How I Fell In Love With My Coworker


  1. Ridley Mosqueda

    Ridley Mosqueda17 時間 前

    imma hint to my crush (who’s a current coworker 🤣) that we should go work at Buzzfeed. see if we end up together 😂😂😂

  2. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne18 時間 前

    I also kinda agree and get that their relationship is a bit annoying.. but all power to them I guess.

  3. Ricardo Marin

    Ricardo Marin日 前

    Anyone else watch this like 5 times a week ?? lol

  4. That's so Lit!

    That's so Lit!日 前

    Can't wait for the next video. " How I Banged a Co worker and left "

  5. Hadi Suwandi

    Hadi Suwandi日 前

    OMG, I cried when they shout : "This is our world", you guys are sweet.

  6. The Real Future

    The Real Future日 前

    I need this lmao

  7. Kien

    Kien日 前

    She looks like Robin from HIMYM

  8. Louis Ridgway

    Louis Ridgway2 日 前

    Hope they both are single people if not there could be problems over the horizon. That way companies have policies against dating among coworkers. Enjoy for the present.

  9. Laura Menning

    Laura Menning2 日 前

    This video is the most wholesome.

  10. The legend 27

    The legend 272 日 前

    de happiness of the dude in the end bc there will be a breakup video

  11. Jasmine G

    Jasmine G2 日 前

    Wow I want them to get married!!

  12. salty cucumber

    salty cucumber2 日 前

    Nobody: Me: omg not everyone from buzzfeed is gay

  13. Hevetican

    Hevetican2 日 前

    i feel like im the only one who thinks he is a closet gay

  14. Tristan Chung

    Tristan Chung2 日 前

    I did not throw a temper tantrum Chapter IV Aria throws a temper tantrum

  15. Pachia Xiong

    Pachia Xiong2 日 前

    crying, I hope I find something this pure, and beautiful

  16. Pickel 314 wow

    Pickel 314 wow2 日 前

    Just going to say middle school

  17. KierstenRaeAnne

    KierstenRaeAnne2 日 前

    Who thought it’d end with a proposal?

  18. hellofriyay

    hellofriyay2 日 前

    Buzzfeed losing content be like:

  19. Tomas' Channel

    Tomas' Channel2 日 前

    9:20 lmfao

  20. Tamara Lynn Chambers

    Tamara Lynn Chambers2 日 前

    Omfg I love this so much I cried

  21. candirockstar135

    candirockstar1352 日 前

    If they break up this will be awkward.

  22. Lauren Jeoffroy

    Lauren Jeoffroy3 日 前

    This was phenomenal!!!! I wish them the best!

  23. xX AquaWolfy Xx

    xX AquaWolfy Xx3 日 前

    Now they are the **REAL** definition of true love/soulmates

  24. Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu

    Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu3 日 前

    I ended up crying, they so cute damm I am so happy 🥺🥺🥺

  25. Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu

    Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu3 日 前


  26. Jayden Langeveldt

    Jayden Langeveldt3 日 前

    This video is so f*cking cute!

  27. tessa

    tessa3 日 前

    aria’s definitely the little spoon

  28. prince.

    prince.3 日 前

    .... they really dropped this low? make a video out of a work couple like some teenage love story lol

  29. jov lum

    jov lum3 日 前

    Alvin and Inga are next

  30. denisse almonte

    denisse almonte3 日 前

    I wish the best for them ❤️

  31. Pramod Neupane

    Pramod Neupane3 日 前

    Why am i watching this over and over again?

  32. ShoeShow The Science Behind Shoes!

    ShoeShow The Science Behind Shoes!3 日 前

    5:15 my mans has a safety pin in his ear

  33. Emma Chambers

    Emma Chambers3 日 前

    This is the most high school drama video ever

  34. Wino Ramadhan

    Wino Ramadhan3 日 前

    You uploaded this on my birthday date, and I'm so happy that you two stick together right now!!! I hope nothing but the best for you two

  35. Jonathan Rayburn Castro

    Jonathan Rayburn Castro3 日 前


  36. Vishwas Singh

    Vishwas Singh4 日 前

    This video was so cringy!!!! I loved it!

  37. Kevin Godinez

    Kevin Godinez4 日 前

    This called me single for 18:27 min

  38. Hamza Mahmood

    Hamza Mahmood4 日 前

    The fact that shes taller den him 😭😭

  39. Deena Wave

    Deena Wave4 日 前

    Imagine them breaking up lol

  40. Sean Kim

    Sean Kim4 日 前

    why is this such a big deal

  41. Laura Scalia

    Laura Scalia4 日 前

    I knew ittttt

  42. Alv SFS

    Alv SFS4 日 前

    When aria's yell "this is my world" in front of Marle, the subtitles write "this is my wife"

  43. Shams-Il Arefin

    Shams-Il Arefin4 日 前

    happy to see people so happy.

  44. the September Guy

    the September Guy4 日 前

    "And then next thing you know they're fuc*king" , whoa whoa , this guy is at another level - 14:24

  45. Ivana M

    Ivana M4 日 前

    Finally! Sending all the good juju!

  46. Itshenry 2006

    Itshenry 20064 日 前

    is anyone not gonna talk about the exercise ball chair that she used?

  47. sel_ari_tay_lover

    sel_ari_tay_lover4 日 前

    they are so in love

  48. sel_ari_tay_lover

    sel_ari_tay_lover4 日 前

    am i the only one who thought he is gay

  49. Santos Alvarado

    Santos Alvarado4 日 前


  50. Reina Aqua

    Reina Aqua4 日 前

    I need a video like this when i find this too

  51. Rashad Rahman

    Rashad Rahman4 日 前

    Is this, THE OFFICE ft. buzzFeed tho?

  52. Shaina Lee

    Shaina Lee4 日 前

    Fernando, my dude. Vibin’ him and his comments about their relationship 😂

  53. B Rhymes

    B Rhymes4 日 前

    I need a show just with Fernando. He is so funny

  54. Picky Child

    Picky Child5 日 前

    guys if it wasent megan sergery this wouldent happen

  55. Madelyn Dooley

    Madelyn Dooley5 日 前

    Finally there dating (if they have been dating longer I didn’t know :/)

  56. ben playle

    ben playle5 日 前

    I remember him seeing her underwear in the what’s in my bag videos

  57. Chel.art_fashion vlogs chel

    Chel.art_fashion vlogs chel5 日 前

    when i saw them kiss for the first time, i was so happpppyyyyyyyy

  58. Hera Sean

    Hera Sean5 日 前

    Hahahahaha the fact that i know every single 'shipping comments' you put in the video makes me realize i have been into this relationship too much 🤣

  59. Breanna Andrea

    Breanna Andrea5 日 前

    My heart has been warmed 😌

  60. Trinnamon Rolls

    Trinnamon Rolls5 日 前

    “When I first asked Merle what she thought of Aria, she was like ‘mm he’s cute but I wouldn’t date him’...... look at that b*tch now-“ I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣