I think this is the first hacker interview I’ve seen

  33. Jace Hudson

    Jace Hudson8 日 前

    This dude is stupid. Literally an idiot. I actually hate people like this. They aren’t funny or cool. I don’t even know how you stand to talk to these losers expel. You’re a better man than I for sure.

  34. aseddy12

    aseddy1211 日 前

    Most annoying bloke ever!

  35. Sg Sl

    Sg Sl11 日 前

    Minute in to the video and he is still not done begging for subscribers, likes and requests to turn on notifications, follow him here and there, click that button... share and subscribe... please ... its pathetic. Everyone just regurgitates same useless "give me likes give me subs" give me, give me, give me crap over and over. Grow some self respect and produce content, people will follow you when you deserve it. Begging for it is a waste of your viewers time.

  36. Andrew Frey

    Andrew Frey12 日 前

    I know I'm not good enough to be lobbied with hacker on the reg but I def feel I have been killed by a hacker from time to time.

  37. Talent Jones

    Talent Jones13 日 前

    Hacks are for bums... However .. They don't ruin the game... Cant stop a finishing move.

  38. notmad schwarz

    notmad schwarz13 日 前

    Thats Bullshit i mean in the past it was maybe true. I had friends they never hacked and they get into the banwave where infinity banned 50k players. so if you pay and buy the game they must be 100% sure that they not ban some innocent player. but to be honest i dont understand why they dont just check the stats like 100 kills and 95 of it like headshots or the accuary of over 80% is a good indicator i dont understand why they not check the stats. well when they are so greedy they should have ban much more and each hacker has to buy a new game better for them,. so it makes no sense. do you know how many times friends and i myself get reported or called cheater because some people are just bad loosers you know how many just clock report because they are pissed off ? i think since 1.09.2020 are many hackers gone i stoped playing for 2 weeks because in every game was at least 3 or more hacker teams. since today after an 8 hour game session it happens just twice which we reported and what a wonder we get instantly a report from infinity ward thank you for reporting we just banned a player which you accused of cheating same with my quad members so we was sure who it was. the new hacker breed which is online try to hide it when they get spectated but every good player sees it anyway that they hack even when they act like whoohoo i use myheartbeatsensor, you can just see it who is legit and who not. i think they do much since september and i hope they do more. they should just write an algo where it checks the stats and report it to a tech or admin which veryfies it and ban then.

  39. iiDWESTii

    iiDWESTii13 日 前

    you would think that banning the paid accounts would generate more sales. once a cheater is banned, they just dont all of sudden stop cheating. if they pay montly for a cheat then i dont think buying another copy of the game would hurt their feelings much.

  40. FlankerJack Channel

    FlankerJack Channel14 日 前

    Video game developers do not care about cheetahs. It's about sales and Play account. You streamers don't care about hackers either because it helps you get revenue and watches by posting these videos.

  41. FlankerJack Channel

    FlankerJack Channel14 日 前

    You're asking white people cheat at video games? Because why not? You're treating everyone like they are super sweaty and want to be competitive like they're in some kind of ESL League. Maybe this is just relaxing for the guy. Nothing wrong with that. If you don't like it go play a different game. Oh wait, there's cheating there too.

  42. Ry W

    Ry W14 日 前

    Feels scripted

  43. jose Piedra

    jose Piedra14 日 前

    How can you respect some like this when he's fucking ruin people's experience with this game???

  44. Preston Collins

    Preston Collins14 日 前

    finally a YT that wants to know....i just started watching... i got the info :P

  45. Aaron Lawrence

    Aaron Lawrence14 日 前

    I don't think you quite understand how a VM works, when you get IP banned its an external IP address not an internal address.

  46. Aaron Lawrence

    Aaron Lawrence14 日 前

    If you wanna go ahead and explain that to a Network Engineer that would be great? The latency alone from most solutions alone would be annoying and make the game unplayable. In this application that wouldn’t work. Whenever you need IP traffic to be bidirectional, IP spoofing is no use. The contacted server would not reply to you but to someone else, the address you spoofed. IP spoofing is then normally "useful" only to disrupt communications - you send harmful packets, and you don't want them being traceable to yourself.

  47. Expel

    Expel14 日 前

    Which can be spoofed as well.

  48. Gabriel Jose

    Gabriel Jose14 日 前

    Now imagine a whole lobby full of hackers now that would be funny af. 😂

  49. Yeezy Weezy

    Yeezy Weezy15 日 前

    I wonder what its like being a hacker. 100 kill streak but its a fake streak. Whats the emotion post match? Just to do it again? Maybe its just to unlock everything asap then move on to another game and do the dame thing?

  50. julio villanueva

    julio villanueva15 日 前

    Hypothetically if i wanted to buy the hacks where would i go

  51. Expel

    Expel14 日 前

    You'd go to hell.

  52. MrSkater2010

    MrSkater201015 日 前

    2 months later an u have almost doubled in subs

  53. Jim Lamey

    Jim Lamey15 日 前

    Is all about the CODE!

  54. Jim Lamey

    Jim Lamey15 日 前

    What gun is he using?

  55. Jay Samper

    Jay Samper15 日 前

    Why pay $65 a month just to win every game and have the chance of being reported or banned? Smh. Just play the game like normal, if your good 👍🏼, if you suck 👍🏼. It’s just a Game!!!

  56. Grant P

    Grant P15 日 前

    Bro that’s not true. Isn’t that what compels people to hack? I’ve got a 1.3 kd and I see hackers everyday...

  57. Logan8fifty

    Logan8fifty16 日 前

    Not true expel I’ve got a 1.5 and run into them almost everyday

  58. lilm2a2d

    lilm2a2d16 日 前

    That guy is a douchebag. I was just watching the gayest kills I've ever seen over halfway across the map, and seeing the ghost of their christmas pass, and shooting almost over 1/3rd of the entire lobby, every kills was so stupid, I can't comprehend why someone wastes their time to play this way. I feel good playing like a normal person, with skill that is well earned. People like this are basically just wasting their time.

  59. lilm2a2d

    lilm2a2d16 日 前


  60. Logan Leatherow

    Logan Leatherow16 日 前

    This video is fake. Is faking a video on JPreporter, the equivalent to hacking on games?

  61. TmAcK -

    TmAcK -16 日 前

    Damn 2 months you got like 55000 subs

  62. NJ

    NJ17 日 前

    Good call on not asking ans advertising the hack site.

  63. Patrick Lewis

    Patrick Lewis17 日 前

    The cheater guy is a total loser. You can tell he is so lonely and starving for attention.

  64. King Dreamer

    King Dreamer18 日 前

    The fact he’s solo in duos tho

  65. Raven Evans

    Raven Evans18 日 前

    he plays the game but doesn't know the game, grau+ mp7, why? coz they ez to use and no recoil, but if u aimbotting anyway, every shot is auto lock on head, why would u use such low ttk weapons, i never cheat so i don't know how hacktools work, but i assume auto snap and track and is programmed to compensate recoil for every gun, if so id rather use some weapons with ingame headshot multiplier.

  66. Sylentki

    Sylentki18 日 前

    I can understand that banning isn't doing anything to the hacking community. But these people are breaking terms of service, and of infinity Ward actually cared about warzone, the could go the epic games route. Once these hackers are brought to court and their wallets are being hit by a significant amount, I'm sure we would see a lot less of this in the game.

  67. Brazjhan Barbeau

    Brazjhan Barbeau18 日 前

    Where does one get these hacks 👀

  68. mephisto40

    mephisto4018 日 前

    $65 a month to prove you're garbage at a game

  69. Jesper Lassesen

    Jesper Lassesen18 日 前

    Activision prbly owns the site that makes the hacks... It's an extra source of income for them...

  70. Allen Sheppard

    Allen Sheppard19 日 前

    Hashtag HACTIVISION!!! Lmnao ;-)

  71. xoxbrandon

    xoxbrandon19 日 前

    The next call of duty should enable hacking for everyone.

  72. Brad Adams

    Brad Adams19 日 前

    he told you nothing...

  73. Brad Adams

    Brad Adams19 日 前

    the problem he has is he doesnt have "aim at downed players" on...and he has to toggle to finish

  74. 21 Keys

    21 Keys19 日 前

    Thanks for posting this video help the few cheaters who have been banned how to get there accounts back up and running. The cod world thanks you bro

  75. 6thGen00

    6thGen0019 日 前

    Paying to make you good at warzone dont make you a hacker. It makes you a cheater

  76. Justin S.

    Justin S.20 日 前

    This is surreal. Lol

  77. baby jake

    baby jake20 日 前

    I came in here like blah but i left really enjoying the video.

  78. Enrique Garcia

    Enrique Garcia21 日 前

    I watched because of the “hacker” but this guy expel is so annoying bro.. his laugh 🤢🤢🤢

  79. Erik Baker

    Erik Baker21 日 前

    Dude that is so cheap shooting people from that far.

  80. rick burman

    rick burman21 日 前

    How surprised would anyone be if we learned that the devs who make the game are backdooring the hacks? Sell you the game, and sell the hacks to let you cheat for the cost of the game per month.

  81. James Sharp

    James Sharp21 日 前

    You’ve only ran into one hacker sorry mr 5 kd still can dislike them

  82. angelojrs2007

    angelojrs200721 日 前

    Respect for a cheater ... you have to be joking? Right ?

  83. Expel

    Expel21 日 前

    You didn't listen.

  84. TheFinalStanza94

    TheFinalStanza9421 日 前

    65 a month quite cheap?? to cheat at warzone??? bro wtf XD

  85. aslan deman

    aslan deman22 日 前

    18:08 FAKE SMILE ALERT!!!!!!!!!

  86. NickCS

    NickCS22 日 前

    You can get COD accounts for cheap. So they can just use and use, there’s also HWID spoofer. Just like people used in fortnite. And the cheaters that’s are obv are the most cocky mfs on earth and will talk the most shit. Then there’s legit Cheaters(closet cheaters) . It’s half and half. Some are one of the nicest people you’d know. And others are absolute dicks. And for games like this I’m pretty sure it costs a bit of a cash to buy cheats like these, unless you got a plug.

  87. jason schmieg

    jason schmieg22 日 前

    Dude, when you tell me right off the bat if im new subscribe follow you on twitch and everything, and you have shown me nothing in the way of content before that, it doesnt matter if the content is good at that point. GUESS WHAT. I AM NOYT GOING TO SUBSCRIBE!! GOOD VID!

  88. James Curfman

    James Curfman22 日 前

    Hypothetically speaking, that is just incredible. Holy cow. Makes for a great video, though, I give you that one.

  89. Austin lee

    Austin lee22 日 前

    Just waiting for the day they make wall hack and aim bots a micro transaction Sounds like it already is wouldn’t be surprised to find out IW is running that website already weird how they’re banning the people that kill the hackers from what I hear hmmmmm...

  90. Steve Oh

    Steve Oh23 日 前

    60$ a month? Tf

  91. Larry Stebbins

    Larry Stebbins23 日 前

    Hypothetically. They dont give 2 shits if u pay or not. They suck at their job thats all it is.

  92. King Kenz

    King Kenz24 日 前

    This is the most funniest video I ever seen

  93. Edmond Coleman

    Edmond Coleman24 日 前

    They should just put hackers on their own servers

  94. Edmond Coleman

    Edmond Coleman24 日 前

    Bruh is beyond trash this is so unfare to everybody else who play cod then he has the nerve to say I drop that every game bruh it’s not even you aiming the computer is aiming for you dude is trash all around garbage then he gone say I’m not hacking I get 155 in 14 to 15 days after the season drop I play on ps4 I don’t even cross play cuz hackers be doing some unbelievable stuff like jumping 10 ft in the air and hit you with a head shoot or running fast af And on top of that shooting simi automatic like it’s the m4A1 I grind for my xp I don’t cheat just play fare and square I bet if he didn’t have those hacks he would rage quit every game cuz he just that trash

  95. Sy N Tovar

    Sy N Tovar24 日 前

    Ok bro bro your to cocky to be honest saying oh people with 1 kd ratio are bad blah blah blah never came across 2 hackers well guess what buddy I’m a 1 kd ratio type of guy and I’ll still win a battle royal with at least 12 kills and if I don’t win then I usually have more then 12 highest game about 23 kills but your over here acting like we ain’t shit just because your this so called pro player if your so pro then why don’t you go against everybody in faze or some shit and prove your pro ability I’m sure agony would teach you that even 5.0 kd motha fuckas are still trash it’s not the game it’s the player it’s not the stats it’s the person if only you knew how humans and bots work bots are intelligent but yet are still very stupid humans are stupid but yet very intelligent you may not know what I mean by that (metaphor) but if you where actually as great as you think you are you would understand what that means I’m 16 bro and I know more about the world and common sense then you do your just a cocky cod player with this as his life when there’s people like me working hard for actual ass jobs that are stolen away from us by the corona virus and yes my 16 year old ass had a job and it wasn’t McDonald’s I was actually the manager of a company I was second in command literally I was the bosses best buddy I even worked at the bosses house fed his dogs and everything and what do you do jerk off right after your done making your little streams and shit not tryna be mean or anything but you just called out all these people for no reason

  96. Check Mate

    Check Mate24 日 前

    He got me to sub with hacker eploit sub title

  97. Kevin Damacion

    Kevin Damacion24 日 前

    The new trend: Play the newest game out, stream the first content, once the hacks are released, onto the next game and let the game die. The cycle repeats.

  98. keaton altimus

    keaton altimus24 日 前

    Your voice is annoying my guy. I bet you got bullied in school.

  99. Luis Barreiro

    Luis Barreiro24 日 前

    Funny thing is I've seen a few of this guys vids & I get the same vibes he's a "hacker" also he's just passed this one was better on this day so chose to expose him lol

  100. Truly Happy

    Truly Happy24 日 前

    They’ve made nearly $2B on the game and they can’t get rid of the cheaters

  101. Ricky

    Ricky24 日 前

    The best ever JPreporter video ever because of people who break a game? I couldn't even imagine your reaction back in the day to world at war modders 🙄



    I only got 1.55k.d🙁

  103. Just Game Guy

    Just Game Guy25 日 前

    F those hackers

  104. The Sports Guy's Corner

    The Sports Guy's Corner25 日 前

    Hypothetically he was straight hacking

  105. jun osumi

    jun osumi25 日 前

    Love your channel!!! I'd love to play a round with you. Thank you for this video. I havent come across too many hackers but the video helps a lot. thanks again!!

  106. 2000watts1972

    2000watts197225 日 前

    Cheaters suck. Period.

  107. Jason H

    Jason H26 日 前

    5hrs my ass was his weapons was gold and iron sights 250m+ shots threw walls

  108. Joel Wagner

    Joel Wagner26 日 前

    Hackers can’t beam people from really far out because of bullet spread

  109. El Dorado County RC Crawlers. adventure never ends

    El Dorado County RC Crawlers. adventure never ends26 日 前

    PS4 hit me up

  110. Sh4meless

    Sh4meless27 日 前

    He just has a better gaming chair