How To Make the Perfect Burger


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    Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow! Think that's a lot? Buy a shirt - All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!

  2. Firestar1987 2556g

    Firestar1987 2556g19 時間 前

    you know I thought you were actually going to make something right but then pickles happened when that happened I was like oh my God what the f*** why did you do that idubbbz I mean every episode of HowToBasic ends up in a f*****-up way but seriously man... is still really entertaining though but why with all the f****** pickles great video I liked

  3. Cassadi Johnson

    Cassadi Johnson日 前

    Don’t talk about Americans if you call that ham “bacon” 🤣🤣🤣

  4. WallBreaker 11

    WallBreaker 113 日 前

    2:25 he has got ad dogoooooo

  5. Ryan Xu

    Ryan Xu6 日 前

    Is it okay if i do it without the pickles?

  6. SoufflesOnRooves YT

    SoufflesOnRooves YT7 日 前

    What's the song's name?

  7. bestperttitube masku

    bestperttitube masku8 時間 前

    I think he likes pickles

  8. person that cant think of a name

    person that cant think of a name9 時間 前

    2:24 - 2:55 ASMR lvl. Unknown

  9. EnderMe 13

    EnderMe 139 時間 前

    The doggooo💕

  10. Samir Nurmatov

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  11. Claro Rillo

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    *i had a buger king ad* Guess this is gonna be a good one :D

  12. Riz Wan

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    R. I. P

  13. 5K Subs with 1 video challenge

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    I like cumin >:3

  14. An Idiot From Space

    An Idiot From Space12 時間 前

    _“The Perfect Burger don't exi-”_

  15. • ItzCookies •

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    I thought he would actually make a perfect tutorial, but I was wrong 😂 #Pickles4Life #HowToBasic #ThatsWhatYouThought

  16. Leong Kum Fatt

    Leong Kum Fatt14 時間 前

    Pickel my dickel

  17. Jason Lilley

    Jason Lilley14 時間 前

    Honestly, this is how I like my burgers...pickles or GTFO

  18. [Purple Dragons]

    [Purple Dragons]14 時間 前

    Imagine just a random person thiipnking this is real at first

  19. A day with Ched

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    Next video how to clean up how to basic mess

  20. tim tubod

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    This is an ASMR LOL!

  21. Arnold Lao

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    2:24 HE HAS A PET

  22. Timmy Tomato

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    Yea i saw you slice the bun with a non serated knife and cut myself

  23. Hoàng Phạm Văn

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  24. The Inkling

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    We need to show these videos to Gordon Ramsey.

  25. Belief Anderson

    Belief Anderson18 時間 前

    You forgot the pickles!

  26. Maty Santelices

    Maty Santelices18 時間 前

    ASMR :v

  27. Weaboo Idiot

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    *It's just ASMR guys*

  28. fork lift

    fork lift18 時間 前

    Been a while since max was in one of ur vids

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    Whats the song name?

  30. YongJunFans2019 Productions

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    0:07 What is that the font?

  31. Ning Xin MS SG Fans 2018

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    0:07 What is that the font?

  32. Kool Aid

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    *i smell pickles*

  33. Jason Dausch

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    2:24 the dog has to watch this😂👏👌🅱️

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    Yay, ASMR

  35. LPSnlutkuttaja

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    0:17 wtf is that bacon :DD

  36. TSM_Mayle

    TSM_Mayle日 前

    Title should be how to make the perfect pickel sandwich

  37. ThatsALottaBrainDamage M8

    ThatsALottaBrainDamage M8日 前

    For April fools he should do an actual tutorial.

  38. Moose

    Moose日 前

    For once, It was a clean abomination.

  39. Das Toast

    Das Toast日 前

    2:31 best asmr

  40. Adoorable Dougies2

    Adoorable Dougies2日 前

    Love the dog judging him at 2:24

  41. Vatsal Jaiswal

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  42. DIVISION CaptaiN

    DIVISION CaptaiN日 前

    I actually thought he his gonna do it this right this time

  43. medojednijazavac

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    Umm I actually eat this just without overdose of pickles mayo in the Umm idk what's the word I'm from Croatia so yea and without mayo and ketchup at the end

  44. RoseDaBooyahKidThing Ya.

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    02:27 asmr artists be like

  45. medojednijazavac

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    Mmmmm yummy


    ЧЕЛОВЕК日 前

    Это асмр, детка.

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    I smell pickles!

  48. Memic

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    Dude, just ask Mr. Krabs where is the secret formula

  49. Tamir Logan

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    2:31 magic dude

  50. FoxFoxFox 1st Account ;-;

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    *Plankton wants to know your location*

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    Burger Pickles HiwToBacis.come

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    Oh perfect burger I love it : hey what are you doing.

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  55. Alejandro Kuvnat

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    2:36 the best ASMR

  56. JustPatrick

    JustPatrick日 前

    I litteraly got a mcdonalds burger ad how is this possible

  57. Yashwant Rana

    Yashwant Rana日 前

    😤😤 what's wrong with you man. You know there are people on the earth who don't have food for their survival. You got so much money than go spend them on needy ones what rubbish you have spreaded on your channel. Wasting already limited resources of earth just yo get popular and money I don't know what can be more criminal than that and at last I want to say f**k you.😡😡 Man I don't know what your mental condition is but you really need help

  58. Roblox ProS

    Roblox ProS日 前

    HowToBasic: Goes a store and buys eggs Cashier: I fear no man, but that thing. It scares me..

  59. Cassadi Johnson

    Cassadi Johnson日 前

    I could literally eat all those pickles in one sitting 🤣

  60. AdventureKitty101

    AdventureKitty101日 前

    I followed this video to a T and I somehow managed to burn down my house with pickles. I'm being serious. I've never been more serious in my life.

  61. aquakrusher lolz

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    Thanks for the amazing recipe

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    2:25 shibe

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    That’s beat was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    2:25 his dog is just like. What are you doing....

  65. Garrett Wilson

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    It's funny because his new videos are actually recipes for likely delicious meals. You just need to apply a bit of sense to remove the joke ingredients and follow up to where shit hits the fan, which usually occurs just after you have all the info you need to make the food item. It's actually really neat.