I Got "The Talk" in School


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  2. Cubert Pigg

    Cubert Pigg3 時間 前

    Who else wants a *VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAA* shirt?

  3. Gloria Chol

    Gloria Chol7 日 前

    Storybotth you amazing even you guys animate so good.👍

  4. Global Dank

    Global Dank20 日 前

    Hi, DAPHNE!

  5. ShadowAngel

    ShadowAngel21 日 前

    I have it from Primary 5 to Primary 7 and still in academy 1 hour a week but idk how much times in academy so my class is so scared for it XD

  6. Rosie 123

    Rosie 1232 ヶ月 前

    storybooth OMG same it’s gross!

  7. Little_Gremlin_Arts

    Little_Gremlin_Arts16 分 前

    Am I the only one who didn't get to have "the talk" in school because my PARENTS gave me it instead?

  8. x*Aoi Tsuki*x

    x*Aoi Tsuki*x5 時間 前

    When I was 8 I didn’t understand this video. Now I’m 11. I understand everything.

  9. Cobra Venom 7895

    Cobra Venom 78958 時間 前

    The girl:boys are immature All the boys:We heard that screem from across the room don't call us immature

  10. jessie jones ツ

    jessie jones ツ11 時間 前

    Ok ok class! Everybody say "PENIS"

  11. Black Magic

    Black Magic22 時間 前

    Fourth graders: 😩NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE (Including me, so next year should be fun, am I right.....) 😖

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie日 前

    This isn’t even that bad everyone has the talk calm down my guy

  13. _pablitoes_

    _pablitoes_日 前

    "The boys were so immature." Me : Says the one who shouted out "VAGINA", which makes you a hypocrite.

  14. German GRRRL

    German GRRRL日 前

    I also got the talk in fifth grade but me a mad lad thought it would be a great idea to ask the teacher “why do people have sex?” and sadly the teacher said EVERY detail about sex. The whole class was disgusted.

  15. Batya Mathias

    Batya Mathias2 日 前

    I’m getting the talk tomorrow

  16. Just your typical Starbucks lover

    Just your typical Starbucks lover日 前

    How was it?

  17. Glxss Aesthetic

    Glxss Aesthetic2 日 前

    Our school doesn't get the talk, but we're trying to bring back clubs like art, gardening, pottery, photography, and all that jazz, but one of my teachers is really pushing the principal to bring back SexualEducation class, like she's *really* pushing it. Whenever the principal asks for suggestions she's the first one to plead for SexEd and I'm kinda confused as to why she wants that class so bad but I dont want it!

  18. Spectral Arachnid

    Spectral Arachnid2 日 前

    We got it in 6th grade, I already knew all the shit that was happening so it wasn't a big deal

  19. Yarub Hashim

    Yarub Hashim2 日 前

    I am very lucky that my school didn't learn us about the private parts

  20. Andrea Mejias

    Andrea Mejias2 日 前

    I actually was not disgusted when I learned this. I was so not used to that.

  21. Ramiro Garcia

    Ramiro Garcia2 日 前

    Her:imature boys Also her:screams out VAgInA

  22. Nova Potato

    Nova Potato3 日 前

    Who else is watching this while on their period Just me? Ok :

  23. Hannah Huddleston

    Hannah Huddleston3 日 前

    My teacher ms varner give us the girl talk. I was wo embarrassed. I wanted to get out of the room.

  24. smily pahuja

    smily pahuja3 日 前

    Bruh I'm I'm 6th and yet my school hasn't done "the talk" and lemme tell ya no one knows what periods area

  25. Green ShadowBrine

    Green ShadowBrine4 日 前

    *Stop watching anime or gacha they both suck*

  26. By Brienna

    By Brienna4 日 前

    When I got the talk, the boys learnt about it too 🤕 One boy also said.... “what does p*ssy mean?!” 💀😬

  27. Extra Stuff

    Extra Stuff4 日 前

    She said imaturness instead of imitureity lol not judging though😁😝

  28. ItsArdenplaysLOL 101

    ItsArdenplaysLOL 1014 日 前

    Teacher: say V-A-G-I-N-A Girl: I was like VAGINA!!!!!! EVERYONE: omg who saying that Me: the part how she has a good impression 😂

  29. Zainab M

    Zainab M5 日 前

    Oh my when when i had the talk the boys and girls had to watch something and learn about it together and instead of eww we had to say “that is very interesting “

  30. I'm kia the crazy pony

    I'm kia the crazy pony5 日 前

    I'm in 4grade ;-;

  31. Itz Marley

    Itz Marley5 日 前

    𝕀 𝕘𝕠𝕥 " 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕜 " 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 4𝕥𝕙 𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕕𝕖

  32. • WondersWithZiara •

    • WondersWithZiara •5 日 前


  33. Kween Elise

    Kween Elise5 日 前

    its actually vulva not vagina lol why was I taught this????????

  34. Rory Marks

    Rory Marks6 日 前

    I don't think the school should be giving the talk to students that's the parents/guardians job because its kinda personal so yeah (my opinion)

  35. Becky Blumenthal

    Becky Blumenthal6 日 前

    I showed this to my fourth graders during our puberty unit and they LOVED it so much they begged to watch it over and over. It was so validating for them to see they are not alone in feeling awkward and embarrassed and to find humor in the awkwardness. Show this to your kids!

  36. WetroTheBoss

    WetroTheBoss6 日 前

    This girl is a pussy

  37. Shahwaiz K

    Shahwaiz K6 日 前

    Her: It would be weird if boys learned about girls stuff *Then how come girls learn about boys stuff?*

  38. Angel Mama Girl

    Angel Mama Girl日 前

    Shahwaiz K cause our stuff it so much worse

  39. Anthony Santiago

    Anthony Santiago7 日 前

    Soooo we good so ima boy

  40. Kendi Phillip

    Kendi Phillip7 日 前

    1:08 wth?! 😵 1:57 seriously?? Says the girl who yelled the loudest

  41. Gloria Chol

    Gloria Chol7 日 前

    But I don't have period my sister does...

  42. Gloria Chol

    Gloria Chol7 日 前

    Ew disgusting.🤮🤢

  43. Zara Ilieva

    Zara Ilieva7 日 前

    im tho in 5th grade

  44. Akari _playz

    Akari _playz7 日 前

    Ummm my school is the same they talked about "the thing"... i almost got dirty minded

  45. Animal Anthems

    Animal Anthems7 日 前

    We all remember ours

  46. Lazar free boys2,# o

    Lazar free boys2,# o7 日 前


  47. Jose. X

    Jose. X8 日 前

    Damn in 5th Grade, we learned more about it in 7th! (Even thought we knew about it already)

  48. Alijah Faustino

    Alijah Faustino8 日 前

    Im a boy but we learn ALL GENDERS BODY PARTS

  49. SuperiorAxe 1

    SuperiorAxe 19 日 前

    I’m in 5th grade now, I WANT THAT GUM. 2044 anyone... SIKE THATS THE WRONG NUMBER. 2020

  50. Sure Spray

    Sure Spray9 日 前

    I got the talk in school I’m grade 5 and I am still in grade five and no I didn’t repeat any grade I am only 9

  51. DAREDEVIL Matthew

    DAREDEVIL Matthew9 日 前

    I learned about boobs in 1st grade ;>

  52. Sonic Fan Spaghetti

    Sonic Fan Spaghetti9 日 前

    I'm a boy but at my school this is called FLASH

  53. Iby King

    Iby King9 日 前

    When I was in year 6 I was getting happy shouting the words out it was teh bedt day baebsb

  54. shelby frueh

    shelby frueh9 日 前


  55. Mark Costelloe

    Mark Costelloe9 日 前

    Lol i knew every single thing before the talk so it was no surprise for me the fact that they say its disgusting makes me laugh

  56. luna _123 lover star

    luna _123 lover star9 日 前

    They need to be an adult to know that like they are kids ;-;

  57. autumn land

    autumn land9 日 前

    ... *V A G I N A*

  58. Emily Bull

    Emily Bull10 日 前

    In my school we have to be sorted by grades so we had to do girls and boys in the room

  59. Alita Dombroski

    Alita Dombroski10 日 前


  60. Julez Animatez

    Julez Animatez10 日 前

    Plot twist: the boys were learning about the girly thing Edit: I’m getting the talk on Friday its Friday it was not that bad

  61. Šhãdøw Añģěł

    Šhãdøw Añģěł10 日 前

    Teacher: "And Mr.potter" 2 questions 1: why would a FEMALE student go to a MALE teacher for pads? 2: Hmmm...Mr.potter,sounds like someone I know. *insert harry potter music*

  62. PastelMaisy

    PastelMaisy10 日 前

    Omg, I found this on my recommendations and I just remembered that on Friday the year 5 girls are going to watch a powerpoint about Period Talk aswell.. 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  63. Garrett294 TV

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  64. メꪑᥲρᥣꫀ_ 木 メ

    メꪑᥲρᥣꫀ_ 木 メ13 日 前

    This happened to me lol

  65. The Gamer

    The Gamer13 日 前

    0:24 Daphne was running back and forth like, AHH

  66. King of Ibex

    King of Ibex14 日 前

    I have this next week I’m scared

  67. katsuki bakugo

    katsuki bakugo14 日 前

    I had no idea that’s what they talked about in there

  68. furyblade yt

    furyblade yt14 日 前

    Well she's a hypercrit