How The Lion King Should Have Ended


  1. Luis Brunstein

    Luis Brunstein16 時間 前

    XD I WISH THAT SIMBA ACTOR IN THIS VID WAS IN THE VID ps. it really should have ended in this way lol

  2. Leanne0803

    Leanne08032 日 前

    That’s how i always thought it should have ended

  3. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf2 日 前

    That was epic lol

  4. Izgi örs

    Izgi örs5 日 前

    just, mufasa scene it was good..

  5. Vic Zhao

    Vic Zhao6 日 前

    um wheres the batman superman in end part

  6. Sunila Sharad Vaknalli

    Sunila Sharad Vaknalli6 日 前


  7. Pierce Lindenberg

    Pierce Lindenberg7 日 前

    I wish that we’d gotten ghost Darth Vader in this. I don’t care how it would be implemented, and I don’t know what he would do, but this hishe is sorely lacking it.

  8. Ellen Taher Fathers

    Ellen Taher Fathers7 日 前


  9. VegaSpydr’s Daughter

    VegaSpydr’s Daughter8 日 前

    HAHAHAHA Simba are Zazu :D

  10. Mark Braley

    Mark Braley18 時間 前

    VegaSpydr’s Daughter It's pronounced "ate".

  11. animetalesseries

    animetalesseries9 日 前

    That's it?

  12. Jordan

    Jordan10 日 前

    Not as good as I was expecting

  13. Jasmine Watkins

    Jasmine Watkins11 日 前

    They look so weird,

  14. PhantoMace2012

    PhantoMace201213 日 前

    Scar killed dad! I love the adorable, somewhat casual way Simba just said that

  15. Sam Byers

    Sam Byers13 日 前

    The voice of the lioness, I'm very nearly certain is the same person who used to do vocal work for SexualLobster under the pseudonym HotSexyBitch502.

  16. Dom Russo

    Dom Russo14 日 前

    What a funny parody

  17. Ольга Германскова

    Ольга Германскова14 日 前


  18. renato mascarinas

    renato mascarinas16 日 前

    So that should have ended!!! This all the lions came to stop scar and scar died his the only one and mufasa not died

  19. sonal sheth

    sonal sheth16 日 前


  20. Wolfie Weeb

    Wolfie Weeb17 日 前

    Idk why but zazu sounds like papyrus

  21. Ruby Espinoza

    Ruby Espinoza17 日 前

    I am shocked that Simba. Simba ate a bird

  22. Sarvesh Devan

    Sarvesh Devan19 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about that beautiful line at 2:37, "I told you I couldn't wait!"😂😂😂😂 Get it? It's a reference to the song, "oh I just can't wait to be king" HISHE is clever af😂😂😂

  23. Hector Yianatos

    Hector Yianatos20 日 前


  24. Brandon Velasquez

    Brandon Velasquez20 日 前

    Scar doesn't look like a lion he looks like a Doberman dog

  25. JaJa And Rick

    JaJa And Rick20 日 前

    Mufasa is dead but he is in the clouds

  26. JaJa And Rick

    JaJa And Rick20 日 前

    Simba just eat zazu

  27. Venus The Fury

    Venus The Fury20 日 前


  28. DriftTilTheEnd

    DriftTilTheEnd23 日 前

    This is pathetic. Trying to mock Lion King, same as Athiests try to mock the bible. Life has meaning and so does the movie.

  29. Leonor Dacara

    Leonor Dacara24 日 前

    Im kinda sad for scar only a bit cuz he is hungry especially when he didint done much

  30. portalmastermoore819 Baby einstein fan

    portalmastermoore819 Baby einstein fan24 日 前

    Can you do the hunchback of Notre dame how should end

  31. Mike Gomez Gaming Channel

    Mike Gomez Gaming Channel24 日 前

    Simba The Killer

  32. Minani Chakma

    Minani Chakma27 日 前

    Omg did Simba just ate Zazu!?

  33. Deanna Hilbert

    Deanna Hilbert27 日 前


  34. gina Festa

    gina Festa27 日 前

    lol the funny part is simba parent arguring

  35. Ofentsemoalusi

    Ofentsemoalusi28 日 前


  36. Simba Sky

    Simba Skyヶ月 前

    Hey I really can't stand that simba(i mean, me?) ate saseru !!!!!!! hey youtuber we better talk about it :(

  37. Dannel The Channel

    Dannel The Channel9 日 前

    @Simba Sky auto subtitles are never accurate don't trust them.

  38. Simba Sky

    Simba Sky9 日 前

    @Dannel The Channel uh yeah, saseru according to the subtitle.

  39. Dannel The Channel

    Dannel The Channel9 日 前

    Do you possibly mean zazu?

  40. Simba Sky

    Simba Sky9 日 前

    @Dannel The Channel The bird

  41. Dannel The Channel

    Dannel The Channel11 日 前

    Ummm who's saseru?

  42. Corbjira TheKing

    Corbjira TheKingヶ月 前

    Simba: “Mom! Scar killed Dad!” Scar: “No I didn’t!” Mufasa: “uh, Yes he did. I was there.” Got em

  43. Xx_Alpha wolverine09

    Xx_Alpha wolverine09ヶ月 前

    My personal favourite: "Mufasa!?"

  44. Pee Cee

    Pee Ceeヶ月 前

    killing zarzu? really? that just made me depressed. I'll never look at simba the same way now....

  45. BORIS

    BORISヶ月 前

    Simba sounds exactly like Daniel tiger

  46. BORIS

    BORISヶ月 前

    1:19 good point simba

  47. Carrie White

    Carrie Whiteヶ月 前

    Poor zazu

  48. настя катёнак

    настя катёнакヶ月 前

    А чего по английскому?

  49. Victoria _roxysavage

    Victoria _roxysavageヶ月 前

    *rawr* bow before me Simba its too *soon*

  50. Victoria _roxysavage

    Victoria _roxysavageヶ月 前

    Simba! Step away from ur uncle Wait dad u just told me when we died we turn into grass!! Why are u in the clouds 😂😂😂

  51. Jülide Blabla

    Jülide Blablaヶ月 前

    Best ending😂😂

  52. Christo Butler

    Christo Butlerヶ月 前

    can i get an f for the fallen zazu

  53. angel the wolf

    angel the wolfヶ月 前

    the voice when simba said" mom scar killed dad!" it sounded like the kid who sayed " your not my dad!"

  54. Cheapskate X Videos

    Cheapskate X Videosヶ月 前

    How it REALLY should have ended : Rafiki drops baby simba off pride rock.

  55. Potato Dog

    Potato Dogヶ月 前

    “Simba, did you just eat Zazu?” “YES!”

  56. Mercedes Moran

    Mercedes Moranヶ月 前

    It would be such a,better movie

  57. Davyon Lewis

    Davyon Lewisヶ月 前

    This was good but it could've been made better.

  58. Atom Gasp

    Atom Gaspヶ月 前

    The kid that played Simba did a great job.

  59. Vonny Pbm

    Vonny Pbmヶ月 前

    Wait What you talking about?

  60. Toothless King of dragons

    Toothless King of dragonsヶ月 前

    I Lo this !!!

  61. nevarran

    nevarranヶ月 前

    So that's supposed to be funny?

  62. Cskrjdjjhhdhgh Cats

    Cskrjdjjhhdhgh Catsヶ月 前

  63. Mua Oribia

    Mua Oribiaヶ月 前


  64. tomboyangel78

    tomboyangel78ヶ月 前

    "And if it weren't for you, he would still be alive..." "Wait. YOU brought me down here telling me Dad had a surprise for me and to wait. How is any of this my fault?!" "Er, ah... well, your little roar echoed.." "So that HUGE HERD of wilderbeast ran IN THE DIRECTION of a roar?!" "Um, ah..." "And dad was climbing the mountain towards you before he fell! I was running up to meet with you guys, only to see him falling! Wait... WHAT DID YOU DO?!" "Oh screw this, I'll kill you myself!" ... Okay none of what I typed beats Sarabi's scene xD

  65. Zulfat F.

    Zulfat F.ヶ月 前


  66. Lizok Life

    Lizok Lifeヶ月 前

    Зато Шрам Жив ...

  67. Daniel Claus

    Daniel Clausヶ月 前