How To Cook Perfect Rice Every Time


  1. Felicity Duran

    Felicity Duran3 時間 前

    Why not just use your finger

  2. elliot gong

    elliot gong5 時間 前

    just use a rice cooker, it'll save u a lot of time and effort

  3. sheryn creus

    sheryn creus7 時間 前

    again.... cook. in a rice cooker 🤣

  4. Jameson Woo

    Jameson Woo9 時間 前

    0:34 Just use your finger smh Edit: ok, wtf is this video. Why you using colander, you killing me woman.

  5. Dimas Khairizal

    Dimas Khairizal10 時間 前

    do rice cookers even exist outside asia

  6. Nadya Khairunisa -Δ-

    Nadya Khairunisa -Δ-10 時間 前

    easiest way to cook rice, use a rice cookerrrrrr!!!!! XDXD

  7. CY C

    CY C11 時間 前

    The rice is tooooo wet

  8. ChaoticX YT

    ChaoticX YT15 時間 前

    Just dont be like BBC

  9. Andy Vu

    Andy Vu15 時間 前

    Why you don’t use your finger to measure how much water you should use

  10. yunho e

    yunho e15 時間 前

    I edited her voice out with google and I showed this to my mom -- she disowned me 😔

  11. Hakeem Dwiyudra nugraha

    Hakeem Dwiyudra nugraha15 時間 前

    JPreporter recommended this video when i watch hersha's fried rice

  12. Milkkyways

    Milkkyways16 時間 前

    Why the rice look so mushy-I’m sorry but if my Asian parents saw me do this they smack me with chopsticks. I’m not even lying-

  13. Sienna Meenah

    Sienna Meenah19 時間 前

    Just let an Asian teach you how to make perfect rice. Simple. None of these fancy stuff...

  14. Its Josh

    Its Josh21 時間 前

    This is better than bbc

  15. Echo Delmiguez

    Echo Delmiguez日 前

    Americans:Rice should only be a side dish....... Every asians:Yin is rice.......Yang is the meal.......

  16. qwertyismymom

    qwertyismymom日 前

    I can't be the only one who thinks all this rice looks overcooked and gluey?

  17. Ivy Jam

    Ivy Jam日 前

    Thanks God im asian

  18. Ivy Jam

    Ivy Jam日 前

    That doesn't look good. Just use "finger, finger"

  19. Ivan Kwok

    Ivan Kwok日 前

    Pro tip get your self a rice cooker

  20. Sun Flower

    Sun Flower日 前

    I love how asian my fam is once some guy was gonna spray some insect repellent in my house and my aunt grabbed the rice cooker and ran out of the house saying "I'm not letting the rice get poisoned"

  21. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez日 前

    I have known how to cook perfectly cooked rice since I was 7 bcs of my Asian parents and use a colander u only need finger

  22. Sainaa Tsogt

    Sainaa Tsogt日 前

    Use YoUr FiNgEr To MiSeUrE riCe

  23. Mayzel Tribujenia

    Mayzel Tribujenia日 前

    Wait why did you wash the rice in the strainer?

  24. GamingWithFrostbite

    GamingWithFrostbite日 前

    "How to cook rice perfectly" My mom: *laughs in Asian*

  25. MahnoOr Sheikh

    MahnoOr Sheikh日 前

    I think asians cook more beautiful looking rice specially in Pakistan and India.. Our rice don't look mushy but perfectly cooked

  26. Marco Laplana

    Marco Laplana日 前

    Please just buy a rice cooker if possible. But if the saucepan is cheaper than the rice cooker, weight the pros and cons better and hopefully get the 1st choice

  27. Kurogane -sensei

    Kurogane -sensei日 前

    Remember, if the rice sticks a lot during the stir after cooking it. It means you have failed to cook it

  28. Kurogane -sensei

    Kurogane -sensei日 前

    Who is here just to observe how she cooks rice the right way?

  29. Fl0rian

    Fl0rian日 前

    Wtf is this

  30. C

    C日 前


  31. enghuot chhuon

    enghuot chhuon日 前

    use finger not cup

  32. losty

    losty日 前

    As an Asian, I do not approve this

  33. Thank you Very much

    Thank you Very much日 前

    When washing rice, put your hands into the rice person as well. Thais call it "ซาวข้าว​". I don't understand why you put salt in the rice and you can cook your rice very wet. Recommend to buy rice cooker to use

  34. Sara Chen

    Sara Chen日 前

    Ok- there are a lot of things wrong with this video: 1. They said washing the rice was OPTIONAL?! You ALWAYS need to wash rice!! That’s basic knowledge!! 2. That is WAY too much water. Too much!! 3. Who uses CUPS to measure water in rice? You use your FINGER!! We all have FINGERS!!! 4. They ate the rice WITH A FRICKING FORK?!?! WHY? It’s not that hard to use a chopstick! 5. A RICE COOKER EXISTS FOR A REASON!!! A rice cooker isn’t that expensive!! Get a rice cooker instead of using a pot!

  35. Nicole Catherine

    Nicole Catherine5 時間 前

    People can eat with whatever utensil they want. It's not that deep. If it makes them more comfortable while eating, then who cares?

  36. kirby

    kirby日 前

    if it ain’t moist it ain’t good Hispanic here

  37. cresttail

    cresttail日 前

    i don't use timings. i just use the measuring cup and my pointer finger in measuring the water

  38. Pol Basilio

    Pol Basilio2 日 前

    Uncle Roger afriad of Ghost But not rice

  39. ha hakdog

    ha hakdog2 日 前

    MY ASIAN EYES 👁️👄👁️

  40. Hunter Helix

    Hunter Helix2 日 前


  41. Woody

    Woody2 日 前


  42. Susanna Y

    Susanna Y2 日 前

    Where’s the rice cooker 🍚

  43. Frank Tavares

    Frank Tavares2 日 前


  44. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando2 日 前

    Asians: we don’t do that here

  45. Bilal Rabbani

    Bilal Rabbani2 日 前

    Why iam even here. Iam Asian lol

  46. Barsha Khatri

    Barsha Khatri2 日 前

    Why do white people make everything so complicated. Especially as simple as cooking rice

  47. Barsha Khatri

    Barsha Khatri2 日 前

    And she used a fork

  48. Mr turtle Duarte

    Mr turtle Duarte2 日 前

    This b does not know how to use the Finger Mesrere

  49. James Redcliffe

    James Redcliffe2 日 前

    just use a rice cooker

  50. 雪子__Y U K I K 0__雪子

    雪子__Y U K I K 0__雪子3 日 前

    I am frickin asian. Why the hell do i watch this?!

  51. Tear Ly

    Tear Ly3 日 前

    I actually like a little bit extra water in my rice but her white rice looked mushy as hell.

  52. Countryhuman: Somalia! :3

    Countryhuman: Somalia! :33 日 前

    No need. I'm African 🇸🇴 And rice AINT a side dish. Tis the whole meal lassie.

  53. Ze Bunker

    Ze Bunker3 日 前

    Has that d sucking voice, but also she thinks she's 'independent' which means will metoo you

  54. Reico Zhang

    Reico Zhang3 日 前

    After I watched this and the other video I learned, so many people are scared of rice

  55. Razak Idris

    Razak Idris3 日 前

    → *BBC RICE* 2020 🍚

  56. RyanNodal

    RyanNodal3 日 前

    Jo Koy would recommend the finger method to measure how much water you add

  57. Giane Ira Tiongco

    Giane Ira Tiongco3 日 前

    Us Asians never use a saucepan cooking some rice, we have a rice cooker

  58. Angelus Guingab

    Angelus Guingab3 日 前

    You watched this after you watch the BBC rice video? How cute.

  59. divine

    divine3 日 前

    Cleaning rice is not an optional. What, you are going to eat rice without cleaning? It is a must in Asia.

  60. Blue moon

    Blue moon3 日 前

    How to cook a perfect rice? All you need are rice, pot and damn FINGER. The asian secret.

  61. D C

    D C3 日 前

    2:11 ...... That rice is overcooked the house down.

  62. JACK的星球

    JACK的星球3 日 前

    Who is here after watching epic asian’s video