I Got Slapped At The Movies


  1. Sosa King

    Sosa King53 分 前

    So we gone pretend that we don't see ww3 and Donald Trumps head at 0:58 😂😂

  2. librashawn 116

    librashawn 1163 時間 前

    The falcon punch part has me dead lmao

  3. ima bot 13

    ima bot 135 時間 前

    y is everyone Waring a scarf

  4. Teyel Lowe

    Teyel Lowe9 時間 前

    how she slapped him like a hole anime sceen

  5. Star Wars Fan

    Star Wars Fan12 時間 前

    Your mom looking good

  6. Erick Fortune

    Erick Fortune13 時間 前

    I know what bambaclat

  7. Røyalty_Sensei_tray

    Røyalty_Sensei_tray18 時間 前

    I respect how cultural my boy don is i love it bro

  8. amoreA’Mari

    amoreA’Mari19 時間 前

    I’m happy I’m Jamaican and can understand 🤧

  9. Montas Realty

    Montas Realty21 時間 前

    sry to interrupt but can't stop is 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Princess Ally

    Princess Ally日 前

    My brother taught me that bomboclaat meant like ass or something

  11. SupremeNitro

    SupremeNitro日 前

    Yea I’m Jamaican I know how bad it is to say that word cause I got the belt with da metal buckle for saying dat word

  12. 😞

    😞日 前

    Nobody; Anybody: Young Don: Background: WW3

  13. it'sJust na'ima

    it'sJust na'ima日 前

    “Stoooopp...here have some soda okay”

  14. *. Maxine. * . *

    *. Maxine. * . *日 前

    Don : I said bombo Me : *Laughs in 50% Jamaican* My sister : *Laughs in 50% Jamaican*

  15. Brad Curry

    Brad Curry日 前

    3:50 - 4:420 my haitian mom lol

  16. Brad Curry

    Brad Curry日 前

    why we got same mom an same child hood lol (haitian mom) lol

  17. Cameron Shepherd

    Cameron Shepherd日 前

    Yow where the other Jamaicans at?

  18. Selecta Dae

    Selecta Dae日 前

    Broo ah real ting bredda 😂

  19. Infinite timelimit

    Infinite timelimit日 前

    "Use your other eye" that crap ain't gone work with a person who has one eye tho

  20. ItzKewl BeansTho

    ItzKewl BeansTho2 日 前

    Him:says his mom is other stuff Some other mom’s:YoU wAnT mOrE tAmAlEs?! Me: Also me:Get the FUCK outta my house

  21. faint goku

    faint goku2 日 前

    you hit me in the eye looks at his basted eye

  22. TTv kc CA1

    TTv kc CA12 日 前

    If u in Jamaica y u where scarf? Lol

  23. Ruth Reid

    Ruth Reid2 日 前

    I can relate to this so much, I am Jamaican bruv💀😂😂😂‼️‼️

  24. Jared Trujillo

    Jared Trujillo2 日 前

    The part when his mom is talking to him is soooo funnnyyyyyy

  25. Brady Portwood

    Brady Portwood2 日 前

    I’m going Jamaica 🇯🇲 on summer

  26. Aaron Mills

    Aaron Mills2 日 前

    “Why you rubbin ya eye” “why you lying on me I didn’t hit you in your eye”😭🤣🤣🤣

  27. Katie Knight

    Katie Knight3 日 前

    Im liking the new style

  28. Anthony G

    Anthony G3 日 前


  29. Nick Luna

    Nick Luna3 日 前

    4:00-4:20 I WAS FUCKING SCREAMING 😂😂😂😂

  30. taevian dabber

    taevian dabber3 日 前

    Don you are my G with the SAUCE

  31. DreNerD 510

    DreNerD 5103 日 前


  32. DreNerD 510

    DreNerD 5103 日 前


  33. Amir Charles

    Amir Charles3 日 前

    I’m Caribbean and I didn’t learn that word until my grandpa said it

  34. Zira Baby

    Zira Baby3 日 前

    Don I was here since 30k my other ACC is jayitachieyt

  35. Seawhal3 l

    Seawhal3 l4 日 前

    4:05 when your mom realize she may have hit you too hard and trying to play it off 🤣🤣

  36. Sam Stevens

    Sam Stevens4 日 前

    I’m Jamaican but I don’t live in Jamaica 🇯🇲

  37. Surge IOS

    Surge IOS4 日 前

    This was so funny good S... 😂

  38. Andre Whittaker

    Andre Whittaker4 日 前




    I live in jamaica

  40. Jaden Jn charles

    Jaden Jn charles4 日 前

    Life in the Caribbean BRUH. It like that in St.Lucia to

  41. Jeremy Xavier

    Jeremy Xavier5 日 前

    “the blue balls”

  42. william iriamu

    william iriamu5 日 前

    Yoooo lets play pokemon

  43. meowstick is god

    meowstick is god5 日 前

    the lapras looks terrified

  44. Great Legend

    Great Legend5 日 前

    0:56 did anyone catch trump's face on the ww3 frame

  45. Omar chavez

    Omar chavez5 日 前

    The word bomboclaat reminds me of little jacob from gta 4 lol

  46. cptcool93

    cptcool935 日 前

    rip face

  47. Fatima Gill

    Fatima Gill5 日 前

    These stories be having me so weak like I can't😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  48. bomz Creationz

    bomz Creationz5 日 前

    Ur animated character reminds me of adventure time

  49. Shipfaced Waffles Animations

    Shipfaced Waffles Animations5 日 前

    don: "bombo-" don's mom: *omae wa mou shinderu*

  50. Kay

    Kay5 日 前

    That slap was a rflex why was that a surprise

  51. Beddy Gills

    Beddy Gills5 日 前

    My god sm sm i cant even see the movie that had me die bro

  52. leo lyon

    leo lyon6 日 前

    Its also kenyan/african BOMBOCLAAT

  53. Stewie2kjr S

    Stewie2kjr S6 日 前


  54. micheal elliott

    micheal elliott6 日 前

    I understand all of this bruh🤣🤣🤣

  55. Drift man Ma g

    Drift man Ma g6 日 前

    I know how that feels I was about to say mother f*cker then my mom slapped me so hard that I forgot what I even did

  56. Evokez

    Evokez6 日 前

    3:48 for real they do be saying that on God.

  57. Tavares Lambert Jr

    Tavares Lambert Jr6 日 前

    Now that's what I call a mama slap😂😂😂😂😂

  58. mariah edits

    mariah edits6 日 前

    my mom asf .!!!😭

  59. Niaa B

    Niaa B6 日 前

    *so nobody gonna talk about the posters in the back* 0:58😂

  60. GhostMatic Gaming

    GhostMatic Gaming6 日 前

    Only Jamaicans understand