How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time


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    Next video: how to make the perfect water

  2. Isha Biswas

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    Remember, use just as much butter in the recipes as the saliva swooshing in the narrator's mouth

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    wakey wakey eggs and bakey

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    Are your table spoons much much larger than the rest of the world's?

  5. Poyo

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    these eggs taste like dirt

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    can you tell me how to crack the eggs?

  7. Francisco Chavez

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    😷🤢🤮 Same experience here, I had to double check to see if I didn’t scoop some up by accident

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    did you add dirt?

  9. Hitler and Stalin Porn rule 34

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    Here's a better title How to cook butter with eggs

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    Am I the only one whose suppose to be doing their homework?

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    butter was good but why did you add eggs just add more butter the eggs are gonna soak the butter

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    No one: The girl narrator every 5 seconds: *urhhs uh huhu huh eheh hehe*

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    Thank you for sharing this technic it looks tasty. Nice Chef performance Chef. Keep it up

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    "a good amount of butter" *Invades Iran*

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    That is way too much butter for 4 eggs.

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    i never knew people used this much amount of butter... im always cautious about the amount of butter i use which is way less than that

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    she puts so much butter you end up getting more calories from the butter than the eggs themselves

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    Why did I thing this is how to basic because of the eggs? xD

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    Another question.... What is it with English speaking American women having this weird squaky crack sound in the back of the throat. It is as if ther vocal chords have dried out. Especialy in commercials and on news media women make this enoying sound. What is that?

  20. Just Curious

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    A boiled egg of 16 minuts? What eggs are you using? After 6 or 7 minutes the egg can't be boiled any harder.... the egg yolk gets greenish and very dry

  21. rere

    rere日 前

    to make the pan non-stick you can either use the pam non-stick spray or extra virgin olive oil

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    What type of bread is that?

  23. Allura

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    I’ve never had poached eggs. I think I may try this soon 👀

  24. Keith Wilson

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    I add finely shredded white cheddar cheese instead of the butter at the last cooking stage. It adds creaminess as well as a wonderful cheesy flavor.

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    noo u eat my friends

  26. Just A Egg

    Just A Egg2 日 前

    noo u eat my friends

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    I remembered the joke: "Don't be shy put some more" while watching the scrambled eggs part

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    Thanks very good videos

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    The irony is that the fried egg you made is actually a steamed egg

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    She sounds mad

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> vs <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> lol that's not the same egg or you just make it look like it after

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    I always cooked a bad but sometine like a tasty

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    Runny egg scares me...

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    this should have been called "How To Cook Perfect Butter Every Time (ft. Eggs)"

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    Tbh i would add butter to my boiled and poached egg

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    I like egg cause it's cheap.

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    love the way you did the poached eggs, also great tip on boiling them too , good day to experiment its freezing here

  38. Gary Winkworth

    Gary Winkworth3 日 前

    looks yum. im going to try it.

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    Y’all are aware that you don’t have to use butter or even mention it. Really.

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    She uses butter 'cause if she used the same amount in oil, the US goverment would have invaded her house.

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    Egg flavored butter

  42. Valerie Lin

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    Which one is incorrect: 1. The white egg yolk is very runny 2. The white egg yolk is so runny

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    Every single chef: there is a nonstick skillet there is a whatever (not too much explaining but I hope u got it) Me:A PAN IS A PAN BUT I'M TOTTALLY WRONG

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    "Salt and Pepper ain't seasoning" DC Young Fly

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    How to get a heart attack

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    Finally, I'v learned the proper way to cook scrambled and fried eggs instead of cooking the wrong way and spoiling the eggs, and wasting the butter. I suggest that you are the best chef to cook eggs and the best you tuber for teaching us to make something special with eggs! Thank you so much for posting this video! DELICIOUS!!!

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    Poached.. Loves the sound

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    Greetings from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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    There is no way I am wasting my butter on EGGS

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    i love eggs - good source of protein 👍👍

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    my cast iron could never.

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    Seriously, can people stop the "butter" thing? My fingers are really getting tired of liking all the comments about butter... But I must agree with them, the woman put too much butter... ew

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    Well okay, no omlet.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a>

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    Me: ok lets go to sleep JPreporter: How to cook eggs Perfectly? Also me at 3 am: 0-0 woah.

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    Haha 🤣

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    Omg sameeeeeeee

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    I hate boiled eggs. no matter how they are cooked. FRIED EGGS ARE THE BEST!!

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    I don’t have a rubber spatula What should I use instead?

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    The omelet is disgusting

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    All credits to HOW TO BASICS

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    The eggs are ruining the taste of the butter😤

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    Excuse me... there's egg in my butter

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    Someone make a butter compilation please

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    For the fact that you didn't call me too eat I ain't giving a like 😁

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    Fun fact that nobody asked for : My grandma actually makes the fried egg differently, she uses oil and when the egg cooks she puts the oil on top of the egg so the yolk doesn't straight up spills everywhere when you eat it but its still watery like and when its done she puts a bit lemon and salt to give it more flavor-



    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a>

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    Nice & helpful 👍,stay contact



    the one thing i thought i could make😂

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    Why so much butter ???

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    no better way to start your day than 4 sticks of butter and a few eggs!

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> who noticed the egg shell

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    The fried vocal

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    See the pic of apple

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    erin: tHats nOt vEGan

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    *Very helpful indeed!*

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    I thought that adding salt before the eggs are cooked is a bad thing due to salt making it harder for eggs to bond.

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    Tasty should give a million dollars to the human who didn't comment about butter.

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    i guess i just got 1 million dollars

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    Ur voice is very sexy😘

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    bro i don't need this the rhythm of my butt is so fire to where i can cook the egg

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    what bread is that?

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    Steamed eggs in stead of boiling the best way for the white not stick to the shell