I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


  1. brazil

    brazil13 日 前

    haha grape

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  4. Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop

    Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop9 日 前

    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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  7. Maddi Jennings

    Maddi Jennings時間 前

    Um this is me I'm scared now I'm seeing a orthodontist next week thanks a lot

  8. Adam Turner

    Adam Turner時間 前

    Tomato soup is my favourite soup

  9. White Mystery

    White Mystery時間 前

    Kanye West: Through the Wire

  10. Daph 4Life

    Daph 4Life時間 前

    Poo appears in front of Adam.Adam:I YEILD I YEILD Me:*Laughs for 5 minutes straight *

  11. ZombieZodiac27 -

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    "Like that smash button... and stay hydrated" -Adam 2019 Also I just had to mention "what the frik was in that God damned piece of earth destroying plastic IHADTOKNOW" -(onceagain) Adam2019 "oh yeah. Mom told me ta bring you sum sooop Its TOMATO..." -Adams brother 2019 (most nonchalant quote during an important moment for someone who is suffering. Like just randomly dropping a cold water bottle on the floor in hell >v>)

  12. All of the Above

    All of the Above時間 前

    "I was gonna eat him" ok vore moment?

  13. my little pant8ngs

    my little pant8ngs2 時間 前

    "Like that smash button" WHAT!?!?!? English dude!

  14. Sasha

    Sasha2 時間 前

    Does my Earphones got problems or the volume is pretty low?

  15. Dark Unicorns

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    Well, it's 3:10 *A.M* so I'm starving (I'm starving because my mind says "NOPE" to get out of bed anywhere from 12 AM to 8 AM)

  16. Eric Vincent

    Eric Vincent2 時間 前

    My uncle had his mouth wired shut cuts my dad punched him in the jaw

  17. Senpai Dipstick kun

    Senpai Dipstick kun2 時間 前

    When he said”I don’t think I can handle this right now” my brain went straight to Bo Burnham

  18. Christian Holt

    Christian Holt2 時間 前

    huh weird is their supposed to be no audio?

  19. Zoah Regis

    Zoah Regis2 時間 前

    ( Sees video title and thumbnail ) *Nope.*

  20. Giovanna LAQ

    Giovanna LAQ2 時間 前

    Man im on a diet and i only can eat is meat, veggies and fruits. So i've been on this shit 1 month and i start to love mukbangs since day 3.

  21. chill man

    chill man3 時間 前

    1:25 hmmmm no 1 gonna talk

  22. HannahBanana

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    "Dont forget to like that smash button!" Me- ha.... grape.

  23. Bella’s Challenges

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    “Don’t forget to like that smash button” lmao love this guy 😂😂😂👏👏

  24. Shamel Williams

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    Tomato soup Adam:eww Gordon ramseys tomato soup Adam😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😗😗

  25. Alexis Herrera

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    Like if his voice was a lot quieter than usual

  26. Kaylee Ruiz

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    3 36 weenie hut general

  27. Kaylee Ruiz

    Kaylee Ruiz4 時間 前

    140 Sumatto aka best JPreporterr

  28. popcornEM

    popcornEM4 時間 前

    I like how u don’t care about the innocent viewers Let all those bad words out!!!!! 🤣 “I WOULD SUCK A D-“

  29. Take a Chansey

    Take a Chansey4 時間 前

    There is nothing better then drinking a baryeeto

  30. super thunder antony

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    12:24 like that smash button

  31. Susan Walker

    Susan Walker5 時間 前

    2:52 so funny

  32. Weetaku

    Weetaku5 時間 前

    "I WILL FUCKING EAT YOU!!!!" I'm dead

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  34. NoCreativeNameSoCallMeWhateverTFYouWant

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    "Piece of earth destroying plastic"

  35. Buton Girl

    Buton Girl6 時間 前

    My jaw sucks too, I have TMJ, but I haven’t gotten surgery yet

  36. fortnite pro

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    You said like that smash button

  37. cocobeansx 76

    cocobeansx 766 時間 前

    soooo....did you think of a milkshake or were you not supposed to.

  38. presley zysk

    presley zysk6 時間 前

    what happens if he needs to throw up

  39. ThetrueAddic

    ThetrueAddic6 時間 前

    Fast forward to about 10:00 for video of baby Markiplier

  40. sudds2045 !

    sudds2045 !6 時間 前

    There are two dogs milking themselves what do you do Adam: “STOP IT”

  41. DarknightRunning

    DarknightRunning6 時間 前

    I first saw that giant burger you drew and I got so hungry

  42. Dabbing Lizard

    Dabbing Lizard6 時間 前

    I wonder.., What it feels like to actually have a wired jaw.., DOES IT MAKE US ROBOTS!?!? OR ANIMATRONICS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Or......,HALF ROBOTIC HUMANS!?!

  43. Galaxy the cat Angel

    Galaxy the cat Angel6 時間 前

    2017: *No background no color* 2019: *PRAISE HIM RIGHT NOW OR I LIKE STEAL YOU COOKIES*

  44. Kiara Belmontes

    Kiara Belmontes6 時間 前

    3:01 be like awww thats cute also be like im so so sorry you poor innocent child

  45. Mark Witte

    Mark Witte7 時間 前

    I sing E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y. I would be in bell if I had to have my jaw wired shut.At that point I would become one of these emo kids who hates everything and everyone

  46. Kairow Kuroshi

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  48. reptarsprawl

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    No one: Absolutely nobody: Recommended: look at this jaw wired shut video

  49. Lisander Martinez

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    3:59 DERP TIME

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  51. Ambar silva

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  52. Spider-Man 2019

    Spider-Man 20197 時間 前

    I’m very happy for you Adam

  53. Alyssa Jimenez

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    Lemme get some tomato soop my dood, Dont make me put that metal boi in that red tomato soop

  54. Natalie Roberson

    Natalie Roberson8 時間 前

    adam: SHUT THE F***K - (demonitized) Not this time f-ker

  55. Natalie Roberson

    Natalie Roberson8 時間 前

    hulk: SMASH Ssundee: hit the flike flutton SomeThingElseYT: Like that smash button, and stay hydrated, and i want chocolate milk.

  56. Random! Family

    Random! Family8 時間 前

    I yield I yelled. Reminds me of Skyrim

  57. DannyPlants

    DannyPlants8 時間 前

    Bippity Bippity OH GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY *it is a pile of Poop*

  58. samuel smith

    samuel smith8 時間 前

    i like when you did when you said butt ass ham into the tomato soup

  59. Averi Natsuki

    Averi Natsuki8 時間 前

    *c h o c o l a t e m i l k*

  60. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider8 時間 前

    “Like that smash button” smash button? Tell me more. *cough coughNotTheFBIcough cough*

  61. Ninja yougurt

    Ninja yougurt8 時間 前

    4:01 in da top it says butt lolz


    MAZB GSJA8 時間 前


  63. Thelambowithin17

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    Ya know...JPreporter actually recommended something good for me to watch👏. You are HILARIOUS!! *SUBSCRIBED*

  64. Melany Romero

    Melany Romero8 時間 前

    Did you have TMJ?

  65. Amira Nayef

    Amira Nayef8 時間 前

    At the end he said like that smash button😂😂

  66. Pedro Jimbo

    Pedro Jimbo8 時間 前

    Tomato 🍅 soup 🥣 is amazing it’s so good

  67. M WillDreamWithYou

    M WillDreamWithYou9 時間 前

    This is entirely over-narrated XD

  68. MariCake

    MariCake9 時間 前

    Too many curse words! :(

  69. Mahou Chan

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  70. Alexander Kona

    Alexander Kona9 時間 前

    Iron man: I am Ironman Thanos: I am inevitable Adam:I am grape (I didnt copy HEROSAM12 I carried it on.)

  71. Bir Rai

    Bir Rai9 時間 前

    Sut up Me: ok

  72. Shoto Todoroki

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  73. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki9 時間 前

    Love your style its so cool and wonderful

  74. Brianna Wears

    Brianna Wears9 時間 前

    2:19 that's me sometimes

  75. Kawaii Frenzy

    Kawaii Frenzy9 時間 前

    I haven't ate in 6 months

  76. where is the t e a ?

    where is the t e a ?9 時間 前


  77. Lil Akamura

    Lil Akamura9 時間 前

    Did he say like that smash button or was it just me? Adam I feel u I hate tomato soup

  78. Jwen

    Jwen10 時間 前

    12:22 anyway, like that smash button.

  79. Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli

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  80. Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli

    Flavio Triunfo-Loviselli10 時間 前

    I had my jaw shut too from an accident in 2014

  81. Eden Lake

    Eden Lake10 時間 前

    this is my first time on this channel, and I checked out because I watch Let Me Explain Studios and omg this is HALARIOUS

  82. comic sans gaster *demon with purple hoodie*

    comic sans gaster *demon with purple hoodie*10 時間 前

    Like that smash button *YOU SURE THE DRUGS HAVENT WORN OFF XD*

  83. David Guevara

    David Guevara10 時間 前

    Moment 7:50 the first video is I'm something else the best song ever 😉😉

  84. SlimJimB3AST games

    SlimJimB3AST games10 時間 前

    12:24 "don't forget to like that smash button"

  85. Barbara Babzi

    Barbara Babzi10 時間 前

    I had NO idea u looked like that OMG

  86. Alvaro903skylander

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    ha ha ah ha ha ahahauwsweq ewsrnkwcbgjwbcgewugbcgtjnkieugbct5ekrefsngbnyjcadx im bored hehehehe

  87. Spring Wolfie

    Spring Wolfie11 時間 前

    I love tomatoes....HATE SOUP D:

  88. Nadinoosh

    Nadinoosh11 時間 前

    this is the first time i see your face but your voice weirdly fits your face but not really yknow what i'm saying?

  89. army bts

    army bts11 時間 前

    im taller then a Normal 8 year old

  90. army bts

    army bts11 時間 前

    theodd1out send me here

  91. Sarah Bizimana

    Sarah Bizimana11 時間 前

    6:02 Yes preach that soup is hella crapy

  92. Sophia Ann

    Sophia Ann11 時間 前

    Omg this made me laugh, I went through a similar issue, minus the wiring shut as it was a differet problem but I was stuck on those DAMN DRINKS FOR AGES AUGHHH they're chalky and theres like 3 flavors, if you can even call them that Dx so I get the crazy feeling for sure, I think mine lasted a few months, before they figured out it was a super rare side effect from my antidepressant (so yay no surgery) also I watched a ton of cooking stuff while drinking boost, it just felt more satisfying(oh geez maybe all their fans are starving....)

  93. Cookie Animations

    Cookie Animations11 時間 前

    So basically Adam learned about food asmr from his body torturing him ᑎIᑕE

  94. Bobby&Mae Reese

    Bobby&Mae Reese12 時間 前

    Adam:if u hate yourself clap ur hands *claps*

  95. CherryLuvU

    CherryLuvU12 時間 前

    What would you do a million dollars? Adam: idk probably suck a dick

  96. EpicDev

    EpicDev12 時間 前

    1:25 IM DYING

  97. Marshmallow Da Cat

    Marshmallow Da Cat12 時間 前

    Isn’t that just food asmr?

  98. Devin Hunter

    Devin Hunter12 時間 前

    7:08 when my brother touches my laptop

  99. FireStormHD

    FireStormHD12 時間 前

    SomethingelseYT is secretly GradeAUnderA

  100. the plague doctor

    the plague doctor12 時間 前

    My thing is not as bad as yours but I can't eat hard foods and u could not crunch ice . I mean who does not want to crunch ice ? Also for the first two weeks I felt like I was dieing because it hurt slot .

  101. the plague doctor

    the plague doctor12 時間 前

    I still have it in and will be done next year I think

  102. GrimmWolf Plays

    GrimmWolf Plays13 時間 前

    12:25 don't forget to like that smash button

  103. juicyhurdle123

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    12:24 like that smash button😂😂😂😂😂

  104. xXJTSXx Gaming

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  105. Neko Rapp

    Neko Rapp13 時間 前

    I have to have this surgery within the next year because I have cleft lip & palate so I have an underbite. Thank you for making this video and giving a little light to the situation I am 100% not looking forward to

  106. FaithLehane

    FaithLehane13 時間 前

    Thanos: I am inevitable Iron Man: I am Iron Man Adam: I am not a grape