How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity


  1. Blessed 101

    Blessed 10111 時間 前

    I’m going to learn Spanish. see you in 6 months.

  2. Klaudymar Mendoza

    Klaudymar Mendoza11 時間 前

    Tu comentario en español.

  3. Sheetal Sheron

    Sheetal Sheron13 時間 前

    Pls dnt beat about the bushes..I didn't get a single word what u want to specific

  4. Maja Jaganjac

    Maja Jaganjac17 時間 前

    Anyone can learn any language in six months if they live in that country and have no contact with anyone from their own country. It’s no big science

  5. Baha 7

    Baha 717 時間 前


  6. Shovel

    Shovel21 時間 前

    does this count for Python too?

  7. dannie 33

    dannie 3322 時間 前

    Chinese ppl are normally quite keen to chat to foreingers , especially in the 80s and its different case when a Chinese try to communicate with ppl who are in the western world...

  8. Arlinda Mcgee

    Arlinda Mcgee日 前

    As specialist, I do think Rotogenflux Methods is actually great way to increase your IQ of 22 points. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.

  9. Shofiyyah Almaas

    Shofiyyah Almaas日 前

    In Indonesia there is so many types of tradisional language and the most easier things to learn that quickly is just apply it to someone that understand that traditional language.

  10. Moji Moji

    Moji Moji日 前


  11. Little Girl

    Little Girl日 前

    So many people talk nonsense on JPreporter, you have to be careful. Does this guy really learned many languages or he just teaching how to learn many languages or he speaks only English because he never learned to speak any other language? Why didn’t he speak native Chinese to prove his point? And even he speaks English and Chinese those are just 2 languages he speaks and he is teaching? Most of people in this world speak two languages. I speak 3 languages fluently, learning French right now, and understand 3 or 5 more. and I am sure this is complete bull****. This is not how you learn new language. You buy grammar book and learn grammar in 3 month, then you read books, watch TV , talk, that’s how you learn new language in 6 month. All this nonsense learning language unconsciously? No. It’s hard work, this is how you learn new language. English is my third language.

  12. Piman Mann Jaques

    Piman Mann Jaques2 日 前

    He's from Australia, in the far East yet considers himself a Westerner. Mmmm...I wonder why.

  13. Alex Mac

    Alex Mac3 日 前

    Psych guy. Sooo ted talk

  14. Lalealyn

    Lalealyn4 日 前

    How are u going to find a language parent? That's bs what person is going to invest that time in me NO ONE

  15. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite4 日 前

    Here during quarantine so I can learn Japanese to watch anime🤪

  16. vind’amour

    vind’amour4 日 前

    The problem is my French accent is sooo bad :( I don't know I can't do "r" sound.. I want to cry ..

  17. Bradley

    Bradley2 日 前

    Don’t worry, Japanese are here ( ‾ʖ̫‾)←

  18. vind’amour

    vind’amour2 日 前

    The Californian Refugee yes exactly

  19. The Californian Refugee

    The Californian Refugee2 日 前

    isn't it kinda just like an h in english, but a bit harsher? idk I've never formally learned french as a language but I looked into the pronunciation and stuff.

  20. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill4 日 前


  21. Aniket Kadam

    Aniket Kadam5 日 前

    video starts at 7.03 thanks me later

  22. Ege

    Ege5 日 前

    the feistiness of this speech kinda pushes me to learn, though

  23. Marcos Castillo Jaen

    Marcos Castillo Jaen5 日 前

    Depende e las inteligencias que tengas desarrolladas.

  24. Mjolnir G.

    Mjolnir G.5 日 前

    for me context is a key component. For example, if you arrived in a country where you don't know the language at all, and went in to a store, a person working there smiles and says something to you, you immeadiatley know that was how to say hello or goodday. Same when you leave, they will most likely say 'good bye'

  25. ареф нар

    ареф нар5 日 前

    I learned russian in 3 months. He is giving a simple answer to s big question. As a 6 lingo persian i do know that he is wrong about afroeuradiatic and somehow ALL of non indoeurpean languages. He gives instructions people don't need to recieve what they won't get.

  26. pratik gupta

    pratik gupta5 日 前

    I am learning German

  27. Art. Demirjian

    Art. Demirjian6 日 前

    Duration period of learning a language - It varies from one individual compare with the others. It is not easy to learn language right from the beginning, this is the case specially with grown-ups. Older we get harder it gets to learn specially languages, because life gets more complicated year by year while we are growing-up...:

  28. Bestuniforms Ireland

    Bestuniforms Ireland6 日 前

    Big Joke:] Good luck

  29. Fiorella Angela

    Fiorella Angela6 日 前

    this man says all and nothing in the same can tell yourself some stories, but learning a language is very difficult

  30. Jitendra Songara

    Jitendra Songara6 日 前

    i have already applied these actions and principals naturaly and i totly relate with this man i was no where when started learning english and i became a decent speaker within six months...that's best video you would find on youtube in terms of learning any langauge in qwick period of time...keep it simple make it optimum...cheers

  31. Arin

    Arin6 日 前

    I feel like I need to answer SIR YES SIR I WILL SIR YOU'LL BE PROUD SIR

  32. Aerotyler23

    Aerotyler237 日 前

    this guy seems pissed off that people dont learn new languages

  33. S T

    S T7 日 前

    I can speak 3 languages, will it be harder for me to learn my 4th lang?

  34. Ayumi Y

    Ayumi Y7 日 前

    i'm learning English listening to TED. Especially I'm serching for the subject on learning the second language.

  35. Jayd Arch

    Jayd Arch7 日 前

    This is interesting topic, id like to learn the language like Spanish.

  36. Olga Gutierrez

    Olga Gutierrez7 日 前

    I teach Spanish but need learn English somebody help me

  37. Sid Production

    Sid Production7 日 前

    ददधननदथंअंअः धृऋऋऋद धृऋऋऋद अःअःअःअःअःअःऋअःऋ अःअःअःअःऋधननननध धृऋअः ऋअःअःअःअःअःऋधनृधदथंअं

  38. FreedomJunkie

    FreedomJunkie7 日 前

    Love the video, but the guy forgot the first rule to helping us speak a new language - we need to stop procrastinating! I've been 'getting ready' to learn Arabic for a couple of years now, dipping my toe in the water on the odd occasion, but it isn't going to work until I decide to jump in properly and REALLY decide to learn. So, here goes... :)

  39. 藤田三央

    藤田三央8 日 前

    彼の言う外国語の親の基準を満たした人物は、タンデムを使えば必ず見つかる! 学びも実践もスマホがあれば出来る、なんといい時代なのか!🙌

  40. 藤田三央

    藤田三央8 日 前


  41. 藤田三央

    藤田三央8 日 前


  42. Peter Gh

    Peter Gh8 日 前

    this man good in only one thing .. only in presentation. in which what we can notice during these days. but in reality they are failure.. those presenters their job is just to give motivation .. that's all.. the prblem that Americans believe in any thing

  43. Amar Majumdar

    Amar Majumdar9 日 前

    Where are you from?

  44. Zipporah Thecushite

    Zipporah Thecushite6 日 前

    New Zealand

  45. Ailin Araceli Figueroa Ojeda

    Ailin Araceli Figueroa Ojeda9 日 前

    excelente video

  46. Loagz Beatz

    Loagz Beatz9 日 前

    I’m 10 mins in and nothing so far lol

  47. Dean Wilson

    Dean Wilson9 日 前

    Haven't completed the video but I've found that thinking in the language helps

  48. Sabya Praween

    Sabya Praween9 日 前


  49. Windshield laugh

    Windshield laugh9 日 前

    Trying to learn spanish for school. Right now I can only speak english pretty much fluently and german.

  50. Spell icup

    Spell icup9 日 前

    very contradictory saying that immersion doesn't work but the first action is to listen a lot.....also a language parent is basically immersion so again contradicting. Immersion does work its literally part of what you're after especially if you work in a country where your co-workers are bilingual and can help you.

  51. Ellie

    Ellie9 日 前

    9:42 個人的に1番大事にしてること

  52. zijian zhao

    zijian zhao9 日 前

    hello everybody, I'm a native Chinese speaker who studied in college and got an A grade in Mandarian test and I know some methods to improve ur Chinese. We can exchange our language If u wanna, pls don't hesitate to hook me up. comment on this pls.

  53. أميرة ابو شوك

    أميرة ابو شوك10 日 前

    Thanks God I understood him with out any problem

  54. Abel L

    Abel L10 日 前

    Language parent? I don't even have any friend who could speak the language that i am trying to learn....

  55. Gawayne

    Gawayne10 日 前

    Actually, we didn't learn to fly from birds. Aerofoil design happened mainly from try and fail experimentation.

  56. Özlem

    Özlem10 日 前

    Didnt like the content. Waste

  57. ノーベル

    ノーベル10 日 前

    Me: Okay, I'm going to learn Japanese in... Kanji: Allow me to introduce myself

  58. Camila Mendoza

    Camila Mendoza10 日 前

    I really enjoyed the way you explained all this, my native language is Spanish and I am finishing an English program to be an English teacher. I have had for a long time the question, how can I learn a language efficiently and I don't remember how did i do with English, but now I started with German and I am putting attention so closely to my learning process this time. You have given me some important steps to follow, thank you💜

  59. B4DDAU5

    B4DDAU510 日 前

    I'm gonna do this to learn Japanese. See you all in December.

  60. Вадим Жемило

    Вадим Жемило11 時間 前

    We believe in ya! i also wanna learn japanese, but knowing myself, i will just give up.

  61. Student Duo

    Student Duo8 日 前

    You got this!

  62. Mario Vicente

    Mario Vicente11 日 前

    Só uma obrigação nossa. Somos seres humanos, irmãos, estamos na mesma fase evolutiva, e produtos de uma miscigenação incrível. Não sinto orgulho de nosso país o Brasil, ter feito isso, mas sinto nojo de outros países não o fazerem.

  63. callmebigpapa

    callmebigpapa11 日 前

    I love his enthusiasm.

  64. piñAkki

    piñAkki11 日 前

    but what if i want to learn a 3rd language???

  65. piñAkki

    piñAkki11 日 前

    i use hacks bcs my atention spam is short, so i watch it at 1.1x speed 0.0

  66. Youval Marks

    Youval Marks11 日 前

    How do u find a "language parent"?

  67. Pratik Limz

    Pratik Limz11 日 前

    When kangaroo mates with get Chris

  68. Cara D.

    Cara D.12 日 前

    I started teaching myself Spanish a few yrs. Ago. Started listening to Spanish programs and things started clicking. I was getting it! Picking up on a word here and there. Did not study my flashcards for a while. Cards went missing, then found them with the possessions of the man I live with. Sabotage. Why? I never said anything. But now am determined to learn. Will have to keep up w my flashcards. Life lesson. Never allow anyone to hinder your progress. Thankyou sincerely for this motivational video!!!!!

  69. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star12 日 前

    Le me flex a little bit. Recently I got 24, I am learning my third foreign language already. My English and Russian are both C2 level. Now I am learning Chinese and after 4 months I can understand a lot. I can write using Chinese characters and have some daily conversations. The thing is that I never used any special techniques to study these languages. I just practiced them. It sounds so obvious, but it's true. I think I could achieve these because I am a constant learner. I see many people learning English for 1 month, and then putting it aside for 2-3 months, and then coming back to it again. They spend many years like this and get discouraged, saying that they can never learn. I guarantee you, if you consistently practice any language without big pauses, you will learn it. Just don't stop practicing. Every day, 20 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, doesn't matter. Just don't take big breaks. Don't get upset because you don't understand something. It's a foreign language, of course you will not understand some things. My native language is Armenian, we have some words in Armenian that even I don't understand. What I am trying to say is that you can have a great teacher, use the newest methods of studying, use all these tips about fast learning, but if you are not going to be consistent and stable, you won't learn it.

  70. tray Emmanuel

    tray Emmanuel12 日 前

    Trying to learn Japanese so that I don't have to wait for the dub to come out.

  71. Ugly Motherfoker

    Ugly Motherfoker13 日 前

    If anyone speak deutsch and want to talk reply to me

  72. ronald mayo

    ronald mayo13 日 前

    Been 10 years it’s still not working

  73. Orovang

    Orovang13 日 前

    Ok, so where do I find these drawing lessons that had been mentioned?

  74. SkeV1S Base

    SkeV1S Base13 日 前

    I didn't know Russian language until i asked everytime what my girlfriend was saying to other girl and thats how i can understand russian language in 2weeks😁everyone should try it

  75. Xuân Nguyễn Thị

    Xuân Nguyễn Thị13 日 前

    3 years, also can not speak fluently

  76. Nicklaus J

    Nicklaus J13 日 前

    Why china map lack of oceans and taiwan ,rubbish

  77. Hsiang Wen Huang

    Hsiang Wen Huang14 日 前

    You know what? trust me. At least you are paying money to learn a language, in my experience, people will have zero patient to listen to what you say the third time if you don't talk fluently.

  78. Dawid Szczygieł

    Dawid Szczygieł14 日 前

    Do it!

  79. Aishah Jamal

    Aishah Jamal14 日 前

    This one really help. I’m learning chinese language right now. I will come back in 6 months time. 😊

  80. Craig Donaldson

    Craig Donaldson14 日 前

    If you want to learn something, go to the library. If you want to get laid, go to college. Frank Zappa

  81. Spacie Babie

    Spacie Babie15 日 前

    I’ll be back speaking Japanese fluently in six months 😊✌️ wish me luck Update: I am Learning the hiragana and katakana alphabet

  82. Juan Pedro Mazza

    Juan Pedro Mazza15 日 前

    why he is so angry

  83. Prithvi Meena

    Prithvi Meena15 日 前

    I'm looking for an English language parents!? Please help me

  84. tahar benattia

    tahar benattia15 日 前


  85. Dr Baaziz Assia

    Dr Baaziz Assia15 日 前

    chris lonsdale : focus on the core !! "me begining to do up and down planks " (only chloe ting team will understand it )

  86. Cynthia Kibet

    Cynthia Kibet15 日 前

    Hopefully this works, I'm trying to learn french!!! 😗