How To Remove a Computer Virus


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    Bruh i did everything why wont the screen turn on like yours

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    Nobody: My dad when the computer says location sharing is on: 0:16

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    Guys my laptop won't turn on and I followed all the steps, what did I do wrong?

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    Laugh at this video or do whatever you want, but it worked for me

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    This is"HowToDestroy"your laptop And its actually work :D

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    Why did I get a virus and right before this video

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    yay no more virus! thanks.....

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    0:16 me after rage quiting

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    I actually came here to get know how to remove pc virus and after few seconds i was like o_o.

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    From a virus to a frozen computer screen, I got you fam.

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    how to remove virus howtobasic: *conpletely destroying computer* me, an intellexual: P R O T O G E N T

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    My friend told me his pc got hacked so I did this, and it was fixed. He was so happy after! :D

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    Is now a bad time to tell you if I laugh too hard I pee myself

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    0:18 the hammer hitting the PC sounds like a woodpecker

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    Omg this worked for me the down side is that it’s broken

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    Hey! It worked! But my PC is kinda dirty and very cold..

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    There won't be a virus if there isnt a PC

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    You don't need to destroy the computer

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    0:23 Laptop Spreading Pandemic Virus From The Computer

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    This hack works because if u destroy laptop a virus will blow up.This is a simple logic LOL

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