I Had My Rebuilt Ferrari 458 Inspected by Ferrari Service


  1. Mike Woltmann

    Mike Woltmann8 ヶ月 前

    That car came with a 7 year warranty at least mine did.

  2. Darwin Lopez

    Darwin Lopez9 ヶ月 前

    Hey bro! Where is that shop that did the welding on the Ferrari????

  3. JaredSVX

    JaredSVX10 ヶ月 前

    I wonder how much a Ferrari windshield is

  4. fabt7

    fabt711 ヶ月 前

    nice, driving an unregistered vehicle in the streets....

  5. Ian Colon

    Ian Colon11 ヶ月 前

    Love the rotary sound .....

  6. Philo in the Philippines

    Philo in the Philippines年 前

    Wow he really talks fast I need a line of Cocaine to keep up with him.

  7. josh wagner

    josh wagner年 前

    I've been to symbolic, they were so cool.

  8. Lil Paws

    Lil Paws年 前

    I feel like they ran out of money and that's why they covered it with the wrap and started getting cheap they probably could have bought a new one in better condition or at least a used one in better condition why they put the wrap on it and said they were still going to paint it but were saying everything to convince the viewers that the wrap was only temporarily for a short time... they where doing everything to convince you that it's not a way to be cheap or cut prices and then couple videos later they claim that they would keep it on and not going to paint it for a while then casually let it slip that they're just gonna keep it wrapped for now because of money 😐 i'm not mad it's not my car not my problem not my decision but at least be honest 😬

  9. Andrew Legoffe

    Andrew Legoffe年 前

    The outro scared me

  10. LiNingAir

    LiNingAir年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> LET CALVIN DRIVE THE DAMN CAR YOU TOOL...

  11. Sled Goon

    Sled Goon年 前

    I dig that s10 in the background in the intro

  12. Richard Lorenzana

    Richard Lorenzana年 前

    I remember this guy being in a garage with a brz i think, it's been a while i haven't watched this guy properly years ago, and I come back and he has a Ferrari...and a big garage now, shows how much he has grown, stay cool guys.

  13. George H. Arnold IV

    George H. Arnold IV年 前

    Hey I'm going to freak out too once I get my first Ferrari

  14. Ricastar

    Ricastar年 前

    How did u get the money to buy and fix is it all from JPreporter?

  15. J.M S

    J.M S年 前

    All Ferraris have 7 years of maint

  16. Cameron Alford

    Cameron Alford年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="499">8:19</a> watery eyes.. the realest hahaha

  17. pdavid24

    pdavid24年 前

    In before that Ferrari tech flags your 458.

  18. Greg

    Greg年 前

    S/O the dude in the cal state San Marcos hoodie at the end... go cougars

  19. Crazy eyes C.S

    Crazy eyes C.S年 前

    That beautiful Russian man !

  20. 4GuitarTrance

    4GuitarTrance年 前

    Why be amazed you finally own a Ferrari when you're just going to turn around and sell it? Keep the car, then you actually have something to "feel" good about. Seriously!

  21. Diamond Digital Dash

    Diamond Digital Dash年 前

    4GuitarTrance chill

  22. Tim Szilagyi

    Tim Szilagyi年 前

    Damn I remember when that old outro was new, time flies... keep up the good work Teeg !

  23. tan tran

    tan tran年 前


  24. Robert

    Robert年 前

    I think teej should start another company but a company where he installs bodykits and suspension system I think he would do good with his branding

  25. Greg

    Greg年 前

    Makes sense since he’s known as the “a build is just a widebody and bags” kinda guy

  26. Travis Worthington

    Travis Worthington年 前

    Nive hack job fuk boy ferrari.

  27. O Devious

    O Devious年 前

    Didnt even notice the headliner hanging until you mentioned it now ocd is kickin in!!!! Lol

  28. Alain Belanger

    Alain Belanger年 前

    Good Jobs guys

  29. impleasen

    impleasen年 前

    $25,000 bucks for brake pads and carbon rotors.

  30. Gage Lidstone

    Gage Lidstone年 前

    that rabbit truck in the background at the intro tho... damn

  31. Isaak Walker

    Isaak Walker年 前

    And it feeels good?..

  32. Justin Esquibel

    Justin Esquibel年 前

    More importantly who’s VW caddy is that in the back???

  33. junaied alam

    junaied alam年 前

    can you get red seat belts please

  34. Julian Drake

    Julian Drake年 前

    Love this build dude. Great work!


    MGTOW_ LIFE年 前

    Wow. So so many commercials. Fuck

  36. Zachary Stoll

    Zachary Stoll年 前


  37. timetoshift

    timetoshift年 前

    Tj seriously makes a ton of money i'm surprised he doesn't have more cars then what he has. i mean think about it if 1000 people out of 1,300,000 subs paid $50 on some clothes that is $50,000... that's only saying 1000 out of over 1 million. Well done Tj

  38. iban-iviene s

    iban-iviene s年 前

    Where is the damn supra build!!!

  39. Shawn Garrison

    Shawn Garrison年 前

    Fuck a Ferrari, show us that vw rabbit pickup

  40. Shawn Garrison

    Shawn Garrison年 前

    Feature the caddy

  41. Jonathan -Gonzalez

    Jonathan -Gonzalez年 前

    bring back the old outro Tj

  42. J P

    J P年 前

    How many times can he say like in one minute!? I had to turn it off...

  43. Chinmonmon

    Chinmonmon年 前

    love the classic ending 👌👌👌

  44. Gjeebs

    Gjeebs年 前

    This content is awesome. Still blows my mind where this channel started and where it is

  45. Trace Williams

    Trace Williams年 前

    OG outro? I think yes

  46. ca part en QLF

    ca part en QLF年 前

    In the end the og ending omg 😂😂


    BIG STANK年 前

    Fucking lame

  48. Phipps’ Fixes

    Phipps’ Fixes年 前

    I am happy for you. That is awesome

  49. Liam Flaherty

    Liam Flaherty年 前


  50. WEVA111

    WEVA111年 前

    #KeepStealingForward #UFUKU

  51. Josh Dono

    Josh Dono年 前

    Change back your old ending please i love it when the vid ended and waiting for the next

  52. Good Sunday

    Good Sunday年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> and on made me smile

  53. jon106022

    jon106022年 前

    New subscriber here lol I've seen and heard alot about u from Adam's channel but after watching the Ferrari vids I finally pulled the trigger and subscribed lol.

  54. Joackim Alexsander.

    Joackim Alexsander.年 前

    OG ending!

  55. wolfy bro _101

    wolfy bro _101年 前


  56. Hector Francois

    Hector Francois年 前

    That mint #OG outro for the boyos

  57. LittleNobodyNoble

    LittleNobodyNoble年 前

    Omlll twerkkk ittt mileeeeyyyy

  58. Aiden Berliner

    Aiden Berliner年 前

    All new ferraris come free with the 7 year maintneance

  59. Derek Livingston

    Derek Livingston年 前

    Shout out to Spencer Berke's old job location at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a>.

  60. nkeet89

    nkeet89年 前

    Any car 2012+ had 7 years free maintenance

  61. Danny Montanez

    Danny Montanez年 前

    That throw back outro though.

  62. Sir . Dripalott

    Sir . Dripalott年 前

    Noooo where’s the old intro 😭😭😭 the old intro was the best

  63. Patric Purcell

    Patric Purcell年 前

    Rip the good outro back to the old outro



    So happy for you TJ!!! I remember the first time I pulled off in a Lambo down Sunset blvd I smiled for days!! #dreamcars #lifesgood

  65. GSXR Z06

    GSXR Z06年 前

    Running it while miss firing😔

  66. Mr.Ek

    Mr.Ek年 前

    not the first lambo truck!

  67. Keyton

    Keyton年 前

    How much did you buy that wrecked Ferrari for?

  68. Tristan Collings

    Tristan Collings年 前

    Watch that you don’t crash it!

  69. TunerZen

    TunerZen年 前

    I watched when you got it, and been busy back came back to it finished and so stoked to see you have it driving now!

  70. AdamzLife

    AdamzLife年 前

    rx7 idle in background ftw around 5min

  71. Adam Kacem

    Adam Kacem年 前

    YOOOOOO TJ back with the OG INTROOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  72. charlie tan

    charlie tan年 前

    OG outro

  73. Eswar Kandakumar

    Eswar Kandakumar年 前

    What happened to the supra im more eager for that then the 458

  74. WhiteRocket011

    WhiteRocket011年 前

    Old intro

  75. Princell Van Louie Imaysay

    Princell Van Louie Imaysay年 前

    Happy for you man..

  76. Jonas Krebs

    Jonas Krebs年 前

    TJ... PLEASE get that windshield changed man!! It's been freaking me out since day one! xD

  77. airs2k

    airs2k年 前

    Thank God New wheels. The stock wheels are the ugliest OEM wheels ever

  78. airs2k

    airs2k年 前

    Rx-7. Hotness

  79. LieutenantGeneraI

    LieutenantGeneraI年 前


  80. Kevin Ronaldo

    Kevin Ronaldo年 前

    Teej, we need to see an updated outro for the videos 💯

  81. Czar Diezmo

    Czar Diezmo年 前

    Happy for you bro

  82. Nicholas West

    Nicholas West年 前

    Hold up. Rabbit pick up in the background? I may be wrong but it looks like one and if it is a rab can pick up let’s see a video about that beaut.