Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs


  1. erinserai

    erinserai5 日 前

    How do you not have some platform crocs yet Jenna!!?

  2. Lizzy Mariee

    Lizzy Mariee6 日 前

    12:40 you can see jennas tattoo that she talked about before. the one with the pink ink 🥺

  3. caroline robert

    caroline robert6 日 前

    I need the video where julien hydrodips an hydroflask

  4. Loar TheGhostly

    Loar TheGhostly8 日 前

    13:12 doggo gives opinion on craft projeck

  5. Brady Clark

    Brady Clark9 日 前

    You HAD to say dog poop just as I was eating my nice German chocolates didn't you...

  6. Stephanie Perron

    Stephanie Perron13 日 前


  7. Fluid HighTide

    Fluid HighTide15 日 前

    You need a different brand of part try rust-oleum that’s the brand I used for my vans and they amazimg

  8. WutThe Unicorn

    WutThe Unicorn17 日 前

    I wanna buy a pair of air forces and do this that would be so sick

  9. ava smith

    ava smith24 日 前

    If she sprayed it farther up the paint would go on better

  10. Precious Sablay

    Precious Sablay26 日 前

    I love her "Too much gene!"🤩

  11. oralia duarte

    oralia duarte28 日 前

    Julien: "Aside from the spray paint, it's like... cost nothing" Spray paint is expensive my dude, lol

  12. evelyn magana

    evelyn magana28 日 前

    i like how you can see your dinosaur tattoo :)))))))

  13. pooheadlou

    pooheadlou29 日 前

    Oh wow! This might sound a bit weird, but when I read the title, I was like what! Why would you hydro a couple of Crocs? Then I slowly..... realised you didn't mean actual crocodiles. Just for the record we call crocodiles crocs. So to be fair I think most australian's if not all would make the same boo boo. Lol!, 😋 it made me laugh, I like that. 🤗

  14. flowerhag

    flowerhagヶ月 前

    Omg u even mention the clear sealant here I LOVE U WHY DIDNT U GET IT FOR UR REDEMPTION LMAO Jenna ur a mess and I heavily relate bless up

  15. Mickie Baby

    Mickie Babyヶ月 前


  16. Elise Tamara

    Elise Tamaraヶ月 前

    Bunny just peeing in the back ground

  17. thinkingspears

    thinkingspearsヶ月 前

    13:13 Bunny casually using the restroom behind Jenna

  18. melmariemua

    melmariemuaヶ月 前

    The paint is too thick in the water tho

  19. SS NA

    SS NAヶ月 前

    Somehow missed this one until the new video came out. Hand look book is my favorite part. 13/10 great content

  20. Star Boy

    Star Boyヶ月 前

    i like your dog

  21. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryenヶ月 前

    Well, she did it again with a small redemption.

  22. Пошлая Молли

    Пошлая Моллиヶ月 前

    Why does it seem to me that Jenna is like a Russian singer Olga Buzova

  23. Arin Smith

    Arin Smithヶ月 前


  24. Arin Smith

    Arin Smithヶ月 前

    Jenna's makin' a mess!!

  25. Arin Smith

    Arin Smithヶ月 前

    I was probably emotional, still am.

  26. Arin Smith

    Arin Smithヶ月 前

    sorry I didn't like this video damn lol

  27. Alex Valkov

    Alex Valkovヶ月 前

    why would yo-

  28. Mika The Cat

    Mika The Catヶ月 前

    Respect the drip

  29. Elizabeth Foster

    Elizabeth Fosterヶ月 前

    Your supposed to spray paint the crocs white before dipping them so they will stick.

  30. Nikki Murray

    Nikki Murrayヶ月 前

    has someone made a compilation of julien saying “woaaaaaaaah”

  31. Sydnee Caldwell

    Sydnee Caldwellヶ月 前


  32. S S

    S Sヶ月 前

    ya shoes are rubber paint don't stick to your rubber crocs

  33. Addison Theriault

    Addison Theriaultヶ月 前

    13:15 did no one see bunny pooping in the background behind Jenna?!

  34. Faith Oman

    Faith Omanヶ月 前

    It wont let me post the photo but there was this girl who was a crock for halloween and it reminded me of you and i had to come back to this video to share it. 🤣

  35. Yazmin Griffiths

    Yazmin Griffithsヶ月 前


  36. Hoki Tui

    Hoki Tuiヶ月 前

    5:59 The croc says trans rights!

  37. PsychoKitty사랑

    PsychoKitty사랑ヶ月 前

    you need to seal them with something

  38. Hannah

    Hannahヶ月 前

    water *marble you wanna*

  39. LtFail Plays

    LtFail Playsヶ月 前

    Jenna you need oil based paint...

  40. oohahsimza

    oohahsimzaヶ月 前

    not new (returning after 5 years) is this a series type thing?