How to Change EVERY FLUID in your Car or Truck (Oil, Transmission, Coolant, Brake, and More)


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    I hope this video helps. I also spoke with Advance Auto Parts and got you guys 25% off your entire order using “ChrisFix25” at checkout. That way if you need to change fluids, you can save some money!

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    What about blinker fluid lol

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    Clutch as always

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    W H E R E I S T H E B L I N K E R F L U I D

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    Hi Chris Fix, I plan on buying a new car and had a question. I also watched your series "How to buy a used car", excellent work and well thought out. Ok so, Would you recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection, or is checklist plenty good on its own?

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    Hey! *Would really appreciate advice* I’m a senior in college and one of my parents is getting a new car, giving me the old one: a 2012 Mini Cooper S Highgate Convertible. I know nothing about cars but learn quickly and have watched hours and hours of auto maintenance content now. How can I learn about how my engine and parts work? Where do I start? Here’s the issue I’m facing: I live in New Hampshire and have *no* garage for the entire year, just an exposed parking lot. It will be driving throughout the winter on the salty, snowy, icy roads and likely in a sporty fashion. Excited to take it around a track as well. My worst enemy is going to be rust. I want to be able to save as much money as I can by doing as much non routine maintenance myself as I can

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    Can this be done on modern cars? I can't find anything about differential fluid in the owners manual. What are the intervals

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    Helpful tip when changing the oil filter: get a 1 gallon ziploc bag and place it around the filter when loosening. Allow to drain for a few seconds into the bag then remove the filter with the bag still around it and voila, clean filter removal.

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    You forgot blinker fluid😂

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    Seriously... you do such an amazing job on these videos

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    He forgot 1 fluid.... it's called blinker fluid lol.

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    This is amazing Chris I love your vids your very helpful to me and the others watching I love the great easy to see camera angles unlike other youtubers I also love the clean presentation

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    What if my reservoir tank has a cold fill line. How can I use the funnel and still be on the line for the reservoir?

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    You forgot the blinker fluid.

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    Brake fluid brakes a wast of time and money if you ask me Brakes who needs them

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    NFS car selection. Nice

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    Wow Chris you're doing a very good job here, that's awesome I've learned a lot from you Your fan from Canada

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    Quick question for anyone, does power steering fluid affect the rack and pinion? I have a 2003 Volvo s60 witch has never had a power steering, brake or coolant change. I heard the rack and pinon is a common problem on those Volvo's and mine is starting to make noises, is my rack going out because no one has changed the fluid or just because its old? I think the power steering has nothing to do with it but i might as well ask. 17yo Champ, only got oil changes and wrong gas most of its life and it's still strong even tho the cluster is messed up and the radio changes volume by its self

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    Outstanding! You remain one of (if not THE) best. /Salute

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    Interestingly I found my washer bottle had been filled with coolant

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    Thank you so much for this (and every other) video! You always put so much work into your videos. Thank you for explaining how to change all car fluids in such a simple way, going through all the important details.

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    I just want to thank you. Your videos have saved me a lot of money, I am becoming very good at maintaining my own vehicles. Your videos have been a great help. Thank you

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    Who needs the owners manual when we have chris fix. He's soooooooo gooodd.

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    “Pump the fluid until it starts coming out of the hole” *man I miss her, I should call her 😔

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    next please do this "how to align the wheel of the car".

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    Don't cooling systems have a max level on the tank?

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    Question, few years back I changed the CV axles on 2012 Tundra, i noticed it did leak alot of some kind of fluid, but i never really cared to refill it(i was younger and just ready to get done with it). Im assuming the transfer case fluid will take care of that or am I in need of a mechanic? Nothing has broken on it, besides the abs sensor harness i damaged when installing the leveling kit myself lol

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    Chris Fix made sure to support recycling all the fluids. Just when I thought I could not like this channel any more... way to go Chris :)

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    There is like a small movement of guys claiming that oil changes are nowadays not necessary anymore. You only have to replace the factory oil filter with a way better one that filters out all the particles and change that filter now and then and replace the lost oil during that process. But replacing the whole oil is not necessary in their opinion. Ever heard about that and what do you think about that?

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    Can you Make a Tour Video on your House????!!!! Please!!!!!!!

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    12:40 🤣 i knew that fap lotion would have more benefits.

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    Hi Chris, thanks for these videos, I'm watching in England, just brought a car and having issues, so these vids are a great help, thanks again, you know your stuff

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    At 24:27, would a view of the coolant level on the pressurized recovery bottle warranted? Placing the cap on a topped off bottle can not be correct. Coolant certainly has to be removed to the full hot level.

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    Chrisfix over here telling me to wear two condoms

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    If your transfer case contains a 52 drive link 3/8" 1.3mm chainsaw chain then you've got more issues than a fluid change really 🤔🤙

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    Hey Chris, where do you find your torque measurements for all makes of vehicles? Is this also located in moat vehicle manuals as well? Thanks keep up the great knowledgeable content!

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    And make sure to rev it to7000 rpm to be extra safe

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    Hey chris,im currently working on an old mercedes that has a bad fuel pump,i have already swapped it out for a new one but i realise that the copper crush washer isn’t working therefore the car leaks fuel and the leak is so bad to the point that i think not enough fuel pressure is going up to keep the car running,what should i do? The crush washer is still new. Love ur videos btw always really helpful!

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    If I am unable to have my car level I can just top whatever cap and lower my car

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