I bought a CHEAP GT500 that was “Broken,” then Fixed it for $16!!


  1. itsjusta6

    itsjusta629 日 前

    You guys ready for the shop to open back up? 👀 The next giveaway starts sooner than you think. Stay tuned!

  2. Logan Tomasak

    Logan Tomasak24 日 前

    I think in the future maybe making this a giveaway car once you've had time to enjoy it. Not that you're channel is mustang based but its a huge part. I think way down the road it would be a perfect giveaway car.

  3. rmora1

    rmora125 日 前

    You repeated the same explanation over and over and over... enough already this was a 2 minute video at best yet you bored us by repeating the same thing over and over until we didn't care, and hoped that the whole car explodes just to teach you a lesson.....

  4. Hyper Gaming -Fortnite and Roblox

    Hyper Gaming -Fortnite and Roblox27 日 前

    Can’t wait for the new giveaway to come I wonder what it is🤔

  5. muhammad abdullah

    muhammad abdullah27 日 前

    The Jack Rogers in in Mo

  6. SlanginN Bangin69

    SlanginN Bangin6927 日 前

    So gay smh used to like this guy but he’s definitely changed with the money. Doesn’t even work on his own shit

  7. Steve SteveBaughman

    Steve SteveBaughman時間 前

    Yea, I ALWAYS GAP new plugs ITS A MUST.

  8. John Doe

    John Doe3 日 前

    If I'm the guy that sold the car idk how I would feel lol

  9. Jerry Lynch

    Jerry Lynch4 日 前

    He might not have sold it so cheap if he had seen those broken plugs and realized all that was wrong with it.

  10. Jerry Lynch

    Jerry Lynch4 日 前

    Don't those cars come with anything to hold up the hood? I see you went to a lumber scrap yard for your hood prop.

  11. don wilson

    don wilson7 日 前

    Great find. Nice when it works out. Congrats.

  12. SublimeTV

    SublimeTV8 日 前

    How much y’all pay?

  13. Mike Margeson

    Mike Margeson8 日 前

    What sparkplugs did you put in for $2.00 apiece ? Not platinum or iridium !!

  14. Chief

    Chief10 日 前

    Keep it PLZ

  15. Willy Norris

    Willy Norris12 日 前

    The editing when you are talking is like being on speed. The constant cuts in each scene is annoying AF!

  16. MrKZizzle

    MrKZizzle12 日 前

    Dude.. I love watching your channel but you have wayyyyyy too many commercials .... Maybe keep it to two

  17. Arnie Nonymous

    Arnie Nonymous12 日 前

    Crap, she sounds sweet! Nice haul

  18. rwbuckley83

    rwbuckley8315 日 前

    Am I the only one who uses anti-seize on spark plugs going into aluminum heads??

  19. Burt Fitzgerald

    Burt Fitzgerald15 日 前

    You gotta love that whine. Time to race the 5 point whoa

  20. Seth Bickhart

    Seth Bickhart17 日 前

    This intro music is fire boi.

  21. TrailAndTrack

    TrailAndTrack17 日 前

    If you could make the part that starts at around 00:18 seconds an actual song, that would be SIIIICK!!!

  22. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson18 日 前

    what’s the song in the beginning

  23. GymJunkie23

    GymJunkie2319 日 前

    Had a similar deal although nothing as big as this but there was a guy who had a 92 gt foxbody sitting in his yard for years. Was In good shape but never ran. Asked him about and he said engine was shot. His wife then tells him "tell them to just take it" so $200 later its mine. Get it home and a few mechanic friends help me figure out issues. Turns out fuel system was plugged from old fuel. Put new injectors, dumped the tank and blew out lines and it fired up and ran pretty good. Drove it by his house later that day and the look on his face was priceless as I drove by! Lol

  24. Zackary Bentley

    Zackary Bentley20 日 前

    what song is that because thats slap

  25. Matthew McGrath

    Matthew McGrath20 日 前

    I suggest you sell it and buy a better car.

  26. Campbase

    Campbase21 日 前

    Dude, put some hood shocks on that thing and quit using that lame stick.

  27. Ohh Plurism

    Ohh Plurism21 日 前

    What are gapped spark plugs ?

  28. AuroraBlasts

    AuroraBlasts22 日 前

    how much for the stang?

  29. Jonathan Mckeithan

    Jonathan Mckeithan23 日 前

    Where you get plugs for 16 dollars just did the plugs in mine 120 for all 8

  30. Kevin  Theisen

    Kevin Theisen23 日 前

    You don't gap new spark plugs when you buy platinum or iridium cuz they come pre gapped. You ruin the finish if you gap them. These guys are rookies.

  31. RICKS WORLD dereaux

    RICKS WORLD dereaux24 日 前

    Fixing for 16g thats ridiculous, you will get no profit out from this rebuilt Titled Shelby. 😩😩😩

  32. SnooterMcGee

    SnooterMcGee24 日 前

    I was watching and thought the car was straight piped then I realized it was my neighbor starting his car

  33. Slo verado

    Slo verado24 日 前

    What kind of spark plugs did ya put on the car.

  34. David Brooke

    David Brooke25 日 前

    You came up random. Totally enjoyed it! Subscribed!

  35. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose25 日 前

    i can’t get enough of that SC whine🤤

  36. Igor Schmidlapp

    Igor Schmidlapp25 日 前

    Sounds like the previous owner was more interested in "showin'" than "goin'"...

  37. Texas Rc

    Texas Rc25 日 前

    Giveaway car once again smh

  38. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose25 日 前

    Gavin is the only guy to work on his car in a Rolex. 😂

  39. Tedo

    Tedo25 日 前

    easy new give away car

  40. Jedi391

    Jedi39125 日 前

    Those early S197’s are some of the best looking Mustangs built.

  41. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin25 日 前

    Where did you buy your spark plugs from?

  42. Eli Waldrep

    Eli Waldrep25 日 前

    “Fixes” for $16 and then the whole thing falls apart a week later...

  43. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin25 日 前

    without watching it.....its coil pack dumby


    ALIZIA SIGHT25 日 前

    👍🏻Nice Car !!!!!!!!!

  45. mark allen

    mark allen25 日 前


  46. Robert Dean

    Robert Dean25 日 前

    11/10 edit at the start man...

  47. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin25 日 前

    $16 i just paid $48 for Bosch platinum spark plugs for my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

  48. Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh25 日 前

    Shelby gt500 next giveaway?🤔

  49. TDP Modding

    TDP Modding25 日 前

    And still the check engine light is on😂

  50. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin25 日 前

    what year is it

  51. NubsWithGuns

    NubsWithGuns25 日 前

    But what broke the plug is what one needs to find out before one just drives it. Not saying you didn't do that

  52. Pack Money

    Pack Money25 日 前

    1:14 not firing though the tip like its supposed too lol.... that's what she said......

  53. Rafael Rangel

    Rafael Rangel25 日 前

    It’s crazy when I started watching itsjust6 he fixed his black mustang in the little garage now he has many cars fixing them in his bigger n better garage it’s crazy how he is doing

  54. Ryan Shepard

    Ryan Shepard26 日 前

    These videos are faker than shit

  55. Kyle Burk

    Kyle Burk26 日 前

    Want to buy a stock trinity blower to swap on that thing? Only has like 28k miles on it

  56. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu26 日 前

    Gavin is the only guy to work on his car in a Rolex. 😂

  57. Tydubb12

    Tydubb1226 日 前

    Dude must’ve had Harry gap them plugs 😭

  58. Newyorkdavinci

    Newyorkdavinci26 日 前

    without watching it.....its coil pack dumby

  59. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu26 日 前

    Wrenching in a Rolex my man?!?

  60. It's Private

    It's Private26 日 前

    Where did you buy your spark plugs from?

  61. Boston Dave Dowding

    Boston Dave Dowding26 日 前

    There is no such thing as an 8 rib pulley conversion on an '07 Shelby GT500. It has a 10 rib belt period.

  62. duane howard

    duane howard26 日 前

    No price of what you paid?

  63. Z Pp

    Z Pp26 日 前

    The title should be "I bought a used car that needed the spark plugs changed" CLICK BAIT. Get a day job loser!

  64. Dannysfilms QuinceArt

    Dannysfilms QuinceArt26 日 前


  65. Cobra 427

    Cobra 42726 日 前

    Didn’t say no homo

  66. Ramon Maravilla

    Ramon Maravilla26 日 前

    what year is it

  67. Austyn Chavalia

    Austyn Chavalia26 日 前

    how many miles are on this gt500?

  68. The Liberator

    The Liberator26 日 前

    Literally the first thing you do after buying anything that uses spark plugs is check the spark plugs... It will tell you all sorts of information about how the engine is running.

  69. Christopher Reed

    Christopher Reed26 日 前

    Ford mustang broke engine power light on.

  70. Eric Marchand

    Eric Marchand26 日 前

    Hit up vmp for a blower