How Things Were Named 2 - Merrell Twins


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    i have a good one about how hair was named Veronica :are you ok? Vanessa : no I can't breathe Veronica : why? Vanessa : I can't breathe THE AIR LOL my puns are unBEARable why am I not a PUNNY youtube

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    What on earth happened to a mirror twins exposed

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    I wish I could speak Jefferyise

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    Yes, how were things named

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    The guy who is saying the names is pretty cool

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    for jasmine you should have done jasmine saying i saw a mine who does jazz then you guys should be like you mean a jazz mine

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    9:43 when ur cousin makes a funny joke at ur expense but u actually took it personally

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    8:07 was their homecoming with Carrie?!

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