How To Move On After A Breakup?


  1. Hemant NavKumar

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    The best way to move on is the way Prince Siddharth did it.. while she was peacefully sleeping 😜


    VISHNU DBH3 日 前

    What is the need to get over someone you loved? Everywhere i search this.. There is only results on how to get over. But noone says why you should? If i am planned to live my life happily, though my happiness doesn't involve falling for another girl or having a family does it matter? People think that i am ruining my life by that. As you say, love is also a memory. If i am concerned its one the best memories of my life.. So why would i want to forget it. Some say its so that you can love someone else and get married.. What is the need to get married? Why can't i live alone? Some say u need a child atleast for your death ceremony 😂 I don't believe in afterlife and religions.. So after my death i don't need someone to do karma to my body.. Bcoz once i am dead, y wud i care if my body rots or burns. So could someone explain to me how would forgetting and getting over someone you loved make your life a better one?

  3. C_Or121212 hla

    C_Or121212 hla3 日 前

    so, stop going around breaking up. Choose carefully a person with whom you trully want to stick to!

  4. The Gaming Era

    The Gaming Era7 日 前

    1. Love Yourself 2. Your memories are still there because of you only so just let it go, we make it harder ourselves. Just think it was a joke. 3. Remember why Lord Ram was called as Maryada Purushottam Ram

  5. Sandeep Sequeira

    Sandeep Sequeira7 日 前

    I just came out of 9 years relationship, I am going crazy here. Within a month my ex is already committed in a relationship with one of her colleague and I am losing myself.

  6. DrOuP OUT BaCkBeChEr

    DrOuP OUT BaCkBeChEr8 日 前

    Today exactly at 10am she broke up with me What can I do now?

  7. Sushma R

    Sushma R8 日 前

    Just forget and forgive

  8. ragesh nath

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    Am I the only one who didn't understand what he said ?? 🙄

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    I know some

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    Friend? huh?! 🤔 😏

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    Kya English hai bhai

  14. srirupa

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    How to overcome a break up?... question still remains unanswered.



    What does the word " You came alone & you will die alone" mean?

  16. kumar ayush

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    Human memory doesn't have the option of Ctrl+Alt+Del option. I hope it had....

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    The only thing wrong with this video is the title

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    He makes his answers so complicated and long

  19. chikku _1

    chikku _123 日 前

    Am. Not able to. Move on because he is my collegue and have to face him daily

  20. geoffrey nyasimi

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    this guru is not helping at all

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    Geoffrey nyasimi don't worry dear. Let me introduce you to someone who helped me get back my ex. He can also help you

  23. Himalayan Montana

    Himalayan Montanaヶ月 前

    Dont chop cucumber with mac air ... just know the significance what you have ....not what you lost ,.... Dedicated to my dear who was and partially living with this trauma !!!. Love yourself. Don’t make your happiness and sadness depending on sth or someone else. They may be the meadiator but actual happiness lies within you and around you. Dont forget you came alone, you will die alone. Lucky enough if you have your beloved one with you while you r in last moment of life.

  24. Pavan Raju

    Pavan Rajuヶ月 前

    My dear brothers and sisters of the world, I would like to add some points on this. In such situations if we are giving too much importance to someone in our life, that leads to biggest conflict. Because our emotions are involved in it. Our efforts to gain something is fine, but we just couldn't loose someone/something because our emotions are involved in it isn't it?! So to come out of it, based on my experience and quoting from Bhagavad-Gita, we should not have ATTACHMENTS on anything and on any person in our life. In one of such incidents, one of our neighbors died by suicide. It's because, they're(such people) stubborn and they give full importance to someone/something they love more than themselves. That's why it leads to take their own valuable life! "When we're happy, world is happy!" That's it❣️🙏

  25. Mr Visnu

    Mr Visnuヶ月 前

    Anybody ask a question : Sadguru : laughs

  26. Christina Gerstner

    Christina Gerstnerヶ月 前

    I took it that way, I think with his statement he means that it is not about the fact that you really need this one person, but that you are looking for something that completes us because it is the nature of everything and we only believe this feeling to have found this one person because this person apparently gave us this indescribably beautiful feeling of being a whole because it was a good trigger for us. When this person leaves us, we develop fear never to be able to get this nice feeling from another person again, but the feeling has always arisen in yourself only you have interpreted it into the other person because they themselves could well reflect you and you strong together and been a whole. This is how it felt to you in your own way. I think that's why there is jealousy because it hurts when the half who supposedly completes us suddenly no longer loves us and goes away. Because of this, don't feel left alone or not loved find a way to create that feeling yourself without needing anything else and you will be able to love everything.

  27. Rahul Dravid

    Rahul Dravidヶ月 前

    Remember one thing its not just brkup thats too painful.. Anything that you practice over a time when gets a deviation will make u experience same pain.. Its all about bringing the new practice to forget the old

  28. Rahul Dravid

    Rahul Dravidヶ月 前

    Connect with new ppl, friends, work on self improvement and involve in some hobbies.. Time will heal everything... Dont worry abt body memories its all in brain and how you practice it.

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    So how do you go on?

  31. Greeshma Nair

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    It's really hard but it's definitely possible ,think u all deserve better and stay positive love urself be urself

  32. Lily yyy

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    Its been 9 months and its still so painful 😭

  33. Puja

    Puja4 日 前

    believe me, it all fades away. What helped me after 4 years of crying is travel.

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    Not a satisfactory answer

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    Please arive madhya pradesh ...Ujjain Please at least once Your great words not influence my mind but my heart too! Sir thankyou for your kind words .

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    Nowdays most of the girl se boy as a taxi a taxi to achieve their goal. All about flesh and blood....

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    I didnt find answer , sorry..

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    Way to be burned from Sadhguru on the first sentence :D

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    What did he actually say ? 🤔

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    I wish Sadhguru was my grandpa😪

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    You have to wait for the real answer until the last sentence 😂

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    2:51 lol camera man notices pretty lady

  45. Aryan

    Aryanヶ月 前

    All those asking how to deal with it ans is you can't only time can heal it.. unfortunately there's no shortcut.I'm going through same now hoping time will heal everything. One thing I have learn those who value true love never get it.

  46. killstreaker14

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    If you believe you truely value love then you deserve to experience the love you have to offer before the people in this world do.

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    Aha,10 years!

  49. Lotty Paria

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    Who broke up

  50. Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.

    Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.ヶ月 前

    Before you touch and envolve yourself in everything and anything(One), you must see the impact on you. Bringing some integrity to the body is the key.... Beyond all, understand you were born alone and you will die alone. Sadhguru Forever 🥰🌹💖🙏🏿

  51. Pranav Pugaonkar

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    He said it's for his friend and then he says "I dont know how to move on" 🤣

  52. Pranav Pugaonkar

    Pranav Pugaonkarヶ月 前

    @Henry Taff that's what he stated in the crowd, usually people lie stating it's for their friends rather than stating the truth to not experience embarrassment

  53. Henry Taff

    Henry Taffヶ月 前

    Bc he was saying he could not explain to his friend how to move on bc of his age "basically" he hasn't had the chance to move on so therefore he could not give his friend advice on something he hasn't experienced for himself Hope this helped you.

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  55. zara kareem

    zara kareem2 ヶ月 前

    For the confused people. He said look that other person has moved on, so whether you think about them or not, they aren’t thinking about you. He then says have integrity and self respect for yourself your future and your body. So when you do meet someone, think about what you want, is it a marriage? Is it a hookup? Or is it someone you are just spending time with for fun? Then look at that person, do they have the qualities you want? And are they also at your level? A hot girl is not going to want to hookup with an in attractive guy, or a rich guy may not take an obese girl seriously. So what he is saying is don’t be falling in love with everyone you meet, not everyone deserves it. What he is saying about loose life, he is saying life is short, learn to have goals and focus on them, if you waste a year or two on some heartbreak you won’t get that time back. So focus on your education career and try to find a good person who has their life together.

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    Totally agree. You are so sweet.

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    Wow..thank you for breaking that down!

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    Did he finally answer the boy's innocent question. His high level of intelligent english and Hellow most people dont understand. But the boy is decent and sincere guy. boy said Thanks

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    The title should read how do you move on after a break up? Otherwise no question mark is involved.

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    asking for a friend 😂😂😂👌👌👌


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    The boy was just like, "why I asked this question to him?"🤔

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    I m sure his friend didn't had a breakup rather he had it😂😂😂

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    Listening To Regain Consciousnesses Of Mind (Renewing My Mind All Way Around)

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    A homosexual taking advice from a wife-murderer about break-ups... COOOOL!

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    But his nose is sitting on your face ? Can someone please explain ?

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    it pains ........ i am going through it.......... get well soon me....... i m terrified with the human act

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    The macbook air can be used to chop cucumbers? Wow it can do everything. And this guy is really smart.

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    2:51 that girl 😇😇😇