I Bought EVERYTHING Inside This Warehouse Without Looking At It First! 😅💸


  1. David Friesen

    David Friesen6 時間 前

    After picking out the stuff that is valuable then you should sell the whole thing to someone else for 15000$

  2. Kieron Walters

    Kieron Walters10 時間 前


  3. Tony Dejesus

    Tony Dejesus12 時間 前

    I think this it's fake 100%

  4. troy lucas

    troy lucas15 時間 前

    That was a blast keep on keeping on. You guys are great watch you all the time

  5. crizola261

    crizola26116 時間 前

    Could have used some flashlights and a few lamps set up

  6. Steven McCart

    Steven McCart日 前

    I was collecting cards in the eighties and early 90s ,and as I was thumbing through a Beckets magazine at work one day ,a guy I worked CV with said he might have a box of cards his mom filled with his cards and out them under his bed. After nearly hyperventilating I told him to bring them with him to the next day. So the box turned out to be a shoe box ,but we figured the cards went back as early as 61 to 67. I tried my best to grade them with a wide degree for error and figured up to $8,000'in one half filled shoebox. He had for some reason 8 Jim Palmer rookie cards which in very fair condition at the time sold for $550 ea. He didn't want to part with either Sandy Koufax or Micky Mantle so he gave me a couple of Palmer cards for showing him what he had....I hope he sold them around the time I sold mine because,the bottom kind of fell out of the market in the early 90s

  7. Steven McCart

    Steven McCart日 前

    I hate to see people that know nothing about collecting baseball cards go digging through boxes of what might be valuable cards ,and proceed to destroy what value they might have had.

  8. marcogiannik

    marcogiannik日 前

    The bearing is nothing worth special not if u throw it

  9. Wolf Reicherter

    Wolf Reicherter日 前

    damn, seeing that extraction cabinet get dropped and smashed. heartbreaking

  10. john stock

    john stock日 前

    I say you made 10 grand 😆 🤣

  11. Ronald Heit

    Ronald Heit3 日 前

    Bulk sell the jewelry stuff. An old friend of mine bought a warehouse of that stuff and made a killing. She sold them at a flea market and paid off her truck loan. Crafters love that stuff as much as fake jewelery people.

  12. Murray Ball

    Murray Ball3 日 前

    .......... once you actually find a buyer for it!

  13. Dalton Fox

    Dalton Fox3 日 前

    Damn i need a SUV I'm subscribing now!!

  14. chris lucas

    chris lucas3 日 前

    where do you even start , how a light ,

  15. carol buckner

    carol buckner4 日 前

    And,,,did I say I can also operate a bobcat? You need me,,,,why didn’t you call me? Granny carol

  16. carol buckner

    carol buckner4 日 前

    Oh my goodness,,,,I also like tools,,,wood,,,,,jewerly,,,,,I am turning green,,,,,,stop dropping things,,,,,,,granny carol,,,,,,,

  17. carol buckner

    carol buckner4 日 前

    Oh my! I need to be there,,,,,I like Stuff! I’m nearly 77, ,,,sore shoulder,,bad back,,,,you name it,,it hurts, but I would have bought that in a New York minute,,,,,where do you live? I’ll pack up and come help you,,,,,,,,I hope you have fun,,,,granny carol,,,,,,

  18. Ty H

    Ty H4 日 前

    theres probably 100000 of stuff there but 2/3 of it they throwing it away. it makes me upset to see that they could have given it to someone else to sell and split $

  19. Ty H

    Ty H4 日 前

    the jewlery stuff is worth more than you paid hope youre smart enough to save it and sell it on e bay

  20. Guardrail

    Guardrail4 日 前

    Why can't I find a treasure like that.

  21. pweter351

    pweter3515 日 前

    I feel your abit optomistic on sell price but what do I know

  22. Craig M.

    Craig M.5 日 前

    This Old man just got PAID €10,000 for someone to clean out his warehouse... smart man in his old age

  23. Robert Elliott

    Robert Elliott5 日 前

    Your your now gold finger just about everything you get a hold of turn to gold but love your show

  24. Jesse Fortner

    Jesse Fortner5 日 前

    Im thinking 95,000

  25. James Halleron

    James Halleron5 日 前

    I think your short changing yourself. That jewelry and the boxes you did not go through usually have the rare gems. Great video.

  26. jason shelton

    jason shelton6 日 前

    My guess is 100k good investment

  27. Marcus G

    Marcus G6 日 前

    You paid 15,000 to clean up someone else's trash

  28. becky brierly

    becky brierly6 日 前

    Your got lucky person Video is dark.

  29. Rehab Is For Quitters

    Rehab Is For Quitters6 日 前

    I've missed your show. I'm happy to see you here. It's about time.

  30. Marc Hiemenz

    Marc Hiemenz7 日 前

    Keep up the great work and fun video!!

  31. Walter E. Mellin

    Walter E. Mellin7 日 前

    That's a fricken gold mine

  32. john smith

    john smith7 日 前


  33. Cory Tompkins

    Cory Tompkins7 日 前

    Damn this is right up my alley!!!

  34. Jason Fountaine

    Jason Fountaine7 日 前

    35000$ profit

  35. David Cover

    David Cover7 日 前

    There was Money and PriceLess in the Walls... They Probably took the Copper to Hide what they Really Went for...

  36. Shane Gozlin

    Shane Gozlin7 日 前

    Put a light on your camera!!

  37. landasales1

    landasales18 日 前

    My comment before I get to the end of the video - pack it all up and take it some place where you can go through it. You won't have any idea what you will throw away if you just throw it away. It is overwhelming, I feel the anxiety - but it's awesome!!

  38. IngoRot

    IngoRot8 日 前

    You made a good deal! I would've bought it in a heartbeat! lol! there is so much money in there. I bet you will make at least 40K+ profit. just have to know your stuff man.

  39. joe barker

    joe barker8 日 前

    Hey was there any vacuum tubes amongst all that stuff ?

  40. ocean state rc crawlers

    ocean state rc crawlers8 日 前

    how much did u make back

  41. ItzCaseyKC

    ItzCaseyKC8 日 前

    WOW... you guys did well in that one buyout. Congrats. A shame some items came crashing down from the racks and were damaged. Oh well. Hopefully they weren't worth much in the long run. Looking forward to more videos to come.

  42. Joey Rivera

    Joey Rivera8 日 前

    I would have JUmp both feet in that deal

  43. morbid curiosity

    morbid curiosity8 日 前

    The sound you chose for your sensor sound is killing me 😄🤣

  44. kl0an

    kl0an9 日 前

    Don't waste your time looking for the baseball cards. The only cards people are looking for these days are the ones with pieces of jersey or bats glued to the card itself. I've got a box full of cards from back in the so's and 70, tons of rookie cards of players that became bigtime.. Not worth a thing..

  45. Benjamin Shepherd

    Benjamin Shepherd9 日 前

    Love military surplus!

  46. Rand0m CameraGuy

    Rand0m CameraGuy9 日 前

    Mmmm junk poo

  47. Randy Hinkley

    Randy Hinkley9 日 前

    Great video guys.

  48. Arrington Bates

    Arrington Bates9 日 前

    I bet you made 60k to 80k back

  49. GoForGold

    GoForGold9 日 前

    Not really like the picture though is it...

  50. Kate Royston

    Kate Royston9 日 前

    Take labour, and transport costs into consideration,don't think they made much!

  51. Jon Jiron

    Jon Jiron9 日 前

    Much love from Colorado! #beardbrothers#fearthebeard

  52. Alan Dale

    Alan Dale9 日 前

    Well worth a watch

  53. John Day

    John Day9 日 前

    Lots of good stuff.

  54. Yuri Livarchuk

    Yuri Livarchuk9 日 前

    This is awesome bro!

  55. Keyshau Tims

    Keyshau Tims9 日 前

    Imaa call them American pickers

  56. Jay Bustos

    Jay Bustos10 日 前

    If you still have it, I want the ice cream machine!

  57. Nikki Richards

    Nikki Richards10 日 前

    Bet that was kinda fun and horrifying at the sametime... was the profit worth all the work? What was the disposal cost for all the junk?

  58. Tim Quinlan

    Tim Quinlan10 日 前

    The semi is awesome because it was built at your shop

  59. DhJ. feb79

    DhJ. feb7910 日 前

    Yeah I saw this I don't think it was worth it what you think?

  60. jas wats

    jas wats10 日 前

    Sry, but if the guy won't even let you look, he's scamming you. "friend" or not. In his mind, anyways.

  61. Dhia Khamis

    Dhia Khamis10 日 前

    It all about the button line 💰💰💰

  62. Jose' Manuel Da Costa Diogo

    Jose' Manuel Da Costa Diogo10 日 前

    Nice one mate all the best for the new year 2021.

  63. Jorge Montes

    Jorge Montes10 日 前


  64. Travis Sikora

    Travis Sikora10 日 前

    Use them blue jugs for making a dock or floating lounge area

  65. clemente rodriguez

    clemente rodriguez10 日 前

    i want to win

  66. roy white

    roy white10 日 前

    made 40 g my guess

  67. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown10 日 前

    have y’all ever worked on a RV

  68. Raymond Manderville

    Raymond Manderville10 日 前

    This is a gigantic version of what moving companies encounter from time to time . You start at the door & sort your junk , what gets packed / inventoried / numbered / labeled & hauled out . Get a professional paper shredder & a wood chipper on site along with wheel barrels & dumpsters . 10 men for 30 days & your out .

  69. David Hehnly

    David Hehnly10 日 前


  70. dave wilt

    dave wilt10 日 前

    I wanna throw my guess out there at 86,000$ made

  71. Angel Maldonado

    Angel Maldonado11 日 前

    I'm new and love this video

  72. John Hawk

    John Hawk11 日 前

    15k he did say everything inside nice forklift hardware and cool copper thatll pay you a good price so cool.

  73. fred soksabay

    fred soksabay11 日 前

    the shelving alone is probably worth a good penny

  74. Phoenix X

    Phoenix X11 日 前

    "theres like 10000 bux of stuff here... " 20 seconds later pushes a $1000 display case off a shelf and smashes it... well thats 9000 bux now..

  75. christopher Lucy

    christopher Lucy11 日 前

    I hope you got the whole building with it and then you can tear it down and you'll have a vacant lot of land if it hasn't been contaminated..

  76. christopher Lucy

    christopher Lucy11 日 前

    I had a family once it's overrated with family like that who needs strangers?

  77. william cordero arce

    william cordero arce11 日 前

    Hi HeavyD, con que tipo de cámara grabas los videos, saludos desde Panamá

  78. Joe Roganowski

    Joe Roganowski11 日 前

    He should have paid you 15k to remove all that crap 💩

  79. Vanner Aleman

    Vanner Aleman11 日 前

    Turn everything into indoor go cart track!!!

  80. Mike George

    Mike George11 日 前

    💪One man’s trash is another man’s treasure💪

  81. Stuart Freeman

    Stuart Freeman11 日 前

    The bearing is about 2500 or more new

  82. Brian McGrady

    Brian McGrady11 日 前

    You need a couple of skips and a couple of semi trailers, Trash in the skips, anything of value inventoried, catalogued and in the trailers. Then ebay or whatever.

  83. Stephen litt

    Stephen litt12 日 前

    Excellent vid! Love seeing this type of stuff.

  84. Flying Maniac

    Flying Maniac12 日 前

    look like garbage to me but it might be good to you , good luck

  85. mlopez6179

    mlopez617911 日 前

    I'm going with 55k profit.

  86. Sixtytoogood -

    Sixtytoogood -12 日 前

    More stuff like this!! 👍🏻

  87. Kathy Botard

    Kathy Botard12 日 前

    45,000.00 without scrolling down, but I hope you made more

  88. mlopez6179

    mlopez617911 日 前

    I'm gonna guess 60k Profit. ✌😘

  89. jay west

    jay west12 日 前

    Needed a few dumpsters lined up out front to streamline the cleanup

  90. american AF,USA

    american AF,USA12 日 前


  91. EL Miridain

    EL Miridain12 日 前

    You look like a Viking

  92. dug downey

    dug downey12 日 前

    Ton of money in the heavy duty shelving units too

  93. Jacobus van Tonder

    Jacobus van Tonder12 日 前

    Love this channel man. Watching it with the family evertime a new episode comes out . All the way from Namibia stay awesome.

  94. Aime Collett

    Aime Collett12 日 前

    I'll take all the old woo if you send it to me.

  95. Aime Collett

    Aime Collett12 日 前


  96. Aime Collett

    Aime Collett12 日 前

    I need an inboard motor, Mercruiser

  97. Grayson Adamik

    Grayson Adamik12 日 前

    That’s really cool

  98. Redman's Gold N Gems

    Redman's Gold N Gems13 日 前

    Way Cool 😎👍🇺🇸💯

  99. James Durstine

    James Durstine13 日 前

    Remember the wax teeth and harmonica 70s

  100. James Durstine

    James Durstine13 日 前

    NICE now I no what I can do with my 13 garages

  101. Gardner521

    Gardner52113 日 前

    Rolling the dice baby

  102. matthew barela

    matthew barela13 日 前

    I say they made $20,000

  103. Petter Pam

    Petter Pam13 日 前

    Those shelves are even worth a ton of money my friend those shelves are a ton of money