How To Play Life


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    They changed the game completely

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    discrepancy on teacher career card description does teacher still gets a salary?

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    Play the life? More like the life plays you

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    I play monopoly

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    What happens when you land on "Inherit Acne! Collect $150,000"?????

  8. Harry BuddhaPalm

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    How to play the Game of Life: spin the wheel and move that many spaces. Repeat until the game is over.

  9. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixonヶ月 前

    I don't see that the game requires a strategy to win. Real life requires a strategy. Wait, this is what happens! Living without a strategy for the future, being reactive to events as they occur, is lived out on this board game! (Somewhere a vegan graduate student with $100k of student loan debt is writing a Master's thesis on this deconstruction.)

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    Great content, keep it up

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    Which version is that? I'm tryina buy it and Amazon only has the one with pets that has a squared board Like this one way better

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    Heidi Loveless I’m pretty sure they made the same version from the late 90s through mid 2000s. At least that how it seems since this video shows the same version of the one I have thats marked 2005. Sorry I can’t help more. Honestly I would look at the Wikipedia page for the game. Those always have so much information haha

  13. Heidi Loveless

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    Kirsten Handley: What version did you find? I found out after I commented that the poster of this video said in the comments that this is the 40th anniversary edition, which is 1999.

  14. Kirsten Handley

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    I just found this version on eBay it was trademarked 2005. Hope that helps!

  15. Heidi Loveless

    Heidi Lovelessヶ月 前

    Alonso S: Agreed. The older games are much better. The game version used in this video appears to be from 1999/2000.

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    And Toilet Trouble

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    If i have more babies but my car is out of seat so... what should i do??

  18. Melodie Ferrin

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    Bao Hoang Have the other kids just be on the street and still keep up with the car, or use another car driven by your spouse to store the other kids

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    Thank you I will enjoy my life

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    This is sick. A game celebrating the worst parts of modern society.

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    Jesus, calm down, would you? You must be outraged daily.

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    Trade salary card with any player what????

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    If they win does that mean they won at life 😆

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    Life is so fun Thanks

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    i gave been struggling, am i doing smoething wrong because it hurts o live

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    what if you can't payy all the debt at the end of the game?


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    Poda pundaiku porandha punda née oru punda

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    Came to see if this is similar

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    I play the game of life without the board.

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    I hope you're winning!

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    Dont you ever say that again

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    He means Conway's Game of Life, and what impresses me is that it is a zero-player game

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    We all don't we?

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    thanx man. the first 5 videos we watched were total crap. you saved the day sir

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    "Each player starts with 10k" you fucking joking?

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    mo thats how u play i am playing it rn

  43. Joan Smith

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    WHAT retirement? I played the original version, MANY years ago. Where are the REVENGE spaces? And the AUTO insurance, FIRE insurance, and the poor house, no millionaire tycoon?

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    What version is this??? XD I’ve been trying to find it and I don’t know the year

  48. Melodie Ferrin

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    I think it’s the 2000 edition

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    It is the 40th anniversary edition.

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    I didnt get the "add spouse to the car" like hw is tht done the rest of the video was very informative thanks!

  51. Benson Cordeiro

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    @GatherTogetherGames i feel there is a little variation into the Indian version where the space above states the salary amount and the career how is then the other side to be determined does the Indian version too have the career cards? Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help till nw

  52. GatherTogetherGames

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    Yes, add a little piece to your car.

  53. Benson Cordeiro

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    @GatherTogetherGames adds a spouse as in add a member in the car? Inserting a small piece on tht car u mean?

  54. GatherTogetherGames

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    There is a game space for "Get Married." Each player stops for that space and adds a spouse.

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    Life. The game that should be Compared to the earth. In a World where you keep Nothing, Money and Power mean nothing. In a World where you will end up Seeing a Grave, No options available to you mean Much of anything. People need to Stop being So BLIND and Start Seeing the REALITY of this EXISTENCE.

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    To stop living right now or to research the eternity?

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    Millenials need a new life game and a change job carrer every 5 turns

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    Ok boomer

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    So what if the first person has mor e money in cash that Th either and the other player has more money in life tiles who wins and also what do life tiles do

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    Thanks For the tutorial try monopoly

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    Now imagine the millennial edition: you don't buy a house, just pay rent and don't get to retire because everyone dies from climate change related causes


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