Hydro Dipping A Pair of Crocs


  1. TheReal_ist

    TheReal_ist時間 前

    Goes through 70% of the video with out even having the idea that “Hey maybe we should use thinner layers”. So u know it doesn’t fail so bad being so thick.

  2. Lissywolf370 AJ

    Lissywolf370 AJ2 時間 前

    cap I love your shirt, eh!

  3. Kathryn Pell

    Kathryn Pell2 時間 前

    Preach girl I have 6 pairs I love the colors and people always make fun of me for wearing them!

  4. ashley canady

    ashley canady4 時間 前

    @7:03 Jenna's too much gene kicks in.

  5. Evee Lynn

    Evee Lynn6 時間 前

    i think jenna would be hella good at spray paint street art so lets see it beech

  6. Sabrina Lang

    Sabrina Lang6 時間 前

    Jenna: "If I was a little girl though, and I knew that you could water marble things. I would have water marble everything" And my first thought was water marble Marble...I am a horrible human being, WHY BRAIN!?

  7. Soccer_King _2

    Soccer_King _28 時間 前

    Who just finished watching and now want to hydro dip their shoes😂

  8. Woot Woot

    Woot Woot19 時間 前

    You really inspired me to get crocs. *so I did*

  9. CoffeeFox2K

    CoffeeFox2K21 時間 前

    Banksy got nothin on these

  10. elise

    elise22 時間 前

    sis snappedddd

  11. Capri McLucas

    Capri McLucas23 時間 前

    JENNA MARBLES there’s a hydro dipping video where as soon as the object is fully submerged, two other people “wiped” the surface of the water with paper towels

  12. Wolfy :3

    Wolfy :3日 前

    I like Crocs too but I don't have any that fit ;-;

  13. Louis Matlock

    Louis Matlock日 前

    Do it to the dog

  14. die - you tried

    die - you tried日 前

    SimplyNailogical has left the chat.

  15. Dogs CatsAndRodents

    Dogs CatsAndRodents日 前

    Look at the T-shirt and what she’s doing - cristine are you watching and being triggered at the water marble!? 😂

  16. Shea Adams

    Shea Adams日 前

    PLEASE please try string pull art! I love watching y’all paint and be creative!

  17. carson preston

    carson preston日 前

    hydro dipping: *doesnt work* julien: *woOaAOaaAhhHH*

  18. ExantheKitty

    ExantheKitty日 前

    When we were kids my little brother when he was like 4 got a croctan and my mom freaked out before she realised what it was cause it looked like some decease or allergy or something

  19. Katie Holman

    Katie Holman日 前

    I wear crocs EVERYDAY!!!!!

  20. Good cookies

    Good cookies日 前

    you can also do it with nail polish

  21. Thomas Fitzgerald

    Thomas Fitzgerald日 前

    Please people do not do this. And if you do especially do not wear your crocs without socks. All the chemicals are going to be absorbed by your skin and go straight into your blood stream. Fashion for dire Health consequences later.....

  22. Rylee Johnson

    Rylee Johnson日 前

    Try rubbing a piece of sandpaper on them to try to make the spray paint stick better

  23. Dizzy

    Dizzy日 前

    Want to put your groceries down first? But my groceries are crying

  24. Staciek76

    Staciek76日 前

    Lmao the last comment julien made!

  25. DeathnoteBB

    DeathnoteBB日 前

    1:41 Peach: _soon_

  26. Vanessa Barrriga

    Vanessa Barrriga2 日 前

    Jenna, because of this video I got Crocs and OMG they are so comfy! Never taking these off! Perfect 32 year old lady shoes. :)

  27. Jase Stanton

    Jase Stanton2 日 前

    1:18 omg I died

  28. VioletFoxx

    VioletFoxx2 日 前

    very jelly

  29. Brigid H. Allen

    Brigid H. Allen2 日 前

    Please watermarble Marble

  30. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget2 日 前

    Polyurethane is your best friend Jenna Dip or spray things into permanent

  31. Bella The Mermaid

    Bella The Mermaid2 日 前

    I don't like the tye dye crocs either sis



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  33. fishy missy

    fishy missy2 日 前

    U have to go slow

  34. Sebby Powers

    Sebby Powers2 日 前


  35. Lachlan Pike

    Lachlan Pike2 日 前

    Art on crocs, or art on crack?

  36. lucastearss

    lucastearss3 日 前

    Walk a mile in these

  37. Jay Rawson

    Jay Rawson3 日 前

    Jenna, I love your videos and I hate to be that guy BUT, for me the shaky cam and ultra-quick cuts is stomach-churning. Sorry to be a pain, but I thought you might want the feedback, sorry!!

  38. Racing Tab TV

    Racing Tab TV3 日 前


  39. DZrache

    DZrache3 日 前

    Next video: 100 layers of hydro dip

  40. Pato Assustado

    Pato Assustado3 日 前


  41. Sash

    Sash3 日 前

    Now Jenna is contractually obligated to appear on Cristine's Will It Watermarble

  42. lilly mikaelson

    lilly mikaelson3 日 前

    Water marble Kermit!!!😂😂😂

  43. amanda

    amanda3 日 前

    I can smell this video

  44. Unicorn Banana

    Unicorn Banana3 日 前

    *christine with no 'h' has left the chat*

  45. Sammy Jams

    Sammy Jams3 日 前

    Shout out for CALGARY!!! Woot!! 🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🤠🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦

  46. Alison Crane

    Alison Crane4 日 前

    Make an extreme fairy garden

  47. TheAverageChelios

    TheAverageChelios4 日 前

    Lmao...my "too much Gene"... Had me rolling

  48. Abbstar p-n

    Abbstar p-n4 日 前

    You should hydro dip your dogs?!?!🤣

  49. Merlin Joseph

    Merlin Joseph4 日 前

    Ehhhh!! For Calgary!!!!

  50. MaverickHunterXZA

    MaverickHunterXZA4 日 前

    "You gonna need to stop at one po.." *dip*