1. Braille Skateboarding

    Braille Skateboarding27 日 前

    A lot of you are worried about Fetty's medical bills! First of all, super nice of you guys to care. But we got this! Braille offers all full time employees health insurance and we are covering all of his deductibles and anything insurance won't cover. We also gave Fetty paid time off to heal. We know how hard these guys work and put their bodies on the line for us and you. Thanks for your concern and care for Fetty!

  2. Big Mac

    Big Mac日 前


  3. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor日 前

    Props to you for this.

  4. Nico NUTS

    Nico NUTS18 日 前

    Squirrel ASMR it’s healing slowly but the pain is over thanks for being interested 🙏

  5. Squirrel ASMR

    Squirrel ASMR18 日 前

    @Nico NUTS hope your arm is okay

  6. Onyx

    Onyx20 日 前

    My jaw actually started vibrating when fetty's jaw hit the ground


    GRAVITY10 時間 前

    Quite standing standing around n help him XD

  8. Baby_ kim41

    Baby_ kim4112 時間 前

    Stay safe man and make a speedy recovery

  9. MATT MN

    MATT MN13 時間 前

    Poor Fetty

  10. gregnuts20 ___

    gregnuts20 ___14 時間 前

    Nigel's army is showing🤘 "like time now".

  11. Li'l t Byrd

    Li'l t Byrd15 時間 前

    2:49 fetty breaks his jaw😭😭😭😭

  12. Blitzy

    Blitzy18 時間 前

    How can he eat???

  13. Shameer Malik

    Shameer Malik19 時間 前

    *gets arm chopped off* "Yeah it stings a little bit should probably go to a hospital, but I think a band aid should be enough" Fetty is so calm lol.

  14. widt width

    widt width21 時間 前

    Props he didn't got KO...

  15. AlbertoACV1998

    AlbertoACV199821 時間 前

    The only "good" thing about this is that he only broke his jaw. If the poor guy had broken his nose or zygomatic, that would have been even worse... It's good knowing the guy has been recovering well from what we can see on the latest upload

  16. sararaebowles

    sararaebowles22 時間 前

    Hope you feel better fetty

  17. PixelFox

    PixelFox日 前

    You can hear his bone

  18. Kodeman 710

    Kodeman 710日 前

    Got me a little sketchy to skate today after watching that Jesus Christ

  19. Kodeman 710

    Kodeman 710日 前

    That was such a weird fall he just like slammed so fast shit glad your ok man need to put those hands out quick time

  20. Space JAGA

    Space JAGA日 前

    Should've worn helmet! ;))))

  21. Curious Lock Picker

    Curious Lock Picker日 前

    What a trooper! I can't believe how well he handled that injury... Hoping for a quick recovery!

  22. 7 .62

    7 .62日 前

    Omg after the first few seconds this was so hard to watch,

  23. Jeremy Garcia

    Jeremy Garcia日 前

    My ninja why you paint yo nails ? Like im not all LIKE BRO YOU PUSSY BOI but why tho ? Lol

  24. Abby Advocate-Ross

    Abby Advocate-Ross日 前

    Well he breaks everything including his jaw 😐

  25. Smozy 752

    Smozy 752日 前

    Gotta show some respect for fetty

  26. Isaiah's Goodish

    Isaiah's Goodish日 前

    this is one of those things that you don’t wanna watch.... but you wanna see what happens

  27. Danny Lannon

    Danny Lannon日 前

    Feel better buddy

  28. Redel Soul

    Redel Soul2 日 前

    Anyone else surprised Fetty is f***ing TATTED UP and his tats are NIIIIIICE

  29. SNKR_357 _HED

    SNKR_357 _HED2 日 前

    "I noticed my jaws not lined up and was like mh that's not good"

  30. Maddox Rogers

    Maddox Rogers2 日 前

    *fetty breaks his jaw* Nigel: I GOTCHU PRINCESS

  31. BootyFlexin

    BootyFlexin2 日 前

    Now it looks like the 14 year old girls mom is going to break his jaw again haha.

  32. Devraj Ryatt

    Devraj Ryatt2 日 前

    From the moment of impact I was full on cringing and I think I hurt my jaw just watching this Also how did this not get taken down

  33. Mateo Scortea

    Mateo Scortea2 日 前

    Fall at 2.42

  34. Dirty Pancakes

    Dirty Pancakes3 日 前

    Just like dan the meme man eat ass go fast smoke grass 😆

  35. KmartStalker

    KmartStalker3 日 前


  36. PETA

    PETA3 日 前

    Hall of meat where you at

  37. Suicidal Goose

    Suicidal Goose3 日 前

    I hope he's ok 😬

  38. tuna fsh

    tuna fsh3 日 前

    Fetty breaks everything..?

  39. Major Cookie

    Major Cookie4 日 前

    If you didn't cry you're not a real gamer

  40. Kat • M

    Kat • M4 日 前

    *Now I’m scared to skate.*

  41. Sidney Shaw

    Sidney Shaw4 日 前

    watching those attempts knowing what is coming is like watching a horror movie where the tension in the scenes is building and building toward a big jump scare

  42. Jnr disruptiv

    Jnr disruptiv5 日 前

    Legend, get better soon✊

  43. Ace Dog Kodie cat

    Ace Dog Kodie cat5 日 前

    One like for fetty.

  44. stickarms

    stickarms6 日 前

    I'm terrified of skating again

  45. Arleen Cabaluna

    Arleen Cabaluna6 日 前

    Im really sad for fetty😢😭

  46. imlee888

    imlee8886 日 前

    Keep chugging that ensure ferry, don’t wanna lose weight

  47. Emily Vickers

    Emily Vickers6 日 前

    I honestly love Fettys nails. Looks so dope

  48. Memes for sale

    Memes for sale6 日 前

    They should have built the wear house next to a hospital 🤣

  49. Ellie LilTigerOof

    Ellie LilTigerOof7 日 前


  50. Lil Uwuzi

    Lil Uwuzi7 日 前

    take skating serious lmao

  51. gamer

    gamer7 日 前

    3:05 you're welcome

  52. InFaSoTkA Top

    InFaSoTkA Top7 日 前

    Фэтти удачи, выздаравливай

  53. puttputt524

    puttputt5248 日 前

    He broke his jaw skating? No way!

  54. Thor Norve

    Thor Norve8 日 前

    Ain’t fetty look like lil peep And he’s a champ he never said it hurts he just said he’s annoyed

  55. Anthony Dumond

    Anthony Dumond8 日 前

    I love that S.A.F Sweat Shirt

  56. the randums

    the randums8 日 前

    Who dislikes this video edit: I don’t but why would you

  57. JJOZ

    JJOZ8 日 前

    dude i heard the crack ouch

  58. Jackal

    Jackal8 日 前

    I landed exactly like that riding BMX years ago in a parking lot. Didn't break my jaw (Although I honestly thought I did) and the pain was fucking incredible. I've broken ankles and wrists all day and didn't hurt like that. Jesus. Get well soon.

  59. alex cubes

    alex cubes8 日 前

    how do you eat???

  60. DjB 84

    DjB 848 日 前

    a demon grabs his food... 😂 Fetty u are awesome!

  61. Joban Thefundraiser

    Joban Thefundraiser8 日 前

    I recommend every skater to train jiu jitsu... since there’s a lot of judo throws in jits, we train how to fall correctly.. constantly

  62. Kam 1025

    Kam 10258 日 前

    2:46 dont thank me later

  63. Shawn Barnhart

    Shawn Barnhart8 日 前

    Today, I was riding my board and slipped & smacked my face of the ground exactly like fetty, I had to get 5 stitches in my chin.

  64. I am Realistik

    I am Realistik9 日 前

    I almost broke my jaw so I can feel for him must of hurt like crazy cuz my jaw hurts a lot and I didn't even break it

  65. THCgamer 30

    THCgamer 309 日 前

    Stay Strong Fetty Bro!. Skateboarding is Extreme!.