I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard13 日 前

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! yes, i bought a large amount of amazon products and this is what happened... which product was your favorite? would you use any of these? xoxo, saf!

  2. Merry Weather

    Merry Weather7 分 前

    I actually have the sauna in my wishlist so when I saw you with one in the thumbnail I clicked so fast!

  3. Maddie Yt

    Maddie Yt4 時間 前

    I love u

  4. Geraldine O Toole

    Geraldine O Toole23 時間 前


  5. OhmMyGoddess

    OhmMyGoddess日 前

    +Annelise Tarnowski that's a great point!

  6. LynnDee Andrus

    LynnDee Andrus日 前

    The house I just moved into has an actual sauna and Jacuzzi tub in the Master Bathroom. I think a real, wood sauna is better than a personal, plastic one, mostly because the cedar smell, and different heights have different levels of heat. My family loves to watch your videos and this was one of our favorites.

  7. Merry Weather

    Merry Weather7 分 前

    I really want the steamer box!

  8. baby unicorn g

    baby unicorn g45 分 前

    I need that I'm freezing

  9. Hailey

    Hailey時間 前

    im so concerned for how you guys are going to dump out the water from the hot tub off of your patio oh my gosh

  10. Emalee June

    Emalee June時間 前

    4:41 “Foot spa bath massager” just doesn’t sound right to me

  11. 1st house Kansas

    1st house Kansas時間 前

    Now I need that hot tub

  12. Destiny Lipford

    Destiny Lipford時間 前

    Where is your ring

  13. Rachel Cross

    Rachel Cross3 時間 前

    I think u woulda been better off with an orbeez foot massager lol

  14. Brookie Cookie

    Brookie Cookie3 時間 前

    I used to have the self massager

  15. Bunny Muffin

    Bunny Muffin3 時間 前

    Is one of those Funkos from Once Upon A Time?

  16. Jellyfish Gal That Likes Drawing

    Jellyfish Gal That Likes Drawing4 時間 前

    i wish i had the time and money to build my own online purchased spa at my house 😥

  17. Golden Bacon

    Golden Bacon5 時間 前

    Spas are now going to pull a Toys R Us

  18. Olivia 07

    Olivia 075 時間 前

    Pause at 19:22... you won’t regret it

  19. Sonnie Boutwell

    Sonnie Boutwell5 時間 前

    Your body make me feel good about my body as in you have a normal human body and not a perfect skinny body


    ALISSIA6 時間 前


  21. Yolanda G

    Yolanda G7 時間 前

    The facial steamer could be used as a humidifier with the amount of mist it puts out

  22. allyson preston

    allyson preston8 時間 前

    Safiya my birthday is coming up and I love you and would love a shout out my Instagram handle is @rae.presto ilysm

  23. A Potato

    A Potato9 時間 前

    Safiya looks like she was stuck in a toaster

  24. MGJFamilyTimes Johnson

    MGJFamilyTimes Johnson9 時間 前

    we always want a girl who comes up with her own idea's

  25. Loka Llama

    Loka Llama9 時間 前

    lol my mom bought the same thing in the thumbnail. I tried it it's good.

  26. CassiopeiA Albellera

    CassiopeiA Albellera9 時間 前

    You look like Dua Lipa but chubby hehe

  27. Panterlo Art

    Panterlo Art10 時間 前

    The back massager looks pretty good tho 😍

  28. Bryanna Grace

    Bryanna Grace10 時間 前

    for the 3% reading this, i hope you become successful in life with everything you’ve dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. i’m a small youtuber myself and i’m not asking to do anything but i would love to hit 100k by the end of the year. thank you all of youtube and i appreciate you taking your time to read this 💞

  29. Jules & Jayne

    Jules & Jayne10 時間 前

    “You could just keep it on” poor Tyler was just trying to get some😂

  30. Make Buy Modify

    Make Buy Modify11 時間 前

    I'm diggin that jacuzzi! I so want one!

  31. Auraniex

    Auraniex11 時間 前

    dang this video makes me feel not clean

  32. Stary 73

    Stary 7312 時間 前

    “I can’t say no to... shaft.”

  33. aldale

    aldale13 時間 前

    Ok help?! "This is safiyas _____ intro song" ?? What's that word?!

  34. C Tac

    C Tac13 時間 前

    Omg you are hilarious lol Subbed

  35. Candace A

    Candace A15 時間 前

    I am so glad that you did this because I legitimately wanted to get something like this for myself xD

  36. Tatiauna Alexus

    Tatiauna Alexus16 時間 前

    Why does the pink square sauna look like one of the pop up laundry baskets 😂😂

  37. Rain

    Rain17 時間 前

    Self massager not vibrator 😂

  38. peaches

    peaches18 時間 前

    MY mom WILL NOT by me a 500$ inflateible jucusey

  39. Sandra Davis

    Sandra Davis18 時間 前

    Oh my goodness, this is so funny i am dying. I am laughing so hard it hurts lol

  40. Aanchal Gupta

    Aanchal Gupta20 時間 前

    Please do one week of AOA makeup

  41. Selena Laishram

    Selena Laishram20 時間 前

    The rollers disappointed me :(

  42. Pugzie 2000

    Pugzie 200021 時間 前

    My aunt bought the inflatable jacuzzi for their house in France

  43. Anna Alexander

    Anna Alexander日 前

    I love your channel.

  44. Maria Shushoma

    Maria Shushoma日 前

    Her patio is so beautiful

  45. Jai G

    Jai G日 前

    You should makes Franken hand sanitizer

  46. kiyomi

    kiyomi日 前

    I love your swim suit it’s so cute on you!

  47. zinye h

    zinye h日 前

    "oh look at the little bubbles, oh bubbles"

  48. The Beauty Sequence

    The Beauty Sequence日 前

    At 3:50 it says the rollers dont work themselves on the right. Lol love you Saf!

  49. Stephi Bauduhin

    Stephi Bauduhin日 前

    Love this video!!!!

  50. Xx_Crystal Choi_xX

    Xx_Crystal Choi_xX日 前

    Safiya Nygaard after getting out of a trash can sauna: " WOO HOO! FRESH COOL AIR! I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Me: " I need that. I need to stay warm in winter."

  51. Hello Peoples

    Hello Peoples日 前

    Oh bubbles! Oh bubbles! Safya ur hella funny

  52. Shadow Playz

    Shadow Playz日 前

    It’s like Frankenstein’s giant blue vagina

  53. Gretchen Bassil

    Gretchen Bassil日 前


  54. derpyhorse01

    derpyhorse01日 前

    I actually have fancy trash can at home😂

  55. ibuky hee

    ibuky hee日 前

    basically orbeez

  56. Violet UnicornzLPS

    Violet UnicornzLPS日 前

    You must be rich you spent so much money in dis, luv ya saf

  57. Blue Strickland

    Blue Strickland日 前

    I wonder if you’ve ever stop doing dumb videos for views

  58. Lacey Grace

    Lacey Grace日 前

    @7:03 we had this hot tub, we diddnt fit many in it and it now has lots of holes in btw we diddnt leave it outside, it’s been in a shed and still has holes and the inflator is broken and we couldn’t find any battery’s to fit it, the condensation was breaking the screen too

  59. georgia vlogging vlogs

    georgia vlogging vlogs日 前

    JaCcUzI a La ShAnE😂🤣😂🤣

  60. slime& squishies 618

    slime& squishies 618日 前

    Hi I just joined YAY

  61. This account is dead lml

    This account is dead lml日 前

    You should make a mini house, out of boxes!! 📦 Any big boxes like TV boxes for example, would do the trick.

  62. Amanda Lape

    Amanda Lape日 前

    Your hair is gorgeous

  63. yes daddy

    yes daddy日 前

    25:43 What people who vape in the bathrooms at school say

  64. 21Shelby Foster

    21Shelby Foster日 前

    Tyler: "Reduce the risk of electrocution" Saf: "Ohhhh that's good"

  65. Wally Wonder land

    Wally Wonder land日 前


  66. Ali the Betta Fish

    Ali the Betta Fish6 時間 前

    Happy Birthday mate x

  67. Saratheawsome

    Saratheawsome日 前

    She didn't have to buy a facial steamer, because her "Eve" is a facial steamer.

  68. tanzer98

    tanzer98日 前

    "don't keep it near flammable items" *sees that candle and sweats*

  69. Rachael McLeod

    Rachael McLeod日 前

    Does an yone else sing along to the intro song? hahahah

  70. CupaCoffee1

    CupaCoffee1日 前

    10:32 that's what she said

  71. Kpop Your Cherry

    Kpop Your Cherry日 前

    jacuzzis are always gonna be loud tbh, we have a professional one with a wooden exterior and actual places to sit with different sort of jets and a music installation, but it's also extremely loud and you can barely hear music lmao

  72. Kate Juri Castañeda

    Kate Juri Castañeda日 前

    Sofiya looks like natalie from david’s vlog and elle mills rolled in to one

  73. GigglesGreene

    GigglesGreene日 前

    I just love you and your personality. Best videos xx

  74. AttackOnCosplay !Official

    AttackOnCosplay !Official日 前

    *-Face steamer-* *FaNcY tRaSh CaN*

  75. Lauren Baltodano

    Lauren Baltodano5 時間 前

    I feel you....

  76. Kayley Pugh

    Kayley Pugh日 前

    Does she know Samantha's one column massager from 4:50 is.....a sex toy?????

  77. Lilee Limes

    Lilee Limes日 前

    You should put the steamer in the sauna lmao

  78. Fiskejenta

    Fiskejenta日 前

    9:01 here are the unboxing. 13:49 here are the spa starting

  79. Sleepydino 247

    Sleepydino 247日 前

    You. Should use ear plugs for the jacuzzi

  80. necro crunk

    necro crunk日 前

    me, seeing that "ROLLERS ARE NOT MOTORIZED" in the description of the foot bath: she aint gonna see that is she

  81. im shook

    im shook2 日 前

    I love how these exact items are half of a price in AliExpress :D

  82. ACG Medical

    ACG Medical2 日 前

    You sound like you’re 45 and an analyzer. 😂

  83. Sinpwec

    Sinpwec2 日 前

    I clicked on this video just to let you know one thing, and one thing only. You look like a man.

  84. Welton Weird

    Welton Weird2 日 前

    Safiya sounds older than she looks

  85. Skylar Dreyer

    Skylar Dreyer2 日 前

    Can’t say no to shaft!

  86. ybr

    ybr2 日 前


  87. Luna Gaby

    Luna Gaby2 日 前

    You blame the hot tub cuz it’s supposed to be loud because I have one and it’s the same

  88. Wendy Dickerson

    Wendy Dickerson2 日 前

    Hey everyone I love you so much and I love to her so much if you love her please comment and like this message by sisters

  89. Wendy Dickerson

    Wendy Dickerson2 日 前

    Love you girl everybody COMMENT if you love herOMG SHES AMAZING

  90. Wendy Dickerson

    Wendy Dickerson2 日 前

    Hi girl I just wanted to that I love you and your personality if you see. This comment hit the like button if you love herOM😊

  91. Karissa Ruiz

    Karissa Ruiz2 日 前

    When you said "double sling" it freaked me out because when I was in the fourth grade I *broke BOTH* of my arms due to an electric scooter and had to double slings and two casts...

  92. Annie65H

    Annie65H2 日 前

    I just LOVE that you did this!! I have Fibromyalgia & have looked at some of those products like the sauna & hot tub several times - wondering if they are worthwhile at all. Always looking for things to "make me feel better". You put such an effort intro your videos - THANK YOU SAFIYA & TYLER for your helpful info!!! Wish you both the BEST!!

  93. Leslie Parrish

    Leslie Parrish2 日 前

    I watched this video and now I’m getting ads everywhere for a blow up hot tub on amazon...

  94. Angie’s World of Art

    Angie’s World of Art2 日 前


  95. Sofia Tv

    Sofia Tv2 日 前

    Do a part 2

  96. Marsha Crom

    Marsha Crom2 日 前

    Fun to watch but my patio would be too cold in central Illinois to have the jacuzzi out anytime other than summer. If I cleared my basement next to the washer / dryer I could set it up, but I don't think you get any relaxing feeling from being in a basement. The chance of mold increases dramatically too. But then, the public pool is open in summer, and is walking distance from my house. I did like the motorized foot spa and the face steamer though. I have never been a sauna fan.

  97. Erk Mndz

    Erk Mndz2 日 前

    Was that nina dobrev on the cover❤️

  98. Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson2 日 前

    After Saf's video Amazon has large sale! Lol

  99. taylor

    taylor2 日 前

    I’ve had the neck massager for a while and it’s worked WONDERS on my bad neck!!!!!

  100. Cleodel

    Cleodel2 日 前

    The blowup swan while “The Swan” played was a nice touch. 👌😌

  101. Trudy Frost

    Trudy Frost2 日 前


  102. Grace Fothergill

    Grace Fothergill2 日 前

    is kt just me or does she look and sound kinda like lorenzside! or am i kist weird?¿

  103. sick boy dierwolf dier wolf

    sick boy dierwolf dier wolf2 日 前

    I was in thir it stink bad

  104. Ethan C

    Ethan C2 日 前

    I love that Safiya just put Samantha’s vibrater in her video😂😂

  105. Michelle Marcel

    Michelle Marcel2 日 前

    Is it bad that out of this entire video, my favorite part was watching Saf try to say "Sexy Snow Slut" with a straight face? LOL

  106. Gia Laboy

    Gia Laboy2 日 前

    i have a foot bath not bragging

  107. Budhivali Rakieten

    Budhivali Rakieten2 日 前

    “Kinda looks like a fancy trash can”🤣

  108. Grace Gracemarie

    Grace Gracemarie2 日 前

    I've never seen someone think something through as much as she does