How To Make the Perfect Burger


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    HowToBasic5 ヶ月 前

    Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow! Think that's a lot? Buy a shirt - All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!

  2. twix Touch

    twix Touch日 前

    McDonald's Staff: F*ck that (adds a life supply of pickles)!!

  3. k oky

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  4. ASFvsASAP 1

    ASFvsASAP 116 日 前


  5. Beleza Bacana

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    UN ITALIANO SU 60 MLN18 日 前

    Watch your videos 2,3,4 years ago....

  7. Bilgi Paşa

    Bilgi Paşa5 時間 前

    2:35 disgusting

  8. alfred pn

    alfred pn6 時間 前

    Don’t do a thing he does after 2:10 still the. It is great

  9. Venom oro

    Venom oro7 時間 前

    This is just horrible for those people who just want a peaceful burger. Waste of food but gave a thumbs up.

  10. Scientific Guys

    Scientific Guys8 時間 前

    Who saw a dog at 2:24? Watch at 0.75 speed.

  11. Reghard Stoltz

    Reghard Stoltz10 時間 前

    I hate you 😑🤣

  12. XanderGamer5137

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  13. Ness_the_robo

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    Video: "full ingredients list in description" Me: *reads it* is....this a curry recipe?

  14. RichardSandu Playz

    RichardSandu Playz15 時間 前

    At 2:50 Did I Just Saw Him Wear Airpods

  15. Danish Danial

    Danish Danial19 時間 前

    Idiot guy

  16. Spread Christianity

    Spread Christianity日 前

    Time for another crusade.

  17. Jeanfol

    Jeanfol日 前

    Only if you likes pickles .

  18. Hertzog

    Hertzog日 前

    fucking dope

  19. • etsiA •

    • etsiA •日 前

    7 year old me playing papa’s burgeria: *gets bored* 7 year old me:

  20. Brandon Parra

    Brandon Parra日 前

    2:14 uh oh

  21. Poke Moon

    Poke Moon日 前

    my worst nightmare 2:33

  22. Jensen XF

    Jensen XF日 前

    How to make the perfect burger × How to make the pickles burger ○

  23. Real Flareon

    Real Flareon日 前

    I just add a dash of Siracha to mine for a little spice

  24. Vance Maruya

    Vance Maruya日 前

    What the songs name

  25. Classic Gold

    Classic Gold2 日 前

    what the fucking stupid😂🖕🏾

  26. I smell a smelly smell that smells smelly.

    I smell a smelly smell that smells smelly.2 日 前

    Delicious! I’m sure!

  27. Ilya Scherbakov

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  28. FromTheEvolutionGames

    FromTheEvolutionGames2 日 前

    *Cumin?* *More like:* *Cum in if you want a burger* 0:25

  29. Zozo The hero

    Zozo The hero2 日 前

    Who showed it to their mom

  30. Franklin Vonk

    Franklin Vonk2 日 前

    Why is this guy always ruined it it was actually a good burger

  31. André Karlsson

    André Karlsson2 日 前

    NO HE RUINED THE BURGER, I think im gonna faint

  32. Chris Napier

    Chris Napier2 日 前

    gone madddd

  33. YA YEET

    YA YEET2 日 前

    I think gordon covered it, thanks.

  34. Antekwymiata Wymiata

    Antekwymiata Wymiata2 日 前

    2:24 doggo visible

  35. Lohey Kun

    Lohey Kun2 日 前

    OMG he totally lost it>__< lol


    AVIGAIL.TUBALI4102 日 前

    *Rick Sanchez left the chat*

  37. RB_Darkx

    RB_Darkx2 日 前

    We all know he is psycho

  38. Aakash Pal

    Aakash Pal2 日 前

    trash guy

  39. RockStarXXXD75

    RockStarXXXD752 日 前

    Aakash Pal like you?

  40. IvyplayzRoblox

    IvyplayzRoblox2 日 前

    I half expected something weird to happen.Never mind....That poor dog

  41. Maxi Taxi

    Maxi Taxi2 日 前

    2:25 dog on the left

  42. Rose 1516

    Rose 15162 日 前

    No normal vid? There is no normal vid here 0-0

  43. LT_LEFT_NUT 45

    LT_LEFT_NUT 453 日 前

    2:28 lol

  44. dungeonsiphone

    dungeonsiphone3 日 前

    I wanna know the music of the video.

  45. Lucas Fire

    Lucas Fire3 日 前

    are we not gonna talk about how the ingredients lists salt twice

  46. Aditya Chandra

    Aditya Chandra3 日 前

    Wow this time he was actually sane for 80% of the video

  47. Jedniput 2010

    Jedniput 20103 日 前

    This was almost a *NORMAL VIDEO*



    Thanks men, 10/10 kids would love it

  49. Samurai

    Samurai3 日 前

    but you should really stop wasting so much food

  50. Derp Fox

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  51. omer faris

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  52. King Hail Z

    King Hail Z3 日 前

    Mate, there's people out there that are starving and have nothing to eat, and your here wasting good food. Do it the proper way, and you think this is entertainment, think. THINK!!!

  53. Matteo Sain

    Matteo Sain3 日 前

    Me at the Beginning of the video: He's finally making a normal/basic video. Me 5 seconds later: ....

  54. Matteo Sain

    Matteo Sain3 日 前

    Has his Egg addiction evolved to Pickles?

  55. Chaka Gray

    Chaka Gray3 日 前

    Title:how to make the perfect burger Reality:how to make a sloppy burger

  56. KoЯona LoЯona

    KoЯona LoЯona3 日 前

    2:23 - 2:55 pickle ASMR

  57. guillermo lopez

    guillermo lopez3 日 前

    My mom watched this XD

  58. Can we get 5000 subscribers with some videos

    Can we get 5000 subscribers with some videos3 日 前

    I smell pickles 2:29

  59. Mr cheese cake cheesy

    Mr cheese cake cheesy4 日 前

    2:25 u can see Kevin in the left

  60. Lulana Hughes

    Lulana Hughes4 日 前

    I like his Shiba Inu.

  61. Poké TrainerRasti

    Poké TrainerRasti4 日 前

    2:24 dog left bottom corner

  62. boss s

    boss s4 日 前

    Whatever I wanted the biggest burgers in

  63. Politia Romana

    Politia Romana4 日 前

    I hope you step on lego

  64. lakshmi

    lakshmi4 日 前

    He burnt the bun

  65. lakshmi

    lakshmi4 日 前

    Oh just watched the full video. It's all pickles 😂

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  67. Andika Dwi

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    wtf ahaha