How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.


  1. Jake Harson

    Jake Harson5 時間 前

    I'm sorry about your phone

  2. Madison_Rabbitforest

    Madison_Rabbitforest6 時間 前

    ‘Listen to the cat people the cat never lies’ 😂😂😂

  3. boy BYE

    boy BYE7 時間 前

    I started watching the video, it tries to give you the entire context in depth (no kidding, like really in depth) talking about colours and stuff. For those you just wanna know why and how, skip to 7:48


    DARTHASH PIE8 時間 前

    Nothing happend in my phone? And it's a motorola phone lol

  5. Kibbuster

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  6. Skeppeas

    Skeppeas9 時間 前

    I want to try it but at the same time i don't want to try it

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  8. dark rainbow

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  9. dark rainbow

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  10. dark rainbow

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  11. Fred_ eric

    Fred_ eric10 時間 前

    his channel name says it all

  12. Gacha Scarlett

    Gacha Scarlett11 時間 前

    “Don’t set this wallpaper on your phone” Me: heyy I remember this picture! It’s my wallpaper . Also me after watching the whole video: good thing i never download a picture and just screenshot them🤣

  13. i luv cutesy mellow channel

    i luv cutesy mellow channel11 時間 前

    Ill do it

  14. Soft Girl

    Soft Girl11 時間 前

    If the internet works with the small triangle I don't understand how was it uploaded on the internet without being changed (like it happened in yahoo)? And why is it safe to have it in the photo gallery and not as a wallpaper?

  15. Soft Girl

    Soft Girl11 時間 前

    When people say that computers are superior than humans I just laugh because of things like this.

  16. Paul Dubya

    Paul Dubya12 時間 前

    Wait does it count as iPad to? Bc I only have iPad and a computer

  17. Paul Dubya

    Paul Dubya12 時間 前

    I didint bc I like fnaf I only use fnaf background screens and lock screens so don’t worry

  18. LeftyLogic105

    LeftyLogic10512 時間 前

    Thank god I switched to an iPhone 😂

  19. Arjun

    Arjun13 時間 前

    I love Your Speech

  20. trimethoxy

    trimethoxy13 時間 前

    stupid android haha

  21. Keith Ferdinanduz

    Keith Ferdinanduz15 時間 前

    O.M.G you just told not to do it. But I can't stop thinking about to do it...

  22. K-Popshie

    K-Popshie15 時間 前

    why did u use it on your ultra lol

  23. Bullkiller

    Bullkiller16 時間 前

    Android Users: 📱💀 iPhone Users: 👈😂🤳

  24. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover16 時間 前

    Ha, I actually understand this thanks to my computer tech class.

  25. BH Leoo

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  26. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi17 時間 前

    Samsung phone: vibing An extra luminance point on one pixel: Imma end this phone’s whole career

  27. Lucia Hogarth

    Lucia Hogarth18 時間 前

    Such a interesting video thank you!

  28. Vitou Plays

    Vitou Plays18 時間 前

    Phone pro: don’t use this wallpaper. Me:I’d rather a fortnite wallpaper

  29. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi17 時間 前

    Him: don’t do this! Also him: posts video

  30. Sapphire Starship

    Sapphire Starship18 時間 前

    wait people dont just screenshot???

  31. Don Gerra Marco

    Don Gerra Marco18 時間 前

    i saw the full profoto rgb spectrum on a srgb screen

  32. Mandie Adams

    Mandie Adams18 時間 前

    I loved this investigation! Thank you for this!

  33. Thomas Stevens

    Thomas Stevens19 時間 前

    Kinda ironic that apple is just about one apple its not even a full apple

  34. HundredthJam

    HundredthJam19 時間 前

    Is it ok to use on iPhones? iPhone 11 Pro Max specifically

  35. Khoirulloh Van Hotten

    Khoirulloh Van Hotten20 時間 前

    As a Game Programmer, I am VERY understand what are you saying... 🤓

  36. Ian Berg

    Ian Berg20 時間 前

    Interesting video and my only question is: does this also relate to the Great Dress Debate of 2015 ( Do we just blame that on some people seeing greater blue luminance than other people? Thanks for the deep dive into this.

  37. Red Penguin

    Red Penguin21 時間 前

    What did we learn folks... THE CAT NEVER LIES

  38. Victor Taylor

    Victor Taylor21 時間 前

    Interesting video, but I still want to know why you took down the Uphone video.

  39. Sirus Bassee gaming Cool

    Sirus Bassee gaming Cool21 時間 前

    Can it kill laptops?

  40. B l a c k b e r r i e s

    B l a c k b e r r i e s21 時間 前

    Title: Do not download this wallpaper! Ad: *JUST DO IT, NOW ON SALE*

  41. emmanuel joseph

    emmanuel joseph22 時間 前

    the cat's name is micheal

  42. Pridetrooper !

    Pridetrooper !22 時間 前

    Can you use it on your 📱 iPhone

  43. Chai Chen

    Chai Chen23 時間 前

    Wow this is amazing! Now people can be at peace that this is not just a photo doomed by ghosts or something hehe. Glad I haven't encountered it too nor do I want my wallpapers like that. I have now the same phone as the one you showed - Galaxy 20 Ultra 5G sooooo I'll be doomed if I did that haha! Subscribed already. Thanks for making amazing videos!

  44. RaIn Bow

    RaIn Bow23 時間 前

    I thought it can also kill me 😔

  45. Saucey Boi

    Saucey Boi日 前

    Him: don’t do this! Also him: *posts video*

  46. Ushas U

    Ushas U日 前

    Wow .... felt like I just saw an episode of Sherlock Holmes!!

  47. Mr Pyro

    Mr Pyro日 前

    I did it

  48. Zerowesterns GT

    Zerowesterns GT日 前

    I think you should set photo 2nwhite on mounth

  49. Barry Manilowa

    Barry Manilowa日 前

    Boy, the Marques Brownlee clones copy everything including his body language and gestures.

  50. TheWobblingSobble

    TheWobblingSobble日 前

    I know old games were not able to go over 256 bits. So that might be why.

  51. VintageTechTM

    VintageTechTM日 前

    I used on my phone and nothing happend

  52. unfa

    unfa日 前

    Why that one specific pixel? Why the ones with near-white colors closer to the sun don't cause this? The luminance is sure higher there.

  53. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate日 前

    Hi plss teach me english

  54. Scott Landles

    Scott Landles日 前

    That’s why you should always buy from apple

  55. TOP 10

    TOP 10日 前

    thanks forthis cool wallpaper anyway

  56. Void

    Void日 前

    Wow to think it’s one pixel responsible for a mass phone killing, *we shall call this event the ‘phone nukings’ and that pixel ‘the square of death’*

  57. Ulmo

    Ulmo日 前

    Great video! Very interesting. The only that bothered me was that every 5th frame of this JPreporter video was a duplicate of the one before it. You should check your export settings. It makes everything choppy.

  58. Moonlight Ice crystal rubaba

    Moonlight Ice crystal rubaba日 前

    Did anzone relies that behind him theres a table and that table has a stand the is FULL OF PHONES 😱😱😱😱 cool tho 😎😎😎

  59. Cookie Bffs! :3

    Cookie Bffs! :3日 前

    GuYs If You waNt YouR pArEnTs TO gEt you a New IPHoNe UsE *ThE wAlLpApEr*

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    I'm scared. Should I do it?

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    Oh is it amazing to sub your channel?

  63. Cactuz 2006

    Cactuz 2006日 前

    I lose a y9 huawei and i tried on s20 ultra but during crashing it automatically turned to the safe mode but any data on the phone was not remaining.i m going try it on a iphone to see how it works

  64. Dark ravèn

    Dark ravèn日 前

    I tell you why be you showing god from the sky You can never show god

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    why am I watching this?

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    CEO of proof everybody. CEO of proof. mad respect.

  67. robux louis432

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    Hmm how are we seeing the prophoto rgb if im watching on android

  68. CorgiMan817 __

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    I wont try it I wont try it I wont try it

  69. Zhigang Liao

    Zhigang Liao日 前

    Who else is confused?

  70. Nicole D.

    Nicole D.日 前

    Ngl it’s kinda really cool how this destroys your phone because of one pixel that is SO rare

  71. Sean Hardman

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    change the one pixel

  72. Galactic MoonS

    Galactic MoonS日 前

    *Ok, so all I need to do is change that pixel...*

  73. Pontiac Attack

    Pontiac Attack日 前

    This is why I make my own backgrounds

  74. stonks

    stonks日 前

    I was going to say what will happend if you screenshot it

  75. Prin

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    Kpopers wont be bothered by this Trust me

  76. Cat B

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    This was great !!

  77. WeldonWen

    WeldonWen日 前

    Wallpaper be like: These damn kids on their phone 24/7, imma teach them a lesson!

  78. SwitchPlay_

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    Will it break in iPhone 7 ???

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  80. Antwon

    Antwon日 前

    what happens if i apply it to my DESKTOP wallpaper

  81. MysticBlooms

    MysticBlooms日 前

    I never thought a pixel would ruin thousands of people’s phone data