How Far Can You SPLIT CHALLENGE! w/ Sofie Dossi


  1. Stokes Twins

    Stokes Twinsヶ月 前

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  2. Kristine Jose

    Kristine Jose17 日 前

    Stokes Twins uriah

  3. Xx Emma

    Xx Emma21 日 前

    Stokes Twins done

  4. Maryam Bashir

    Maryam Bashir22 日 前


  5. Kdog Tanner

    Kdog Tanner23 日 前


  6. Hui Nevin

    Hui Nevin26 日 前

    SOO FUNNY🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Olinda Barrera

    Olinda Barrera時間 前

    “done” ♥️

  8. Zachary Sison

    Zachary Sison時間 前

    Sofie Dossi for the win!

  9. 乃辉Fiona alpha

    乃辉Fiona alpha2 時間 前

    I think sofi dossi is gonna win

  10. Gabriela Littlejohn

    Gabriela Littlejohn3 時間 前

    This was so interesting to watch

  11. Carrie Carter

    Carrie Carter7 時間 前

    Oops the twins got illuminated

  12. Carrie Carter

    Carrie Carter7 時間 前

    The swims got iliminated

  13. Tininha Cunha

    Tininha Cunha9 時間 前

    Can I have the machine please? I'm working on my flexibility

  14. Emily Hutchinson

    Emily Hutchinson9 時間 前

    You should do it again but what ever number you get you have to wait that long

  15. Maddy Gutierrez

    Maddy Gutierrez9 時間 前


  16. Linh Le

    Linh Le10 時間 前

    Who else knew sofie would win this challenge?! I know I did 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  17. Tara Newby

    Tara Newby14 時間 前


  18. leah kimmm

    leah kimmm14 時間 前

    Who else already knows sofie was gonna win😹

  19. Angelique Heaton

    Angelique Heaton16 時間 前

    Alex wore jeans... to a flexibility contest....

  20. hana jamaluddin

    hana jamaluddin16 時間 前

    My friend n school know how to do split and gymnast and sph my secret twilight lisi group is secret privat hand shake duh!🖤

  21. Landyn VanderSloot

    Landyn VanderSloot17 時間 前


  22. Savita Devi

    Savita Devi17 時間 前

    Iam more flexible than soffie

  23. ꧁PoppySeed Mochi꧂

    ꧁PoppySeed Mochi꧂19 時間 前

    It’s obvious who wins lol

  24. Elvys castellanos

    Elvys castellanos22 時間 前

    Is cool looking

  25. Elvys castellanos

    Elvys castellanos22 時間 前


  26. Elvys castellanos

    Elvys castellanos22 時間 前

    Omg that guy with the white shirt

  27. Elvys castellanos

    Elvys castellanos22 時間 前

    I like the guy with white shirt

  28. Daisie World

    Daisie World23 時間 前


  29. Roxanna Ordonez

    Roxanna Ordonez日 前

    In the intro Sofie was thinking she was gonna win

  30. Elma Edokpa

    Elma Edokpa日 前

    See Ya'll shouldn't have doubted Sofie,never EVER doubt Sofie again cause' we all knew she was gonna win

  31. Julia Becker

    Julia Becker日 前

    Why do I actually wanna have this thing to stretch? Anyone know where to buy this haha?😂

  32. Lucy Davies

    Lucy Davies日 前

    I have just seen the video when you win Britain’s got talent 😮

  33. Jessymar Alicea

    Jessymar Alicea日 前

    Imagine anna mcnulty She would win so good aswell

  34. توحة القحطاني

    توحة القحطاني日 前

    هم يعرفون انها محترفه ليش يلعبونها معهم ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  35. Benny Guerrero

    Benny Guerrero日 前


  36. peng gao

    peng gao日 前

    I support sofie!

  37. Freya Simmance

    Freya Simmance日 前

    I can do the splits fully

  38. Ms. Ronah

    Ms. Ronah日 前

    I praktiseng how to split

  39. Areeba

    Areeba日 前

    Who hear watches Jordan matters 😇😇😍

  40. SneakySweet 1010

    SneakySweet 1010日 前


  41. Jay Weiner

    Jay Weiner日 前


  42. 道秀吴

    道秀吴日 前

    I can do that

  43. Sanjay Gamerz

    Sanjay Gamerz日 前


  44. Migzs Vlog

    Migzs Vlog日 前


  45. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones日 前

    Obviously sofie

  46. lysx bangtan2013

    lysx bangtan2013日 前

    Who notice Kat and Andrew got the same number? 😂😂

  47. Bri And Xav Finch

    Bri And Xav Finch日 前

    *sofies pov* i HoNeStLy DoNt EvEn KnOw WhY tHeRe TrYiNg

  48. Xaipro Zayyaan

    Xaipro Zayyaan日 前

    I wish Brent was there😭

  49. Sri Rahma

    Sri Rahma日 前

    Where did Andrew go?

  50. Dilshad Ripa

    Dilshad Ripa日 前

    I like Sofie because she is the most flexible girl.

  51. Jordie&Aud Fan

    Jordie&Aud Fan日 前

    When The guy with the red shirt when he say “sofie dossi is going to get elemented” and I was like “boi she is flexible

  52. Anactacia Kamati

    Anactacia Kamati23 時間 前

    you don't even know his name

  53. Sofia Macalindol

    Sofia Macalindol日 前

    They act like sofie isnt a contortionist aww😂

  54. Md Russel chy

    Md Russel chy日 前


  55. SRK Animal lover

    SRK Animal lover日 前

    I was dieing because I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. STAMMERS Lexie

    STAMMERS Lexie日 前

    Ouch 🤕

  57. Zarria Nyrie

    Zarria Nyrie日 前

    😱 OMG

  58. Kimberly Jackson

    Kimberly Jackson日 前

    She would obviously win. This “challenge” is pretty pointless.

  59. Mia Battistella

    Mia Battistella日 前

    Done please choose me!!!

  60. Trinity and Lauren Toys and game show!

    Trinity and Lauren Toys and game show!日 前


  61. Alan Veliz

    Alan Veliz日 前

    What happen with Andrew at the end

  62. Mary Oliver

    Mary Oliver日 前

    I’m like is it for everybody else like Sophie is really flexible and yeah

  63. Sa Gee

    Sa Gee日 前

    I really need that split thing to stretch haha

  64. Aiden Denny

    Aiden Denny日 前

    Alex is pretty hot

  65. iiPanda Plays

    iiPanda Plays2 日 前

    Alen: ut oh you about to get elimaneted🤪 Me: uh no she is to flexibel Sofie in her head: easy peasy 🤣 Me: you about get eleminatedddd XD 😂😂🤣🤣

  66. Simge Simge

    Simge Simge2 日 前

    5:44 sophie: what this is easy that i can hold it for 100 sec or Something

  67. Simge Simge

    Simge Simge2 日 前

    5:24 what?!?!? 31 easy

  68. Simge Simge

    Simge Simge2 日 前

    Sophie Like: wth this is Soooo easy im extra flexible

  69. Teerath 556

    Teerath 5562 日 前

    I'm pretty sure that before it started every one knew who's gonna win.

  70. Lightskin Baby

    Lightskin Baby2 日 前


  71. Lin Chen

    Lin Chen2 日 前

    Ugh mmmmmm

  72. Jazzy Carter

    Jazzy Carter2 日 前

    Ok but we all knew slofie was going to win

  73. Courtney Garcia

    Courtney Garcia2 日 前


  74. babyJ4de S3abon

    babyJ4de S3abon2 日 前

    Kate was not doing the splits

  75. Heather Schaalma

    Heather Schaalma2 日 前

    watching people scream in pain just not my thing.....

  76. KamInn

    KamInn2 日 前

    Hi from Russia🥰

  77. Kylie Schmidt

    Kylie Schmidt2 日 前

    Someone is going to break there hip

  78. Landzky Scorpion

    Landzky Scorpion2 日 前

    How sofie

  79. nich1957

    nich19572 日 前

    Did anyone’ Pants rip

  80. FF MATEO

    FF MATEO2 日 前


  81. Zzzzozebra girl

    Zzzzozebra girl2 日 前


  82. frank byrne

    frank byrne2 日 前

    You know how to get it because we're the best we know how to get it because cos we are we are better now

  83. sophakosneath dor

    sophakosneath dor2 日 前

    everyone: 😓 Sofie: 😙🙄😑 me: 🤣

  84. Trinita Muutu

    Trinita Muutu2 日 前

    who was expecting sofie wouldnt win🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  85. Tayla Green

    Tayla Green2 日 前

    Alex love your socks I love dragon ball and goku

  86. Sui Sarum

    Sui Sarum2 日 前

    You are so cool Sophi

  87. Alyssa Hart

    Alyssa Hart2 日 前

    Who Do You Think The Best Person In The World Is? (Hint: it's the third word😊)



    This isn’t true for me

  89. Sunehri Heikham

    Sunehri Heikham2 日 前

    Omg i want this machine😂

  90. Bananataekook

    Bananataekook2 日 前

    They forgot sofi is flexible 😂

  91. Isabella Love Garcia

    Isabella Love Garcia2 日 前

    stoke twins: ohhhh sofie gonna get elimaneted sofie:ohh me: does the stoke twins know she is so flexible

  92. S T

    S T2 日 前

    5:26 bruh dis is SOFFIE DOSSIE how can she not-

  93. Kinsey Allen

    Kinsey Allen2 日 前

    5:26. Do you even KNOW SOFIE DOSSI?!

  94. Brenda Rossow-Kimball

    Brenda Rossow-Kimball2 日 前

    I do this every day I mean it’s my life that show me and the boys are just like I am not your friend help me

  95. Brenda Rossow-Kimball

    Brenda Rossow-Kimball2 日 前

    I love how all of the boys Struggle and Sophie just is like this is my life

  96. Alex Jaksich

    Alex Jaksich2 日 前

    Them:31 ooohhhhh she’s about to get eliminated me :have you even met Sofie Dossi?

  97. LUKE LI

    LUKE LI2 日 前

    The winner is going to get 1,000$ Sofie:So i im going to buy

  98. moesha Cunningham

    moesha Cunningham2 日 前

    U guys are so evil to yourselves

  99. R-Dog Navarro

    R-Dog Navarro2 日 前

    Username amp password

  100. Audrey Moore

    Audrey Moore2 日 前

    Literally Sofie is the best🤩

  101. icesk8er

    icesk8er2 日 前

    12:30 it hurt just watching her it felt like 4,000000000000 needles went up my back that’s scary

  102. ??????

    ??????3 日 前

    I think it’s double jointed is leg maybe?

  103. ??????

    ??????3 日 前


  104. Griselda Sebastian

    Griselda Sebastian3 日 前

    Can twins feel each other's pain

  105. Ruby Armagost

    Ruby Armagost3 日 前

    If Sofi would keep her feet turned out instead if cheating

  106. Rp Queen

    Rp Queen3 日 前

    Sophie’s o s gonna win



    After sofie did the spilts she was just chillin bc after you do the spilts you’re just putting your legs together but at the back not an over spilt, lol #logic

  108. Lily and Jerrame

    Lily and Jerrame3 日 前