How To Be A Master Procrastinator


  1. Call of doo doo advanced poo poo

    Call of doo doo advanced poo poo時間 前

    When you follow Dadius’s advice on how to do something: Task failed successfully

  2. Jacapo21 _

    Jacapo21 _7 時間 前

    I’m a natural procrastinator

  3. Lime Diamond

    Lime Diamond18 時間 前

    Daidus: hey. I see you there. I see you procrastinating. Me: *uh it’s not good working weather*


    TITAN GAMING19 時間 前

    Where are the videos

  5. Semperno

    Semperno23 時間 前

    Omg I didn’t even see there was a new video!!! This is entirely unrelated but highly important! You might know the channel “Soggy Nugget” they have a TikTok Account too. They recently tried to make a movie but not enough people submitted auditions for voice acting the characters if you or anybody in the comments is interested in trying to help me help soggy get the movie back on let me (or soggy) know!!!

  6. Josua Caleb

    Josua Caleb日 前

    10:15 Well guys, is hunting time :D

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    unnamed unnamed2 日 前

    Lol my sister in a nutshell

  8. cabri358

    cabri3582 日 前

    came here lookin from some improvs, but you just described everything I've been doing for the last 16 years of my life. Now I know I'm a master

  9. Hunting Shadow

    Hunting Shadow2 日 前

    Why does this describe my life

  10. BallerSam3414 1

    BallerSam3414 12 日 前

    I'm such a procrastinator that I watched up until the halfway point then added this to watch later *then watched it a month later

  11. Breezy

    Breezy2 日 前

    I really shouldn’t be watching this before going back to college. But I have come to realize... I am already a master 😶

  12. Jade Schmid

    Jade Schmid2 日 前

    idiadesu means greatful in japanese/ daidus/ idiadesu

  13. PLEXX

    PLEXX2 日 前

    He procrastinating on the next video rn 🤣

  14. Phillip K

    Phillip K3 日 前

    Remember when he said I do a video E V R Y monday

  15. atakan oksay

    atakan oksay3 日 前

    9:51 well actually the problem before is impossible cuz 1side will be undone and after is possible someway so I see this as a absolute win

  16. Krazekid Productions

    Krazekid Productions4 日 前

    Just watched all your videos. One day. The worst spot for me to end... yay...

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  18. The hog Master

    The hog Master4 日 前

    Sen is hot

  19. Cragonos Kritirea

    Cragonos Kritirea4 日 前

    I like how I’m trying to stop procrastinating, and I see the major difference it made. My watch history went from over 100 down to about 50 in a month which usually would just grow to 200 before I ‘restart’ my watchlist. And I went from sleeping at 11 a.m. to waking up at 9:30 which is still kinda bad but I’m working on it. Stop your addiction and step into the light of being an actual functioning member of society

  20. Blanco Gohan

    Blanco Gohan4 日 前

    I don't procrastinate I wait longer so I can be older and therefore wiser

  21. Psycho Noodle

    Psycho Noodle4 日 前

    This reminds me about completing a English gothic horror project in 2 days before the deadline when we were given the work 3 weeks prior *still got an a though*

  22. TryantTravis

    TryantTravis4 日 前

    my dad zero lazy but my mom 100

  23. Aden Ray Barker

    Aden Ray Barker4 日 前

    I watch this video while i was doing homework so ironic

  24. Betty Sam

    Betty Sam4 日 前

    I am already a master *insert JoJo's pose*

  25. turtledude645

    turtledude6454 日 前

    im such a master procrastionater ill finesh this vid later

  26. •Pätčh Đøğğö•

    •Pätčh Đøğğö•4 日 前

    Daidus still not upgrading his mic in 3 years of experience LMAO

  27. Santiago Hernández

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    Amo tus videos pero ya no los traduce :c

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    I watched this at 4:42am. Ironic

  30. AB C

    AB C5 日 前

    I procrastinated watching this video for a whole month, I think I win

  31. agwoml

    agwoml5 日 前

    I can't believe I managed to turn my short story in on the last day which I have written the night before and still managed to win the nation wide tournament. Everyone else wrote a story that was at least 2 pages while mine was only a third of a page long.

  32. Raz Her

    Raz Her6 日 前

    how did u get everything 100% correct ;o

  33. ❤️PuppyLovely❤️

    ❤️PuppyLovely❤️6 日 前

    *me watching this while doing my math workbooks* XD

  34. Samantha Rodriguez

    Samantha Rodriguez6 日 前

    lmao the PBnJ ,from domics "mRIcE"

  35. Michael Mckee

    Michael Mckee6 日 前

    Don't procrastinate

  36. Protien Bean

    Protien Bean6 日 前

    Yall just mad I took over a month to watch this video. Now that I'm half way through the vid I have to relax and sleep. I'll watch it later

  37. The Amiibros

    The Amiibros6 日 前

    I watched this video instead of studying

  38. SleepySakume

    SleepySakume6 日 前

    Don’t be a master procrastinator, that not what you want. If you don’t want to be lazy, exercise more because if you’re alway lazy, you are going to be more tired day by day. Just don’t be like him

  39. Tony&Brit Clark

    Tony&Brit Clark7 日 前

    To think it took me a month to finally watch this video

  40. Lali Hahl

    Lali Hahl7 日 前

    This video was so relatable.... I didn't know I had already mastered procrastinating

  41. retr0 sinyo

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  42. Collin C

    Collin C7 日 前

    Assassination classroom pops up 😃😃😃

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    super sonic 1237 日 前

    Does the girl who says squid up in your intro have an Instagram account?

  44. Mea Thomas

    Mea Thomas7 日 前

    4:24 Omg my childhood, where is this from, pleasse someone tell meee

  45. MxwlPlayz

    MxwlPlayz8 日 前

    Lmao I do my homework on the day it's due


    STELELEP8 日 前

    my dog was behind me watching this with me the whole time and he probably thinks “why isn’t it squid up?”

  47. StreamBonker

    StreamBonker8 日 前

    It took me 30 days between adding it to the watch later queue and watching this video. I feel I'm on my way to becoming a master procrastinator.

  48. FollowerOfJesus

    FollowerOfJesus8 日 前

    Jesus is coming! Please repent and turn away from your sins! May God bless you and your family Daidus!

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    Home Land9 日 前

    this feels like a ripoff of hey arnold

  50. The Omen

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    Im alredy lazy

  51. JG

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    I was gonna comment when this came out but I kinda...procrastinated

  52. Twiggyz Z

    Twiggyz Z9 日 前

    “Ever MONDAY” “or els kill me” OK LET ME GET MY DEATH NOTE, SANGWOO, BUM Stop killing each other and get over here! Don’t u make jokes like that!

  53. Ethan Silva

    Ethan Silva9 日 前

    As a master procrastinator myself, listen to Daidus, he’s spitting straight facts. *You can always listen to him later if you don’t feel like it right now*

  54. Little Rainbow

    Little Rainbow9 日 前

    Such a mood

  55. Studio Soggy

    Studio Soggy10 日 前

    Me- *procrastinating noob I have to upload at least once a week, to Daidus I’m nobody* 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Daidus- “sensei procrastinator is in the house I haven’t uploaded for 3 months baby.... WOOOOOO”

  56. Studio Soggy

    Studio Soggy10 日 前

    How to be a master at procrastination Don’t upload For 3 months I see u got that from domics 1:47

  57. Studio Soggy

    Studio Soggy10 日 前

    Daidus is definitely the master at procrastination he didn’t even upload for 3 months.

  58. BaWalaika

    BaWalaika10 日 前

    when he said "relive that feeling again"... I felt that.

  59. Laugh And Blueb

    Laugh And Blueb10 日 前

    *Procrastinates to procrastinate to procrastinate to procrastinate*

  60. ɞʟȏȏԀɞȏı

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    Ill pay you to say congratulations to me