I have a BIG announcement...


  1. Ballin Bohdan

    Ballin Bohdan56 分 前

    They grow up so quick 🥺

  2. Ash

    Ash8 時間 前

    I don't know who this guy is..... But youtube recommends this video ........ But what he did is so nice tho......

  3. Kueen Of Hearts Gaming

    Kueen Of Hearts Gaming17 時間 前

    Awe, you're so awesome!

  4. Brittny Sirmans

    Brittny Sirmans17 時間 前


  5. Cooper Youngblood

    Cooper Youngblood19 時間 前

    Reminder.use code typicalgamer no spaces in the item shop

  6. Cayden Odom

    Cayden Odom22 時間 前

    Bro I’ve been watching you blow up in the the past.I’ve been watching you since about 1M

  7. Dylan Grimes

    Dylan Grimes23 時間 前

    U r such a great person that's y I love ur vids

  8. Evil Pudding

    Evil Pudding日 前

    Yo I just watched your rewind video and bro you just brought tears in my eyes

  9. yaa Acheapomaa

    yaa Acheapomaa日 前


  10. ayush adhikari

    ayush adhikari日 前


  11. Infinite Vlogs

    Infinite Vlogs日 前

    Bro you nailed it 😂👍

  12. Grace Florez-Maldonado

    Grace Florez-Maldonado日 前

    I love u tg for everything you’ve done

  13. Grace Florez-Maldonado

    Grace Florez-Maldonado日 前

    U always make me happy even on me sadist time

  14. Jack Scholefield

    Jack Scholefield日 前

    Typical Gamer is one of the best, most life changing gamer I have ever seen

  15. Schieffer Boy

    Schieffer Boy日 前

    Tg you made me more positive im usually a negative person to myself but you make it alot better much love ❤❤

  16. Official T1

    Official T1日 前

    Awhh Andre love what u do where all her for u 😔💜 👇Like this if u agree

  17. PatrickXxS

    PatrickXxS日 前

    This gave me chills I've watch this like 25 times




  19. TAIMUR anam

    TAIMUR anam2 日 前

    Everyone doesn't know like pro don't know who typical gamer is except for avxry but typical gamer is the best

  20. Zackery Jones

    Zackery Jones2 日 前

    I love you Andre you the best godamm JPreporterr ever

  21. 1986 Ry

    1986 Ry2 日 前

    I think typical gamer is the most watched

  22. spence pickle

    spence pickle2 日 前

    So TG did you ever buy that lambo from like 5+years ago

  23. Brandon Thomson

    Brandon Thomson2 日 前

    That is sweet

  24. Kajae Montaque

    Kajae Montaque3 日 前

    Tg your so awesome

  25. Edgar Cervantes

    Edgar Cervantes3 日 前

    Typical gamer I want to meet in person

  26. Shamar Rankin

    Shamar Rankin3 日 前

    Tg your the best JPreporterr in this world do not stop

  27. Ava Clark

    Ava Clark4 日 前

    He’s got the biggest heart 🥺

  28. Shayne Butler

    Shayne Butler4 日 前

    I have a lot of respect for you man

  29. Tyreese

    Tyreese4 日 前

    Andre I honestly respect you, you deserve everything that you have. I watched your for 3 years and you've became one of my favorite if not my favorite JPreporterr. You helped me out a lot.

  30. samantha hager

    samantha hager4 日 前

    Tg u have helped me to

  31. Moho 94

    Moho 944 日 前

    Damn that walk off at the end 100% 🐐

  32. Yash Singh Rana

    Yash Singh Rana5 日 前

    U almost made me cry bro luv u keep up the good work 😘❤❤❤❤

  33. Cole Sparks

    Cole Sparks5 日 前

    This is amazing, it was sad and depressing at first but the end was amazing

  34. I'm Not sure what to right

    I'm Not sure what to right5 日 前

    the only OG's are the ones from GTA 5.

  35. Saleria Davis

    Saleria Davis5 日 前

    Love ❤️ you

  36. LongLive FBG

    LongLive FBG6 日 前

    I Ben watching him since I was like 6 or 5 now I’m 10

  37. Derpler

    Derpler6 日 前

    and news reporters say that video games are bad

  38. Thaddeus Warren

    Thaddeus Warren6 日 前

    Tg and his vids I’m just trying to say i love you tg

  39. Thaddeus Warren

    Thaddeus Warren6 日 前

    I had to get a new hart and the got me though

  40. Jonny Marin

    Jonny Marin6 日 前

    I’ve been here since gta 5 mods😎

  41. Amelia D

    Amelia D7 日 前

    so sweet

  42. Kade Poole

    Kade Poole7 日 前

    I am sorry but there is no way in hell thats his parents


    PEGASUS7 日 前

    One of The Best Gamers in the World

  44. Brayden Gamble

    Brayden Gamble7 日 前

    Play Gigi you're one of my favorite JPreporterrs in the world you're one of my favorites you're the one that screws me up every time I was just in a car accident so you're the one person that makes me stand up

  45. 123 bob

    123 bob7 日 前


  46. Hurricane

    Hurricane8 日 前

    I know I subed on this account recently, but on my other account I have been subed for 6 years.

  47. Spanky

    Spanky8 日 前

    I just subbed

  48. Icyfid

    Icyfid8 日 前

    luv you tg

  49. GameGrinder

    GameGrinder9 日 前

    Your vids are the best tg

  50. GameGrinder

    GameGrinder9 日 前

    Never got to watch it live

  51. Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson9 日 前

    You make my day every day

  52. Henry jiang Henry

    Henry jiang Henry9 日 前

    Your the best Typical

  53. Steffy Tannie

    Steffy Tannie9 日 前

    Jus by watching this video it may me cry is this everything we should all do

  54. Miguel. Cabral18

    Miguel. Cabral189 日 前

    AT FIRST I THOUGHT IS WAS A PREGNANT announcement from Samara Lol

  55. Sean Little

    Sean Little10 日 前

    When we gonna play fortnite 😂😂

  56. It’s Emanuel

    It’s Emanuel10 日 前

    He’s always helping kids which is so cool

  57. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips10 日 前

    TG life changed life changing aswell TG the best...

  58. School Stinks Butt

    School Stinks Butt12 日 前

    You literally remind me of my dad so mich

  59. D Luj

    D Luj12 日 前

    Yup agreed

  60. DaeDae 25

    DaeDae 2512 日 前

    Much respect bro I been fan of ur videos for while now 💯

  61. GWR laybro

    GWR laybro12 日 前

    We love you typical gamer such a nice man😎💕

  62. John Johnson

    John Johnson13 日 前

    I have never seen something like that I wish he cloud do the same for me🙁

  63. Ashley Wheelhouse

    Ashley Wheelhouse13 日 前

    Dude I got emotional at this video!! I love it🥺🥺🥺☺️☺️☺️

  64. Stephen Pontius

    Stephen Pontius14 日 前

    He has such a big heart

  65. Lil KylePM8

    Lil KylePM814 日 前

    Typical gamer is the best human being in the world

  66. King Alternate

    King Alternate15 日 前

    This video gave me chills, he has come so far

  67. Becky Petri

    Becky Petri15 日 前

    Tg is the best streamer

  68. Allmightyal09

    Allmightyal0915 日 前

    Anyone else remember the old times where he did the gta 5 cheat codes for ps3 and Xbox 360

  69. ayden perez

    ayden perez15 日 前

    Tg such a goat Fr tho he’s the besssttt

  70. FLAGI

    FLAGI17 日 前

    i watch you like 8 years ago and i just found your channel im happy

  71. Legend RZ

    Legend RZ17 日 前

    You are so nice omg!

  72. hellonoob bysj

    hellonoob bysj17 日 前

    BEST JPreporterR

  73. KrAcKeD

    KrAcKeD18 日 前

    You’re amazing

  74. Unitingcupid 441

    Unitingcupid 44119 日 前

    You are the best TG

  75. Unitingcupid 441

    Unitingcupid 44119 日 前

    So inspiring 😭

  76. Cathy Bush

    Cathy Bush19 日 前

    Omg I love typical gaming

  77. Brandon G

    Brandon G20 日 前

    this video sick tho!

  78. Sonia Chebib

    Sonia Chebib20 日 前

    I want to be a JPreporter but l made a video on fortnite but they said l have to message them or something

  79. max plays

    max plays20 日 前

    Bro u muted me in ur live in very sorry 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏 I've watched you since I was six

  80. Elite_Blits

    Elite_Blits21 日 前

    Can I just say I’m a huge fan I have watched u since u were at 500k you’ve grown so much congrats I’m happy for how far you have come you have always had a big hart a lot of love bro