I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast5 ヶ月 前

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    xKiishiyuUx Gaming3 日 前


  3. Javier Olmedo

    Javier Olmedo20 日 前

    surprised it didn’t get the max replies..

  4. Dovaman

    Dovamanヶ月 前


  5. Rupal Gawande

    Rupal Gawandeヶ月 前


  6. Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg2 ヶ月 前

    That rost was AMAZING

  7. Hridhaan Kapoor

    Hridhaan Kapoor27 分 前

    1:59 chandler is op

  8. Adriana tarcalau Tarcalau

    Adriana tarcalau Tarcalau40 分 前


  9. Suman Sharma

    Suman Sharma40 分 前


  10. Blue Raptor

    Blue Raptor43 分 前

    the way he eyes the pizza

  11. HoZakari

    HoZakari時間 前

    but can u just imagine how elastic our stomach is if that whole slice of pizza can fit in our little stomach

  12. Kurt Guanio

    Kurt Guanio時間 前

    Matt stonie litteraly beat him in a tournament ;-;

  13. epic dylan

    epic dylan時間 前

    this guy probably stays in the bathroom for 5 hours after eating.

  14. Gaara

    Gaara時間 前

    enes abimden çalmış

  15. GabMacVlogs

    GabMacVlogs2 時間 前

    Mrbeast:the worlds fastest eater Matt stonie:you sure?

  16. Ayesha Waheed

    Ayesha Waheed3 時間 前

    chanchan tyler tyler waight 500lmb so jimmy watights

  17. Smoky mountain Boys

    Smoky mountain Boys3 時間 前


  18. Robin Curtis

    Robin Curtis3 時間 前

    It's minecraft manhunt but better

  19. Ninja Frog

    Ninja Frog3 時間 前


  20. Rifle Dragon

    Rifle Dragon4 時間 前

    Joey Chestnut v/s Matt Stonie

  21. Freya Regan

    Freya Regan5 時間 前

    did this make anyone else want pizza

  22. Pia Laplana

    Pia Laplana5 時間 前


  23. Pia Laplana

    Pia Laplana5 時間 前

    No I Am

  24. Ado Rax

    Ado Rax5 時間 前

    Bro but I can only eat full large pizza

  25. Hello Plasquita

    Hello Plasquita5 時間 前


  26. Progamin_ TV

    Progamin_ TV5 時間 前

    I can drink a lott of water

  27. Ahmed Qasim

    Ahmed Qasim6 時間 前

    You could of just brought Matt stonie istead of him

  28. Luke Cairnduff

    Luke Cairnduff6 時間 前

    Lol he's a glizzy gobbler

  29. Luke Cairnduff

    Luke Cairnduff6 時間 前


  30. Luke Cairnduff

    Luke Cairnduff6 時間 前

    Buy me one

  31. Chrisean Grimes

    Chrisean Grimes6 時間 前

    He cant beat mat stonnie

  32. Ritvik A Thampi

    Ritvik A Thampi6 時間 前

    im fast at eating becuse i have got 60 trophies

  33. soulfuze

    soulfuze7 時間 前

    That looks so good

  34. Dante Contreras

    Dante Contreras7 時間 前

    I'm hungry now

  35. Ed Gronski

    Ed Gronski7 時間 前

    I would eat that pizza

  36. Aidan Ray

    Aidan Ray7 時間 前

    I feel bad for the white countertops that have grease and pizza sauce on it

  37. Alison lucia Diaz Flores

    Alison lucia Diaz Flores8 時間 前

    ME HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. EliteBozzinator

    EliteBozzinator8 時間 前

    Matt stonie definetley better

  39. Gary Trinh

    Gary Trinh9 時間 前


  40. crtrimble

    crtrimble9 時間 前

    I'm Italian so i can eat all of that :)

  41. Anime - And roblox - 0-0

    Anime - And roblox - 0-09 時間 前

    Mrbeast: imma throw up... Me: How the hec-

  42. amy flower

    amy flower10 時間 前

    U guys

  43. amy flower

    amy flower10 時間 前

    U know i could eat that pizza faster than u

  44. Freaka ꨄ

    Freaka ꨄ10 時間 前

    Joeys mother:what do you wanna be when u grow up? Joey:the worlds best competitive eater.

  45. Zin Wai Phyo

    Zin Wai Phyo10 時間 前

    Next special guest Matt Stonie Plssss

  46. bh io

    bh io10 時間 前

    اياتي سوت هاذه الفديو 😂😂😂😂

  47. Lucas Jay

    Lucas Jay10 時間 前

    Joeys first words were im hungry. XD😂

  48. Parth Patel

    Parth Patel11 時間 前

    Ccdf4fv is a white green white

  49. Kevin Budzisch

    Kevin Budzisch11 時間 前

    The ablaze hardhat reassembly note because alcohol traditionally afford under a six bronze. youthful, nonchalant governor

  50. crainer 2 TTvninja

    crainer 2 TTvninja11 時間 前

    Looking at that pizza making me hungry

  51. heep heop

    heep heop11 時間 前

    *sad matt stonie noises*

  52. Samuel Goellner

    Samuel Goellner11 時間 前

    one time I ate a whole pizza from Papa John’s



    Im hungry

  54. Charged gamer

    Charged gamer11 時間 前

    Isn’t Joey about 10% pizza😱😱😱😱😱

  55. Drawing With Clementine

    Drawing With Clementine11 時間 前

    If I had to go against Joey I would probably win Now y’all know my speed

  56. typical person

    typical person11 時間 前

    Hey uh how much does this cost to make lol

  57. Instant Noodles

    Instant Noodles11 時間 前

    Does anyone else want pizza right now I know I do

  58. ZuIrics RBLX

    ZuIrics RBLX11 時間 前

    Is for me?

  59. Magma animates

    Magma animates11 時間 前

    🍕🚶 basically this vid

  60. orangebroken YT

    orangebroken YT12 時間 前

    But I want a pizza 🤤

  61. Egnis Ymeraj

    Egnis Ymeraj12 時間 前


  62. Jaxyn Law

    Jaxyn Law12 時間 前

    My 5th grade teacher knows him lmao that’s wild

  63. getnooby 2341

    getnooby 234112 時間 前

    I love pizza but I can't eat to much

  64. Rana Chik Baraik

    Rana Chik Baraik12 時間 前


  65. Sebastian Hutchins

    Sebastian Hutchins12 時間 前


  66. Jo Miller

    Jo Miller12 時間 前

    Who would’ve thought the worlds best eater can beat us 😂😂😂

  67. James Russell Duldulao

    James Russell Duldulao13 時間 前

    Can i have one?

  68. James Russell Duldulao

    James Russell Duldulao13 時間 前


  69. Asterios Joakimidis

    Asterios Joakimidis13 時間 前


  70. Leslie Pretzel

    Leslie Pretzel13 時間 前

    0:19 / 5:09

  71. nazia_ nazir

    nazia_ nazir14 時間 前


  72. Shanay P

    Shanay P14 時間 前


  73. Frogman 333

    Frogman 33314 時間 前

    Joey has nothing compared to Matt stonie

  74. Yarcthzi Nunez Segundo

    Yarcthzi Nunez Segundo14 時間 前

    Can i be in one of your videos?- i'm 12 ;-;

  75. Jamison Castle

    Jamison Castle15 時間 前

    Matt Stonie vs Joey Chesnut

  76. XxDarkTapixx Join

    XxDarkTapixx Join15 時間 前

    This is how covid started😥

  77. Addvity

    Addvity15 時間 前

    The jobless footnote operationally observe because scale spindly avoid mid a curly belgian. wet, hanging aquarius

  78. Jacob Navarro

    Jacob Navarro15 時間 前

    10 pizzas what pizza are you eating that are even close to 6 ft

  79. Mason Thai

    Mason Thai15 時間 前

    A entire team Lost to a single man eater

  80. My crazy pets and stuff VAS

    My crazy pets and stuff VAS16 時間 前

    This channel is the 💣!!!

  81. Matteus Pärt

    Matteus Pärt16 時間 前

    its funny how morgz pizza looks better

  82. Serendipity Honey

    Serendipity Honey16 時間 前

    mr beast take me car shpping plz an thank you

  83. II Exalted II

    II Exalted II16 時間 前

    Ight, Jimmy, hear me out. 2 massive rivals: *Joey Chestnut vs Matt Stonie* Literal Goliaths. Goliath of a pizza. Who wins?

  84. Rayana Wolf

    Rayana Wolf16 時間 前

    You forgot the full pizza.

  85. IDninja

    IDninja16 時間 前

    New quote:my egos shattered>karl

  86. Rayane Aitrrami

    Rayane Aitrrami16 時間 前

    oplaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa monsieur

  87. XxMichaelFNxX

    XxMichaelFNxX17 時間 前

    The real question is how many pieces of pepperoni are there 🤔

  88. catsy cakes

    catsy cakes17 時間 前

    now eat cheese

  89. best video's For You

    best video's For You18 時間 前

    I ate 3 small pizzas yesterday and now i wanna eat it again

  90. Bamboozled

    Bamboozled18 時間 前

    P I Z Z A

  91. Jesus Velasco

    Jesus Velasco18 時間 前

    Dang that looks good 🥵🥵🥵🤤🤤🤤🤤I cannot stand how delicious that pizza looks

  92. carljohnson Thepro

    carljohnson Thepro18 時間 前

    wait so this is bassicly ten pizzas in one i ordered 3 boxes once and ate it all

  93. Mia Contardi

    Mia Contardi18 時間 前

    That dude must have a metabolism that is the speed of light.

  94. watermelon

    watermelon18 時間 前

    Whoever is watching this know subscribe to my channel watermelon

  95. Avery Bernethy

    Avery Bernethy19 時間 前

    Bro after just WATCHING this, makes me feel gross and i never wanna eat pizza again lmao

  96. diamond fnafx

    diamond fnafx19 時間 前

    Another fast eate ris matt stonie

  97. Rash •Piggy•

    Rash •Piggy•19 時間 前

    I Remember That I Ate A Large Pizza With My Friends And I Forgot to Upload It Oof But It Was Good And I Got A StomachAck

  98. chhabra44

    chhabra4419 時間 前

    4:42 till 4:46 the funniest clip in all vid

  99. Ruba Ahmed El Mahal Ahmed

    Ruba Ahmed El Mahal Ahmed20 時間 前


  100. Said Gul Pacha Saidi

    Said Gul Pacha Saidi20 時間 前


  101. Alps Pats

    Alps Pats20 時間 前

    Joey is so fast I can barely even eat one slice of pizza

  102. Plutogenix

    Plutogenix21 時間 前

    This couldnt have happened in covid

  103. Plutogenix

    Plutogenix21 時間 前

    this made sad in the times of covid

  104. •Itz the gaming berry•

    •Itz the gaming berry•21 時間 前

    *everybody gangsta until the pizza eats him*

  105. No Face

    No Face21 時間 前

    thats a lotta grease

  106. Plutogenix

    Plutogenix21 時間 前

    This made me hungry 😋