I Attempted To Eat My Girlfriend's All In Diet (ft. Stephanie Buttermore)


  1. Tamara Kahsay

    Tamara Kahsay14 時間 前

    Just an FYI: Toronto (Canada) has a few Krispy Kreme spots.

  2. collarmole

    collarmole15 時間 前

    Long Live Stephanie

  3. Nomusa Nyathi

    Nomusa Nyathi20 時間 前

    I'm here because I fell in love with Stephanie's great personality and online presence, at most because of how you support her/each other.

  4. collarmole

    collarmole23 時間 前


  5. Elpidio Negron

    Elpidio Negron日 前

    Wow she gained a lot of weight.

  6. Aaron McCann

    Aaron McCann日 前

    Steph and Jeff: "all-in diet" Me: "not dieting"

  7. Moon •

    Moon •日 前

    You seem like such a nice guy 😭 and your gf seems so sweet!!! The cutest couple ever. Adopt me lol

  8. Daveed da sick

    Daveed da sick日 前

    When your girl gets fat on purpose

  9. Daveed da sick

    Daveed da sick日 前

    I need more butter for butt lube

  10. Ashmeed Mohammed

    Ashmeed Mohammed2 日 前

    i think i eat less than 2k calories a day. i feel i need to eat more than that. u used to be able to eat a lot, but im nt that active any more. i think its a feedback loop. im not active cause im not energetic, im not energetic cause im not eating, and im not eating cause im not active. need to get my butt outta this chair, do sumting, then eat.

  11. Bahrul Arifin

    Bahrul Arifin2 日 前

    Easy food, just saying Good video lad

  12. Louis 1

    Louis 12 日 前

    this dude srsly can't eat much 😂

  13. StellarHaus

    StellarHaus3 日 前

    i love the vlog style with you and stephanie. great to see two healthy and happy people

  14. Ises

    Ises3 日 前

    Stephanie looks like Naya Rivera, oh now I miss her..

  15. Cliiquue_

    Cliiquue_3 日 前

    And I'm here with my 1200 cal diet, doing KETO Omad and water fasts on weekends, and whenever I eat my meal, I can't even finish it, eh. Can't wait to be back on a clean bulk, I miss carbs :(

  16. Stefan Pete

    Stefan Pete3 日 前

    And now she is fat and depressed

  17. C

    C3 日 前


  18. Jacqueline Garcia

    Jacqueline Garcia3 日 前

    They both go mmm and mmmhmmm a lot. Lol first time watching.

  19. Zach Droll

    Zach Droll3 日 前

    Digging the beard. Keep it up.

  20. Jenns Gemms

    Jenns Gemms4 日 前

    Do you guys have a podcast ? If not then you guys definitely should I would listen to you guys alllll the time !

  21. Dini Krasniqi

    Dini Krasniqi4 日 前

    You really don't look healthy after all those meals. Very dark circles and eyelids, which refers to heavily overloaded kidneys due to the processed food and especially animal proteins

  22. Dini Krasniqi

    Dini Krasniqi4 日 前

    And never eat cheese with ketchup, the combination of animal proteins and sugar is the favorite food of parasites. As a result, the parasites will constantly emit hunger signals!

  23. Dini Krasniqi

    Dini Krasniqi4 日 前

    Do a parasite cleansing or even several times. Non-stop food often refers to parasites, especially if you have a great appetite for processed food and everything that comes from an animal (milk, meat, eggs, ...)

  24. Trace Hillier

    Trace Hillier2 日 前

    I was thinking the same and possibly sibo. I had a comprehensive poop test called the gi map and it shows all of this and your digestive health

  25. Dini Krasniqi

    Dini Krasniqi4 日 前

    You shouldn't stop eating plant-based foods because this is hard on digestion! That is because you have lived unhealthy years and your body does not have the right balance and good intestinal bacteria to digest vegetable food! I speak from experience. I've been changing my genes with epigenetics for 2 years. You should take probiotics with your heaviest meal. And always increase your fiber intake but not from today to tomorrow, every time a little bit more. Use herbs that are good for digestion with hard-to-digest meals such as beans, then use Satureja hortensis and or Satureja montana, basil, fennel, cardamom, ... Also include spices such as cinnamon and ginger in your diet.

  26. Mieszko Powroźnik

    Mieszko Powroźnik4 日 前

    You have a normal neck, but your head is huuuge.

  27. Bryce Long

    Bryce Long4 日 前

    Good luck with the diabetes jeff

  28. Rebekah Skandera

    Rebekah Skandera4 日 前

    I’m a teenager, so I know I eat a lot but I don’t track and I thought maybe 2700 calories. Watching this...um, I probably eat like 3500-4000 calories...which I feel like is really a lot for a 130lb teenage girl. Maybe I should step it back a little bit.😂

  29. Tayler Dobson

    Tayler Dobson4 日 前

    I love how great they seem together

  30. bverenz

    bverenz4 日 前

    Terrible to watch how she poisons herself with all that food; overdosing carbs.. she's gonna end up being diabetic for sure.. Plus, she looks way less attractive compared to before...

  31. Eva Machicado

    Eva Machicado4 日 前

    You guys are so darn cute!

  32. Jackie QB

    Jackie QB4 日 前

    Who said they don’t have krispy kreme in Canada? Because we do!

  33. Jasmine H

    Jasmine H4 日 前

    I can barely eat one cup of oatmeal, Steph is a superhuman

  34. Jason Luckett

    Jason Luckett4 日 前

    I'm not sure I'd call most of those foods 'whole foods'. Maybe she bought them at Whole Foods store.

  35. jason Peterson

    jason Peterson5 日 前

    There is Krispy Kreme in Canada it's down by Toronto just west of the city

  36. Alison Krecker

    Alison Krecker5 日 前

    We actually do have Krispy Kreme, and several locations in Toronto!!

  37. Camila

    Camila5 日 前

    Omggg thats soo much food

  38. Fit of Crime

    Fit of Crime5 日 前

    These people are weird

  39. Aiassem G

    Aiassem G6 日 前

    Warning : if you are trying to lose weight and watch videos about food like this it’s not good 😀😀😆

  40. Aiassem G

    Aiassem G6 日 前

    I just ate less than half plate of rice with hot sauce, 4-5 little pieces of fried cow liver , 1 piece of bread, 2 black tea with sugar, and a bit of apple plum jam (3-4 big spoons) and earlier today I drank 2 cups of coffee with sandwich with cheese and beef ham and that would be it for today. Do you think I should now eat sweet cereal with milk ? It’s now 21:34 pm 😀

  41. Aiassem G

    Aiassem G6 日 前

    Lovely couple 💕❤️

  42. Aiassem G

    Aiassem G6 日 前

    Love this idea!!! However if I start eating anything I want then I get so fat lol 😆

  43. Abel

    Abel6 日 前

    that cereal looks more like desert with milk

  44. Jeff Erickson

    Jeff Erickson6 日 前

    The only thing worse than one person displaying dysfunctional eating behavior... is 2 people doing it... Lots of people look up to you... What are you thinking..? Pigging out is not a responsible way to solve your problem.. Whatever..🙄🙄🙄

  45. Diana Mulders

    Diana Mulders6 日 前

    I'm not sure if I should ask it here or on Stephanie's channel but I'm running into an issue on my fitness journey. I've never dieted and I got into fitness because of my mental health. But now I'm noticing that my appetite is complete disappearing. Even if I mame someyhing I really like and I'm super excited, after a couple of bites I'm full, and I tend to get nauseated after I eat. I'm losing weight faster then I want, but I don't want to stop exercising.

  46. Salman Noor

    Salman Noor6 日 前

    What’s the app u use to track ur calories

  47. Mind Voyager

    Mind Voyager6 日 前

    packaged oat meal, cheese balls, krispy kreme donuts...really?? Nippard you really hit bottom.

  48. Chad B

    Chad B6 日 前

    Intuitive eating = Standard American Diet. Let's see how things turn out 10 years on this diet. Not a fan of this concept.

  49. Jhonny Sport

    Jhonny Sport6 日 前

    Kellogg's square (gets on top of spoon handle unlike everything else ) :"phew, I got away! . Jeff : lops it up in the middle of it's moment of relief .

  50. Luna Otimas

    Luna Otimas7 日 前

    6:35 I'm new to the channel, are you ever told you look like daniel radcliffe?

  51. louis delarampe

    louis delarampe7 日 前

    There is no way his gf ate this diet everyday for a full year. She would be obese even if she trained hard, and bulkier if she lifted weights 6 times a week.

  52. Kilju Pullo

    Kilju Pullo7 日 前

    She looked way better fat

  53. Nik Weinfurter

    Nik Weinfurter7 日 前

    Bro what even is a cheat day if this was a normal day?!

  54. Women For God

    Women For God7 日 前

    She said there's no Krispy Kreme in Canada but there is one in Mississauga, Ontario... and I think there might be more

  55. ellen simpson

    ellen simpson7 日 前

    you guys' relationship is so sweet. its soo lovely to see how supportive u are 🥺

  56. Kathleen Downer

    Kathleen Downer8 日 前

    You look lovely steph xx

  57. Kathleen Downer

    Kathleen Downer8 日 前

    Yep that's what I thought she looks fab oh and look she's lost weight that should plz all the fatist people 😂🤣😅

  58. Rachel Philipp Music

    Rachel Philipp Music8 日 前

    im sorry, this isn't sam heughan? lol

  59. N7 Tigger

    N7 Tigger8 日 前

    From Sticc to Thicc.

  60. Yese Fitness

    Yese Fitness9 日 前

    This was so fun to watch! You almost made it!

  61. Mary'd To Keto

    Mary'd To Keto9 日 前

    What an awesome video! I love the two of u!💞 so great! I love this experiment😍