I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast10 時間 前

    I didnt think they would actually build that high lol

  2. Chuter Hooter

    Chuter Hooter10 時間 前

    So much LEGO’s. You should sell some.

  3. Zapper1017

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  4. Florence Kankam

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  5. Sir Jimmy Savile

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  7. Jonathan The vlogger

    Jonathan The vlogger9 時間 前

    Did anyone else here blue bird at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="499">8:19</a>

  8. Thumper Child

    Thumper Child9 時間 前

    Just what has happened to me beast when we were in Corinne

  9. Tom Catmur

    Tom Catmur9 時間 前

    Plural of Lego is Lego

  10. JBderEchte YT

    JBderEchte YT9 時間 前

    Hell yeah , that’s the stuff I wanna see

  11. RBVlogs

    RBVlogs9 時間 前

    mr beast your the best!!!!!!!!

  12. bears nelsom

    bears nelsom9 時間 前

    I love your videos keep doing them never stop

  13. Tobias Johansen

    Tobias Johansen9 時間 前

    Im worry to say, there is a tallet in Denmark (Europe), love your videos

  14. 1 Sub Before 2021?

    1 Sub Before 2021?9 時間 前

    *Who thinks Mrbeast should rent a private island and play real-life minecraft*

  15. NewTypexvii

    NewTypexvii9 時間 前

    Garbage content

  16. Jenson Snow

    Jenson Snow9 時間 前

    Mr beast you have changed me so much and make me give away money u love you

  17. Intoyyy

    Intoyyy9 時間 前

    Make this the most liked comment in youtube.

  18. Étienne Goulet Séguin

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  19. Yayita Torre

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  20. Cameron Miller

    Cameron Miller9 時間 前

    Why is the view count frozen

  21. Miracle Robot

    Miracle Robot9 時間 前

    So this is how they saved the man that fell in the LEGO river

  22. Jamaa Abdul

    Jamaa Abdul9 時間 前

    @MrBeast Can I join next time😅

  23. Colin Buker

    Colin Buker9 時間 前

    Watched re as it came out.commented now

  24. GCA

    GCA9 時間 前

    Chandler managed to leave a challenge that wasnt even "last to leave"

  25. Cody Arensman

    Cody Arensman9 時間 前

    Chris Gang I V

  26. Zombiedawn815

    Zombiedawn8159 時間 前

    I would do this even if i wasn’t getting paid

  27. Kiarum i

    Kiarum i9 時間 前

    "this is so hard when your tired" chris you know what else is hard? your hat

  28. 1 Subscriber Before 2021

    1 Subscriber Before 20219 時間 前

    everyone: quarantined mrbeast; let’s make the tallest lego tower

  29. Gacha_Tuff

    Gacha_Tuff9 時間 前

    Mr beast says he build it

  30. Mats Dahlgren

    Mats Dahlgren9 時間 前

    We have more in à TRUCK

  31. Tyler Bombaro

    Tyler Bombaro9 時間 前

    Karl is the new chandler because he’s lost every challenge so far

  32. Sebas.07

    Sebas.079 時間 前

    The Great Wall of basingsa

  33. oB Silent

    oB Silent9 時間 前

    mrbeast: building the highest lego tower delaware (with the current highest lego tower):... ooooooooof

  34. Dino2aa2

    Dino2aa29 時間 前

    Who even is that one guy

  35. Shane Insane

    Shane Insane9 時間 前

    You need to do a vid every other day

  36. Kayleigh Dunton

    Kayleigh Dunton9 時間 前

    Where did u get all of the money

  37. Corrupted Jxmes

    Corrupted Jxmes9 時間 前

    Whoever is watching this, god has a plan, trust the process

  38. Ali kaan gevrek

    Ali kaan gevrek9 時間 前

    Chandler : *becomes leader* Also Chandler: *sleeps*

  39. Yayita Torre

    Yayita Torre9 時間 前


  40. Callum Mccarthy

    Callum Mccarthy9 時間 前

    Chris cheated and he still lost

  41. NerdWithGlasses

    NerdWithGlasses9 時間 前

    Here before its 2 hours

  42. Tim Endew

    Tim Endew9 時間 前

    wait thats lego? lego used to be so small... what happend

  43. Leo Agustin

    Leo Agustin9 時間 前

    Love your vids but instead of saying I did it say we did it cuz your friends are the ones actually doing it

  44. Em&M

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  45. Cassie Triber

    Cassie Triber9 時間 前

    Me finding out they I wasn't subscribed for too years o.o

  46. Croatian Mountain Biker

    Croatian Mountain Biker9 時間 前

    Entertaining af

  47. Samuel Young

    Samuel Young9 時間 前

    This look legit super fun.

  48. Nonof Yobusiness

    Nonof Yobusiness9 時間 前

    “I built the largest LEGO tower in the world” ummmmmm

  49. Lauritz Martin

    Lauritz Martin9 時間 前

    As a dane.i salut you

  50. Jesper Vink

    Jesper Vink9 時間 前

    MrBeast: I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower Me: good for you

  51. TAP ON MY Pic!

    TAP ON MY Pic!9 時間 前

    Mr beast for president ✊🏽 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 period🥳

  52. hi_friendJK

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  53. len rin

    len rin9 時間 前

    Chandler: our tower looks good (2 seconds later) wind:let us introduce our selfs

  54. Giraffyty

    Giraffyty9 時間 前

    Even if it's a team challenge, Chandler will leave

  55. 1 Sub Before 2021 Please?

    1 Sub Before 2021 Please?9 時間 前

    Moral of the Story Concrete OR Cheating *Can't help to build a longer tower..*

  56. Seanimates YT

    Seanimates YT9 時間 前

    Chris's side Lets make an actual tower Chandlers side: *WALL*

  57. Akshay Devon

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  58. Pop Pengu

    Pop Pengu9 時間 前

    Chandler won a challenge?

  59. PuddyCat OMG

    PuddyCat OMG9 時間 前

    My new favorite thing is watching mister beast videos at 2x speed

  60. Marian Mucha

    Marian Mucha9 時間 前

    Hard to watch people without any experience with building or maths try to build something

  61. Silent MIKE

    Silent MIKE9 時間 前

    Downhill videos

  62. Zach Neff

    Zach Neff9 時間 前

    Ahhhhhh! Dang you chandler. You always let me down😢🥺

  63. El Niño

    El Niño9 時間 前

    I think the other team cheated when they put cement on the tower but chandler won!!

  64. Mike Kildau

    Mike Kildau9 時間 前

    Best cahnel ewwwer

  65. Alexander Roberts

    Alexander Roberts9 時間 前

    Hey MrBeast, can I please have a try at one of your challenges? I am pooor boy lol

  66. Vactanos

    Vactanos9 時間 前

    It hurts to see Karl and Chandler separated

  67. Naazik

    Naazik9 時間 前

    Well the one inch difference came from the one who held it on the upper end of the tower! 😁

  68. Mohammad Rashid

    Mohammad Rashid9 時間 前

    pls respect social distancing mr.beast

  69. floricena

    floricena9 時間 前

    Technically he didnt build the largest lega tower He build the largest duplo tower

  70. Pyogi

    Pyogi9 時間 前

    Imagine disliking mrbeast videos there dumb these videos are great

  71. The Number One Nerd

    The Number One Nerd9 時間 前

    twenty nine thousand nine hundred and twenty eighth

  72. Xylex

    Xylex9 時間 前

    to win this all you would need to do is leave it until last second and then whip out a longer lego structure and stick it on

  73. tygrys Rudolf

    tygrys Rudolf9 時間 前

    Omg im poland and in Poland time is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1398">23:18</a>


    SCYLERLID9 時間 前

    Can I have one brick? Or a half of one?

  75. Surprise Madafakas

    Surprise Madafakas9 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> that crocs is on fire 🔥

  76. Michael Whiting

    Michael Whiting9 時間 前

    Marcus needs to be in more videos

  77. Please DON'T CHECK My YouTube Channel

    Please DON'T CHECK My YouTube Channel9 時間 前

    Today I brokerd up with my girlfriend ...😔😔

  78. JP Padilla

    JP Padilla9 時間 前

    why didn't count the vertical blocks and multiply that by the height of the block

  79. Someone

    Someone9 時間 前

    Damn it I was rooting for the other team...

  80. Syncz

    Syncz9 時間 前


  81. Mary Carpo

    Mary Carpo9 時間 前

    Bruh I feel short when he said 5’6, they all tall... I’m 5’2

  82. Jeronimo Vargas Fierro

    Jeronimo Vargas Fierro9 時間 前

    me: tries to be early bots: *nope*

  83. OperaKiwi8099

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  84. Tiggy Wigger

    Tiggy Wigger9 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="499">8:19</a> bluebird naruto opening

  85. lakhdar mohammed

    lakhdar mohammed9 時間 前

    the best ever