How To Make Scooby Snacks from Scooby Doo! - NERDY NUMMIES


  1. Rosanna Pansino

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    These are the perfect treats for your dog! Have you seen the new 'SCOOB!' movie yet?? 😊🐶💕

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    Omg! I’m sorry for the late but my mom works at Warner brother’s (company who made the movie!) She works in the copyright section and got to set the agreements. I got to watch the movie for free!

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    Of course

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    Not Yet😔

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    Yes I saw the movie scooby doo 😁😺🖤

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    wait i wanted to eat them

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    Where is ur new dog I haven’t seen him in vids lately?

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    Um where’s that lil white frenchie u got last vid

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    Can I use all purpose flour?

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    I’m so making this for my puppy when we get him!We’re getting him in August!

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    me clicking on this video thinking that it was for people, how the tables have turned.

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    I loved the movie

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    I seen it.

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    So impressive I like your talking style and fluency.. and offcousre you're so pretty as well..

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    Can you please make the “Tarts” from Alice through the looking glass

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    the comments: these are so cool ! me : tHaTs A cOoL oVeN

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    i have seen the movie

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    Olivehead3 日 前

    Omg! I’m sorry for the late but my mom works at Warner brother’s (company who made the movie!) She works in the copyright section and got to set the agreements. I got to watch the movie for free!

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    its not hard to watch the movie for free lol

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    When Ro gives it to him scooby blue is like gimmie the dang cookie!

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    Were is your new puppy

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    What happened to the new dog?

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    I love it but when I heard that these were dog treats a part of me died

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    Scoobyblue i love it

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    I've seen it but I am getting a dog soon

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    Oh my gosh. My kid is in a major Scooby Doo phase and we have a very spoiled dog, so this is perfect for our house.

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    Nice video I'm from India

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    are these safe for very young puppies not 1 years old yet?

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    The 377 people who disliked will have a consequence CAUSE RO IS THE BEST PERSON EVER

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    Ooo!! I’d love to see your take on a scooby doo cake. Maybe even the mystery machine..?

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    Is your dog allergic to peanut butter

  34. Marilyn V

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    I have allergic to peanut butter

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    I have seen the new scoob movie and it is so good

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    I made it for myself and I can confirm that they do taste good

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    Did you try it

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    This look so yummy 😋

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    ro can you try and make a cake dress with a evil queen doll

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    Why didn't she invite Mike to join her as Fred?

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    Did anyone else smell peanut butter through the screen no just me ok

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    It’s not the first one she’s done for dogs. If you look up nerdy nummies dog treats she’s done a couple more that look good to do☺️

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    He voice is cute

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    I did see it was cute check my change of it's called into parra

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    Who else is watching with their dog V V V V

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    Is this recipe still good without the peanut butter and/or the honey? Has anyone done this recipe without either one of those ingredients?

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    What about your other puppy also have you named her yet I haven't kept up to much since there is a lot going in right now like the virus

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    wait i wanted to eat them

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    What is the new puppies name

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    “It’s a dog biscuit” I feel bamboozled but also I may still eat it

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    Scooby snacks are Valuim, or ludes... not cookies... c'mon now!🤪🤪🤪

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    I remember my family bought dog christmas treats and they ate them all from my dog 😂😂

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    Ro: this is for dogs. Me: I wanna eat it

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    Oh my god I love this woman...never in a million years would I thought of Scooby snacks lol

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    Can you do do the slushees from Glee???

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