How to Break the Ice - Submarine Edition #shorts


  1. KudaraT

    KudaraT4 時間 前

    You mean submarine destroying nature

  2. Everett Bateman

    Everett Bateman8 時間 前

    Why do they need to surface there? Are the polar bears in trouble?

  3. roger freeman

    roger freeman15 時間 前

    Why not submerge again, then resurface? I bet there wouldn't be much ice on the top the second time. I'm guessing it's because they would have to recompress the air and refill the ballast tanks.

  4. Alexander Lieder

    Alexander Lieder17 時間 前

    Всплыли и вмёрзли, ну даёте ребята. Домой пешком?

  5. Sammie_ Kwabbx

    Sammie_ Kwabbx19 時間 前

    Love the way he related it to ma domestic life😂

  6. JB

    JB23 時間 前

    Amazed a sub can break through anything anywhere near as thick as 3 metres tbh....

  7. alphonse peter x business & lifestyle

    alphonse peter x business & lifestyle日 前


  8. Chris Agnew

    Chris Agnew日 前

    I keep a chainsaw in my car just in case.

  9. No No

    No No日 前

    I bet that air is CRISP.

  10. Abdulwahab Al Malki

    Abdulwahab Al Malki日 前

    Me watching this from Saudi Arabia like 🤡

  11. james thomas

    james thomas日 前

    So fast and furious people just fast-forwarded the climax scene to avoid viewers watching this showeling 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. AeroSwift7 Gaming

    AeroSwift7 Gaming日 前

    Cameraman really did a good job

  13. B Callahan

    B Callahan2 日 前

    Can't imagine the stresses involved on a vessel that large coming up through 3 meters of ice. That and the sheer power of buoyancy. Once again. Great video. 👍

  14. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget2 日 前

    Why would a submarine need to surface from under ice

  15. Pinus Niron

    Pinus Niron3 日 前

    How to break the ice

  16. Patrick BUNINO

    Patrick BUNINO3 日 前

    "Be thankfull you doesn't need a chainsaw" yes, i'm very glad.

  17. Hail kspeeder

    Hail kspeeder3 日 前

    You gotta launch one of those ice breaker torpedoes



    Seeing the submarine break through and seeing the ice cut with a chainsaw was satisfying to watch.

  19. Chinmay Wagh

    Chinmay Wagh4 日 前

    So this is the video that the fast and furious directors saw 😂😂

  20. Laurence Hickey

    Laurence Hickey4 日 前

    Like a water blimp

  21. 289pinto

    289pinto5 日 前

    Cool 😎 literally 🥶

  22. Sperling C

    Sperling C5 日 前

    People in the north pole be like we use chane saws to scrape our wind sheild

  23. Я Еще раз я

    Я Еще раз я5 日 前

    Ахах, а потом их Русский ледокол освобождал? Вы воякеры блядь парниковые 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Elias

    Elias6 日 前

    Imagine being an icebear and just getting pushed up by a submarine

  25. LosBrutalos

    LosBrutalos6 日 前

    Lol - i will renind next winter 😃👍

  26. QuestGiver

    QuestGiver6 日 前

    But using a chainsaw is fun tho

  27. bholesh80 Nayak

    bholesh80 Nayak6 日 前


  28. Skyline Savage R33

    Skyline Savage R336 日 前

    He’s got a point on that last line

  29. Corey Smith

    Corey Smith6 日 前

    How do they get out of the sub to clear the ice from the hatch?

  30. pranav bhoir

    pranav bhoir7 日 前

    Russian's sitting in long distance be like:- blyat That's a big cyka

  31. anita lenardon

    anita lenardon7 日 前

    Imagine playing on that ice and suddently you Just go up P.s I'm italian so Sorry for my mistakes😖😖😖

  32. tenow

    tenow7 日 前

    3 meter, 60 feet. But how many is it in football fields?!? Please don't mix

  33. David Stirm

    David Stirm8 日 前

    If they have to chainsaw the hatch open then how the fck do you get the guy out there with the chainsaw in the first place???

  34. me like hentai

    me like hentai3 日 前

    Watch the video again lmao

  35. Bean

    Bean8 日 前

    I hope one day when I'm mindlessly perusing Google maps, I'll find the outline of a submarine in a vast expanse of ice

  36. Grecia Castro

    Grecia Castro8 日 前

    Tuff job I hope they are paid well

  37. Ashwin Issac

    Ashwin Issac8 日 前

    Doe why not use the hatch on the top to get out of the submarine like why ?

  38. Cute Critters

    Cute Critters8 日 前

    MENTAL watching the full sub emerge in the ice. Imagine getting stuck after that!

  39. 4m4n

    4m4n日 前

    Nuke the ice

  40. Jeovany Muñoz

    Jeovany Muñoz9 日 前

    Amo the only one who finds this fucked up?

  41. Nope Not happening

    Nope Not happening9 日 前

    Very interesting.

  42. Baqar Shah

    Baqar Shah9 日 前

    It only happens with american navy. Russian submarines have no problems, no matter how much thick ice is.

  43. Dominique Descottes

    Dominique Descottes9 日 前

    Les sous marins sont par mis les ma hines de guerres les plus fascinants Le monde du SILENCE* est leur Royaume. *prétendu comme tel

  44. hdy idham.

    hdy idham.9 日 前

    But in F8 the sub like jump at the window

  45. VONkroft

    VONkroft10 日 前

    This kinda scares me

  46. camryh salem

    camryh salem10 日 前

    Deep breath and keep it 3 months

  47. James Duncan

    James Duncan10 日 前

    Thanks for educating the masses there are plenty of people out there that believe that being a sailor is simple easy work think again world

  48. Milos V

    Milos V10 日 前


  49. Jasfher Luiz Gambon Melendres

    Jasfher Luiz Gambon Melendres10 日 前

    Yep they are the reason why ice surface is disappearing, and they are the reason why bears eating their cubs

  50. Kevin Farabaraharabara

    Kevin Farabaraharabara10 日 前

    The fact that a submarine can break 3m ice using only bouyancy is astounding.

  51. Sandi Hurd

    Sandi Hurd10 日 前

    What reason would they need to do this other than an emergency? Seems like a lot of work and there's probably not a t-bar or tattoo parlor for MANY miles.

  52. Rykehuss

    Rykehuss7 日 前

    Testing, probably

  53. Rachel W

    Rachel W11 日 前

    Me while watching this video: I cant breathe I cant breathe

  54. youtmeme

    youtmeme11 日 前

    The main question does a sub NEED to surface under ice?!?!!🤬

  55. I A M H A P P Y

    I A M H A P P Y11 日 前

    ah so this why antartica is melting

  56. SpartxnMuscle

    SpartxnMuscle11 日 前

    Hello Kapitan in Mother Russia this is an Early morning chore Chainsaw: Go grrrr

  57. Юрий Проненков

    Юрий Проненков11 日 前

    Та самая подлодка, которая застряла во льдах и русские её освободили из "плена" ?

  58. Roushan Jackobson

    Roushan Jackobson12 日 前

    Why nobody came out for swimming?

  59. Faulty Juice

    Faulty Juice12 日 前

    Well I believe my kosotka submarine can surface through just about anything. After all I did pay the full price for it, so it should surface even through a volcano

  60. Robert Barack

    Robert Barack12 日 前

    Then why the hell am I still single

  61. Not What You Think

    Not What You Think11 日 前

    This was dating advice for submarines. And if you are a submarine and are still single, maybe you are stealth? 😉

  62. Emily B

    Emily B12 日 前

    USA / Shell clearly preparing to illegally occupy the Arctic for its oil reserves

  63. Lucky Mtshali

    Lucky Mtshali12 日 前

    A pop set your desktop..opposite of pop on the settings .especially yoyr email settings

  64. Detective Pigeon

    Detective Pigeon12 日 前

    Why do you go from meters to feet??

  65. Max B

    Max B12 日 前

    I was tempted to use a chain saw on some ice on my car the other day, only 5-6".

  66. 悲しい時

    悲しい時12 日 前

    My great grandfather was one of the first people to breach through the ice at the north pole on a submarine. Sadly he passed away in 2016

  67. Not What You Think

    Not What You Think11 日 前

    Sorry to hear. He must have had lots of stories and adventures during his lifetime.

  68. Slim Times .L.L.C

    Slim Times .L.L.C12 日 前

    Dammmm imagine driving that thing.......🌎

  69. [ *Ruby: Navy* ]

    [ *Ruby: Navy* ]12 日 前

    This’ll be useful for my submarine which i totally own


    CHiLL-FEVER13 日 前

    Dude humans are insane

  71. RASKAL209

    RASKAL20913 日 前

    I don't think I need to be thankful the next time I scrape ice off my car because I'm not trying to drive my car through 3 to 5 in of snow but thanks for the tip anyways my guy 😂👍

  72. Faina F. Vulf

    Faina F. Vulf13 日 前 powerful.

  73. Tanner Neslen

    Tanner Neslen13 日 前

    My dad almost did a ice ex. On a sub

  74. Jim Prpich

    Jim Prpich13 日 前

    That’s amazing. If you break the ice in the wrong spot you can kill everyone on the sub. God bless those brave men and women

  75. Ness

    Ness13 日 前

    It obvious that's not 3 meters of ice

  76. Rodrigo Henrique

    Rodrigo Henrique13 日 前


  77. Walter B

    Walter B13 日 前

    How did they get out if they had to remove the ice before opening the hatch?

  78. Muhammad Kholifa

    Muhammad Kholifa13 日 前

    So this is why torao is afraid of kuzan.

  79. Максим

    Максим13 日 前


  80. mala sangre

    mala sangre13 日 前

    Todas las Fuerzas Armadas son gente imbecil

  81. Eve

    Eve13 日 前

    Cool 🥶🏂

  82. Ryan Cue

    Ryan Cue14 日 前

    Well done video. 👌

  83. D Catterz

    D Catterz14 日 前

    Does it not stand to reason if subs are popping up through the ice anywhere its thin enough for them to break through (n presumably some captains have favourite spots to go back to) then wont it add to global warming breaking up the ice sheets. Idk but sounds like the ideal way to help melt ice quicker, poke a load of holes through it at the thinnest points

  84. Eter Wael

    Eter Wael14 日 前

    Submarines give me a phobia, anyone has this? Is this known?

  85. MaleiCk Salah

    MaleiCk Salah14 日 前

    “Start by talking about the weather”

  86. Clare Doherty

    Clare Doherty14 日 前

    That’s amazing

  87. olivers channel

    olivers channel14 日 前

    What’s the song in the background?

  88. Commander Piglet

    Commander Piglet14 日 前

    First short I've watched on youtube that is genuinely interesting and entertaining. Well done, sir!

  89. Not What You Think

    Not What You Think11 日 前

    Thanks Commander!

  90. Jingxin Wang

    Jingxin Wang14 日 前

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  92. B226 T&J

    B226 T&J15 日 前

    Wouldn't it be easier to submerge after breaking the ice? That might clear the ice on the hatch quicker.

  93. JIMIXC

    JIMIXC15 日 前

    The fate of furious

  94. adiman Van Ansem

    adiman Van Ansem15 日 前

    Titanic could've used this

  95. Андрей Ворошилов

    Андрей Ворошилов15 日 前

    потом русских зовут задницы спасать

  96. Double Cream Oreo

    Double Cream Oreo15 日 前

    You can double tap to like

  97. A Flock of Beagles

    A Flock of Beagles15 日 前

    HOLY F&$%!!!!!!

  98. DotDy Boii

    DotDy Boii15 日 前

    2.9 meter thicc ice: (nervously sweat)

  99. Prince Cooper

    Prince Cooper15 日 前

    Ok... Now I just need a submarine to get out from it.

  100. StefDmr

    StefDmr15 日 前

    My kosatka would break the ice 100 times faster ngl

  101. Bryanbobber

    Bryanbobber15 日 前


  102. Abdul Mahmood

    Abdul Mahmood15 日 前

    And that’s another reason polar bears are almost extinct

  103. Chilled Bacon

    Chilled Bacon15 日 前

    "Only a meter thicc"

  104. Tyler Hannah

    Tyler Hannah16 日 前

    After all that time being crammed in a submarine I think a guy would probably love to chain saw a tone of ice.

  105. Bob Mangal

    Bob Mangal16 日 前

    Respect for men and women serving the submarines

  106. Xensei

    Xensei16 日 前

    Fast and furious vibes