How To Cook Perfect Rice Every Time


  1. Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson日 前

    All mushy, LOL

  2. charly power

    charly power2 日 前

    and how much ml is a cup? and is there only one cup size ?

  3. Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson日 前




    Great vid. Brutal vocal fry tho 😒

  5. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt4 日 前

    Mmmm, rice long time.

  6. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo4 日 前

    Simple Rice *Short Grain Brown Rice !* : 1 part rice to 2 part water, a pinch of salt. keep lid on pot all during cooing. Bring (rice/water) to a boil then turn down to a low simmer heat, cook for 50 minutes, pull pot off the burner, let sit 10 minutes with cover on and then eat that nice fresh cooked *Short Grain Brown Rice !*

  7. Chris Hotters

    Chris Hotters4 日 前

    How to cook rice Eats plain rice Honey that ain’t perfect

  8. Philosjutsu

    Philosjutsu4 日 前

    1:57 That shit looks way overcooked lmao.

  9. Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson日 前

    Right! All mushy, LOL

  10. How to Cook

    How to Cook4 日 前

    Wow 😮 have been cooking rice my whole life but still don’t know why I watched whole video waiting for something i don’t know 🤷‍♂️ 🤔

  11. Aron Balaba

    Aron Balaba5 日 前

    I'm Asian. Why am I watching this video?

  12. Bint Musa

    Bint Musa5 日 前

    That brown rice looks so good. Japanese way

  13. parimah araghi

    parimah araghi6 日 前

    in my asian country_which is not Japan or Korea_Iran,Turkey,Afghanistan and ... are in asia as well,this mushy rice would be considered a disgrace to humanity.

  14. Damon Dahl

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  15. Blaine Fiasco

    Blaine Fiasco6 日 前

    It's so simple yet I can never do it

  16. AIKA WO

    AIKA WO6 日 前

    There is no need to use ratio😅☝🏻 Just eye measure 😂

  17. Liz Lim

    Liz Lim6 日 前

    “Add a splash of white wine” *Adam Ragusea intensifies*

  18. Sol Han

    Sol Han7 日 前

    What if you have lead in your water supply?

  19. Purple Scholar

    Purple Scholar7 日 前

    get a rice cooker

  20. wooosh bait

    wooosh bait7 日 前

    I'm asian that all im gonna say

  21. Jason Loera

    Jason Loera8 日 前

    Sticky rice is the best rice don’t @me.

  22. Abbas A

    Abbas A8 日 前

    This is the best video on how to make rice , came out perfect !

  23. Greg Maina

    Greg Maina8 日 前

    I did it perfectly.

  24. Luis Eduardo

    Luis Eduardo8 日 前

    Mexican here, goddamn am I the only one?

  25. TheIdiotBoss

    TheIdiotBoss5 日 前

    @Luis Eduardo Oof yes! With flour tortillas

  26. Luis Eduardo

    Luis Eduardo5 日 前

    @TheIdiotBoss espically with beans

  27. TheIdiotBoss

    TheIdiotBoss5 日 前

    Mexican here! We know how to cook rice!

  28. It's Soddd

    It's Soddd9 日 前

    I have dishonored my entire asian family by not knowing how to make rice.

  29. Tibor Knapp

    Tibor Knapp9 日 前

    She gotta be a gorgeous brunette after her sexy clear voice.



    Or a muscular dark haired African American going through transition. Next time don’t assume genders bro

  31. iigxchx musicii

    iigxchx musicii7 日 前

    Tibor Knapp lmao

  32. Thr R

    Thr R9 日 前

    Just tried this, got rice pulp, not recommended

  33. Clyde Cabulisan

    Clyde Cabulisan10 日 前

    Came for the rice but that narrator tho 🔥🔥

  34. KarateGirl10

    KarateGirl1010 日 前

    We forgot to clean the inside of our rice cooker for a couple months and then it grew it mold :( We threw out the insert so now I'm trying to figure out how to cook it on the stove lmso

  35. Duke Smart

    Duke Smart11 日 前

    Why is brown rice so complicated

  36. Michael Waller

    Michael Waller11 日 前

    You can't beat uncle Ben's rice..Never sticks or goes mushie

  37. Fireoncityy

    Fireoncityy12 日 前

    This video hurts my soul lol. Use a rice cooker ! If you trust the timing in this video you're gonna burn your pot

  38. Jeff Pesos

    Jeff Pesos12 日 前

    How to make perfect rice: Get your asian friend to make it for you 👍

  39. boldbearings

    boldbearings13 日 前

    Beautiful vid. Deserves its top spot on the browser.

  40. paul bowness

    paul bowness13 日 前

    How to cook rice?....follow the instructions on the packet....perfect.

  41. Eclipse Films

    Eclipse Films13 日 前

    She Does all that but then uses a spoon. That makes it mushy

  42. Q Co

    Q Co13 日 前

    She t my arm. Haha.

  43. Chuy Ponce

    Chuy Ponce14 日 前

    Tomatoe base first

  44. Alyssa Gonzalez

    Alyssa Gonzalez14 日 前

    Looks mushy af

  45. Tiger T

    Tiger T14 日 前

    Why your voice so

  46. Branden Kinch

    Branden Kinch14 日 前

    Add water

  47. Ionel Eshanu

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    ..Hi & HNY!..bravo☆..I'♡'u #okei


    RIFFMANIA15 日 前

    I’m hyped

  49. Horızen

    Horızen16 日 前

    That rice looks mushy though...

  50. Shehnai Guy

    Shehnai Guy16 日 前

    My wife told me to make rice. I followed this to the T and it was perfect! Thanks!!! 😀

  51. Houssam

    Houssam16 日 前

    The rice quality also playing a big role !!!

  52. Alaa Abbas

    Alaa Abbas16 日 前

    1. Wash the rice well and let marinated in water for 30 minutes 2. Fry the rice for 5 minutes 3. Put (boiled) water, not cold You will get better result 😊

  53. E Knight

    E Knight17 日 前

    Followed this... still failed at rice.... wtfe 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  54. Khione

    Khione17 日 前

    Comment Section just ruins the video. Everyone has different preferences in how they like to cook. What 1 person says is "the best way" may be disgusting to another! Some people like plain rice, some people like wet rice, some people like sticky rice, some people like fluffy rice, some people like sweet rice. Some people like white rice, brown rice, mexican rice. There are so many different variations of how to cook rice. Just because you like it 1 way, doesn't mean it's the only way to cook it. Get over yourself!

  55. umar usman

    umar usman17 日 前

    BASMATI rice , 👍 2020

  56. Val Moreno

    Val Moreno18 日 前

    Ur voice😯🧡

  57. Jessenia Lebron ortiz

    Jessenia Lebron ortiz18 日 前

    Everybody who already knew and just wanted to watch the video

  58. Amanidejaa

    Amanidejaa19 日 前

    My rice was delicious

  59. Shinoa Chan

    Shinoa Chan19 日 前

    Tasty: how to make perfect rice Asians: hold my rice cooker

  60. Starkiller

    Starkiller20 日 前

    Not everyone has the same size cups, Use grams

  61. Khione

    Khione17 日 前

    @Starkiller "Cups" is referring to a "Measurement", which is always the same amount. It is not referring to different size drinking cups, but rather measuring cups.

  62. HS 007

    HS 00720 日 前

    😊👍 thanks Great voice

  63. Michael Mcneany

    Michael Mcneany21 日 前

    i don't mean to be riceist...buuuut...why does rice like asians so much?

  64. 맘스키친Mom's Kitchen

    맘스키친Mom's Kitchen21 日 前

    It is very useful recipe how to cook different kinds of rice in different ways. Korean rice I cooked everyday belongs to short! 👍👍👍

  65. Blossomness Studios

    Blossomness Studios21 日 前

    Lucky me, my family owns a rice cooker and you just have to add rice, fill with water an inch or so over the rice, plug it in, and turn it on! In about 30 minutes you get perfect rice.

  66. Levi Nickell

    Levi Nickell21 日 前

    I like how much people looks this up

  67. Small handed Musician

    Small handed Musician21 日 前

    I just make rice. I just know how to. My friend made me look this up but I just know. Idk maybe I’m just Asian

  68. sun&kisses Nya

    sun&kisses Nya22 日 前

    My husband is Ghanaian and he uses coconut milk instead of water....i like her voice