I Filled Chase's Room With Pictures Of Charli!


  1. Baraplayroblox

    Baraplayroblox時間 前

    I miss chese you disc her do you ferget then tont kiss addison and addison kiss her too now bryce kiss addison and addison too were is the problem with chese then then she kiss nessa then charli and her uos single

  2. Issy Coub

    Issy Coub2 時間 前

    the joke at the beginning doe ahahahahahaha

  3. armybts army

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  4. Roblox games Fun

    Roblox games Fun7 時間 前

    Lol he said how was your day charli

  5. Maria Valdivia

    Maria Valdivia8 時間 前

    HoWs Ur DaY cHaRlI 😌👇🏻🌪

  6. Daily Aliany

    Daily Aliany10 時間 前

    pink lepords

  7. Y. Moon

    Y. Moon14 時間 前

    всем Дэн Шмальц братья славяне, давайте по классике засрём зарубежные комменты, а?


    ANDRUHAN1CE11 時間 前


  9. Derpyunicorn 50

    Derpyunicorn 5015 時間 前

    Hold on ummm... my name is Rylynn (spelled different) and I’m eating steak oop

  10. Amaras Ovayan

    Amaras Ovayan15 時間 前

    The acting of fans is me

  11. Gacha Cøøkies UwU

    Gacha Cøøkies UwU15 時間 前

    Who is here after all the drama😅

  12. Awful madden plays.

    Awful madden plays.15 時間 前

    Saw his tmz rant so was curious about “ his content “ and it’s pretty basic it’s nothing more than him filming at the house ?? I don’t get what’s his beef with tik tok especially after looking at his content. Was there something else he was known for ? Someone let me know because if this is it ...

  13. carla correa.

    carla correa.17 時間 前

    No one: Not even a soul: Tony: I’m doing a photo shoot at ur bathtub

  14. Jean Regan

    Jean Regan19 時間 前

    4:34 Nobody: Not even a Karen: Chase: *fUcK yOu!*

  15. Jean Regan

    Jean Regan19 時間 前

    1:29 Nobdoy: Not even Karen: Larray *"your such a bitchhhhh"*

  16. Matthew Jeffrey

    Matthew Jeffrey19 時間 前

    lmao this aged terribly

  17. antoniochar

    antoniochar20 時間 前

    who’s watching after he CHEATED?

  18. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special日 前

    This didn't age well...

  19. Victoria Helms

    Victoria Helms日 前

    70% of the comments: "HOw wAs yOuR dAy ChArlI" 20% of the comments: "I'm ondreaz" 10% of the comments: TONY IN THE BATHTUB LMAO

  20. Kat M

    Kat M日 前

    This didn't age well

  21. Mariana Garcia

    Mariana Garcia日 前

    Omg tony in the bathtub 🛀🏻 was so perfect👌🏻 Haha when they gave up they just broke the bottle Pink leopards

  22. Derrik Hall

    Derrik Hall日 前

    Chace is so hot what is his phone number

  23. Rilee Bowden

    Rilee Bowden日 前

    chase: walks into his bathroom tony: in chases bathtub also tony: "aye motherfucker im doing a photo shoot"

  24. Shania Ramkumar

    Shania Ramkumar日 前

    Pink leopard

  25. Dreaminqvibezx Rosesx

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  26. Mara 35

    Mara 35日 前

    Poor chase

  27. Fatma karye

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  28. Robin West

    Robin West日 前

    Tony in the bathroom was the funniest part.

  29. Nia Green

    Nia Green日 前

    well this video didn’t age well...

  30. sahrah junaid

    sahrah junaid日 前


  31. 《xXGABRIELXx》 {IGOR}

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  32. Special Pine

    Special Pine2 日 前

    chase how was your day charli me;😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Amani Masood

    Amani Masood2 日 前

    Well this didn’t age well

  34. The Kids

    The Kids2 日 前


  35. The Kids

    The Kids2 日 前

    Youngest friend please stop what the heck or something

  36. kiran singh

    kiran singh2 日 前

    I like Charli's reaction..

  37. Elin Landry

    Elin Landry2 日 前

    pink leapord

  38. Giao Trần

    Giao Trần2 日 前

    Làm ơn cài đặt phần phụ đề đi~~

  39. Gdem Ali

    Gdem Ali2 日 前

    This aged well

  40. Alayna Alaniz

    Alayna Alaniz2 日 前

    He should’ve done nessa .

  41. emily

    emily2 日 前

    Am I the only one watching this after the drama happened.

  42. Isabella Buesing

    Isabella Buesing2 日 前


  43. Elena unicorns Hernandez

    Elena unicorns Hernandez2 日 前

    Ondreaz does the bottle thing : nick HoW dId -

  44. Mahnoor Omar

    Mahnoor Omar2 日 前

    Am I the only one who's watching this now even tho charli and chase hv again broke up due to nessa?

  45. Andrea Bilafet

    Andrea Bilafet3 日 前

    Nobody:Chase will kissing his room and bathroom every minute

  46. Xx Madison Plays Minecraft xX

    Xx Madison Plays Minecraft xX3 日 前

    And chase cheated on charli...

  47. danialle e

    danialle e3 日 前

    That’s probably what Calvin cut his foot on in the pool in Alex’s vlog at 4:38 😂

  48. hello baby

    hello baby3 日 前

    I am comfused Are yyo from greece?

  49. Kim Campbell

    Kim Campbell3 日 前

    No one:Chase trying to open the beer FuC YoU

  50. JustBetel

    JustBetel3 日 前

    well this didn’t age well...

  51. Mrs. And Ms. Softie

    Mrs. And Ms. Softie3 日 前

    Didn’t he cheat on Charlie tho

  52. yes sir

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  53. Melody Kauvalu

    Melody Kauvalu3 日 前

    Way better then narissa

  54. J A

    J A3 日 前

    Who’s here from after their break up

  55. gabrielle p

    gabrielle p3 日 前

    Well this didnt age well

  56. Ava Smith

    Ava Smith3 日 前

    We’re is. Addison




  58. Sparkle team Tabernilla

    Sparkle team Tabernilla3 日 前


  59. Adelaide Otiende

    Adelaide Otiende3 日 前

    I thought larray was chase when I first saw him

  60. Philomena Echebiri

    Philomena Echebiri3 日 前

    Do tonys room with pics of sofie

  61. Lily Zulaski

    Lily Zulaski3 日 前

    Rip cha cha

  62. Amelia Khan

    Amelia Khan3 日 前

    Ondreaz:"im ondreaz😀"

  63. Strawberry Harper

    Strawberry Harper3 日 前

    Image charli there in the tub

  64. sooraj0091

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  65. Millers._. 2020

    Millers._. 20203 日 前

    Here after the Twitter drama 😂❤️

  66. Scftie Ivy

    Scftie Ivy3 日 前

    Hi I’m Ondreaz 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  67. Makayla Sheaffer

    Makayla Sheaffer3 日 前

    Now you have to put chase in Chari’s room.

  68. 1335

    13353 日 前

    I wrote a review on how lame this channel is

  69. Yasmina Seka

    Yasmina Seka3 日 前

    Chase: last time he was here you guys pranked me My mind: sksksksksks and I oop just cause I saw a Hydro flask

  70. Urte Val

    Urte Val3 日 前

    Nobody: Chase: hOw is YoUr DaY cHaRLi?

  71. Sophie

    Sophie3 日 前

    So now that I have subscribed to both what do I do?????

  72. Sunset.

    Sunset.3 日 前

    I love how chase said he wasn’t gonna take any of them off

  73. subarbiea

    subarbiea3 日 前

    3:04 LMAO😂🙂



    I love how Thomas laugh😂😂




  76. Alessandra Minutolo

    Alessandra Minutolo4 日 前

    I love Larry’s reaction

  77. Iaesha Bryant

    Iaesha Bryant4 日 前

    Pink Leopard

  78. japaris is an arianator

    japaris is an arianator4 日 前

    Well um- this is embarrassing

  79. Slater Nguyen

    Slater Nguyen4 日 前


  80. Alexey Vera

    Alexey Vera4 日 前

    How did you do it “mmh Iiiii I’m andres”

  81. •IcedTeax•

    •IcedTeax•4 日 前

    σσρ нє ωσηт вє нαρρу αƒтєя тнє ѕɕαηԃℓє нє ցσт ιηтσ~

  82. ii24klies

    ii24klies4 日 前

    Anyone here from the nessa situation 🤭

  83. Stix

    Stix4 日 前

    .... Very nice Thomas

  84. Aksar Ackbarali

    Aksar Ackbarali4 日 前

    Whos here after the drama?