I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard6 ヶ月 前

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! yes, i bought a large amount of amazon products and this is what happened... which product was your favorite? would you use any of these? xoxo, saf!

  2. Keena Creekmore

    Keena Creekmore18 日 前

    i’m the five hundred fiftieth reply

  3. Mom-ing 101

    Mom-ing 10118 日 前

    do not say the real word for privet part it is inapropreet

  4. Earthworm Sally

    Earthworm Sally22 日 前

    I would use the jacuzzi

  5. Miss Chat

    Miss Chat26 日 前

    Hey Saf! I have the exact same back massager and you just plug it in until its fully charged and then you can use it just off its own battery life then you can be more mobile😊

  6. BS

    BS27 日 前

    the sauna and Jacuzzi

  7. Crystal Chung

    Crystal Chung16 時間 前

    Omg I just noticed all her candles burning in the background

  8. Pilar Wong

    Pilar Wong日 前

    I love how nobody talks about the vibrator clip

  9. Zoil123

    Zoil1232 日 前

    How do you not have more subs? Your the coolest friend ever!

  10. MCD217

    MCD2172 日 前

    19:28 “Bish you called?”

  11. Ciara Saucedo

    Ciara Saucedo2 日 前

    I need the face steamer for when I sick so I don't have to hang off my bed with my face over the vaporizer or humidifier

  12. Chloe Li

    Chloe Li2 日 前

    Is it weird that my mom has everything

  13. Jasmine Albashir

    Jasmine Albashir3 日 前

    "Dr.Bob" wow I'm dying

  14. Aura Wolfie

    Aura Wolfie3 日 前

    7:23 I own the same hottub

  15. Kasey

    Kasey3 日 前

    I admire how easily she spends money.

  16. H O N E Y

    H O N E Y3 日 前

    Ahhh my daily dose of the internet made me do it

  17. lime -x- tasting -x- pears

    lime -x- tasting -x- pears4 日 前

    Who else was screaming at her to get the rose gold foot massager because it looked cool? I sure was!!

  18. Alan Forbes

    Alan Forbes4 日 前

    Why isn't her bath robe black Thus is an outrage

  19. Ellie S

    Ellie S5 日 前

    Comment a 😂 if your watching on the toilet Comment a 😁 if your watching in bed Comment a 😎 if you’ve got headphones on as well Where are you watching this ?

  20. EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange

    EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange5 日 前

    I got a second degree burn from the one person one cause i was sitting on my knees and theres a metal bar that pumps the steam and i hit my leg on it and high key burned my leg Side note: my mom bought it on her own nothing to do with you

  21. Fainnett Tadesse

    Fainnett Tadesse6 日 前

    My dad has the self massager ( we bought it at Costco... )

  22. C.o.R

    C.o.R6 日 前

    Get you a man who will bang shit with his bare hand so you can spa **insert 'my hands look like this so hers can look like this' meme**

  23. ttvdarkness590

    ttvdarkness5907 日 前


  24. Niamh taylor

    Niamh taylor7 日 前

    Safiya: imma go put some clothes on Tyler: you could just keep it on Safiya: this robe is for SPA DAY ONLY! 😂😂

  25. corgi lover book nerd

    corgi lover book nerd7 日 前

    I feel you girl. A bad spa day it the worst. I feel you even though you say positive. I feel you

  26. Aaliyah Vroege

    Aaliyah Vroege7 日 前

    You should put essential oils in the water you pit in the facial steamer

  27. joni marx

    joni marx8 日 前

    But over the jacuzzi: you know for sure that it's good because it's from Intex my parents have a Jacuzzi to for like 8 years so it's pretty good quality

  28. Olivia Schulz

    Olivia Schulz9 日 前

    Anyone else see the candles from her candle video

  29. Azalea Ladbrook

    Azalea Ladbrook9 日 前

    Saf: from the mists I arise

  30. Sophie Mick

    Sophie Mick9 日 前

    I'm eating a corndog and drinking raspberry ice rn...

  31. Angel cake Productions

    Angel cake Productions10 日 前

    Umm Safia that one sex in the city one is not for what you think it’s for

  32. sydney_ lived

    sydney_ lived10 日 前

    *One-person sauna* *_The PERFECT sauna for introverts and anti-social people!_*

  33. Just a Person

    Just a Person10 日 前

    I get a facial and massage tomorrow, so that might be what led me to this.

  34. Gotta love those budgies

    Gotta love those budgies11 日 前

    What did she expect the girl from the video to go in naked?! I think that’s how ur supposed to do it but I don’t think it matters

  35. matilda knowles

    matilda knowles11 日 前

    This was posted on my 13th birthday. I know it is really random but it's just one of those things where you think it is amazing but nobody else cares.

  36. 3 hit wounder

    3 hit wounder12 日 前

    Pg please

  37. Mato Shooter

    Mato Shooter12 日 前

    by watching you i sweared more then you

  38. Maeve Burns

    Maeve Burns12 日 前

    Who else thought the girl at 0:47 looked like Poppy?? As in the "I'm poppy" girl ........ nope just me ok

  39. Sabrina Brookel

    Sabrina Brookel12 日 前


  40. The 22 Princess

    The 22 Princess12 日 前

    5:29 that messenger you got is popular with my family, but the nickname is for it is "other woman"

  41. Chowder !

    Chowder !13 日 前

    love this video so much great times video i never knew i needed but its the best thing was so funny

  42. Ruby Olivia

    Ruby Olivia13 日 前

    I have a inflatable jacuzzi at my house

  43. Ashley Benson

    Ashley Benson13 日 前

    I pretty much cried laughing when you cracked up during the "sexy snow slut" shout out. 😂🖤

  44. miss pusheen

    miss pusheen13 日 前

    the day after my b day

  45. Mi Self

    Mi Self13 日 前

    ur the best love watching u both now i need everything nek minet sauna's on

  46. Halloween Forever

    Halloween Forever14 日 前

    I miss this intro in the newer videos

  47. macks

    macks14 日 前

    I experienced saf's disappointment with the feet bath all over again

  48. Malu Menon

    Malu Menon14 日 前

    love your vids saf! :3

  49. costco's finest

    costco's finest14 日 前

    those jacuzzi bubbles were so intense that i literally smelled pool water for a sec

  50. Krystal E

    Krystal E14 日 前

    Hot tub for the win!

  51. Chelsea Castillo

    Chelsea Castillo15 日 前

    the foot spa looks like a rice cooker lmao

  52. Jayda B

    Jayda B15 日 前

    26:02 remind me of when I'm stoned😂😂

  53. lovehope3753

    lovehope375315 日 前

    No need to use God's name in vain 😡

  54. Waffle_RBLX

    Waffle_RBLX15 日 前

    Was ty supposed to go on a jog

  55. disharitrbl

    disharitrbl16 日 前

    Ilkke it do mmore pool vodio

  56. Resa Chiic Covers

    Resa Chiic Covers16 日 前

    4:55 thats not a "one column massager". thats a sex toy vibrator.

  57. YouYu Zhang

    YouYu Zhang16 日 前

    love this video! ❤️❤️everything! love you as well!❤️❤️❤️

  58. Moonlight Lyrics

    Moonlight Lyrics16 日 前

    1:51 if sounds like UR FUCKING INFECTION lol

  59. Jessie Mushroom

    Jessie Mushroom16 日 前

    11:13 little did she know that it would kinda come true

  60. Sonam Samal

    Sonam Samal16 日 前

    Hello safiya...I watch ur videos everytime u upload it..n i loved them...today only I got to know about ur Indian connection...I was so so happy... Love from India...

  61. Kaleb Petrosyan

    Kaleb Petrosyan16 日 前

    should have bought the best choice foot massagers

  62. ñåț ç

    ñåț ç16 日 前

    my grandma has the beige massager

  63. Fred Baldemoro

    Fred Baldemoro16 日 前

    Should put scented oil or something

  64. Harshini

    Harshini16 日 前

    3:45 the product features under the star rating say that u have to make ur foot roll the rollers!!! I wish she saw this before she bought it

  65. Praxis Descends

    Praxis Descends17 日 前

    I have just now noticed all the Bath & Bodyworks candles in the background!

  66. GothFox 120

    GothFox 12017 日 前

    My stepmom has that exact massager and was using it at the dinner table, my step-sis and I started having giggle fits and she my step-sis said choking back laughter, "T-those look like tiny pen*ses..."

  67. bob the rainbow walicorn

    bob the rainbow walicorn17 日 前

    All riiiiiiiiiight

  68. Maria Frroku

    Maria Frroku17 日 前

    Amazon:foot massager Wish: brown massager for feet different sizes with a remotw control feet massager

  69. *.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.*

    *.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.*17 日 前

    I have one of those back massager things, but instead of holding it with your arms, it attatches to a chair. Works really well, and it is reccomended by me.

  70. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea Fernandez17 日 前

    Make sure you drink lots of water before and after the sauna! As well as taking a cold shower after the sauna for 15minutes or just drink water and cool down for that time :). Don't be like me and went to the hospital for dehydration because I failed to do so going to the hot tub and sauna

  71. Trm 7

    Trm 717 日 前

    Dear god Saf

  72. Esther Yoo

    Esther Yoo17 日 前

    Look at the time 3:51, see below the stars ,it says "All six wheels need the use of foot to make them roll"

  73. Random Gacha Person

    Random Gacha Person18 日 前

    My friend: Lets go to a spa!! Me:Why go to a spa when we could order things on Amazon? My friend:How are we friends?

  74. Gacha Kyune

    Gacha Kyune18 日 前

    What Safiya Loves: Tyler Bubbles And Cheese

  75. Erin French

    Erin French18 日 前

    Well I cut myself on carbord 😡😆

  76. Chandini Karuvela Muthu

    Chandini Karuvela Muthu18 日 前

    Me: *begging parents for a makeup bag!!* Saf:now I’m in my makeup room; Me:😱😱😓🙃🙃🙃

  77. Planet- A l y

    Planet- A l y18 日 前

    19:32 No questions just watch it

  78. Lex_A

    Lex_A18 日 前

    I’ve been on Amazon so many times that when I type “a ” and then enter, it comes up with Amazon😂😂😂

  79. Alicia Brabitz

    Alicia Brabitz17 日 前

    Same here

  80. Jordan Anderson

    Jordan Anderson18 日 前

    I feel like I’m on a really weird binge of her videos and for some strange reason I cant stop watching them even though I’ve seen them all 100 million. Times

  81. sel ena

    sel ena18 日 前

    Technically the foot bath thing does say "all six rollers need to use the foot to make them rolling" on the listing u can see it at 3:50

  82. Märłëä_ Łë_Pøtätø

    Märłëä_ Łë_Pøtätø18 日 前

    Fancy trash can :3

  83. Ine Lee

    Ine Lee18 日 前

    I have the exact same shoulder massager just different color

  84. Aimee-Rae Weaver

    Aimee-Rae Weaver18 日 前

    Jacuzzi al la Shane I'm dead😂😂😂

  85. Jenifer Huff

    Jenifer Huff18 日 前

    Jacuzzi 👌👑🍋❤️

  86. spoopy

    spoopy19 日 前

    7:33 why do i find the “oh bubbles!” so funny 😂