I Got "The Talk" in School


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  2. KawaiiBeEᒪEᑎᗩ

    KawaiiBeEᒪEᑎᗩ17 日 前

    In my school everyone is super mature. When we had “the talk” everyone is super chill.

  3. one piece fan

    one piece fan3 ヶ月 前


  4. Wolf Demon

    Wolf Demon3 ヶ月 前

    1:06 VAGINA!!!!!! I died

  5. Global Dank

    Global Dank7 ヶ月 前

    ... Pass... 🤢

  6. Cubert Pigg

    Cubert Pigg7 ヶ月 前

    Who else wants a *VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAA* shirt?

  7. sjsghjgsjslk uhsjkskjsy

    sjsghjgsjslk uhsjkskjsy5 時間 前

    she's so cute aha

  8. Isabella Mojica

    Isabella Mojica13 時間 前

    Omg I am scared when we will get the talk and I got the talk by my aunt like yuck

  9. Isabella Mojica

    Isabella Mojica13 時間 前

    My aunt told me this when I was nine this is gross 🤢🤮I never want kids

  10. S I M P

    S I M P14 時間 前

    I remember I also had the talk and the boys had to go into a different classroom but they were waiting for us to finish and then all of a sudden we hear from the other room *"HAIRY BALLS"* It was funny but embarrassing

  11. bianca the fox kz

    bianca the fox kz15 時間 前

    They shoud do that in evry 5th grade

  12. Christopher Aguilar

    Christopher Aguilar日 前

    Wait isn't this normal???

  13. Ailyn De Santiago

    Ailyn De Santiago日 前

    this girl in sixth grade having the talk and saying it would be weird if she had the talk with boys around. i was in fifth grade and i had the talk with boys around

  14. The Shadow D 64 TM

    The Shadow D 64 TM日 前

    S A Y V A G I N A

  15. Caddie Bennett

    Caddie Bennett日 前

    I want her this bc I wanted to know what I had to listen to in school bc I am in 5 grafe

  16. Nitsch Beats

    Nitsch Beats日 前

    hey boys were just laughing at this stuff (which is funny) but you’re overreacting about vagina

  17. John Mack

    John Mack2 日 前


  18. Justag4mer

    Justag4mer2 日 前

    at least this wasnt called my dad is my uncles dad mom brother hamster

  19. Nova Martinez

    Nova Martinez2 日 前


  20. Jungkook and suga

    Jungkook and suga2 日 前

    90% of the comments: she is immature Me: I’m in 5th grade and Im gonna have to get “the talk”

  21. Flamgo -

    Flamgo -4 時間 前

    I still remember “the talk” when I was in 6th grade lol. You could tell some boys were kind of uncomfortable :’|

  22. xXAᥣᥱxᥲndᥱrXx

    xXAᥣᥱxᥲndᥱrXx2 日 前

    In 5th grade we learned the part of our bodyes and orkans like a heart, lungs, brains and stuff like that but one day we learned about this things and the teacher prepared a video about our body parts. Then it was about the penis, vaginas and this stuff even we boys watched this in the class room and it was like 😂🤣😆😵

  23. p a s t e l • l o l l i p o p

    p a s t e l • l o l l i p o p2 日 前

    *in my class they mix the boys and girls together*

  24. Sugarfox25 AJ

    Sugarfox25 AJ2 日 前

    This is not gross! Maybe because I learned this when I was five…DON’T JUGE ME!!

  25. Ambz 9

    Ambz 93 日 前

    I hated when I had this class We didn’t split up like these kids did

  26. Ava Koh

    Ava Koh3 日 前

    What kind of school is this weird

  27. Gennessy Minyety

    Gennessy Minyety3 日 前

    I haven’t had that talk yet?...

  28. JayJay watermelon

    JayJay watermelon3 日 前

    Thats the end period, period! hmmm I see what she did there

  29. Meme God

    Meme God3 日 前


  30. New Israeli Mapping

    New Israeli Mapping3 日 前


  31. Jayla Gholston

    Jayla Gholston3 日 前

    In 5th grade my school has a “muffins with mom” where we talk about periods and they have “donuts with dad” for boys to talk about puberty for their body, but we didn’t have it this year because of COVID-19

  32. JUSTNo_StreamerbtwEU

    JUSTNo_StreamerbtwEU4 日 前

    Love your vids

  33. Carlos Bustillo

    Carlos Bustillo4 日 前

    Me thinking how can a 5th grader get a period and to that teacher is selling tampons

  34. Sxmply.A _way for 3 years

    Sxmply.A _way for 3 years4 日 前

    Me in 5th grade 👁👄👁💧

  35. Elijah Owsley

    Elijah Owsley4 日 前

    So they went to Harry Potter's class

  36. UG Boys

    UG Boys4 日 前

    Wait but when I was in 5th grade my teacher never teached us those things soo that really weird 🤐

  37. Karinam Sanchez

    Karinam Sanchez5 日 前

    I missed the talk because of COVID. Now I know nothing :/

  38. NxtThePuffyBall

    NxtThePuffyBall5 日 前

    bro when i was in 5th grade i never NEVER Learned that,...

  39. Chicken Wing

    Chicken Wing6 日 前

    Bruh. I had to learn both genders

  40. Stoney Sewane

    Stoney Sewane6 日 前


  41. Amy Maily

    Amy Maily6 日 前

    She's lucky, when I had that talk, then not just i have that lesson in 4 grade but also we had the talk with boys😢

  42. xxChlxxe x

    xxChlxxe x6 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about on now the man in the long blue sleeved shirt looks like dora's dad?

  43. Soma Mukherjee

    Soma Mukherjee7 日 前

    I also wanted to share my motivated story in this channel... Can I?

  44. How To Roblox

    How To Roblox8 日 前

    8 yr old me watching this: haha funny (i thought this was just an innocent video. I didnt know what was gong on) Me now: oh uh ah ok...yikes

  45. Rishika Sinha

    Rishika Sinha8 日 前

    At my school all the boys n girls were together taught this topic n nothing really funny happened tbh 😂 We were shown a video and our teacher just read everything out from the book n asked us to draw the diagrams 🤐😂 We were taught this in our 8th grade so mostly all boys were having a straight face and many knew about it😌

  46. Jayden Riven

    Jayden Riven8 日 前

    Even though we're doing online school we're still going to have to get the talk

  47. Nataly Almomani

    Nataly Almomani8 日 前

    “Don’t be afraid to come to Mr.Potter” Me:hArRy?

  48. SF phantom

    SF phantom9 日 前

    Ewww fam 🤢 except the girls bodys

  49. Vivien Matthews

    Vivien Matthews9 日 前

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  50. romy mohamed

    romy mohamed10 日 前

    Gosh when we were in the fourth grade they gathered all of the fourth grade classes of the girls only to the theatre and our religion teacher and we were looking at each other and wishing that no man or a male teacher come in cause that will be like so imparising she said you can tell your mom or granny or aunt about that

  51. Angel Gamzz

    Angel Gamzz11 日 前


  52. Stacia Mickle

    Stacia Mickle11 日 前


  53. Dozy Chan

    Dozy Chan11 日 前

    funnty if boys cant learn abour girls body parts then why are girls allowed to learn boys body parts I HATE SEXIST GIRLS

  54. ullah rafiq

    ullah rafiq11 日 前

    we had the talk with BOYS

  55. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton12 日 前

    I hate having the puberty talk in school like school is for learning to get a job like you’re mom can teach you like 🙄

  56. Lynn Harerimana élève

    Lynn Harerimana élève12 日 前

    wait so its start in 5 th grade im just started 5 th grade uhh..... ✌ bye

  57. freaky mammal

    freaky mammal12 日 前

    Girl: Screams out the V word. Boys: Laughs Girl: inmaturness

  58. Leila’s Craziness

    Leila’s Craziness13 日 前

    Ok. Here’s a crazy story. So a few weeks ago I had to learn about the male and female reproductive system, I wasn’t grossed out from the female reproductive system, but I was outrageously disgusted when I learnt about the male reproductive system. But on this Monday I learnt about periods. I found it fun lol

  59. Eliza Michalczyk

    Eliza Michalczyk13 日 前

    Hey when I got the talk they did not separate girls and boys

  60. Macca Does Gacha

    Macca Does Gacha14 日 前

    Honestly boys should learn about this so they aren’t jerks about our periods

  61. Ethan Peddle

    Ethan Peddle14 日 前




    I had to be in a class with the boys while we were learning this💀but I knew this stuff already when I was learning

  63. REDNAXELA hi

    REDNAXELA hi15 日 前

    I like how shes says "imaturness" but she laugh at the word vagina. Stupidnesss

  64. Eat Your Cereal

    Eat Your Cereal15 日 前

    Oh yes *STUPIDNESS*

  65. Steve Nicholas

    Steve Nicholas16 日 前

    Free teacher to teach any proof about this this is disgusting old enough for this

  66. xXcloudyXX cookie

    xXcloudyXX cookie16 日 前

    I was watching and I fell off my bed

  67. kyrathevillagebaddie manley

    kyrathevillagebaddie manley16 日 前

    I had the talk in fourth grade all the girls was laughing hard and my teacher said why are y'all laughing

  68. Longlostlocust

    Longlostlocust16 日 前

    Tf is gum gonna do?!

  69. Heather Anderson

    Heather Anderson16 日 前

    Is it weird that I remember the exact day,month and year that I got my first period?? I also remember that it happened on a Saturday!

  70. Hanna

    Hanna17 日 前

    In 5th grade we had the same thing and the boys learned the girls part and girl learned about boys part, right after that a boy came up to me and said “We know all of you secrets” and the boy is like 10 and he said “So you pee Blood?” I wanted to slap him but I was still in school so I couldn’t

  71. Megan Tee

    Megan Tee17 日 前

    So relatable XD

  72. Vanessa Ngo

    Vanessa Ngo17 日 前

    This is what exactly did happen then a parent started got mad yelled at the teacher

  73. euxhoria Plays

    euxhoria Plays17 日 前

    I got it in 4th 😔

  74. Euphoria

    Euphoria17 日 前

    I don’t think they should learn that in 5th grade..........

  75. Gavina RODRICKS

    Gavina RODRICKS18 日 前

    Yall went to fifth grade when you were 13?

  76. The Anime Girl

    The Anime Girl18 日 前

    Can someone please give me advice for when my school has “the talk”?! Because I’m clueless and I know everything! Give me some advice on how to play dumb! I’m a girl. Also do your parents have to sign a paper saying this is allowed.

  77. Neko Neko

    Neko Neko19 日 前

    I'm in the 9th grade and still haven't had the talk in school.

  78. SMALL_skateboardz

    SMALL_skateboardz19 日 前

    I’m in middle school now I’m scared

  79. ii gxbby

    ii gxbby19 日 前

    Yes, I got the talk with my dad- kill me pls

  80. matthew alfonso thio

    matthew alfonso thio20 日 前

    isnt this a little bit innapropiete disgusting im totally reporting this video

  81. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez14 日 前

    Then dont watch it dumb dumb 🙂

  82. Ebenezer Adu Marfo

    Ebenezer Adu Marfo20 日 前

    I'm a boy and I know more things about the 3 types gender than my female friends

  83. Alicorn Vic

    Alicorn Vic20 日 前

    I learned this in grade 5 and almost in grade 6 but bc of da outbreak we didn’t learn it

  84. K Buchanan

    K Buchanan20 日 前

    Me knowing this in pre k I’m old ok but my older brother not knowing he’s too young

  85. Voletha Bradley

    Voletha Bradley20 日 前



    ARONZ FRIES20 日 前

    Excuse me madam but your class might be immature and the boys more immature but me alone had to deal with my whole class acting like MONKEYS I missed up on my first BARBECUE because of dem monsters

  87. Papa jay_ 936

    Papa jay_ 93620 日 前

    This girl said immature to the boys when she screamed out vaginaaaaaaaaaaa

  88. -Original-Potato-Official -

    -Original-Potato-Official -21 日 前

    Her. VAGINA I laughed my butt off

  89. Zoie Palomo

    Zoie Palomo21 日 前

    And now I'm in fith grade oh no

  90. Fae•Ko

    Fae•Ko22 日 前

    tbh this is the worst thing ever.

  91. Ball Monokuma

    Ball Monokuma22 日 前


  92. Ramen

    Ramen22 日 前


  93. 『 c h I f f o n animation』

    『 c h I f f o n animation』22 日 前

    Me: **gets bad cramps** My mom: “ *iTs bEcAuSe oF tHaT pHonE* ”

  94. Lila starz singh

    Lila starz singh23 日 前

    I got that talk in 4th grade and we all stayed in one room and I was scared and it was awkward

  95. Xx_Shadow Demon_xX

    Xx_Shadow Demon_xX23 日 前

    When I was in the 5th grade and had ‘the talk’ they didn’t even split the boys and girls and it was just weird ._.

  96. jewel manoon bek!!

    jewel manoon bek!!24 日 前

    Here: its soo weird if the boys lear the gurl stufff Me: evetyone littely everyone learned it

  97. V saucy world 23

    V saucy world 2324 日 前

    Her talking about the boys immature yet she was screaming vagina

  98. Watch Time

    Watch Time24 日 前

    In 3rd grade I went to my sis middle school and the thing siad sex and Im going in 6th grade and I have not learned sex Ed

  99. subbing to everyone who subs to me

    subbing to everyone who subs to me24 日 前

    this happened in my school too

  100. tittanna Johnson

    tittanna Johnson25 日 前

    ;w; I knew about this from I was 5 I'm 13 now-

  101. Richelle ann

    Richelle ann25 日 前

    I had period and i laugh at it cause when i see blood i laugh

  102. edits wjade

    edits wjade25 日 前

    Everybody say vag- THAT PART HAD ME DYING

  103. XxJglizzythatcookiexX

    XxJglizzythatcookiexX26 日 前

    The teacher" VaGiNaAaAaaa Me: cackling at 5 am

  104. xloudcxokiie

    xloudcxokiie26 日 前

    But this is funny cuz when she seemed out blank

  105. Wizzy Cat

    Wizzy Cat26 日 前

    Tbh I dont think teachers know most students dok is all this stuff from the parents. When this reaches to my friends and I...I dont think they let you pass..

  106. xxImABun4xx

    xxImABun4xx26 日 前


  107. xxImABun4xx

    xxImABun4xx14 日 前

    @Juan Martinez I don't give a flying fig on what you say

  108. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez14 日 前

    No one cares about you too hun.

  109. Adriana Piceno

    Adriana Piceno28 日 前


  110. Syd’s Reborns and ASMR

    Syd’s Reborns and ASMR28 日 前

    I missed my period talk because I was sick 😂