How do cigarettes affect the body? - Krishna Sudhir


  1. MyMd9

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    Quitted on 4 may 2020

  2. ram padavala

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    I quitted on 20-dec-2017. 😃😃 And am feeling great if i can so can y'all . Good luck guys

  3. Sankar

    Sankar3 時間 前

    Great bhai

  4. Mohammed Saif

    Mohammed Saif11 時間 前

    My dad tried quitting cigarettes once and he said he was coughing blood so he went back to smoking and all was fine, that's weird.

  5. Shasha Rai

    Shasha Rai21 時間 前

    The truth about when you smoke is very scary. I would rather be drug free.

  6. jeremy somebody

    jeremy somebody日 前

    You just gotta want it bad enough, or you will never quit.

  7. Situm Pertin

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    Quitting today...

  8. Elmo Kapri

    Elmo Kapri日 前

    My uncle smokes😪, I'm trying to get him to stop.

  9. Kurt Morris Palacio

    Kurt Morris Palacio2 日 前

    I’m a smoker but I will stop when I’m 25

  10. Karthik V

    Karthik V2 日 前

    Hi Everyone, I'm From India. Luckily I came across Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking in internet search and I discovered what every other smokers in this world is praying for - "An Real easy way to stop smoking permanently " This intelligent method helped me to stop smoking easily on 21st May 2020 at 10:10 AM. My thanks to Allen Carr's Easyway for Giving me back my life. ❤️

  11. Toxicity

    Toxicity2 日 前

    I’m 23 and been smoking since I was 15 my teeth are already decaying and I can’t imagine what my lungs look like, I’m ready to quit for good this time

  12. not real Assist

    not real Assist2 日 前

    Smoked from 13 to 14 one pack a day i am now 15 and have been clean for almost a year

  13. Turquoisehaykitty

    Turquoisehaykitty2 日 前

    I am really worried about my dad and this video made me worry even more.

  14. whotrynakill seth

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    I'm watching this while smoking

  15. Dr.Doctor

    Dr.Doctor4 日 前

    Till this day I don’t know how people can get addicted to cigarettes I guess it’s just their brain, I smoked repetitively for days in 2019, 2020 and I don’t feel like I need another one, just take control of yourself and throw away the next pack you get, it might seem hard but take control it’s your body.

  16. Edehe

    Edehe2 日 前

    I had the same thing, smoked casually here and there. Never felt addicted or like I needed it for years. Then slowly and without notice the few cigarettes per week became more over the years until I hit the point of smoking half a pack per day. Smoking cigarettes and thinking you won’t get addicted is exactly how you get addicted.

  17. João Victor Valentim

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    Watching this while smoking

  18. white poop

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    i wish I can tell my dad about this but he wont just stop

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  20. Kapil Dev Tiwari

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    Fresh Air in The morning from East can Help for Smokers to be Fit.

  21. Andro Freeman

    Andro Freeman7 日 前

    I enjoy each cigarette I smoke so much that I think it's worth all the side effects lol

  22. loco don

    loco don6 日 前

    It’s the little things we look forward too that morning cig & coffee is 🔥

  23. Cynical Amber

    Cynical Amber7 日 前

    Trying to get my dad to quit so he’ll be alive long enough to walk with me at my wedding....

  24. wattzyn

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    Thats deep

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    Me Smoking and watching lol like a boss

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    Who drawn these weird characters

  27. jenna menes

    jenna menes8 日 前

    Seeing the comments filled with positivity I love it BUT, the question is why is it even made if its bad for anyone health?

  28. Recklessbliss Characternotcolor

    Recklessbliss Characternotcolor8 日 前

    You did a great job on this. My favorite to keep me away from smoking. Great artist!

  29. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx9 日 前

    So THAT'S why I have become weaker.

  30. digital footprint

    digital footprint9 日 前

    It doesn’t happen in one day.....

  31. Ree

    Ree10 日 前

    i've been smoking for a couple of years now. cigarettes are actually good guys, because they're killing you, even if slowly.

  32. 17 Ro

    17 Ro10 日 前

    if this post reaches 100 likes i will quit smoking FOREVER

  33. Elizabeth diaz

    Elizabeth diaz10 日 前

    This is why I want to become a doctor saving lives by talking with patients listening to their problems. Preventing and diagnosing them to help them.

  34. Gino H

    Gino H10 日 前

    Quitting smoking never worked for me for more then 2 weeks. So instead of quitting I retired from it. After all, smoking is hard work, because it's hard on your body physically, and because you have to work to buy smokes in the first place. Quitting work is the same as becoming a bum. I am not a quitter, so I decided that an honorable retirement from all that extra effort was the way to go. Psychological craving disappeared instantly, and whenever physical craving came it was actually funny to feel, as there was zero inclination to give into it. That only lasted for 2 weeks anyway. Since then I never even considered smoking. I didn't need any nicotine patches or any other aids either. I am not sure why thinking about it in that way worked for me, but I sure am enjoying the benefits.

  35. Abdulla Al hajri

    Abdulla Al hajri11 日 前

    Smoking makes me feel better when I’m stressed or depressed that’s why I smoked

  36. Abdulla Al hajri

    Abdulla Al hajri9 日 前

    @Spiritgate 04 yeah man it’s just when u do it u can’t stop

  37. Spiritgate 04

    Spiritgate 049 日 前

    Yes that is true, but there are many other much healthier things in the world that can help with that. Smoking is not the only solution.

  38. Andrea Hegyi

    Andrea Hegyi11 日 前

    I just finished reading a book which I strongly recommend "Allen Carr's easyway to stop smoking". I usually don't read self developing books because I always thought they are beautiful cliques that don't apply in real life, but this one, if you read it carefully and follow everything it says (for example one night I decided that I smoked my last cigarette of the day and read some pages before bed, but I came upon a part which said "light a cigarette right now and smoke it thinking seriously about how it feels" and I had to do it, another thing like this is in another chapter later on which says if you are sure by now that you will truly quit smoking the rest of the chapter won't be a shock treatment for you, but if you are not so sure, leave the rest of the chapter for when you finish the book, and I did because I was feeling unsure of myself at that time, but you have to follow all the steps it says) it could actually work. Oh yeah, you have to smoke until you finish the book. It's not a shock treatment, it makes you realise what smoking really is and makes you be aware of how you feel while smoking. I can't explain everything from the book, but the main idea is to promise yourself that you will stop, that this is your last cigarette (it's a chain reaction that you have to stop) and get a positive thinking about this (this is the easyway, to bear through the book and understand what big happiness and health awaits you, therefore making it much more easier for you). Btw, it strictly says not to use gum, sprays or anything with nicotine, you wanna get rid of the drug, that is the drug, that's what causes the addiction. I stopped for 10 or 11 days and yesterday I smoked again and it sucked. But I'm sure now that I don't want smoking to be a part of my life anymore and I you people reading this (big chunk of text im sorry haha) are my witnesses now that I just smoked my last cigarette. Try the book, or if you think you need more, there are many, many clinics in the world that the writer of this book made, it's a list with all of them and contact details at the end of the book, but you can also search the web for any nearby Allen Carr clinics. I honestly hope I helped someone, if anyone wants to share their experiences I would love to read them :) P.S. I promise I'm not a promoter of this book and I'm not getting paid for writing this comment haha

  39. HajDej

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    Why cant they just make something harmless that triggers the release of dopamine

  40. HajDej

    HajDej10 日 前

    @Jordan Largey oh ok

  41. Jordan Largey

    Jordan Largey10 日 前

    The release of dopamine in of itself is the addictive component. That being said, go pump some weights.

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    I know about this

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    im still not gonna stop oof

  45. ItzYung Fefe

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    everyone makes mistakes

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    I spent the whole video while thinking, why out of all outfits, you dress that dude a skirt

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  48. Let's Think

    Let's Think13 日 前

    I am successful in quitting smoking... This is my humble joyful

  49. drug mage

    drug mage13 日 前

    It's been 2 days since I quit and I feel great

  50. heperoloiusbiblicus

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    Drugs are bad, m’kay?

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  52. Adarsh gupta

    Adarsh gupta15 日 前

    So i have to wait for 15 years to see the results after quitting cigarette🚬..

  53. Naing Myint Thein

    Naing Myint Thein15 日 前

    So the answer is smoke for a year quit for a year and smoke for a year and quit for a year🔁

  54. Michael LaPerna

    Michael LaPerna15 日 前

    The 2.5 K down voters are those moronic, stubborn smokers who want to die young and don't care about themselves or others. Keep smoking people. With many minorities procreating like rabbits, a few more deaths could only beneifit society.

  55. Mahim Islam

    Mahim Islam16 日 前

    I started smoking for 4 days ago... Now after watching this video i am going to stop today.... Before get addicted🙂

  56. Calvin Harris

    Calvin Harris16 日 前

    why isn't tobacco banned??

  57. Harish kumar

    Harish kumar16 日 前

    Quitting smoking is very easy. I have quit hundreds of times.

  58. Vivek Paul

    Vivek Paul16 日 前

    Never started, never going to.

  59. Omar Amin

    Omar Amin17 日 前

    Thanks for this great information

  60. Dovydas Guja

    Dovydas Guja17 日 前

    Nicotine is the only drug that dosen't make sense to me. It's highly addictive, the high you get from it last for about 5 minutes and it makes your body weaker.

  61. Kazzor

    Kazzor18 日 前

    I’ve quit a lot lol

  62. Javeed Miracle

    Javeed Miracle19 日 前

    Stopped smoking since 5 days

  63. DaydreamerDragon27

    DaydreamerDragon2719 日 前

    My grandfather died when I was little due to smoking. I’ll never touch those things

  64. anthony chaa

    anthony chaa19 日 前

    nonsense, read Allan Carr,s book

  65. mgsGamer

    mgsGamer19 日 前

    Don’t smoke or else you get lupus

  66. Bilu mathew thomas

    Bilu mathew thomas19 日 前

    Iam stopped smoking now

  67. Emil Rylander

    Emil Rylander19 日 前

    Started when i was 16 small smoking, started to smoke more than a pack a week. Quitted 2 years ago, smoked 2 cigg at new years. But I'm never smoking one cigarette in my life again

  68. MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.

    MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.19 日 前

    Most know this but to quit is more challenging.

  69. MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.

    MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.19 日 前

    What about cigars ? It feels more worse, started to stop smoking cigarettes. 😕 To Quit smoking is a horrible problem. Is there a easy trick to stop ?

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    Rijk is super cool en je weet het20 日 前


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    I don’t really care for this animation drawing style

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    Please don't start

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    I drink beer and premium whiskey and stop cigarate a year now❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. claudio stigliano

    claudio stigliano20 日 前

    Yesterday I smoked my last cigarette, wish me good luck!

  75. mikey's cliffaconda

    mikey's cliffaconda20 日 前

    had my first cig today. im really stressed with studies and toxic environment, thinking this is my only way to escape even for a while :(

  76. Ruuu Puth

    Ruuu Puth20 日 前

    Day 2 without smoking. Wish me luck.

  77. Philip L

    Philip L21 日 前

    Today is day two going cold turkey! I'm craving caffeine a lot which is weird! These videos are great to remind you why you quit! :)

  78. Susan Lovelies

    Susan Lovelies21 日 前

    I’m 13 and I smoke and smoke weed

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    its as if it was perfectly designed to kill.

  80. Sonic and tails and knuckels 2

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    My mom and dad smoke

  81. Naorem Roben

    Naorem Roben22 日 前

    If someone is happy and enjoying cigarette then who are you to stop it? Enjoying is the ultimate goal of life. If you are awake and conscious about smoking and still you are enjoying then enjoy it but if you are smoking just as habit one after one that means you are behaving like robot, now time to aware about it, time to aware about life, about self, about existence, i will say go and meditate man.

  82. Hammad Khan

    Hammad Khan22 日 前

    I will quit smoking the day I feel anything in my throat

  83. Ruth Crocker

    Ruth Crocker22 日 前

    How much do the smokers here spend on their habit? If you have a pack a day habit, how do you literally afford it?

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    You turn into a monkey like Gorrilaz animation

  85. Anilkumar shivam

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    Last smoked on May 30th, 2019. Bye bye cigarettes 😎

  86. akash mazumdar

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    Smoked few times still didn't got why people do this. It's just pleasure full for a minute then it goes off. Why to do it anyways.

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    Watching this while smoking

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    Quited since a year and a half im good now

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    Thanks. I use this for my speech.

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    Who’s here for doing an assignment from school

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    8 months smoothly went without a single light . Still counting

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    I m watching so that I can convince my boyfriend 🙄😐😒

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    Life is good without cigarettes :) 4 years cigarette free

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    Is this same problem applied to weed?

  95. look at this ants

    look at this ants24 日 前

    My mom quotes in 2018

  96. Natty 27

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    To increase the green house gas, such as CO2, affects the climate change that keeps devastating the human habitation. ♨️🌪️🔥

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    Who exactly needs to waste their precious lives by smoking.. i don't understand.. smokers are fools.. but if any of them quit smoking.. they are real heroes..

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    Why does the thumbnail look like the lead sing for gorillaz? Animated*

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    And you have me who is right after this video smoking a cigarette

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    I do it cuz i know where its gonna take me. Sorry.

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    Nicely done.

  102. kblc

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    i just stole a cigarette from my uncle and smoked a cigarette for the first time not even from weed i coughed that hard bruh what was that. i felt kinda dizzy and i kinda felt the dopamine rushing trough my brain

  103. Barkha Mehra

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    Koi deepika ko btae...🤣🤣

  104. Knome King

    Knome King25 日 前

    I've been trying to quit for the last 5 years... I'll be 30 in December, been smoking since i was 16. Life in adulthood brings so many triggering factors, and i wasn't treated well at all during my time in the Military. Women, Weed & Alcohol were my vices on the weekends, holiday 96's and when i was lucky enough to get some time on Leave. Good weed is a bit more expensive than cigarettes, making it that much harder to leave them alone. I wish to one day rid myself of all 3 vices, all men i know who are on MONK MODE (without dealing with Women, Smoking Weed or Drinking Alcohol) are all LIVING THEIR BEST LIVES in optimal health, minimal stress, and FINANCIAL FREEDOM... I WANT THAT LIFE!!! Anyone with positive words of encouragement, advice or well wishes, drop a comment if you would, and please Pray for me...

  105. Rima Aouadi

    Rima Aouadi25 日 前

    I hate the smell of cigarettes, the feeling of consuming CO2 has always been so annoying to me, even if it's just a can of cola or the smoke out of a barbecue grill *i don't eat barbecue nor do i drink sodas* , anything that makes me feel like suffocating make me very uncomfortable although i don't have any breathing problems ! I'm happy my father isn't a smoker and my brother quite kind of ! I would have a hard time if the person i'll fall in love with is a heavy smoker, i hope i won't be that person one day

  106. Dario Ammendola

    Dario Ammendola26 日 前

    Stop in 2017

  107. Aarav Srivastav

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    Quitted on 24 September 2020...feeling much better after a week

  108. Marcelo Augusto

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    ill by health again by the age of 35, but yeah i quit