How The Lion King Should Have Ended


  1. Isobe Elvie

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  2. ImNutsIKnow

    ImNutsIKnow6 時間 前

    If this was a real HISHE video, Batman would have jumped out of the Mufasa cloud and destroyed Scar

  3. Kendra Purmort

    Kendra Purmort12 時間 前

    Simba mom: why didn't you run in the way of the herd u big smart king Me: u ain't a big smart king on more

  4. 시라소니

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  5. Capper meow 89

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    You should do how balto should've ended!

  6. Amazing Autist

    Amazing Autist日 前

    "Run Pumba! Run for my life!" That is so in-character, I love it. Underappreciated line

  7. Donald hitchens

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  8. scaly raptor 1944

    scaly raptor 19442 日 前

    0:37 a ytp did this firsr

  9. misticwolfEllab basic

    misticwolfEllab basic2 日 前

    What about timon and pum- Oh scar wana eat them -.-

  10. NOA_ BOA101

    NOA_ BOA1012 日 前

    Why are you in the clouds?! I died😅😅

  11. Simon Paquette

    Simon Paquette3 日 前

    You know why they call it the circle of life Because it’s pointless

  12. Miracle Whip

    Miracle Whip3 日 前

    My funny part was POUNCING oh sire you can't be serious!


    ILLUMINATI MLG XD 3003 日 前


  14. Laziepotato :3

    Laziepotato :34 日 前

    this is so true it hurts

  15. Dev The Legend

    Dev The Legend4 日 前

    Scar here sounds like Tom Hiddleston

  16. Sasya

    Sasya4 日 前

    Simba's voice is soo cute

  17. Sophia Sandoval

    Sophia Sandoval4 日 前

    10/10 would watch I want this to be a movie make one

  18. Jessica Tucker

    Jessica Tucker4 日 前

    Mufasa : did you just eat zarzuela :Yes is

  19. Quill Maurer

    Quill Maurer4 日 前

    Does make us wonder - during Mufasa's motivational speech later in the movie, just think of how it would have changed the outcome if he had told Simba that scar had killed him, at the same time as telling him that he was the one true king.

  20. schattentaenzerin

    schattentaenzerin5 日 前

    Ghost Zazu should have turned up too XD

  21. KaimanaVids

    KaimanaVids5 日 前

    2019: The Dead Lion King Up next 2020: The Zombie King

  22. Frank Aleman

    Frank Aleman5 日 前

    At least it’s good now

  23. Talo

    Talo5 日 前

    Check out this A cappella. *Proceeds to play music in the background*

  24. Krishna Sadhana

    Krishna Sadhana6 日 前

    Simba did you just eat zazu Yes circle of life right. As I suppose we are lions after all Hahahaha it’s true. 🥰😂

  25. Spider verse_trio Hill

    Spider verse_trio Hill6 日 前

    So is this for the actual cartoon or the sort of live action movie

  26. Roe Dy

    Roe Dy6 日 前

    The animation on the eye is wrong

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  29. TrippieButters

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    my sister loves this video! shes watched it 200 times she claims

  30. Emma Pena

    Emma Pena7 日 前

    "run pumbaa run for my life" XDDDDDDDDDDD

  31. MAURIE20

    MAURIE208 日 前

    how this should have never happened. thats what should have happened

  32. Laura Moticsak

    Laura Moticsak8 日 前

    Kion And Simba

  33. Charles DD

    Charles DD8 日 前

    What about kion?

  34. Jaziel Al Ali

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    Hi there

  35. Anusha Sundar

    Anusha Sundar9 日 前

    you sink 😋

  36. Sarah McCabe

    Sarah McCabe10 日 前

    "Run Pumbaa, run for my life!"- Definitely sounds like something Timon would say XD

  37. •Randõm_Things•

    •Randõm_Things•10 日 前

    timon: run pumba!! run for my life!! was the funniest part xD (2:49)

  38. Panda Kat

    Panda Kat10 日 前

    mom! Scar killed Dad!

  39. SimbasGuard

    SimbasGuard11 日 前

    Very awesome.

  40. The Thumbnail Guy

    The Thumbnail Guy11 日 前

    Mufasa:what are you doing here sarabi *mufasas dead body*

  41. JuiceTV

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    Do one on the movie Poseidon, I just watched it yesterday 🛳️🛳️🌊

  42. ItZ Moonlight

    ItZ Moonlight11 日 前

    *watchs beginning* Me: Okay this gonna be good *simba eats Zazu* Simba: Circle of life right? Mufasa: Yeah true Me: Zazu! Me: I mean you aren’t wrong :/ My sister: OMG!

  43. Katelynn Benavidez

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    Pumba: ( screaming) Timon run pumba he does not uta mata with us!!!😂😂😂

  44. MrDocAKS

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    Awesome acapella at the end wow!

  45. MHL_rookie Walter

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    Please do how troy should have ended. There are so mamy things you could do with that movie and hilarious points how it should have ended

  46. Matt Winkler

    Matt Winkler12 日 前

    Simba I am your father.noooooo

  47. Kamryn Butcher

    Kamryn Butcher12 日 前

    He shouldn’t off eaten hin

  48. Kamryn Butcher

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  49. Darell Mikiel

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    Scar is a liar

  50. Escapist456

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    Best hishe yet

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    Я одна на руском пишу комент

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    Lol Lol Lol Lol

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  55. Melona Gacha

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    I actually love dat

  56. Edward Nash

    Edward Nash14 日 前

    I don't understand what Sarabi meant when she asked Mufasa why he didn't just run in the direction of the stampede. Can someone explain?

  57. Amani Omer

    Amani Omer14 日 前

    Scar is so mean

  58. Stefano’s YouTube club Palmieri

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    This lion does not wanna Hakuna Matata with us!

  59. Alex Gomes

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    Can you do "How Coraline Should Have Ended (2009)" please?

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    Hishe Otstoinyi tip даже не смотрите жто

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    love it