How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass


  1. ilovecookingireland

    ilovecookingireland年 前

    Yes, yeast is a fungus. An unfortunate slip of the tongue & and oversight in the edit (our bad), but Patrick definitely knows that yeast is a fungus, we promise! :)

  2. Dan Bailey

    Dan Bailey17 時間 前

    I love watching this tutorial. Can you help? Every time I try and shape the dough after the first prove, it just keeps sticking to me and I can’t seem to get the consistency that you do in order to shape it. I knead and knead, but can’t get the elasticity. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  3. steven pride

    steven pride日 前

    Discarding ? Confusing me a bit,I’m on day 3 so I take 100g out of my starter mix then add the days fresh mix.

  4. Adje of Enlightenment

    Adje of Enlightenment2 日 前

    They also feed off the sugar, not the protein

  5. dianartimus

    dianartimus4 日 前

    @non sorry but not completely true, Boudin San Francisco bakery actually has a patent on their bacteria Lactobacillis San Franciscianus and that is the only organism in their sourdough bread, I myself use a lactobacillis in my own sourdough bread and starter and there is NO yeast or other organisms and it is wonderful. Rises great with a fabulous flavor.

  6. Padregon

    Padregon5 日 前

    @Daniel Garcia I too am wondering this...i feed mine in the morning...when I check it later in the day it's bubbling to high heaven, then by the next morning it's sank and bubbles are gone. I'm on day 7 now and have fed it tonight and hope it will be a beauty in the morning. Patrick Ryan, what do you reckon?

  7. Sharon Concannon

    Sharon Concannon12 時間 前

    I tried the recipe did everything exactly like he said I have never baked bread with yeast ever !!!!certainly not with starter!! Turned out so good 😍 honestly perfect just do it exactly the way he says to the only difference i baked for 25 minutes covered and 10 uncovered

  8. Louise Kelly

    Louise Kelly日 前

    Great video. Did you bake the Pyrex with the lid off at the end?

  9. Michael Vonhaven

    Michael Vonhaven日 前

    So should you knead at the beginning or stretch and fold so often?

  10. Роман Роман

    Роман Роман日 前

    It’s the same if l use yellow semolina wheat?

  11. Dibya Dhariwal

    Dibya Dhariwal日 前

    My soul is full just by listening to him. Enlightened

  12. Theonly Contessa

    Theonly Contessa日 前

    No flour in the shops!

  13. Jean Fernandes

    Jean Fernandes2 日 前

    Hey thanks, a little you use all purpose flour or bread flour or just plain wheat flour? Interested in trying out the sour dough bread.



    the deception when he dosent cut the bread at the end..... im legit mad

  15. Jeff Goes Random

    Jeff Goes Random2 日 前

    This is what I did to make my own sourdough starter: After so many videos showing how to weigh and calculate and do all kinds of things... I found it completely unnecessary... and so did so many others. The mystique of the starter is burst: It works for me...-Jeff Goes Random

  16. brentcosg

    brentcosg2 日 前

    Thanks for this video Patrick, just made my first (of many) sourdough and it turned out great! (A little lop sided though....)

  17. Leila Budiardjo

    Leila Budiardjo2 日 前

    Best instructions and best outcome. This is my second try ever making bread and it was perfect! Thank you Patrick

  18. maggy horhoruw

    maggy horhoruw2 日 前

    Thanks to this video, now I have my own starter and have made my “first” beautiful sourdough bread - the real first bread was a big fail as I over-proved it. Appreciate Patrick’s taking the time to speak very clearly.

  19. Marwan L

    Marwan L2 日 前

    What kind of flour did u use? Anyone please?

  20. Shawn

    Shawn3 日 前

    So I've been following the directions very specifically and my sourdough started rising very nicely from the second day on. Then suddenly between the fifth and the sixth day it didn't rise at all, got bubbly though. Then it rose again between day six and seven so I decided to give it an extra day and it didn't rise again. I fed it one more time and it, again, did not rise. One try baking a bread with this went terribly wrong, it was like a pancake. Anybody have any idea what could've gone wrong?

  21. Nick Medalis

    Nick Medalis日 前

    Mine is going a little similar. Mine grew on day one then day three then never til day 8 now it’s day 9 and my starter doubled in size. I’ve heard that you just need to give it time since it is a new starter. Just keep feeding it in it’s normal schedule and give it more time. I hope this helps and I hope your starter gets better.

  22. Drew Gardner

    Drew Gardner3 日 前

    I just wanted to thank Patrick and the team for this informative video which has transformed the Gardner Family sourdough making. The video is very nicely shot and produced too.

  23. Nashra Maheen

    Nashra Maheen3 日 前

    HELP Does anyone know what kind of whole meal flour we need for the starter ie is it plain or self raising?? And a name which would be easily accessible in eg Tescos. also is it the same flour which is used in other parts of the process to ensure the dough doesn’t stick?? The video is very useful but only thing I missed is what kind of flour we need !!!

  24. SDMittens

    SDMittens2 日 前

    Rice flour is commonly used for dusting your Banneton, some mix 50 rice flour and 50 whole wheat (Wholemeal depending what country you are in) As for flour its plain flour do not use self raising flour.

  25. José Ignacio De Vries

    José Ignacio De Vries3 日 前

    Ron Weasly makes a mean sour dough

  26. Scott Sword

    Scott Sword3 日 前

    How do you prevent your dough from forming skin during the proofing process?

  27. robert Doolin

    robert Doolin2 日 前

    Cover with cling film.

  28. Eloisa Jose-Baquet

    Eloisa Jose-Baquet3 日 前

    "Think about somebody you don't like and just go for it " you can see it on Patrick's eyes that he really meant it :D

  29. MrGraciela58

    MrGraciela583 日 前

    Thank you so much. I love sourdough bread and I am looking forwards to follow your recipe. I am experimenting making bread now I will make my own sourdough . Thank you again

  30. Elisa Bishop

    Elisa Bishop3 日 前

    Hi there... Your recipe worked beautifully...Thank you so much. I have one question: I have put one dough in the freezer into a freezing bag. When I need to bake again, I was thinking of taking out of the freezer in the evening , putting it still frozen into a floured proving basket and leaving it covered in the fridge overnight. The following morning, I could take it out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature for a couple of hours (or until properly risen) and then bake it as usual. Does this make sense or do you have a better method? Thank you 😉

  31. VivMBSR

    VivMBSR3 日 前

    Love this, have got more used really well started. I’m ready to go for it tomorrow. Have only cooked with Mad Millie grains Of sourdough yeast containing milk before. My question is not about the baking but how do we get the dough and the yeast off the various tea towels and cloth used During improving, and to clean up? I’ve tried Ecover, ordinary washing, and even Milton. Nothing seems to be working. Help?

  32. robert Doolin

    robert Doolin2 日 前

    You shouldn't have anything on your tea towels except for flour. It sounds like your using too little flour for dusting. Don't be afraid to put a generous amount on to stop dough sticking.

  33. sujata Fernandes

    sujata Fernandes4 日 前

    Volume very low so had to skip..

  34. Adalberto Rodriguez

    Adalberto Rodriguez4 日 前

    Such an amazing class! Thank you Patrick for sharing your knowledge. Cheers from 🇨🇷!

  35. Clare Browne

    Clare Browne4 日 前

    If I were to make three boules from this recipe would a) the temperature be the same and b) for how long should they bake?

  36. Clare Browne

    Clare Browne2 日 前

    @robert Doolin I’ll give that a try, thanks!

  37. robert Doolin

    robert Doolin2 日 前

    Same temperature. 30 mins with lid then 5-10 mins without lid then to brown the bread.

  38. Aruna Lien

    Aruna Lien4 日 前

    do you have to cover the starter when you make it...or leave it uncovered???

  39. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department3 日 前

    You may cover it loosely with a lid or I like to use cheese cloth and a rubber band. It's just to keep bugs out.

  40. Sudi Khosravi

    Sudi Khosravi4 日 前

    He’s the Master Chef best of all types of Bread’s 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️💜❤️💕

  41. tbenzo300

    tbenzo3004 日 前

    Ryan, thank you so much for this video! Been learning about sourdough and watching videos from multiple posters to compare differences and I finally pinpointed what's different about your video compared to others - you don't make a levain. You add the starter to your main mix and go. Others take starter and make a levain, let that rise, then mix the main batch for the bread hours later. I like your style where you just go at it instead of being all delicate and would like your input on making a separate levain. I can't digest regular flour and only use emmer in my recipies so would that make a difference? Thanks

  42. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department3 日 前

    I'm not Mr. Ryan, but it has been suggested that a long ferment makes flour much easier to digest than what the commercial bakeries produce. If you're interested in finding out, use the refrigerator method and leave it for three nights before baking.

  43. tbenzo300

    tbenzo3004 日 前

    So sorry, I meant to type Patrick and wrote Ryan!

  44. John Mulligan

    John Mulligan4 日 前

    That was the best explanation of how to feed and discard that I have seen.

  45. Barnaby Chiew

    Barnaby Chiew4 日 前

    First time baker and this recipe was excellent. I followed this perfectly and the loaf was gorgeous. Because I’m in England the starter took 12 days to really get there and the second bake in the pyrex dish with lid off only took 8 minutes but it was truly wonderful. Massive massive thank you for bringing me a new found hobby of love. And I hope to one day meet Patrick Ryan to say thank you in person!

  46. erik dv

    erik dv5 日 前

    Thanks from Belgium.I always make my sourdough starter with 200g flour,200ml water,100g grated appel.Ready in 3 to 4 days.Mix ever evening and morning with a wooden spoon.But now i will try your recipe.Brilliant explanation. Thanks .

  47. Roger Dellerba

    Roger Dellerba5 日 前

    This has been the best and most helpful video on sourdough bread I have seen. Thank you for sharing your skills.

  48. Bill Feeser

    Bill Feeser5 日 前

    Any way to get measurements in US common? Cups/Tsps/etc.?

  49. Bill Feeser

    Bill Feeser4 日 前

    @Goodtimes Department wow, thank you for these conversions. I will be looking for some metric measuring cups so I can follow since I love this YT channel.

  50. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    @Bill Feeser Just a digital scale is all you need. It will have US standard and metric and a really cool "tear" function. Place your bowl on the scale and use this function to tear off its weight, no math calculations involved. But until then: · 800g strong white flour = 6 3/8 cups or 6 cups and 6 Tablespoons · 10g salt = 2 teaspoons (I like a little more in mine, adjust to your taste) · 460ml water = 2 cups · 320g sourdough starter = 1 ½ cups

  51. Bill Feeser

    Bill Feeser4 日 前

    @Goodtimes Department Appreciate your encouragement, but will have to buy all new measure devices. Been using US standard for 65+ years, guess I'm an old dog when it comes to new tricks. There are many YT baking channels that do have this option - just saying. Thanks for your reply.

  52. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Try the metric, it becomes so much easier than the US standard. Once you get used to it, and it won't take long, you will never use US standard again!

  53. A. Burak CIL

    A. Burak CIL5 日 前

    Check this out very helpful recipe:

  54. Margarita Friedman

    Margarita Friedman5 日 前

    I still do not understand if you can save the starter in the refrigerator or you must be feeding it for the rest of its life?

  55. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    I've heard of folks who take 5-10 gams of their mature starter and freeze it for a back up! I just keep mine in the fridge and feed it when I take it out to bake, but that's once a week for me.

  56. Margarita Friedman

    Margarita Friedman5 日 前

    BAD AND GOOD NEWS!!! I keep on making starter because my first 3 intentions for making bread were a disaster. Bread was rock solid at its best and tasty or black as if recovered from the ruins of Pompeii. On the great side have been saving the starter that is to be discarded. After adding more water, flower, salt (to the consistency of pancake mix) and extra flavor, like oregano, basil, rosemary, sometimes an egg, flax seed. The result is something between injera, pancake, or gordita, but much more softer, flexible and delicious. Depending the size and thickness, I have used these as gorditas (bean spread, cream, cheese, salsa) or for tacos (tuna from a can with jumus and lettuce) or just cheese. It is the most delicious thing! I called it SOURTILLA! If you try using the discarded mix, share what you did with it. I finally purchased a dutch oven to cover the bread to avoid burning it.



    So nice ! thank you!

  58. Cathy Wilkin

    Cathy Wilkin6 日 前

    I really recommend watching this video. I had been struggling with other recipes prior to this, but this video really helped and I'm now baking great loaves every couple of days! The only other detail I would add is to use a 100% linen tea towel - that also made a big difference for me. Thanks so much Patrick Ryan for your help - I was beginning to lose hope before finding this!

  59. Wilson Skills

    Wilson Skills3 日 前

    Padregon rye makes it more sour and longer on his peek so you have a longer Timespan to bake.

  60. Padregon

    Padregon3 日 前

    @Wilson Skills Nice one - will do. I've also heard that the little starter loves a bit of Rye flour so gonna pop some of that in when I do - cheers!

  61. Wilson Skills

    Wilson Skills3 日 前

    Padregon it is normal that after it rises it goes down. Bake Your Bread just around the Peek and it Will be fine. (Feed it once a day or put it in the fridge (for 7 days))

  62. Padregon

    Padregon5 日 前

    Hi! How often were you feeding it? It starts with every 12 hours and then says daily so it's thrown me off! I'm on day 7 and feed it in the mornings... By the afternoon it's a beast and then by the next morning it's flat again...I've fed it tonight so hopefully it'll be a beast in the morning!

  63. Robert Hamm

    Robert Hamm6 日 前

    Am I supposed to dump that liquid off ( day three) or just mix it back in???

  64. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    No dumping! Just stir it back in, you'll be good.

  65. Prenta Ivanovic

    Prenta Ivanovic6 日 前

    IM OUT!!!

  66. Prenta Ivanovic

    Prenta Ivanovic6 日 前

    Did you just say day 7 are you kidding?

  67. Prenta Ivanovic

    Prenta Ivanovic6 日 前

    who wants to wait 4 days for a bread? I can make a beutiful Bread in 3 hrs

  68. Clarke Art

    Clarke Art6 日 前

    What kind of flour is that?

  69. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    All purpose (AP) unbleached, unenriched, with a protein content of at least 11%, in fact, 13-14 is best. Depends on where you live as to whom to buy from. I'm in the US, so a strong flour comes from from the northern midwest. King Arthur and Bob's Red Mill have been my go to.

  70. e3locks

    e3locks6 日 前

    After I have fed my starter, I see that it rises up and then settles back down again, can anyone answer if there is a best time to use the starter to get the best bread? many thanks in advance.

  71. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    I agree with Viktorijia. It then comes down to timing. I slip a rubber band around the jar to indicate where the starter is right after feeding. Then, keep a time on it, watching for the peek of the rise. This time will change with the seasons and the temperature of the house. Right now, mine reaches it's peek in about 7 hours. Now, if you like gadgets, you can get a proving cabinet that will regulate temperature and get your starter to peek in 4 hours or so. Oh, and as a bonus, you can make yogurt with the cabinet too!

  72. Viktorija Limontaitė

    Viktorija Limontaitė5 日 前

    I've heard in other videos that best time to use a starter is when it has reached the peak and has just started going down. Apparently it's most active then

  73. therealTOTOfan

    therealTOTOfan6 日 前

    i think 40% inoculation makes for a too sour bread, 20% is just fine if you want a mild bread and 30% for more sour taste, but 40 is too much

  74. alopy22

    alopy227 日 前

    Can I ask, if you feeding in day 2 you throw some of it or not? Thank you if you asking mg question

  75. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Yes, toss it out. Written directions are available on the website:

  76. Malcolm Chilton

    Malcolm Chilton7 日 前

    "Think about somebody you don't like and go for it" This from a gentle man? dissapointing.

  77. hitchhiker42

    hitchhiker427 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="915">15:15</a> steam is good

  78. Finbarr O'Halloran

    Finbarr O'Halloran7 日 前

    Love your work Patrick ... (And The little Cameo on BBC breakfast!) .. would be great if you could clarify what type of flour you are using to get the starter going? It doesn’t look like strong white flour? Is it wholemeal? Thanks!

  79. Adela Garcia

    Adela Garcia7 日 前

    Than you so very much, every single piece of information its so accurate, specific and rigth to the chase, thank you

  80. Andrew S.

    Andrew S.7 日 前

    The best and the easiest recipe of the bread. Really the outcome I was looking for. I wanted to start baking the bread but I was so scared. He answered all my questions. Thank you so much for posting this video.

  81. Tris B

    Tris B7 日 前

    Hi, I noticed the video directions start off using ml of water but then change to grams of water I assume this is an error ??

  82. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Turns out that grams and milliliters are the same!

  83. Joe Thompson

    Joe Thompson7 日 前

    Patrick, I have been following your recipe on the BBC website, and I think this video adds some more, very useful information/instruction. I’m baking a couple of loaves tomorrow, with your help we shall see how they turn out!

  84. John Peterson

    John Peterson7 日 前

    THANK YOU!!!👍👍👍

  85. Hussa TheHustla

    Hussa TheHustla7 日 前

    Great video. I’m currently following this recipe for my very first attempt! So far, so good. Letting it proof for the first go round. Thanks again.

  86. Brian Sidwell

    Brian Sidwell7 日 前

    Where do you source your proofing baskets?

  87. bozo

    bozo7 日 前

    Sourdough starter Add (x) grams is (x) grams of each, flour and water Day 1: add 50g Day 2: add 50g Day 3: discard 100g, add 100g Day 4: discard 150g, add 100g Day 5: discard 200g, add 150g Day 6: discard 250g, add 200g Day 7: ready to use

  88. bozo

    bozo6 日 前

    Joanna Acevedo Skipworth Well, I will start mine tomorrow so I can’t tell you where the problem might be. I heard bleached flour doesn’t work, maybe that’s the deal. We don’t have bleached flour in Europe so I can’t test it and tell you for sure.

  89. Joanna Acevedo Skipworth

    Joanna Acevedo Skipworth7 日 前

    I thought I was following this but I don't seem to have much starter. I am on day 5.

  90. Marcin Jaguar Kuc

    Marcin Jaguar Kuc7 日 前

    Very nice recipe and bread. Just one thing. .. I strongly feel that baking Bread or anything alse in cooking is about Energy too. By thinking about someone You do not like by doing it ,You will find this energy in the bread . So I would suggest to not use this tip and just work with it but thinking about someone You love instead.

  91. Dawne Poole

    Dawne Poole7 日 前

    Can your discard ever be used as starter? Love love love your videos. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. You answer questions as you go without knowing what they are ! Thank you 🥖🍞🥯

  92. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Once you get the starter to the stage when it's, "...lovely and bubbly..." and you aren't ready to bake and instead need to feed, you have to take out a bit of starter to discard. But this discard has its uses. You can gift it to a friend as a ready to go starter and there are many recipes for that discard, from crackers to banana bread and muffins!

  93. lenor greene

    lenor greene7 日 前

    Thank you for being so candid on your bread, noe I can try it.

  94. ChubbaChuba

    ChubbaChuba7 日 前

    After trial and error of numerous recipes, I came across this guy. I don’t know if I’m getting better or this recipe, but this was by far my best result.

  95. lilly Hz

    lilly Hz8 日 前

    Hi I made it today and it's good but not perfect.. It didn't rise a lot.. And it only turned brown at the bottom! 😢😢💔 What can I do to improve it next time??

  96. lilly Hz

    lilly Hz21 時間 前

    @Goodtimes Department Thank you so much for your comment ♥️yes I did use steam but I think it wasn't hot enough 😢 hopefully I get it right next time.

  97. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    I've found that timing the starter has a great effect on the rise. If you can catch the starter right before or at its peek is best. I've timed mine to about 7 hours to reach the peak. And then there's the "oven spring". This comes from using steam or the dutch oven method, which did you use? How's your oven temperature, do you have a thermometer to insure it's temp? Don't get discouraged, it's a learning process, took me a few times to get right, not perfect, but yummy enough!

  98. jeisen Jei

    jeisen Jei8 日 前

    Kaka beta mau

  99. Phlegethon

    Phlegethon8 日 前

    I like how this guy is a real baker and not like that josh weissman kid who thinks he’s trying to build a rocket

  100. Pedro Smith

    Pedro Smith8 日 前

    this was a mess, what a waste of time, dough so sticky and wet even after proofing for 4 hours, never got tight, I need a new JPreporter channel to follow, this was a failure.

  101. Logan MacDonald

    Logan MacDonald8 日 前

    I really admire his expertise!

  102. Lisa M Susin

    Lisa M Susin8 日 前

    Can I proof it in the fridge overnight, then split it in the morning and cook?

  103. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Yes, but don't do what I did the first time and skip a step. Make sure you let it sit at room temp for its first rise, THEN split it into two loaves and stash them in the fridge. Bring one loaf out one day to bake and then take the other loaf out another day or two later to bake. Fresh bread all week. How cool is that?!

  104. e3locks

    e3locks8 日 前

    I did everything that you said, exactly as you explained it and I have just baked my first ever sour dough bread loaf and it came out exactly as you described and it tastes amazing! many thanks for taking the time to make the video and share.



    Can you use high gluten flour for sourdough loaves and if so, does it change the recipe at all?

  106. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    I believe that's what he's talking about when he says, " strong flour". I've not used a 14% flour, but try it and let us know!

  107. ditsaa

    ditsaa8 日 前

    pirate's dish?

  108. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    Teehee, pyrex dish.

  109. John Wolf

    John Wolf8 日 前

    When you feed your starter, do you feed it with whole wheat flour or unbleached bread flour or unbleached all-purpose flour? I am experimenting with how I feed the starter and see if it affects anything. Your starter looks more golden in color making me think it is whole wheat flour you keep it going with

  110. tnypco

    tnypco8 日 前

    AP might be easier to find than bread flour. Follow his instructions: start with whole wheat ( he calls it wholemeal) and by Day 5 add the bread flour (which he calls strong white) if you have it, otherwise all purpose, definitely NOT enriched and NOT bleached. Legbreaks!

  111. ismail ismail

    ismail ismail9 日 前

    Eline sağlık, miss gibi oldu

  112. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    And to you

  113. Alpha

    Alpha9 日 前

    can someone explain me what he means by "discard 100g of starter" i don't really get it

  114. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department4 日 前

    @gabrielevans1 Nice! Ive been looking into this just today. I'll for sure check it out. Thanks!

  115. gabrielevans1

    gabrielevans18 日 前

    Check out recipes to use discard starter in, I've made the best biscuits I've ever had, and some amazing pancakes.

  116. Alpha

    Alpha8 日 前

    @Goodtimes Department okaaaaayy now I get it. Thanks a lot !!

  117. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department8 日 前

    I too was a bit squeamish about throwing food away at first. It does turn out that you don't HAVE to discard it. BUT, if you don't the starter will eventually grow so large that it will take over your house. AND it will cost quite a lot of "dough" to keep feeding it. (HA, I crack myself up, sorry about that) So it's all about keeping your new little pet at a manageable size, that's all. If you bake once a week, you'll never have to throw any away again. I keep mine in the fridge...

  118. Wendy Moore

    Wendy Moore9 日 前

    My second prove hardly rises at all after a night in the fridge, I end up with smaller, taller loaves, Patrick’s dough seems softer than mine, any suggestions please?

  119. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department8 日 前

    me too

  120. Danilo Sierra D.

    Danilo Sierra D.9 日 前

    anyone here live in the tropics or in a very warm climate like i do? (28C indoors most of the year)? what's your experience? my starter started having the vinegary smell and bubbles after a couple of hours only, don't know if i should continue feeding it for 7 days or maybe less? gracias

  121. Dawne Poole

    Dawne Poole9 日 前

    Love love your videos. So sane! So down to earth. Thank you . Making my first loaf today ! Hopefully!

  122. North Itsera

    North Itsera9 日 前

    First don't stick your fingers in the first starter. 2 An old starter is not better than a young one, old ones stabilise to 1 yeast and 1 bacteria. A new one might be interesting with a couple other bacteria if it didn't;t have the bacteria from your arse wiping in it. oh and the yeast in is on the grain to start with so buy organic flour. Of course later hands are ok because the lactic acid bacteria have dominated the mix and are protective.

  123. Phil Du Bled

    Phil Du Bled9 日 前

    I had to throw away my starter after a few days as it felt wrong and fairly runny not as shown on your video where the consistency appears somewhat firmer !!!! What am I doing wrong ? Help !

  124. Phil Du Bled

    Phil Du Bled8 日 前

    Goodtimes Department Thank you will try again

  125. Goodtimes Department

    Goodtimes Department8 日 前

    Don't give up. Try again, use organic or at LEAST unbleached flour. The yeast is in/on the flour, any shenanigans that the company may do to "enrich" or "bleach" the flower will kill this yeast.

  126. farsimos

    farsimos9 日 前

    Made my first starter and sour dough bread. Success at the first try! Thanks!