I Dropped 20 Kills w/ a Level 1 Bag... - PS4 Apex Legends w/ Soar Kobi and BacKoFFMyJanKz


  1. WINDOW maker

    WINDOW maker16 日 前

    How do you slingshot jumping on console? Can you show, how do you do this on dualshock? Because i have 100 lvl on ps4 and i main pathfinder so i try to do this like you but plss show how you do this!

  2. Rudi Mc

    Rudi Mc16 日 前

    Omg awesome game with Jankz & Kobi !

  3. Matthew Dennis

    Matthew Dennis17 日 前

    Love it. This is the squad. Ive been subbed to both of them for some time now. Love it keep it coming.



    good job my highest is eight kills

  5. Henry Fuentes

    Henry Fuentes19 日 前

    “Im coming rich!!!” *Rich kills almost everyone in the Labs*

  6. ye et

    ye et20 日 前

    can i play with u

  7. steelmagnolia666

    steelmagnolia66621 日 前

    Amazing game, please play with them again Rich!

  8. OG1KaNobi

    OG1KaNobi21 日 前

    Best evaaaaa!! More with the pros, Rich!

  9. Granny's Watching-U

    Granny's Watching-U21 日 前

    That was absolutely the best, wtg Rich well played. I like the boys you played with, real team players. Talk about action packed video from start to finish.

  10. Mike Mackie

    Mike Mackie22 日 前

    Legend say that was the most dangerous squad in the history of apex

  11. Kevin Corrales

    Kevin Corrales22 日 前

    Jankz says "Lets go" for any situation. BOGO tacos, "LETS GO!!!" Pee'd without spashing the toilet seat, "Let's goooooo!"

  12. Sualata SAVINI Jr

    Sualata SAVINI Jr22 日 前

    Subbed! My most favorite apex player hands down! Thanks for the content.

  13. Im Benny

    Im Benny23 日 前

    Ngl you sound like a robot its so entertaining 🤩and your skills💯

  14. Thomas Burless

    Thomas Burless23 日 前

    So awesome! Love this type of collaborative content!

  15. LeeGames

    LeeGames23 日 前

    Yes at last was hoping you guys would collab kobi and Jane are great players

  16. Mike Goguen

    Mike Goguen23 日 前

    These three are my favorite JPreporterrs.....Glad you were finally able to play together.

  17. Lord Strafes

    Lord Strafes23 日 前

    Kobi and Jankz are so wholesome it's great. You should definitely play more with them in the future.

  18. Leekin

    Leekin23 日 前

    Finally ik you the best of all them

  19. Micah Koutros

    Micah Koutros23 日 前


  20. Omni Frost

    Omni Frost23 日 前

    One of my favorite videos of iTemp. Keep up the good sportsmanship. Stay humble. Love your commentary as always.

  21. Pablo Santaolalla

    Pablo Santaolalla23 日 前

    8:59 - Lvl 2 bag lol, he always get blind while looting

  22. Salami Puddin

    Salami Puddin23 日 前

    Marvel Trinity: Captain America, Thor, and Ironman Apex Trinity: iTemps, Janks and Kobi.

  23. cazaderon

    cazaderon23 日 前

    That team is basically cheating lol

  24. SunSamurai333 underscore

    SunSamurai333 underscore23 日 前

    Octane is best

  25. Endi Koa

    Endi Koa23 日 前


  26. Badger

    Badger23 日 前

    I love how Rich couldn't last 5mins without showing off his Tony Hawk's moves.

  27. Dane Hitchen

    Dane Hitchen24 日 前

    Loved this. Also watch SoarKobi. Would like to see more of this Itemp. Congrats on the wingman 20 bomb!

  28. Saved Eight

    Saved Eight24 日 前

    You have to easily be one of my top 5 favorite streamers, ever. You have the perfect voice for commentating over videos. Your play style is awesome to watch. You have consistent uploads. You include the viewers while playing, which is awesome. You’re extremely humble. I love when I see you do the 360 kicks, shows you’re having a good time! Thank you for the wonderful content. Shoutout to Kobi and Jankz, also two extremely awesome streamers. Much love from Chicago.

  29. Bonniesioux St. John

    Bonniesioux St. John24 日 前

    I nkew this day would come

  30. Juan Rosales

    Juan Rosales24 日 前

    You’ll three in scrims!


    RICK BIXXX24 日 前

    Looks like titanfall 2

  32. Charles Thrailkill

    Charles Thrailkill24 日 前

    Gahhhhh damn you showed me how trash i am at this game lmaooooooo....

  33. Rebecca Bird

    Rebecca Bird24 日 前


  34. Rebecca Bird

    Rebecca Bird24 日 前

    # World record kills with a gray bag

  35. CRYPTIC _Soul

    CRYPTIC _Soul24 日 前

    I like he passed a Blue bag😂😂😂😂

  36. Alfeeyan keng

    Alfeeyan keng24 日 前

    Dream squad

  37. Opinionated Retro Gamer

    Opinionated Retro Gamer24 日 前

    "This is all you, you're having a game". Actually Rich has a game everytime and you guys don't hold a candle to his flame.

  38. Adam Gold

    Adam Gold24 日 前

    I was always wondering, who is better at Apex. Well...Now I know for sure that iTemp is the KING of Apex Legends.

  39. Mikhail Hayat

    Mikhail Hayat24 日 前

    Itemp: kills 20 with a gray bag Me: kills 0 with a gold bag

  40. Uber Tramp

    Uber Tramp24 日 前

    WHAT. A. START. Barely a word from Rich in the first minutes.. pure concentration. GG friend 👍🏼

  41. gamerpr001

    gamerpr00124 日 前

    Rich completely carried Kobi and Jankz!

  42. Rodney Thornton

    Rodney Thornton24 日 前

    I love watching you dude. I haven't watched this video yet but Soar is one of the rudest people I have ever seen play. I can barely stomach his games. I think I'm gonna set this one out Rich.

  43. Shadow_20x

    Shadow_20x24 日 前

    Thank God this finally happened!!!

  44. Tobias Zeller

    Tobias Zeller24 日 前

    Yeess!! Backoffmyjankz and you are my favourite Apex content creators because you're both soo wholesome

  45. SickoMode Or Mo bamba

    SickoMode Or Mo bamba24 日 前

    Wholesome apex gameplay

  46. jacob wesson

    jacob wesson25 日 前

    You can tell kobi was so salty, love watching you and jankz play kobi is a hoe

  47. Andrew Neathery

    Andrew Neathery25 日 前

    Bro this so so sweet. Please do more like this. Such a blast to watch!!!

  48. Joshua Rivera

    Joshua Rivera25 日 前

    The energy from you guys are great. And there’s no negativity at all. This is a good mix of personalities. Kobi and Janks are really cool guys too. But you still beat them the heckin freak outta here as my main! 👍🏽👍🏽

  49. Joshua Rivera

    Joshua Rivera25 日 前

    Love this collaboration! Three of my favorite content creators playing for some good stuff! Probably my favorite video so far!

  50. Jacob Castillo

    Jacob Castillo25 日 前

    What cameo was on that wingman???

  51. Only Set

    Only Set25 日 前

    This is premium content.

  52. Gregg

    Gregg25 日 前

    this is the dream team for me

  53. Jalen Cudiamat

    Jalen Cudiamat25 日 前

    More videos with kobi and jankz!!!

  54. Maria MG

    Maria MG25 日 前

    Y'all should play with each other often y'all are op

  55. BBGATS

    BBGATS25 日 前

    Rich playing with Jankz AND using the wingman

  56. Coby Shumway

    Coby Shumway25 日 前

    Honestly I had to force myself to keep watching. Your solo commentary is far more entertaining. When the first "Let's go!" was touted, I realized exactly why you are my favorite Apex JPreporterr, and I hope this doesn't become the norm.

  57. Daniel Ponting

    Daniel Ponting25 日 前

    Squad of the future !!! Favourite team in a long time Great game Rich

  58. Clivas Clivas

    Clivas Clivas25 日 前

    Dam knew you were too good to be true 8:48

  59. Clivas Clivas

    Clivas Clivas25 日 前

    Ummm auto target at 8:49?

  60. tate Sorensen

    tate Sorensen25 日 前

    keep playing with jankz and kobi!!!!! there is noooo way you are going to lose with them!! keep up the AMAZING work!!!!!