I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


  1. brazil

    brazil3 ヶ月 前

    haha grape

  2. Lillian Ramos

    Lillian Ramos7 時間 前

    I dont get it

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  4. I like waffles

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  5. Taichi Kamiya

    Taichi Kamiya24 日 前

    brazil look at the top right when the doctor says “hmmmm 6 weeks” slow to .25, and constantly pause til you see a demon saying “butt lolz” XD

  6. Mack

    Mack24 日 前

    I hate you xD

  7. wolf dome whisper awwoo

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    I will fuxking eat you 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  8. wolf dome whisper awwoo

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    This is my favorite thing too watch ever

  9. Ranger Playz

    Ranger Playz時間 前

    I watching this while eating food

  10. 배다솜

    배다솜時間 前

    4:01 *I Found doodle! ''Butt lolz" haha *

  11. gacha_life_ emi3516

    gacha_life_ emi3516時間 前

    You look like Harry Potter in a good way 😍😍😍

  12. Lucas Masin

    Lucas Masin2 時間 前

    Like that smash button More like smash that like button

  13. Vlabstavag

    Vlabstavag2 時間 前

    I just realized that you kinda sound like markiplier a little bit

  14. Vlabstavag

    Vlabstavag3 時間 前

    Ya dont want the AWWW?! Ok... whatever ya say. HUUUUUUUUAAARRRRRRRRRR

  15. Nova Knight56

    Nova Knight563 時間 前

    I don't think you had much *clears throat* "common sense" In this video Adam Hehehe HAHAHAHAHA YES THIS IS HiLaRiOuS I dOn'T hAvE a LiFe!!

  16. Zoe Erica

    Zoe Erica4 時間 前

    Why did I watch this when my Orthadontist appoinment iz coming up I'm gettin bracez Maybe Cold broth would've been better than tumato sop

  17. hazza bazza

    hazza bazza4 時間 前

    Like that smash button

  18. Lily Alec

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    I worship food like it is a religion as of right now I'm eating a subway sandwich

  19. Dragon Lord

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    Adam the grape ._.

  20. Ima Hooman916

    Ima Hooman9167 時間 前

    I almost cut meh thumb off... By accident or coarse

  21. Jennifer Shefcik

    Jennifer Shefcik7 時間 前

    “Let me ask another question... Do Yo Want To Have A Bad Time?

  22. Shereen Meiring

    Shereen Meiring7 時間 前

    Yeah, if you are in high school and gone for 3 weeks and you are in the middle of the exams and have 2weeks left to do almost 50 + 15 test and you didn't even study. It happened to me, I was in sugary and the pain was awful. And have to hand in task.

  23. Patton Davis

    Patton Davis8 時間 前

    Why are you a demon do a face rvel so we know your not a demon




  25. Itz Just Nate

    Itz Just Nate10 時間 前

    I have my jaw wired shut..... for almost 3 months, and its only been the first month and its still wired.....

  26. meadow Sanderson

    meadow Sanderson10 時間 前

    No shut up shut up no not faaaa no stop mother f$&#$&!

  27. Vinnie Allen

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    You said like that smash button HAHAHAHAHAH but you are the best youtuber i have been watching you for 2 years you will always be my fav youtuber

  28. Tom Tom

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    4:00 butt lolz 😂😂😂😂😂

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    HA! I was drinking chocolate milk wen I saw this HAHA

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    I used to be a fan. Not anymore Im an air conditioner now!

  32. ashleypanda 07

    ashleypanda 0713 時間 前

    I have jaw locks sometimes that shit hurts

  33. Keiley Lane

    Keiley Lane14 時間 前

    9:43 Hey... you're not a common sense demon I'm disappointed😞

  34. JustNoOneYT

    JustNoOneYT14 時間 前

    i think i have something similar i can breath or eat to

  35. Suandy Sipayung

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  36. Kayla Gamer

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    See the Thumbnail Totally Clicking

  37. FuntimeHadula Wolf

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    Something I say on a regular bases, 🐺 01:32

  38. ErrorSans_TheLenny Rawr

    ErrorSans_TheLenny Rawr15 時間 前

    G O D S C Y L I N D E R

  39. Nadine Hassoun

    Nadine Hassoun16 時間 前

    Adam:i know it was cold as hell 6:36 Me:um hell is hot Adam:it felt like i was in heaven6:42 Me:wtf

  40. PrincessLuna18VA

    PrincessLuna18VA17 時間 前

    As he said "WE'VE BEEN TAKING FOOD FOR GRANTED OUR ENTIRE LIVES!" I was scooping my 4th bowl of rice and chicken lel.

  41. Shaden Kamel

    Shaden Kamel18 時間 前

    12:25 yeah like that smash button

  42. nalu shipper

    nalu shipper日 前

    ..... how much was your surgery? I think I might need it because most of the time my jaw was doing the same thing your was doing...... and I don't know how to research.... and I don't know where to research......

  43. Nicholas Higgs

    Nicholas Higgs日 前

    My bottom jaw is shorter than my top jaw so I need something called mandibular surgery for my jaw to be fixed

  44. Sudeep Mandal

    Sudeep Mandal日 前

    I had the same thing but without the jaw being shut, and because of medicine

  45. Deb Kirtley

    Deb Kirtley日 前

    hey i watched this video about 300 times from the start of school last year to now and cuz when ever i see this video i know I'm not alone cuz i have a over bite like my over bite i can fit my tip of my pinky finger between my lower jaw and upper jaw i get bullied for it so its nice to know l'm not the only one with a similar condition oh and your condition was an under bite just so you know what the proper definishpon is if you didn't know.

  46. Burger Beats

    Burger Beats日 前

    5:50 is that supposed to be dr. Mario?

  47. John Parla

    John Parla日 前

    I was born with two thumbs 👍

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  49. Maria Stang

    Maria Stang日 前

    I got a dental ad before this video

  50. wolfboy629 sewodor

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    You said "like that smash botton"

  51. Caitlin Jones

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    I got hit in the eye by bamboo today

  52. UncleSam’s Toybox

    UncleSam’s Toybox日 前

    Did enywone notice the weeny hut junyere on the outside of the hospital

  53. snowflake gacha snow

    snowflake gacha snow日 前

    Grape lol

  54. Lisa Thomas

    Lisa Thomas日 前

    Y'know, i'm having a similar situation. I have leukemia and one of my chemos has the unfortunate side effect of causing mouth sores and ulcers. so, it's basically the same experience except that instead of physically not being able to eat solid food, it just causes excruciating pain.

  55. CoffeeNeverland101

    CoffeeNeverland101日 前

    *has no happy reaction about eating*

  56. MaK And Cheese

    MaK And Cheese日 前

    A man: Sir you can’t park in a handicap spot Adam: I hate tomato soup. Man: Never mind, sir there is something wrong with you. XD

  57. natalija prusina

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  58. Nicholas Eaton

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  59. Cookies Cookies

    Cookies Cookies日 前

    my Jaw is Crooked too! (it still is)

  60. Kai Thomas

    Kai Thomas日 前

    I feel this pain *flash backs ensue”

  61. Yo Boi

    Yo Boi日 前

    You uh good

  62. Moon the Foxy girl

    Moon the Foxy girl日 前

    This is the first video I saw of yours and when I saw you I thought you were Harry Potter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. ẞrúttá Æ

    ẞrúttá Æ2 日 前

    I'm just now getting the money joke

  64. Dirk Rasmussen

    Dirk Rasmussen2 日 前

    3:56 every single one of my brain cells coming together to spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  65. Busy Baby Book

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    Awww common sense :no just nooo